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5-Gallon Hepa Vac

ATRIX INTERNATIONAL 5-Gallon HEPA Vac is perfect for collecting large volumes of hazardous dry chemical, asbestos, mold, or lead paint dust. Quick-change sealable true HEPA filter canister and no-mess 5-gallon HEPA filter removes 99.97% particles @ 3 microns. Quiet, powerful 1000-hour, 110V motor...

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C&H Distributors
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5 Gallon Pail - WhiteShell, Industrial Grade Rust Preventive Protective Paint

Five Gallon Pail - Rust Bullet WhiteShell is an optimum gloss white rust protection paint using only the highest quality raw materials available. Rust Bullet WhiteShell is a Rust Preventive Paint combining both Function and Beauty to create a lustrous texture with a durable finish. Rust Bullet WhiteShell is the perfect white finish to stop rust for Industrial, Automotive, and Home and Farm Applications.

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Rust Bullet
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5051 Heavy Industrial Paint Remover 5-gallon

DoradoStrip 5051 Heavy Industrial Paint Remover. This water-based heavy duty industrial paint stripper effectively lifts urethanes, lacquers, latexes, alkyds, elastomerics, and varnish. DoradoStrip 5051 Heavy Duty Industrial Paint Stripper, low VOC and low odor, effectively lifts highly cross-linked urethane and epoxy topcoats and primers, alkyds and the toughest of industrial coatings and linings. It is capable of lifting fuel resistant primers, some inorganic primers and coal tar epoxies. It contains no TAPs or HAPs, is non-flammable, is non-ozone depleting, has easy clean up using soap and water or denatured alcohol and is easily sprayed with standard equipment. Recommended usage includes nuclear plants, pulp and paper facilities, petrochemical facilities, commercial and industrial facilities, and any area where abrasive blasting is not an option for environmental, economic or surface damage may be of concern. DoradoStrip 5051 is a heavy industrial stripper used for highly cross-linked urethanes and epoxy topcoats and primers, including fuel resistant primers. It is recommended for use in Petrochemical Plants and Nuclear Facilities, and where abrasive blasting is not an option.

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Bailey'S End Sealant 5-Gallon Bucket (Each) - 60455

We've been testing different types of end-sealer for logs and lumber and we've come up with a great product. It's a clear, wax based liquid dries clear and works great to limit checking of wood. We now have it available in 5-gallon containers only and you can apply it with a brush, roller or spray equipment. We use a paint roller. Bailey's Seal should be applied heavy enough so it almost drips - to green logs and lumber, and if you're sealing large cants or logs (20 in diameter or bigger), coat these twice, allowing about twenty minutes between applications. Do not freeze.Bailey's Seal will greatly limit checking, but it should be applied as soon as possible after cutting or end trimming. By using Bailey's Seal you can save up to 25% of the value of your wood.

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(MEGD16005) All Season Dressing - 5-Gallon # D16005, Appearance & Paint Finishi

Meguiar’s All Season Dressing is a VOC compliant formula that produces a deep, rich, long lasting shine on all exterior rubber and plastic surfaces. Old or new, weathered or worn, All Season Dressing will give you the desired results time after time.

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Paint & Ink Storage Cabinet - 60 Gallon Capacity

Keep flammable art and printing supplies out of harm's way when you store them in Shain's Paint and Ink Storage Cabinet. This 18-gauge steel cabinet has double walls on the top, bottom, back and sides with a 1 1/2" air space between the inner and outer walls to reduce the chance of combustion. The cabinet is welded on both the inside and outside to ensure durability. Each of the five galvanized steel shelves adjusts on 4 3/4" centers and supports up to 350 pounds. Also comes with a 2" vent with fire baffle and cap and a 2" raised leak-proof sill at bottom. The bright red, lead-free high-gloss baked powder finish resists chipping and scratches, while galvanized steel leveling legs keep your cabinet from wobbling. Three-point locking doors protect contents from theft. This Shain Paint and Ink Storage Cabinet holds up to 60 one-gallon containers. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Key Features Holds up to 60 one-gallon cans Double wall 18-gauge welded steel with 1 1/2" air space Each of the five adjustable shelves holds up to 350 pounds Three-point locking doors Adjustable leveling feet keep the cabinet from wobbling Bright red baked powder-coat paint finish 2" high leak-proof door sill contains spills Backed by a limited lifetime warranty Specifications Material: Welded 18-gauge steel Finish: Red powder-coat paint Shelves: 5 adjustable shelves (on 4 3/4" centers) Lock: 3-point locking handle Capacity: 350 lbs. per shelf; 60 gallons Other Info: FM approved Width: 42" Depth: 18" Height: 65"

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Tank Solvent - 5 Gallon Tank Solvent

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High grade, petroleum-based solvent formulated for bench top Cleaning Stations, or any convenient bucket. Use for slow soak dunk and scrub, or any way you like. Contains special organic additives designed to dissolve that gummy combination of powder fouling, dirt and old gun oil, then hold the crud in suspension so it flushes away easily. Leaves a slightly oily coating to protect against rust. Almost odorless. Stable and non-corrosive. Extremely slow evaporation; stays in your tank. Removes easily with Dicro-Clean 909™; won't mess up future bluing/plating jobs. Can damage paint, plastic and some stock finishes. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1 gal. (3.8L) in metal can, 5 gal. (19L) in bulk container. Not for use in ''''Washboard'''' parts washer.

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BioStrip Paint Stripper - 5 Gallon bucket

BioStrip is a highly effective paint stripping system that contains eco-friendly, non-hazardous ingredients. It’s an excellent alternative to low flash point materials that contain harmful ingredients including peroxides, methylene chloride and NMP; and acetone that is commonly used for stripping applications. BioStrip does not damage surfaces such as aluminum, concrete, metal, steel, wood and other composites.

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Safety Direct America's eShop
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5-Gallon Hepa Vac

ATRIX INTERNATIONAL 5-Gallon HEPA Vac is perfect for collecting large volumes of hazardous dry chemical, asbestos, mold, or lead paint dust. Quick-change sealable true HEPA filter canister and no-mess 5-gallon HEPA filter removes 99.97% particles @ 3 microns. Quiet, powerful 1000-hour, 110V motor...

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C&H Distributors
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YPI-47 Paint & Ink Manual 2-Door Safety Cabinet w/ 60-Gallon Capacity

FM approved cabinets for safely and securely storing and organizing paint and ink cans. These cabinets include all the features of other Eagle cabinets and are available in yellow with additional shelves to maximize storage space. Capacity is based on the number of 1 gallon paint containers the cabinet will hold. Meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 Specificationsct. Features Galvanized steel shelves, adjustable on 4.75" centers, support 350 pounds. Galvanized steel leveling legs Internal and external welded 18 gauge steel double wall panel construction with 1.5" air space 2" raised leak-proof sill 2" vent with fire baffle and cap Ground connection Specifications: Warranty: 1-Year on Parts & Workmanship Capacity: 60 Gallons Shelves: 5 Dimensions: W:43" X D:18" X H:65" Weight: 380 Lbs

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Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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PC60 60 Gallon Paint and Ink Safety Cabinets, Red

Paint and Ink Safety Cabinets PC60 come with 5 levels Corrosive resistant red finish Double wall 18 gauge welded steel construction with 1.5 air space Dual 2 capped vents with flash arrestors for external exhaust 2 High leak-proof door sill contains spills Adjustable leveling feet Locking handle with 3-point latch Includes Flammable Keep Fire Away label Paint and ink cabinets include 500 pound capacity galvanized shelves adjustable on 21 x 2 centers Pre-assembled Construction meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA Standard 1910.106 for storage of Class I II and III liquids

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WD-40 - 5 Gallon Pail

WD-40 lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, rollers, chains, and gears. It protects against rust and corrosion on items like tools, and sporting equipment. It penetrates to free stuck corroded parts like nuts, bolts, valves and locks. It quickly removes adhesives, corrosion and paint. It displaces moisture to restore water flooded equipment such as engines, spark plugs and power tools.Operating Temperature: -10° F to 200° FDielectric Strength: 44,400 - 47,800 VoltsSolubility in Water: InsolubleSurface Compatibility For all variations : WD-40 demonstrates none to negligible deleterious effect to plastic, rubber, and metal hard surfaces. This includes Acetal, neoprene/hard rubber, HDPE, PPS Copolymer Polysulfone, Teflon, Viton, steel, galvanized steel hot dip, electroplated, copper, brass, magnesium, nickel, tin plate, titanium, and zinc.

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KH Lubes
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8.4 Gallon Kazaam Hands Free Waste Receptacle -52%

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Safco - Kitchen - 9761SS - Hands free receptacle. Infrared sensors detect motion of hand or object to provide an application that is hassle free. No buttons to push or pedals to step on. Lid closes automatically after three seconds of use. Insures advanced odor, hygiene and infection control, perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Constructed of Stainless Steel. Capacity: 8.4 gal. Paint / Finish: Stainless Steel Material(s): Steel GREENGUARD: Yes* Assembly Required: No Color: Stainless Steel Finished Product Dimensions: 10 5/8""w x 14 3/4""d x 21 1/4""h Finished Product Weight: 7 lbs. * As an industry leader, Safco aims to set high environmental standards offering a large collection of GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified products and GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified products. The GREENGUARD Certification Program is internationally recognized for evaluating product emissions and certifying building materials, furnishings, finishes, and cleaning products and processes that meet stringent indoor air quality criteria defined by GEI.

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Paint Stripper 5 Gallon
Boatersland Marine
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Paint and Ink Storage Cabinet PIC-30 / PIC-40 / PIC-60 Number of Shelves: 5, Size: 43" W x 18" D x 65"

Diversified Woodcrafts PIC-30 / PIC-40 / PIC-60 Features: -Includes galvanized steel leveling legs and steel shelves, adjustable on 4-3/4" centers and supports 350 lbs, 2" vent with fire baffle and cap, 2" raised leak-proof sill at bottom and ground connection.-Storage cabinet.-Hold number of 1 gallon containers.-FM approved for safely and securely storing and organizing paint and ink cans.-3 Point key lock doors.-Made in USA.-Constructed of 18 gauge steel panels, double wall top, bottom, sides and back with 1.5" air space between inner and outer panels.-Lead free high gloss baked powder finish.-Finish: Red.-Shelves Included: Yes -Number of Shelves: .-Adjustable Shelves: .-Removable Shelves: ..-Mount Type: Freestanding.-Locking: Yes.-Country of Manufacture: United States.Dimensions: -44" H x 43" W x 18" D, 272 lbs.-65" H x 43" W x 12" D.-65" H x 43" W x 18" D, 380 lbs.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 65.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 43.Warranty: -Manufacturer provides limited lifetime warranty. Number of Shelves: 5, Size: 43" W x 18" D x 65" H

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Wayfair Supply
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Greaserizer 5 Gallon

In just one swipe reduce ongoing costs, and hours of cleaning engines, tools, concrete, carpets, sinks, counter-tops, metals and more. 1. Uses Emulsion Technology which prevents dirt and grunge to form (Less Maintenance Costs) 2. Reduces On-Going Cleaning Cost Because Of Protect Dirt Barrier (Less Need For Cleaning) 3. Used Everywhere On Engines, Wheel Wells, Stoves, Carpeting, Metal, and Just About Everywhere Else... will not harm paint. 4. Leaves No Residue 5. Industrial Strength (No Scrubbing Needed) 6. 100% Green Bean Non-Toxic Formula Greaserizer is designed to remove oil, grease and tar from hard surfaces not affected by solvents such as concrete, brick, metal, etc. This formula can also be used to clean engines and machinery.

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Por 15 Floor Armor 5 Gallon Clear POR-15 14693ZP

Seal Your floor permanently with the durable POR 15 Floor Armor floor paint. Use Floor Armor to withstand abuse from forklifts, floor jacks and constant heavy traffic. The convenient application does not require acids or flooding your floor with water. Easily wipe up oil and grease stains with a rag while also keeping dust down.Seal your floor against abuse from forklifts, floor jacks and constant traffic Mask walls, door openings and any permanent fixtures that do not requirecoating. Sweep floor with a stiff-bristled froom or shop vacuum to removeloose debris. If excessive oil or grease stains exist, use the included greaseand oil remover to prepare surface. Mix POR 15 Floor Armor ingredients andapply to floor with the nap rollers with overlapping strokes.Seal Your floor permanently with the durable POR 15 Floor Armor floor paint. Use Floor Armor to withstand abuse from forklifts, floor jacks and constant heavy traffic. The convenient application does not require acids or flooding your floor with water. Easily wipe up oil and grease stains with a rag while also keeping dust down. Five US Gallons 14678 POR 15 No slip media, 14677ZP POR 15 Grease and oil remover, 14694ZP POR 15 Concrete Repair Kit, 11456 Bandit respirator, Always wear skin, eye and respiratory protection when painting. Always use in a well ventialted area, away from open flame. For more specific safety warnings, consult MSDS. 60 Day limited warranty against manufacturer's defects. Catalog Search

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12.125" x 12.125" x 13.5625" HazMat 1-Gallon Containers 10/case

Our 12.125" x 12.125" x 13.5625" HazMat 1-Gallon Containers fit securely without using protective inner packaging.Whether you use glass, plastic, or metal inner containers to transport your shipments, we have the outer boxes to support your needs. Use these 1 - 5 Gallon Haz Mat Box 12 1/8 x 12 1/8 x 13 9/16 containers as refills for foam shipper kits or to ship your own cans. Use this 1 gallon 12 1/8 x 12 1/8 x 13 9/16 hazardous material cardboard box to ship your own single gallon can. HazMat Cartons are printed with mandatory warning information. 'This side up' arrows are printed on 2 sides of the carton. Ship hazardous material containers without foam inserts. Constructed from strong 275#/ECT-48 doublewall kraft corrugated. Holds five 1-gallon standard paint cans. 10 per case.

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International Plastics
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WD-40 5 Gallon Heavy Duty Lubricant

Keep all your mechanical, moving parts working at peak performance with this 5 gallon can of WD-40 heavy duty lubricant! WD-40 has over 2,000 listed uses including quieting squeaky doors and drawers, lubricating moving parts, loosening stuck bolts, removing grease, paint, gum, and even getting crayon marks off of walls. Made in the USA. Note: This product is not for use on food-contact surfaces, polycarbonate, or clear polystyrene surfaces. 10117

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The WEBstaurant Store
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This Restoration Shop Low VOC URETHANE BASECOAT with CLEARCOAT KIT Includes: 1 - Gallon of Restoration Shop PREMIUM Low VOC URETHANE BASECOAT COLOR, 1 - Gallon of MEDIUM URETHANE REDUCER (RSP UR70-GL), 1 - Gallon of Custom Shop ULTRA FLOW URETHANE CLEAR (KC-2020), 1 - Quart of URETHANE HARDENER (KH-2021), 5 - EA Quality 190 Micron Nylon Automotive Strainers, and 5 - EA Wood Paint Mixing Sticks. Our Restoration Shop UBLV Low VOC Urethane Basecoat is a state-of-the-art Basecoat/Clearcoat System designed to reproduce the hi-tech O.E.M. finishes found on today's vehicles. It features: outstanding coverage, rapid dry time, excellent metallic control and optimum repairability. UBLV provides an environmentally friendly solvent solution. This Low VOC Urethane Basecoat has a 2:1 Mix Ratio. Our Custom Shop KC2020 Ultra Flow Urethane Clear is formulated to provide an ultra high gloss finish with excellent flow and leveling. It can be applied over a variety of basecoats in basecoat/clear coat systems. KC2020 offers great durability and a smooth high gloss finish. It's user friendly, resulting in increased production. It can be used as a spot, panel or overall application. This Clear is VOC compliant for all multi-stage topcoat systems. OVER 200+ FULLY STOCKED FACTORY PACKED CLASSIC COLORS!

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