Airyudo Iaido Hongi: Muso Shinden Ryu by Shigeyoshi Yamatsuta

Airyudo Iaido Hongi: Muso Shinden Ryu by Shigeyoshi Yamatsuta

Shigeyoshi Tamatsuta is a Kendo hanshi (highest rank) and 9th dan in Iaido. In this volume he completely demonstrates the 43 forms of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. p Contents include:/p ul liElementary knowledgebr -History of Iaidobr -Introductory preparationbr -Basic knowledge for refining skills/li liShoden: Omori Ryu (Seiza)br -12 forms/li liChuden: Hasegawa Eishin Ryu (Tachiwaza)br -10 forms/li liOkuden: Oku Iai (Suwari waza)br -8 forms/li liOkuden: Oku Iai (Tachiwaza)br -13 forms/li liAppendix/li/ul

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Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship: Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido Okuden Lesson Five DVD with Roger Wehrhahn

divThe Secrets of Japanese Swordsmanship Muso Shinden Ryu Okuden the companion series is the first of its kind to be presented in an instructional set of DVDs! In this fifth video lesson 5 of the 10 lesson series the fifth Suwari (seated) waza Shiho Giri and the fifth Tachi (standing) waza Shinobu are covered in full detail. There are explanations of the Footwork Nukitsuke Kiritsuke Chiburi Noto and applications followed by numerous variations of both kata including the root Kata from the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu!br br The entire set of the videos will contain approximately 22 hours of instruction! The Kata are presented exactly as they were taught to me by my teacher Mitsuzuka Takeshi./div

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Art of Japanese Swordsmanship: Manual of Eishin Ryu Iaido Book by Nicklaus Suino

From the author of "Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship" this text is a manual of Eishin Ryu Iaido.PLIIntroductionBR- What is IaidoBR- Why Practice IaidoBR- Brief History of Japanese SwordsmanshipBR- Evolution of Eishin Ryu IaidoBR- What you need to practice IaidoBR- About the Japanese SwordBR- How to Wear the Obi & HakamaBR- Etiquette and the Code of the SamuraiLIBasic TechniquesBR- How to BowBR- Fundamentals of PracticeBR- How to Read the IllustrationsBR- Seated SetBR- Drawing Methods SetLIIntermediate & Advanced PractitionerBR- Intermediate & Advanced PracticeBR- Samurai Sitting MethodBR- Eye Contact Focus & DignityLIIntermediate TechniquesBR- Secret Forms Drawing Met

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Koryu Bujutsu Demo in Kyoto Vol 2 DVD

This demo includes performances by the top Koryu practitioners in Japan. Contains demos of: ul li Muso Shinden Ryu/li liMuso Shinden Jushi Ryu/li liMuso Shinden Hasegawa Eishin Ryu/li liMuso Jikiden Eishin Ryu/li liMugai Ryu/li liSuio Ryu/li liTamiya Ryu/li liAnd more!/li/ul

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Sendo-Ryu Karate-do: Way of Initiative Book by Emeric Arus

divspan id="ctl00 cph1 lblProdDesc"emSendo-Ryu Karate-Do The Way of Initiative/em covers the complete traditional karate syllabus from the most basic skills of stance punching and kicking to kumite kata and knife defenses. Illustrated with over 80 diagrams and 400 photographs this book is a complete guide to the Sendo-Ryu Karate system including all of the techniques required for black belt br Inem Sendo-Ryu Karate-Do The Way of Initiative/em Professor Emeric Arus SOKE 10th Dan Black Belt and Founder/President of the International Sendo-Ryu Karatedo Federation introduces a highly effective self-defense and sport Karate system. br br This versatile and highly combative style incorporates the technical elements

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Kendo Expo Festival 2005 Official Program

The Kendo Expo Festival took place on 8/31/2005 in Aichi Japan and features a range of demonstrations including Kendo Kata Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Heiho Shinto Muso Ryu Jojutsu Tendo Ryu Naginata Iaido an International Kendo Taikai and more.

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Heritage of Ninja Book 6: Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu and Bikenjutsu by Valery Momot (Russian)

divIn the book are represented entire history of the school well illustrated by photos from museum of ninja Togakure ryu ninpo siryokan full catalogue of techniques and scrupulous describing of the methods of their refinement; also are considered tactics and strategy of Togakure ninja and the methods of its application in practice: the methods of evasion from blows by weapons; the using of blinding blends and manual claws masking a grass and on trees effective technique of unarmed fighting and with secret kinds of ninja weapons: shuriken shuko ninja-to metsubushi etc. br The book contains more than 1000 photos terminology in Japan and Russian scrupulous describing of every technique from broad arsenal of ninja not only from point of a view of execution of physical movements but also in the aspect of manipulation of opponent's consciousness

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Koden Daito Ryu Senmei Book by Shiro Omiya (Preowned)

divProlific Daito Ryu author and instructor is back with this text packed with photos including seated and standing techniques. Also includes historical sketches and more. br /div
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Ultimate Kempo: The Spirit And Technique of Kosho Ryu Book wth Jeff Driscoll

divemUltimate Kempo/em is more than a book about technique and style; it's a study of movement motion and balance that can enhance anyone's study of the martial arts. Its primary focus is not to inflict harm but to avoid conflict through an understanding of Kosho Ryu's unique mental discipline and philosophy. If physical confrontation is unavoidable then practitioners of kempo will learn to manipulate the balance and the structure of an opponent for optimal results. With hundreds of photographs and the provided DVD emUltimate Kempo/em gives systematic guidance for maximum effectiveness in the striking throwing and locking arts. br br font color="#666666"Also includes Illustrations: 548 color photos; 1 hour DVD featuring demonstrations/font/div

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Iaido Tora no Maki Magazine 2

divIncludes detailed photos of iai kata sword making and much more./div
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Heart of Kendo Book by Darrell Max Craig

This comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and practice of the art of the Japanese sword covers a wide range of topics including a section of the author's fascinating conversations with his teacher Harutane Chiba of Hokushin Itto Ryu.PContents include:ULLITthe beginningLIConversations with a samuraiLIReiLIKendo equipmentLIKeikoLIBasic uchi: men kote doLIBrief history of kendo kataLITechnical kataLIThe "goshi": or country samurai/UL

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