About Become.com

Become, Inc. provides cloud-based performance marketing and SaaS solutions that benefit online retailers, web & mobile publishers and online shoppers (Product Ads, Channel Management, Feed Optimization, Analytics and more). Become helps merchants increase sales, publishers monetize traffic and consumers make more informed shopping decisions. With over 500 publishers, Become operates the world’s largest syndication network for Product Ads.

  • Retailers – Increase sales, visibility and traffic through our Product Ad Network by enhancing, distributing and managing your Product Ads on several hundred online channels. Leverage our easy-to-use but powerful analytics dashboard to help you understand and control your return on investment and cost of sales.
  • Publisher partners – Use our configurable Product Ads to monetize your sites and expand your customer reach. Become Product Ads will allow you to provide a customized shopping experience on your sites in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • Online shoppers – Find, research, compare, find deals and purchase the products you care most about! Connect with us through our Product Ad Network of partner sites or our own shopping portals.

Over the past ten years, our team of engineers and data scientists has built a proprietary technology platform that allows our merchant network to distribute and manage Product Ads on hundreds of online channels through a single data feed and a single online dashboard. We provide best-in-class categorization and matching services using proprietary technology tools, and then go further to normalize and enhance the Product Ad data with additional attributes. These extraordinary processes insure the highest quality Product Ad catalog. Our award-winning suite of software-as-a-service solutions helps merchants and publisher partners get up and running in hours, not weeks. Our platform leverages the power of BIG DATA analytics to identify purchase intent and accelerate purchase conversions. We’ve compiled tens of millions of anonymized shopper profiles to help our partners improve their understanding of online shopper behavior and drive additional revenue.

A truly global company, Become, Inc. generates over 70% of its revenue outside the US. With operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Japan, and the Philippines, we leverage our growing global footprint to provide unmatched solutions to our partners and shoppers.

Become, Inc. is a profitable, privately held company with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Key investors include TPG, Transcosmos, Inc., European Founders Fund and Ron Conway.
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Online retailers.


Online merchants today face new and evolving competitors and an increasing number and variety of traffic sources. Even the most well-regarded internet brands must engage with and actively manage a wide and growing array of online marketing channels, including marketplaces, search engines, comparison shopping portals, display ad networks, retargeting ad networks, and social media networks. In addition to multiple traffic channels, shoppers are increasingly using multiple types of devices to shop – desktop PCs and laptops are being eclipsed by tablets and smart mobile devices. Product Ads must be optimized for each channel and each device type, and of course each channel and device combination has its own performance traits.

How much should an online retailer pay for a click or impression from a marketplace vs. a comparison shopping portal, for a tablet shopper vs. a mobile phone shopper? With limited technology integration and marketing budgets, which channels should you support and how should your marketing spend be spread across each channel? Managing these decisions is a big job and it’s getting more complex over time.

To help with this challenge, Become, Inc. provides fully managed services that enable online merchants to increase their high quality traffic and grow sales in a way that’s simple and accountable. On behalf of our merchant partners, we manage hundreds of channels of traffic in our Product Ad Network to deliver engaged, pre-qualified shoppers.

Our services for online merchants include:

Become Product Ads
We accept your product offer descriptions in a variety of data formats. We then clean up and enhance those offerings using proprietary and third-party tools. We aggregate these offers into a unified catalog of millions of products for each country.
Become Product Ads Network
We distribute your product offerings throughout our Product Ads Network. This includes hundreds of channels of syndicated publisher sites, search engines, marketplaces and our owned and operated shopping portals. Our technology platform scrubs bots and other unwanted traffic and delivers high quality shoppers to your online site.
Become Feed Creator
In addition to distributing your products through our network, we also have the ability to process and improve your product listings and create standard and custom data feed formats and return those data feeds to you for you to use on other sites. Become takes your current product feed or creates one from a site crawl and then produces high quality Product Ads for the following channels and services:1.) Shopping Engines – Google PLAs, Yahoo! Shopping, NexTag/WizeCommerce, and others.
2.) Retargeting Companies – Criteo, Google, Vizury, Rakuten MediaForge, and others.
3.) Affiliate Networks – Rakuten/ Linkshare, Value Commerce, Commission Junction, and others.
Merchant Mobile Solutions
Partner with us to mobile-enable and optimize your existing online shopping experience.
ROI Tracker
This optional service allows us to report traffic quality, conversion, and cost of sale information on customers sent to your online stores. Use ROI Tracker to manage and refine your campaign performance and allow us to highlight your products on the highest performing channels.
Analytics Dashboard
We provide a single online dashboard with easy-to-use but powerful tools to manage Product Ad spend and monitor your campaign performance down to a SKU level.

To learn more about services for online merchants in your country, contact us directly.


Web, mobile & application publishers.


Become’s publisher program provides fully customizable Product Ad solutions to help publishers monetize content. As a publisher, you can leverage our award-winning platform to include CPC based Product Ads from thousands of retailers into your site or application. Our platform also supports the inclusion of content from third party shopping services that we can integrate. We offer a growing suite of services, all fine-tuned to make your sites or apps more popular and profitable:

Become Product Ads Feed
Processed and standardized data feeds combining enhanced, rationalized Product Ads from thousands of retail merchants, with full advertiser pricing built in. Delivered as a file daily or multiple times per day.


Become Product Ads API
Real-time access to our full Product Ad Feed catalog delivers rich, enhanced product XML data to create a customized shopping solution for publishers to monetize shopping related traffic.


Become Product Ads ASP
Web-hosted, plug & play, full-featured monetizing Product Ad shopping pages set-up and managed for publishers.


Become Mobile Site Solution
Provides a configurable mobile device solution for publishers featuring Become Product Ads.


Become Matching as a Service (MaaS)
This integrated “feed of feeds” product aggregates your standalone merchant product feeds along with multiple Marketplace product offers (Shopping.com, ebay, Amazon, etc.), removes duplicate offers, enhances those offers with internal and 3rd party data, and provides you a single, normalized feed with the best and most profitable offers.


International publisher expansion
Our team will help you launch and monetize your successful site in additional countries using our worldwide footprint.

To learn more about services for publishers in your country, contact us directly.


Online shoppers.


Become has built an online catalog of over 75 million products from tens of thousands of the world’s leading merchants. Online shoppers can easily find, research, compare and purchase the products they care most about. Shoppers can browse through Product Ads on hundreds of our publisher partner sites or on one of the Become’s own branded sites around the world. We make shopping easy and informative with high quality product descriptions, prices, discount offers, high resolution photos, listings of color and size choices, product reviews, specifications for technical products and an integrated online coupon offers. We make it easy for you to compare “apples to apples” and find great deals at your favorite merchants.
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