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P&G Abrasive Creme Comet Cleanser

Surface Cleaner - Color: White - Application/Usage: Toilet bowls, Wall tiles, Chrome, Stovetops and ranges - Recycled Content: 0% - Cleaner Type: Liquid Solution - Cleaner Quantity: 32 fl oz (1 quart) - Composition: Bleach - Chlorine

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Extreme Cleaner Concentrate For Parts Washers And Cleaners

Non-toxic SIMPLE GREEN Extreme Cleaner Concentrate liquid cleans metals, plastics, high-tech alloys, as well as heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing of floors, walls, counters, etc. Non-abrasive, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. Rinses without leaving residue. Low-foaming formula is safe to use in...

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C&H Distributors
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R04825 Zep Professional Cherry Industrial Hand Cleaners w/Abrasive

This cherry flavor, hand cleaner is the ideal soap for soft and clean hands. It contains emollients to moisturize hands and prevent dryness, this hand cleaner with abrasive removes tough greases, oils, and odors. Capacity Vol. : 1 gal. Width : 5 1/2 in. Length : 6 1/2 in. Packing Type : Bottle. Odor/Scent : Cherry. Height : 1 in. (Amrep Misty R04825)

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''''ed's Red'''' Bore Cleaner - 4 Oz. ''''ed's Red'''' Bore Cleaner -69%

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We’ve done the messy work so you don’t have to. Our pre-mixed solution duplicates Ed Harris’ widely published recipe for home-mixed bore cleaner. Safe, effective formula works similar to the standard, military-issue bore cleaner, Mil-C-372B. Wipes out plastic wad fouling, heavy leading, and caked-on carbon fouling. Cuts abrasive primer residue, too. Helps reduce copper fouling when used regularly. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) bottle.

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Simple Green One-Step Cleaner & Polish

Metal Cleaner - Color: Milky White - Country of Origin: United States - Recycled Content: 0% - Cleaner Type: Spray - Cleaner Quantity: 32 fl oz (1 quart)

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Deluxe Algae Magnet Cleaner

The Marina Deluxe Algae Magnet Cleaner enables you to clean the inside of the aquarium's glass without getting your hands wet. The Marina Deluxe Algae Magnet Cleaner has powerful magnets to ensure a tight grip and the non-abrasive cleaning pads will not scratch the glass surface. Suitable for...

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Pressure Washer Accessories: BLACK BULL Other Materials Blast Media 80-Grit Abrasive Garnet Sand SBGARN

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Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. The Black Bull 80 Grit Garnet Sand is a general abrasive cleaner suitable for a multitude of applications. Use in an abrasive blaster to remove rust, paint, and graffiti, or use in a blast cabinet for etching and

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Home Depot
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Creamy Cleanser Multi-Use Non-Abrasive Cleaner Natural Lemon - 17 oz.

Earth Friendly - Creamy Cleanser Multi-Use Non-Abrasive Cleaner Natural Lemon - 17 oz. (500 ml) Earth Friendly All Purpose Creamy Cleanser is a liquid, non-abrasive replacement for scouring powder. Deep cleans and polishes hard surfaces without scratching. A natural based cream cleanser that is extremely effective at cleaning stainless steel, porcelain, hard surface counters and corian counter tops. The lemon oil based product is a non abrasive cleaner. A little dab goes a long way in cleaning power. 16oz.contains: Water, Xanthum gum, crystalline silica, and lemon oil Uses: Use as a non-abrasive, non-corrosive cream cleanser for deep cleaning and polishing of hard surfaces. Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, on sinks, tubs and tile, stoves, countertops, water stains in toilets, hard-to-clean pots and pans, draining and cutting boards. Great for use on chrome, enamel and plastic, sealed marble and granite, stainless steel, Corian, porcelain. Benefits: Doesn't irritate skin. Doesn't eliminate bacteria that make septic systems work efficiently It really works Safe for you and the environment Non-toxic/non-polluting Earth Friendly's Pledge Earth Friendly pledges that their products are environmentally responsible, work well and provide value. Earth Friendly will never test on animals or use animal ingredients. Earth Friendly will conduct business in a socially responsible manner that safeguards the earth. Earth Friendly's CompanyEarth Friendly Products: A short historyEarth Friendly's family began by making cleaners for industrial use before Corvettes had fins. When your grandmother was wearing a poodle skirt and drinking a float at the soda fountain, they were earning their first patents Decades later, when Jimi Hendrix turned rock upside down and played guitar with his teeth, Earth Friendly started their own quiet rebellion. Earth Friendly decided: only cleaners that were plant-based.  Only paper that was recycled.

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FENWICKS HC-1 Hand Cleaner

This beaded hand cleaner is a solvent free and made from a non abrasive polybead formula. It is highly effective at removing workshop grime and grease with out using aggressive solvents. Can be applied to wet or dry hands.

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P&G Comet Disinfecting Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner - Color: Green - Application/Usage: Restroom - Recycled Content: 0% - Cleaner Type: Liquid Solution - Cleaner Quantity: 128 fl oz (4 quart) - Scent: Citrus

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Office Depot
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Really Works® Hand Cleaner - 4-1/2 lb. (6 / Case)

Really Works® Printer & Pressman Hand Cleaner has been specially formulated with the printer in mind. Vin-Dotco Really Works® is a superior hand cleaner that "really works!" It is extremely effective, yet still leaves your hands feeling clean and soft. Really Works® has been called the best hand cleaner because it will remove almost any substance from your skin. Really Works® Hand Cleaner is equally effective with or without water rinse and leaves your hands smooth as if you applied lotion. Imagine using a hand cleaner that is mild enough to soften your hands so they won't crack, but tough enough to remove products like grease, oil paints, urithanes, epoxy, inks, rubber, odors, and a variety of other uses. 100% Environmentally safe, Really Works® Cleaner is non toxic with absolutely no petroleum. This is the best product you have ever used. Hand Cleaner is citrus scented and non-abrasive(Grit Free). Additional sizes & pumice formula are also available. Questions? We are here for you. Call us at (866)537-2244. Specifications & Features: ProductReally Works® Hand Cleaner BrandVin-Dotco ScentedYes; Scented Size4-1/2 lb. PumiceNo Quantity/Box4-1/2 lb. Containers6 Containers / Case Ship Weight32 lbs. Product Code00MISC

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Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Quart

Once again the field of chemistry has produced a product so outstanding, so different as to revolutionize the cleaning and polishing of your stainless steel.Sheila Shine works on:¿ Stainless Steel ¿ Chrome ¿ Aluminum ¿ Brass ¿ Formica ¿ Porcelain ¿ Fiberglass ¿ Enamel ¿ Plastic ¿ Leather ¿ Furniture ¿ Wood ¿ Etc. The Sheila Shine Process requires no rubbing or polishing. It is so easy, so simple that it actually makes cleaning a pleasure, with unbelievable results.¿ Polishes without rubbing.¿ Prevents Liquid Penetration.¿ Eliminates Streaking.¿ Resists Finger Marks. Sheila Shine is a: Three steps in one: ¿ Cleans¿ Polishes ¿ Protected Coating Applying Sheila Shine: A little Sheila Shine goes a LONG WAY! Apply Sheila Shine lightly with a clean cloth. Use sparingly, removing any excess with a dry cloth. No rubbing or polishing required. You will get unbelievable results with very little effort. In short, Sheila Shine will clean, polish and protect in one easy step! For your surfaces:Sheila Shine removes dirt and grime, greasy film, water marks, it even covers scratches. Sheila Shine immediately forms a protective coating on any surface, repels water, prevents penetration of harmful liquids, and retains its gloss indefinitely. Resists fingerprints and streaking. Preserves the surface against deterioration of all kinds! Guarantee:Sheila Shine does not contain acid, silicon, or any abrasive substance... will not powder or cake in carved woods, crevices, etc.

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Hands Free Tile & Grout Cleaner

Make Kitchen & Bathroom Shine Like New. Transform tile & grout to like new brightness completely hands free. Handy built-in sponge cleaner allows you to thoroughly clean without touching harsh chemicals. effective, non-abrasive formula goes on quickly & easily to instantly take away years of built up dirt and grime. 3 fl oz. tube.

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Dream Products
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Surface Cleaner 1qt

Pool Solutions Surface Cleaner effectively removes any nasty scale, oils and other contaminant buildup from pools tile and vinyl surfaces. Without back-braking hand scrubbing, itsÆ powerful liquid formula does all the work, saving you energy and time. It can safely be used on delicate pool surfaces, such as tile and vinyl, without fear of damage due to its non-abrasive formula. Best of all, this product will not affect your pools water chemistry.Dosage:Use amount needed based on the scale of contaminants in your pool.Product Use:Surface Cleaner can be used on any tile or vinyl surface to remove scales, oils and contaminants with no side effects to pH.Directions:Apply this product with a sponge or clean cloth and wipe over tile or vinyl surfaces. It quickly lifts dirt, suntan oil, baked material, and calcium stains, while very difficult stains may require hand rubbing with a non-abrasive

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Backyard Pool Superstore
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Hydroforce Butyl-Free All Purpose Cleaners - 14401 Septls12514401 -19%

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Biodegradable and concentrated. Non-corrosive, non-abrasive. Non-flammable, safe on most plastics. Floor wax safe.

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WM0612N Washer Cleaner

This Washer Magic cleaner removes lime scale, soap scum, iron, and mineral stains from your washing machine and reduces abrasive build-up that is harmful to laundryRecommended usage is once a month to ensure optimal cleaning and preve

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Essential Hardware
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2-pack All-Purpose Cleaner with 2 Towels

Earth Brite 2-pack All-Purpose Cleaner with 2 TowelsThink of that gold watch you found in the attic from your mother or the silver tea service you received as a wedding gift. What about the boat you saved for years to buy? These are items you'll want to preserve for years. Clean, polish and protect your treasured belongings with this natural clay-based cleaner. They're so effective that you may want to keep rummaging through the attic. Plus, make your surfaces sparkle like a gem with the Earth Brite Diamond towels. They'll tackle grease and grime using only water – no soaps or chemicals required. What You Get (2) 17.5 oz. Earth Brite All-Purpose Cleaner 2 Earth Brite Diamond towels    Good to Know Earth Brite works as an abrasive cleaner. Cleaner may dry, as with all clay-based products. Apply a little water with the sponge applicator to soften. Failure to thoroughly wet product before use may result in scratched surfaces. Be careful not to scratch glass, polished or stainless steel surfaces.  

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Non-Abrasive Scrub Sponge

This popular cleaning tool is the same sponge that is included with every Quick N Brite paste or Scum Off purchase. It is the ideal tool for applying these cleaners, and scrubbing free any stubborn grime. Although it is perfect for use with those products, it is also useful for people that clean with other stuff too. The thicker body of this sponge is about double that of your standard cleaning or kitchen sponge, and it also features cut out sections down the side. The larger size allows it to hold more moisture and cleaning solution, and the integrated grips along the side make it more comfortable, and easy to work with. Both features combine to offer a larger overall size and an ergonomic shape. It won't strain your hand when held for long periods, and it will remain easy to grip in order to apply pressure and scrub when needed. The white scrubbing pad on the bottom of this pink sponge gives you the power to cut through more stubborn grime without worrying about harming the sur

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Off The Wall Surface Cleaner - 12 oz

SpaGuard's Off The Wall is a heavy duty pool surface cleaner. Its cleaning action removes scale, stains and dirt that may accumulate along the tile and water line of a pool. Off The Wall is non-abrasive and may be used on tile, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass and painted pools. Off The Wall will efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces. Product Benefits: Heavy duty acidic surface cleaner composed of phosphoric and other organic acids.

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America's SPA-MART
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Extreme Cleaner Concentrate For Parts Washers And Cleaners

Non-toxic SIMPLE GREEN Extreme Cleaner Concentrate liquid cleans metals, plastics, high-tech alloys, as well as heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing of floors, walls, counters, etc. Non-abrasive, non-flammable, and non-corrosive. Rinses without leaving residue. Low-foaming formula is safe to use in...

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C&H Distributors
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