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Sony AC Power Adapter

AC Adapter - Output Voltage: 3 V DC - Maximum Output Current: 1 A

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Accu-Touch 2000 Electronic Powder Scale 2000 Grain Capacity 110/220 Volt

Lyman is one of the most recognized names in reloading, producing innovative tools for serious shooters and reloaders. Offering products that get the job done while still offering value and advancing technology. Lyman uses its years of experience and user feedback to offer the best performing reloading tools available. The Lyman Accu-Touch 2000 offers reloaders many high end features at an affordable price. Featuring touch screen controls and anti-drift technology, this scale is accurate to 1/10th of a grain over its full 2000 grain operating range. Loaded with options like ambidextrous powder trickler, powder brush, pop out storage tray, and a dust cover. Power can be supplied by the included AC adapter or a standard 9V battery. Loaded with all of these features the Accu-Touch 2000 continues with Lyman's commitment to value and getting the job done. Technical Information: Capacity: 2000 Grains Material: Plastic housing Voltage:110 Volt Units: Grains or Grams Accuracy: +/- 1/10th Grain Accessories: Removable powder trickler Powder brush AC adapter Fold back dust cover Features: Touch Screen Controls Anti-Drift Technology Pop Out Storage Tray

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TIG Welder 200 Amp DC and Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Eastwood 14290

Save BIG money when you get our TIG 200 DC Welder PLUS our Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Click on the individual links below for all the specs, but you must click the Add To Cart button below to get the special savings over individual prices Eastwood's quality TIG welder, the TIG200 DC Welder, welds steel and stainless steel up to 3/16 thick.* Includes preset post- and pre-flow gas, overload protection, adjustable amperage control for either panel (trigger switch) or foot pedal operation. Amperage adjustable from 10- to 200-amp. WP17-style torch accepts all common electrodes and collets up to 1/8. High-frequency Mosfet inverter with high-frequency start for precise arc starting and superior puddle and penetration control.110- or 220-volt AC input50 to 60Hz200-amp output DC Eastwood-designed Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter is your smartest choice for making clean, fast cuts through steel, stainless or aluminum as thin as 24-gauge, or as thick as 3/8. Compared to mechanical cutting, our Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter works significantly faster, and makes curved and intricate cuts more easily and precisely. Inverter technology offers superior arc stability and cutting power using either 110 or 220 volts, making this a portable unit that is also light weight. A built-in pilot arc system allows for instant arc striking and ease of use when cutting rusty material and expanded metal. The internal moisture separator helps to ensure clean dry air gets to the torch to give you consistent results.Works with 110v or 220v AC input20' torch cable 10' ground cable with clampRated 40-amp output Air flow rate 5-7 CFM at 20-60 PSIBacked by Eastwood's no-hassle 3-year warranty *Please note This TIG200 DC welder does not weld aluminum. To weld aluminum please order our Eastwood TIG Welder 200 AC/DC Welder which has the high-frequency AC setting needed to properly weld aluminum. Save hundreds on this Plasma Cutter and TIG Welder Kit Eastwood TIG200 DC Welder TIG welders include preset post and pre-flow gas, overload protection, adjustable amperage control for either panel (trigger switch) or foot pedal operation. Welds steel and stainless steel up to 3/16 inch thick. Amperage adjustable from 10 to 200 amp, WP 17 style torch accepts all common electrodes and collets up to 1/8 inch. High frequency Mosfet inverter with high frequency start for precise arc starting and superior puddle and penetration control. 110 or 220 volt, 50 to 60Hz, 200 amp output DC TIG welder. Eastwood Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter This innovative, affordable, plasma cutter was designed and developed by Eastwood's own RD staff, and tested in-house on the same type of real-life projects you'll use it for. It doesn't matter where you need to work, because this plasma cutter's voltage-sensing technology lets you use either a 110v or 220v outlet with our adapter cord. Works with any standard home- or shop-type air compressor within a range of 20-65 psi internal moisture separator ensures dry air is delivered to the

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UK to US Stepdown Voltage Converter- 45 watt

This unit allows you to use any US style appliance with an input Wattage of up to 45W from a UK mains supply If you import an American electrical mains appliance there is almost certainly going to have a 2 pin Blade plug on it and require a 110V mains supply as such the UK supply without a step down is unsuitable and just a plug adapter won't work and could damage your equipment. This Stepdown reduces the Voltage and outputs just 110-120V providing a safe and reliable power source for your equipment. Simple to use plug the 3 PIN UK side into your mains outlet and then plug your US appliance into the socket on the unit. Specification Input: AC 230-240V 50Hz Output: AC 110-120V 45W Designed for indoor use only. T2 Enterprises Ltd does not accept any liability for damage to any equipment through miss-use of this appliance please ensure that your appliance does not exceed the maximum wattage capacity as detailed in the description. This item is Suitable for Nintendo DS not suitable for appliances such as Hair Driers Curling Tongs Toasters or other heating appliances exceeding 45W INPUT May not be suitable for some aquatic air pumps For using 100-120 volt appliances in countries that provide a 220-240 volt mains source Can be used for appliances with power up to 45W Input : 230V 50Hz Output : AC 110V 45W

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Lock-N-Load Bench Scale Electronic Powder Scale

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Bench Scale is designed with performance in mind, and is a great addition to your reloading bench. The Bench Scale uses the same high quality precision load cell that is found in the Lock-N-Load Auto Charge. This scale features quick setup, large LCD display, easy to use tare function, calibration, and the ability to change units. With a 1500 grain capacity, the Bench Scale is perfect for weighing powder, bullets, cases, and cartridges. Technical Information: Accuracy: 0.1 grains Features: Large LCD display and the same high quality precision load cell that is found on the Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Capacity: 1500 Grains Includes: Two calibration weights AC adaptor 220 Volt adaptor Metal powder pan Voltage: 110 Volt (Comes with 220 volt adapter)

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Nintendo AC Adapter

AC Adapter - Device Supported: Gaming Console - Input Voltage: 110 V AC

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Cozy Nest 24 Jet hot tubs, 2 Person Hot Tubs 220 Volt and 110 Volt Plug In hot tubs, portable hot tub spa

From recent industry sales reports, the Cozy Nest 3-person hot tub by Island Spas may be the hottest selling 2-3 Person hot tub in the USA. It has two versions, a 220 Volt or a 110 Volt Plug and Play hot tub (you choose which you prefer). It?s built for outdoor use, but works well indoors too. The double lounger design is great for couples, and having a maximum height of 73? can comfortablely sit a person in this tub whose height is up to 6 foot 6 inches (there will a slight bend while you are lying in the chair due to the contour). With its nice 21 jets flow and large 5 x HP pump, you will get superior jet power. Standard features include ambiance lighting and elegant exterior lighting, which is great for night use. If you choose the plug and play 110 Volt Plug in hot tub version, you will get a smaller 1.5 HP pump, but according to customers it still has good power on the pumps, and of course there is no installation for a 110 Volt Plug and Play Spa. A jet diverter knob is included so you can power all the jets to one side or the other if you are the only one in, making them twice as strong.

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Hot Tubs And Portable Spas
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110-Volt Power Supply For Coleman Thermoelectric Coolers

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Find portable coolers at Target.com! Need a power supply or replacement plug for your coleman thermoelectric cooler? Here's the coleman 110-volt power supply for coleman powerchill electric coolers. This plugs right into your standard household

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Stationary Scissor Lift Tables - 3-Phase, 220-Volt Motor - 6000-Lb. Capacity - Orange

PRESTO Stationary Scissor Lift Tables are designed to handle heavy-duty lifting and positioning jobs and to eliminate worker bending, lifting and back injuries. Includes: hydraulic cylinders with chrome-plated rams and polyurethane seals; internally mounted pump, motor and oil reservoir; lifetime...

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C&H Distributors
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Yamaha PA130 AC Adapter

AC Adapter - Country of Origin: China - Input Voltage: 110 V AC - Output Voltage: 12 V DC - Maximum Output Current: 1 A

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Dymo AC Adapter

AC Adapter - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Width: 5.0" - Height: 5.5" - Depth: 2.5" - Device Supported: Printer - Input Voltage: 110 V AC - Output Voltage: 9 V DC

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110-volt Air Bubbles II Pump

Powerful / inexpensive system operates on 110 volt household current. Great for keeping fish indefinitely. Complete system with pump, airline tubing and weighted airstone. Rubber base mount - very quiet. Fresh or salt water. 1 year warranty.

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RC9740 SharkVac 110-Volt/24-VDC In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Attack the dirt in your pool using the Hayward RC9740 SharkVAC! Save on Hayward Products at Westside Wholesale!

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Westside Wholesale
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Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Powder Scale and Dispenser 110/220 Volt

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Powder Scale and Dispenser will save you time and money with its superior speed and efficiency. Designed to be one of the most accurate and effective powder dispenser systems on the market, this unit is loaded with features including: quick setup, extreme ease of use, exceptional precision to within 0.1 grains, and large scale capacity of 1000 grains. The dispenser also includes an easy to use keypad with a large bright backlit display, automatic and manual dispense option, trickle function, three speed settings, overcharge protection, and easy clean out. Technical Information: Accuracy: 0.1 grains Features: Quick Setup, Extreme Ease of Use, Large bright backlit display, automatic and manual dispense option, trickle function, three speed settings, overcharge protection and easy clean out. Capacity: 1000 Grains Voltage: 110 Volt (Comes with 220 volt adapter) Notes: When switching between powders make sure that the hopper, drain tube, and trickle tube are completely empty. If they are not completely emptied, a mixing of different speed of powders could occur causing high pressure in the first few reloads.

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Plantronics AC Power Adapter

AC Adapter - Input Voltage: 110 V AC

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Polycom AC Power Adapter

AC Adapter - Device Supported: Telephone - Input Voltage: 110 V AC

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110-volt Mouse Sander 28-piece Set

Trademark Tools 110-volt Mouse Sander 28-piece SetBring home the perfect tool for all types of detail sanding. With a palm grip for easy use, this mouse sander reaches tight spaces normal sanders can't reach. This tool set makes finishing your woodworking projects a breeze.What You Get 110-volt mouse sander 9 P60 grit sand papers 9 P80 grit sand papers 9 P100 grit sand papers

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IonicLifestyle Compact Negative Ion Generator Home 110-Volt White

Purely Products Ionic Lifestyle Home White Compact Negative Ion Generator - 110V Plug into a clean, healthy home with Purely Products' Ionic Purifiers. Purely Products' innovative negative ion generators allow you to experience the energetic benefits of negative ions at home, in your car or at an office. Negative ions are organically generated in nature and when surrounded by them, they increase oxygen to the brain to help alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost daytime energy. Plus, they bond to positive particles in the air removing household allergens, like dust, mold spores, pet dander and even tobacco smoke. Purely Products' new Ionic Purifiers are superior to deodorizers since they remove the source---leaving the air fresher, cleaner and healthier. Features & Benefits: Plugs directly into 110 Volt wall outlet Generates more than 2 million super powerful negative ions per cubic centimeter Unlike other room ionizers, Ionic Purifiers have "zero ozone" emissions Removes positives particles like dust, mold, pet dander and tobacco smoke that trigger allergy symptoms Suppresses serotonin levels in much the same way that natural sunlight suppresses melatonin so you feel more awake and less fatigued Increases blood flow to the brain boosting mood, energy and alertness Compact and great for travel; Plug into a hotel room to remove musty odors & freshen the room instantly LED indicator light shows it's working Size: 1.26"W x 1.97"H x 1.77"D 7& weighs only 1.41 oz Enjoy the Positive Effects of Negative IonsIonic Lifestyle Compact Negative Ion Generator fills the surrounding air with negative ions or "Anions" (the good kind) and creates a wonderful environment that recharges your mind, body and spirit while eliminating odors, dust, pollen, smoke, and diesel fumes.

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Omega Juicer 8226 / 8006 220 Volt

Featuring the 220 / 230 volt Omega Juicer model 8226! This is the 220 / 230 volt version of the Omega Juicer model 8006. The 220 volt version is for use outside North America. All Omega 220 Volt models come with a standard 2 prong Euro style plug. The Omega model 8226 juicer is the 220 Volt version of the Omega 8006 (For overseas use). The juicer may be referred to as the Omega 8006 - 220 volt version or simply the Omega 8226. It is identical to the 8006 except the motor works with the 220 / 230 AC voltage. This same juicer is available in 220 volt as a Omega Juicer model 8004. The 8004 comes in a white color for $275. UPC 737416082268 Shipping: Free Shipping with UPS Ground to the 48 US States. Additional shipping charges will apply to locations outside the United States. I use USPS Priority Mail to ship outside the United States. Please email me with your location and I will reply with a shipping charge quote for you. It usually costs around US $65 to ship to Europe. Warranty 15 year full warranty for both the Omega 8004 and 8006! Questions? Give me a call at 503-771-3904 or email mike (at) therawdiet.com , office hours are between 9am and 9pm Pacific, seven days a week. Best Regards, Mike Snyder, store owner

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The Raw Diet Health Shop
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FG09V120UC, Universal Adapter/Charger, 110/220 VAC

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Universal Adapter/Charger, Voltage 110/220 VAC, For Use With FG Series Force Gauges, Package Quantity 1

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