Your Personalities and Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry & Watches give beauty and sensitivity. They are timeless, elegant and trendy. No matter what style and type of the ornaments, like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets, it will surely melt anyone’s heart. Whether luxury or regular brands, you have the power to choose what to buy by looking at the designs and by examining the materials that perfectly fit to your personality and fashion taste.

Jewelry reveals the personality of the bearer. People who wear large jewelry, such as thick dangling necklaces or big earrings, or watches have active social life or are party-goers. They are bubbly and cheerful and at same time generous. Down-to-earth and nature-lover people usually prefer ornaments made of recycled materials, like shell necklaces, bangle bracelets, or turquoise earrings. They are those who love the outdoor and love earthy tones – brown, forest green, and ocean blue.

Traditionalists and family-oriented are the common things associated with people who love elegant and simple jewelry or in other words classic ones. You can notice them having poise and calm attitude. People who buy jewelry and watches once in every 5 or more years and go for branded ones want only the best. They are those who are keen to details and would only settle for nothing less. They set goals and expect them to reach within their set time.

Those who want their jewelry and watches that match their shoes or clothes are normally who are neat, responsible, and organized people. Most of them are good at hosting events and are great conversationalists. Small or fine jewelry reveals the conservative side of the bearer. It is also the preferred ornaments in the professional or corporate world.

Bracelets symbolize the cheerful and dynamic personalities of the person. Those who love earrings, particularly women, are those who are proud and secretly bold. If you like jewelry or watches with religious symbols, you are idealistic, loyal, reliable, and sincere. Down-to-earth people love rings; while people who don’t wear any jewelry are humble as well, they are those who have high self-confidence and can be blunt at times. Ornaments with ethnic symbols are preferred by those who are thoughtful and organized. If you just wear assorted jewelry, you are artistic, sensitive and sometimes shy.