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The world of sports and the great outdoors implies a certain level of adventure and mystery. Whether you are playing in a competitive soccer game, or leisurely camping for the weekend, the excitement is in the unknown. How will this game play out, does it come down to the last few seconds where someone unexpectedly steals the ball and scores to cause a massive upset? Will this hike lead me to a breathtaking vista of mountains or an undiscovered waterfall? These exhilarating unknowns are what drive us to take part in the sports and outdoors challenge. We naturally crave adventure and the anticipation of it all coming together, and part of this thrill comes from discovering it for ourselves.

Sports test our physical ability and strength. Humans have been engaging in these activities since the earliest civilizations. Fortunately for athletes today, rules and regulations have been set in place to protect those participating. Proper sports gear also helps to protect you from severe physical harm. There are undeniable hazards that come with any sport from high-impact sports like football to lower impact sports like golf. However with the right equipment you can take steps to prevent serious injuries. Sports science is an important field that has played a major role in the development and improvements of protective gear.

Outdoor recreational activities also require the use of the same appropriate equipment. You are particularly vulnerable taking part in any activity in the great outdoors due to the fact that you are so exposed to the unpredictable forces of nature; this however is also the fundamental beauty in participating as well. High quality brands like Columbia Sportswear and Patagonia ensure that you will be protected, but it is also important to know how to properly use the gear and what exactly you need to stay safe. Once you have figured all of that out, it is such a moving and rewarding experience to be connected to nature so purely. As we test our own skills to uncover new findings and push ourselves physically, we feel an incomparable sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Advertising plays another key role in professional world of sports and outdoors. Professional athletes endorse brands like Nike and Adidas by wearing their gear and brands target audiences by using these athletes as part of their advertising strategy. It came seem a little convoluted and the fundamental essence of the activity can seem to be lost. However, this marketing is an important aspect of our economy and the brand´s quality and integrity is put to the test as athletes not only challenge themselves to the limit, but also the gear. So whether you are a professional, or enjoy it as a hobby, sports and outdoors are major elements to personal growth, and by nature, we are happiest when we are growing.