When you run a business you send a lot of mail. But who has time to go to the post office to buy stamps, drop off and pick up packages and purchase mailing supplies? Now with so many online services you can access your post office or mail services right from your office.

Buy your stamps online: Don’t wait in line at the post office for stamps anymore. Now you can order your stamps online and have them delivered to your office. You can also order postage for your each of your individual packages online and then tape them to the boxes that you need to ship.

Have free post office boxes delivered: You can have free boxes, padded envelopes, and special letter mailers delivered to you from the United States Postal service. The boxes are free; all you need to do is pay for the postage that each individual package needs when you mail it. If you use other professional mailing services besides the USPS you can also talk to them about their deals on their boxes and envelopes.

Have your mail picked up: Don’t bother going to the post office and waiting in line for hours to drop off your mail, instead have it picked up by a professional postal service for free.

Ensure less lost mail: Every time you send mail from your office there is chance it could be lost and never reach its destination. To ensure that your mail gets where it needs to be on time send your mail either priority or first class because less things are sorted that way there is less of a chance of your mail getting misplaced.

Formulate templates for your letters: When you send letters to other business contacts, potential employees, or current employees you want each letter to have personal touches, but to still be uniform. Writing each of these letters can take precious time that you may not have. To save your business time you should create template letters that can be filled in with the personal details for each contact.

Use company stationary and letterheads: Don’t waste your company’s money purchasing bland and generic stationary. When any letter or document is ready to be sent be sure to have it printed on company stationery using the company’s letter head, these touches will offer a source of credibility and authority to the document you’re sending.