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Immerse Yourself in Magical Worlds

It started with a clay tablet that ancient civilizations filled with cuneiform, and now through technological progression, we are back to using a tablet, just an electronic version this time.


From novels to short story collections to biographies and other non-fictional books, there is always a story to tell. Books are a beautiful expressions of these stories, ranging anywhere from a quick-read short story to the world´s largest book found in Mandalay, Burma, consisting of 730 leaves and 1460 pages. The vast range of styles that books take on can make one lost themselves in its splendor. As kids, we were introduced to the art of storytelling in fairy tales and dungeons and magic and sorcery. As we grow older, we gradually learn how to read these stories ourselves, taking in more and more knowledge and information as we go.


Getting lost in a book is a magical experience, whether in paperback form or in the digital format. As e-books have broken into the market, the new generation of readers is now storing more books than we know what to do with on one convenient book-like tablet. While the debate of which is better – Tablet or Paper – is yet to come to an end, the art of book printing and illustrations will never be lost.

Whether it´s a new book that you´re excited to discover, or an old favorite that you love revisiting, books are the keys to different worlds, some magical, others devastating, and others seemingly familiar with the real world.