Furniture for your infant and toddlers

Raising a child these days maybe expensive but at the same time it becomes more fulfilling and much easier when you have baby furniture.


From simple to elegant design, from vintage to modern, crib helps parents like you to train your baby to sleep on a flat surface. This is not to detach them from you, but to introduce to him or her the bed as early as in nursery stage. It will also help your baby to sleep comfortably.

Modern cribs these days are convertible to bed for toddlers; it is buying a crib and a bed in one as our infant reach his or her toddler stage. You can definitely save cash when you choose this type of crib. Pick a crib where you can securely hang or attach educational toys that help in motor and brain development.

Changing Table and Dresser

Change diapers easily on changing table. What’s so good having your own changing table is that you can put everything you need when changing your baby’s nappy in the table. If you feel you are spending a lot for a changing table, think again. Dressers nowadays have toppers to serve as changing tables. When time comes that your infant graduates from diapers to underwear, you may use the top of the dresser as mini book shelf or as photo gallery.

Buying a dresser with topper would not only let you save money, but also help you organize your baby’s things.


If you think crib is too big to pull to place it in the garden, in the kitchen, or in the living room when you need to look after your baby while doing your household chores, bassinet will be useful and helpful. Most bassinets have wheels for mobility and include buttons for playing melodies and sounds for a soothing and peaceful sleep. You may use this baby furniture for a short stroll in the park.