Chic Rugs for Your Feet

When choosing a rug to cover up the cold floor, bear in mind that this is another opportunity to individualize your space to match your personal style. Some of the more popular styles of rugs are kaleidoscopic Persian or oriental rugs, floral and animal Asian rugs, and simple patterns and tessellations. When delving into rug selection, you´d be surprised at the variety you can find. Not only do rug designs vary across a large spectrum, but the method in which rugs are made and the materials used to craft them vary greatly.

The most durable types of rugs are braided rugs. Traditionally, these are hand-made and come in simple colors, but nowadays, most of them are made by machines and can feature bolder colors. Braided rugs are simple, durable, and usually knotted with wool.

In contrast to braided rugs, flat woven rugs are crafted on a loom. As such, they tend to have more intricate designs than braided rugs, often featuring simple patterns. You can find hand-made gloves that are exceptionally detailed as well – it is simply a matter of how skilled the hands that crafted the rug were. For the most part, however, machine-made rugs are going to be the most detailed rugs you´ll find.

Another type of specialty rug is the shag rug. Shag rugs are unique because their loops are not cut. This gives the rug its shaggy and comfortable feeling. Modern shag rugs are made with more durable fibers, so, despite being so soft and inviting, it can handle high volumes of use without getting damaged.

Rugs are not just for avoiding the cold, though. Due to their often intricate designs and color schemes, rugs are great aesthetic addition to almost any room. The addition of a rug to a family room is a great way to tie the room together. For example, if your furniture consists primarily of neutral colors, the addition of a bold accent color or detailed design of a centrally placed rug will create a focal point for the room. Without being visually distracting, rugs help define the center of a room so that you may better arrange your furniture – a living room shouldn´t simply be a room where all your chairs are pointed at the television.