Spring Break is here and before you know it, you’re done with the last set of school exams and you’re ready for that getaway you have planned for a long time. It is always exciting to prepare for something that you have been waiting for. Yet, sometimes, the excitement is overlaps with the material preparation and the tendency is you might forget something from your stuff. If your destination is in a tropical location, you might probably forget that all the summer gears you need are kept, perhaps in a storage area, where it has been kept for quite sometime. Here is a practical guide on the things you must not forget when traveling in a tropical destination.

Snorkeling Gears

Sure the hotels and guesthouses have gears for rent. Yet, this is considered as a personal belonging and it makes sense that you have your own set with you. Not to mention the hygienic purposes of having one.


You will probably bask in the sun drinking lemonade in front of the waves but if you forget to bring sunscreen, you might just notice how damaged your skin would be when you get home.

Mosquito Repellant

Some accommodations may not be air-conditioned and even if they are, you would not notice some mosquitoes that might be roaming around, waiting for its next victim. Better be safe than sorry.


Whether you are there for surfing or diving or snorkeling, do not forget this essential attire that is just appropriate for a tropical escapade: board shorts and shirts for guys and swimsuits for the ladies. That is, if the local law allows it. It pays to check before flaunting your skin.


Even if it is on another travel destination, this travel kit is always a must. Put all the personal stuff you need when you need to use the restroom.

Medicine Kit

For a hassle-free vacation, have a kit with you containing the basic medicines and probably some first aid stuff. This is to make sure you have them whenever you need it. Also, some places sell them for an arm and a leg.

Electric Plug Adapter

Google this first: What is the voltage of electric outlets in the area? What is the electric plug on the hotels? If you are not sure, better bring with you a universal adapter.