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Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine w/ 7-in Round Head & Aluminum Floss Pan

Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine, 7/inch diameter head, permanent floss head, includes: aluminum floss pan, 1700 watts, 120v/60/1-ph, 11.7 amps, NEMA 5-15P ( Gold Medal - 3042-00-000 )

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KaTom Restaurant Supply
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Silicone Tipped Tongs, 12-inch - 12“

Utensils & Sets - The most versatile cooking tool in the kitchen turns delicate fish fillets without tearing, flips meat without piercing, lifts potatoes or shellfish from boiling water. Ideal for nonstick cookware, these Cuisinart silicone tipped tongs are heat-safe to 425 F, to glide under delicate foods or turn bacon, cutlets or hamburgers without crushing. Quality silicone lets you turn food in a skillet or oven. Easily toss a salad or transport soft vegetables such as asparagus, cooked cabbage or roasted peppers from pan to platter. The contemporary design and sturdiness of stainless-steel, ergonomically engineered with soft-grip panels and thumb indentations for an exceptionally-comfortable, nonslip grip. Locking pull-tab loop closes tongs for in-drawer storage. This end loop is also convenient to hang tongs. Dishwasher-safe.Cuisinart combines innovation with function and practical style to create appliances, cookware, bakeware and utensils that excel in performance. Recipient of numerous design a - Specifications Model CTG-00-STN 12“L (14“ w/loop) x 1 1/4“W Weight: 7-oz. Made in China Care and Use Dishwasher-safe

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CHEFS Catalog
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Lamb Ametek 117467-00 Motor Is 2-Stage, 7.2 Inch, 110-120 Volt. #117467-00

Lamb Ametek 117467-00 motor is 2-stage, 7.2 inch, 110-120 volt. Motor Type: Bypass Discharge: Tangential Bearings: Double Ball Bearing Sealed Vacuum: 123 inches Maximum Air Watts: 455 Maximum Air Flow: 110 CFM Motor Speed: 30,128 RPM Overall height 7 11/16 inches .Customer Reviews: Click Here!

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Vac Parts Warehouse
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Filtex vacuum cleaner 12 gallon bags by DVC 24 Inch- 4 pack

Filtex vacuum cleaner bags by DVC Made to fit these Filtex and AirVac Built-in Central Vacuum models and others: Filtex - NSB200, FX100A, NTS300, NTS300A, FX400, FX500A, FX500, TM 285 L, NTM285, NTC600, NTC600A, FX775, NTSP700 TSP700L, FX675, FX675A, FX725, FX900 VSI Filtex - S-300-L, TS-300-L, TSP-300, TSP-300-L, TSP-300-LR, TS-300-L, TS-300-LR, TSP-300, TSP-300-L, TSP-300-LR, TC-600-L M and S Filtex - FX-2000, ZX-5800, FX-3000, ZX-6000, FX-4000, ZX-7000, FX-5000, ZX-8000, M and S FX- 58 00, M & S FX- 6 000, FX- 7 000, FX- 8 000 AirVAc - FX1000, FX1100, FX2000, FX3000, FX400, FX4000, FX500, FX5000, FX500A, FX675, FX675A, FX725, FX775, FX800, FX900, NTC600, NTC600A, NTM285 NTS300, NTSP700, SB200L, TC600L, TM285L, TS300L, TSP300L, TSP700L, ZX5800, ZX6000, ZX7000, ZX8000 & VM Series Will NOT Fit BV200 Series Quantity Per Package: 4 Filtex vacuum cleaner bags Bag size= 12 Gallons 13 5/8 x 24"

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Shop-Vac 903-04-62 Prolong Wet/Dry Cartridge Filter

Shop Vac Industrial Wet Dry Vacuum Cartridge Filter 9030400, 9030462, 903-0400 1 replacement cartridge filter fits 5 gallon vacuums and larger. Fits most Shop-Vac wet/dry vacs except 1X1, Bulldog Portable, Mighty Mini, Hippo, Hang Up Vacs, or AllAround Series. Wet or dry cartridge filter for Shop-Vac vacuums For small, dry debris and wet materials Easy to install and clean; fits most Shop-Vac wet/dry vacuums Includes retaining lid 7-1/2-inch diameter by 6-5/8-inch height Fits Shopvac /Wet Dry models including: 12RT300 14RT400A (10 Gal.) 16RT500A (12 Gal.) 16RTP550A (14 Gal.) 4045 6045AH (6 Gal.) 610B 610B (10 Gal.) 610B (12 Gal.) 84EM200 84L250B 84L250B (8 Gal.) 84L300 84M200 84M250B 85L350 85L500 85M300 86L250B 86L300 (10 Gal.) 86L350 86L400 (10 Gal.) 86L450 (12 Gal.) 86L500 86L500 (12 Gal.) 86L550 86L650C 86L650C (16 Gal.) 86M300 86M300 (6 Gal.) 87L350 87L400 (10 Gal.) 87L450 87L500A 87L600C 87L650C 87M300 87M350 (6 Gal.) 87P350 (10 Gal.) 87P600A 9030400 90L550A 90LN550A 90LN650C 90LN650C 90M300 90PN575A 92L350 92L500A 92L600C 92L625C 92L650C 92L650C (18 Gal) 92M300 (6 Gal.) 92M500A 92M500A (10 Gal.) 92M650B 92M650C 92M650C (10 Gal.) 92P350 92P350 (10 Gal.) 92P550A 92P600A 92P650A 92P650A 92P650A (22 Gal.) 950B 950B 970C 984B 984SR001 991B BLB350 BLB450 BLB550 BLB650 LB650C MV35 QL20ATS QL20ATSP QL600D QLH20ATS QPL40 QPL45A QPL50A QPL625 QPL650 QPL650 QUMP650 QXL30ATS UL2S250 UL2S300 ULSR001 UM2S250 UM2S250 UMSR002 VN90550A VN92550A VN92650C Shop Vac DOMESTIC 3333.CH, DOMESTIC 4045, DOMESTIC 6060, DOMESTIC 8050A, DOMESTIC QL30A, DOMESTIC QL30B, DOMESTIC QL30C, DOMESTIC QL40, DOMESTIC QL40A, DOMESTIC QL45, DOMESTIC QL45A, DOMESTIC QL50, DOMESTIC QL50A, DOMESTIC QL50B, DOMESTIC QL50C, DOMESTIC QL50D, DOMESTIC QL60, DOMESTIC QL60A, DOMESTIC QL60A METAL TANK, DOMESTIC QL60B, DOMESTIC QL60B METAL TANK, DOMESTIC QM30A, DOMESTIC QM45, DOMESTIC QM45A, DOMESTIC QPL30, DOMESTIC QPL45, DOMESTIC QPL60, DOMESTIC QPL625, DOMESTIC QPM45, INDUSTRIAL 2211A, INDUSTRIAL 411, INDUSTRIAL 464B, INDUSTRIAL 464C, INDUSTRIAL 464E, INDUSTRIAL 600, INDUSTRIAL 600A, INDUSTRIAL 600S, INDUSTRIAL 60B-1C, INDUSTRIAL 610-00, INDUSTRIAL 610-88, INDUSTRIAL 610A, INDUSTRIAL 610B, INDUSTRIAL 612, INDUSTRIAL 612S, INDUSTRIAL 634A, INDUSTRIAL 970A, INDUSTRIAL 970C, INDUSTRIAL 984A, INDUSTRIAL 984B, INDUSTRIAL QL225OD, INDUSTRIAL QL30C-1C, INDUSTRIAL QL30OD, INDUSTRIAL QL40OD, INDUSTRIAL QL45A, INDUSTRIAL QL50E-1C, INDUSTRIAL QL60C-1C

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