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Delta Dog Training Collar 1/2 Mile Range Waterproof

Garmin Delta&trade Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Remote Dog Training Device, 1/2 Mile Range, 18 Correction Levels, Three Training Configurations, Three Button Front Controller, Side Buttons For Level Adjustment & Dog Selection, Multi-dog Compatibility Up to Three Dogs, Rugged IPX7 Waterproof Design

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Panasonic Premium Store
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No-Bark Dog Training Collar

Stop unwanted barking quickly and effectively with the Intellipet No-Bark Dog Training Collar. The Intellipet No-Bark Dog Training Collar has a seven level stimulation system activated by dog's vocal cords, with a brief relaxation period between corrections. The Intellipet No-Bark Dog Training...

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Coated Chain Training Collar - Black (24" x 4mm)

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Find pet training supplies at Target.com! The platinum pets chain training collar features argon welded chain links creating a heavy duty but lightweight chain for your pet during training. Each link is individually powder coated a multitude of

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Add A Dog Extra Receiver Collar For Use With 28400

About this product range: 250m Remote Trainer Add-a-dogPRODUCT FEATURESWaterproof receiver8 Levels of stimulation Low battery indicatorExpands up to 3 dogs (extra collars sold separately) Packaging and Instructions in EN/FR/NL/ES/IT/DE 3 Year Warranty Train your dog without a leadWith a range of up to 250 metres this trainer lets you manage your furry friends unwanted behaviour even if hes not wearing a lead. The unit has 8 levels of correction and a lightweight collar that can fit any dog comfortably. Expandable for use with up to 3 dogs.

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Dazer II Dog Deterrent - Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

The Dazer II is a lightweight and compact handheld unit that can be used as your first line of defense against attacking dogs. It is inaudible to humans but can be heard by dogs up to 20 feet away and by cats up to 40 feet away!

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Good Life LLC
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Garmin Tt15 Training Dog Collar

This durable, waterproof dog tracking and training collar works with Garmin's Alpha 100 GPS Track and Train system. Tri-Tronics electronic dog-training technology offers 18 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation for correcting or recalling dogs. The two modes can be customized for...

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SportDOG Brand Tek 2.0 Training Location

With cutting-edge Tek 2.0 technology, the SportDog Brand Tek 2.0 Location and Training unit makes tracking and training even easier. Enjoy total control of your dog with premium training features and accurate feedback on their locations. Hoptek

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PetSafe Train N Praise Moisture Detection Pee Pad 60pk (2 x 30pk)

The Train 'n Praise(tm) Moisture Detection Pads work exclusively with the Train 'n Praise(tm) Potty Training System (sold separately). The system uses an automatic treat dispenser, replaceable pee pads, and a pee pad clip to help you easily potty train your dog. Attach the clip to the new pad. When your dog pees on the pad, the moisture alerts an internal sensor in the pad, which wirelessly transmits a signal to the treat dispenser. The treat dispenser then releases treats/kibble, rewarding your pet for using the pee pad correctly. An attractant in the pad encourages your pet to use the pad for easy training. Moisture is trapped in the super-absorbent bottom layer of the pad, leaving your floor clean and dry. Each pad can hold up to 3 cups of liquid. This effective and practical house-training tool teaches your pet where it's okay to use the bathroom, and it lets you continue your dog's potty training even when you're away. Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water.Wash your hands after handling pet food or pet treats or touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste.

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Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter

Introducing the latest in the ever-developing world of cat litters: Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter. You wont believe how light this cat litter is---both when you scoop it and when you pick up the container! For as light as it is, the litter still has awesome benefits like around-the-lock odor...

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R.A.P.T. Add On Replacement Collar-Green -15%

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Expand your high performance D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1400 E-Collar System to 3 different dogs with R.A.P.T. 1400 Add-On Collars. This additional collar provides the 1400's Gentle Touch system of 16 training stimulation levels to help you customize

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Pet Fence Lightning Protection LP-4100-1

Lightning is the #1 Cause of Damage to Underground Dog Fence Transmitters. The dog fence boundary wire in your yard acts like a giant antenna drawing in any current transmitted through the ground during a lightning strike, even if that strike is hundreds of yards away. The surge protection built into our underground dog fence transmitters will provide some protection for surges coming through your household wiring. However, it cannot stop the surge that comes through the boundary wire. The PetSafe Pet Fence Lightning Protection is designed to stop the lightning surge before it reaches the dog fence transmitter. Our Pet Fence Lightning Protection Module can be used for any brand of underground dog fence. PetSafe Pet Fence Lightning Protection Protect or Disconnect Circuitry. In the event of a rare catastrophic surge, such as a massive direct lightning strike, it disconnects the transmitter. PetSafe LP-4100-1

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Good Behavior Collar For Dogs 28" (3 pack)

Provide comfort and calming sensations wherever your dog goes. The pheromones in the Good Behavior collar mimic the natural pheromones emitted by lactating mother dogs to reassure and calm their puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout their life as a source of comfort. The natural calming response can now manage pet behaviors associated with anxiety, fear, stress or phobia. Activated by the dog's body heat, pheromones are released over 4 weeks.

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Valley Vet Supply
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1902 NCP Training Collar 1902NCP

FIELDMASTER LCD TWO DOG TRAINING SYSTEM Powerful entry level pet training, K-9 or sporting dog unit for mild mannered or stubborn dogs. Low to high power. Rheostat dial allows for gradual increases in stimulation intensity with no jumps between

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Steel Pilots - Fits .30 Muzzle

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Hardened steel pilot keeps Facing and Chamfering cutters properly centered in the bore. Resists wear for years of service. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Hardened steel. 1¼'''' (3.2cm) long. .45 ACP Pilots - .45 ACP-1 fits S&W model 25 & 625. .45 ACP-2 fits Colt 1917.

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RFA-67D-11 Replacement Battery

PetSafe RFA-67D-11 Brand New, 6-Volt Replacement Lithium Battery Module, 2 Batteries per Pack, Each lasts 1 to 3 Months, Genuine PetSafe Brand Seal, Waterproof Replacement Battery For The Following PetSafe Bark Control PBC00-10677 PBC-102 PBC-102-22 PBC-103 PBC19-10765 PBC23-10685 PBC-302-11 PDBC-300 PDBC-300-11 PDBC-300-20 PDBC-300-22 PSBC-300-20 PUSB-150-19 PUSB-300 PetSafe Remote Trainer PDT00-10675 PDT24-10792 PDT24-10793 PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-10674 PIG00-10680 PIG19-10761 PIG19-10764 PIG23-10681 PIG23-10689 PRF-3004W-11 PRF-3004W-20 PRF-3004W-22 PRF-304W PUL-250 PUL-250-22 PUL-275 PUL-275-22 PetSafe Wireless Containment PIF-275-19 PIF-300-11 PIF-300-21 PIF-300-21 PWF19-10762 PWF19-10762

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No Bark Collar

Dogtra No Bark Collar automatically emits electrical stimulation in response to your dog's barking.

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Revival Animal Health
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Vibration Bark Control Collar

Vibration collar eliminates nuisance barking! Ingenious collar detects your dog's barking and interrupts it with a harmless vibration that's annoying to dogs. Easy to use, it features 10 combinations of vibration correction. Dual-detection sensors prevent false corrections due to outside sources. Durable, waterproof housing has LED display and on/off switch. Battery included. Nylon web collar with quick-release buckle. One size adjusts to fit necks 6" to 28". For dogs over 8 lbs.

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Whatever Works
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Train n’ Praise™ Treat Dispenser

Teach your pet remotely with treats. The handheld remote activates the treat dispenser from up to 25 feet away, so you can reward good behavior immediately. Use it to keep your pet away from the door when a visitor arrives, to reward your pet for not barking, and for many other training purposes. The treat dispenser can be mounted to a wall or free standing, has a low battery indicator, and is AC adapter compatible.

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75ct 30x30 Inches 50g 3g SAP Supreme Pet Training Pads

75 count 30"x30" 50grams 3grams SAP each Pet pads Holds up to approximately 2 cups of liquid without leakage Five layers: Soft woven Fabric Tissue Paper USA Made Fluff Pulp Super Absorbent Polymer Crystals ( crystals absorbs the liquid and turns the liquid to gel to lock in the moisture faster ) PE Film to prevent leakage and protect your floors

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Discount Pet Pads
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Signature Running Dog Wizzer Belly Band

Boys will be boys When temptation for inappropriate leg-lifting strikes, the Wizzer prevents a catastrophe. Posh Ultrasuede conceals absorbent terry cloth on the inside which soaks up moisture and spares you from oops moments. Smartly embroidered with our Signature Running Dog or designer appliques. Velcro closure. Machine wash. Made in USA. Colors: Running Dog& Spice, White, Camo or Smoke Designer& Pee Brand, Tommy Peefinger, Wiz Claibone, Bonenana Republic or I Mark (each in color shown). Sizes: XS (8 1/2"-11"), S (10 1/2"-14"), M (13 1/2"-18"), L (18"-22"), XL (21"-28 1/2"), XXL (27"-34 1/2").

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In the Company of Dogs
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