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Wiremold: Picture & Mirror Hanging: OOK Tool StorageFittings & Kits: 55-Piece Picture Hanging Tool Box Kit 59989

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Shop for Tools & Hardware at The Home Depot. The OOK 55-Piece Picture Hanging Tool Box Kit contains hardware to hang up to 38 works of art. This kit includes reusable nails to help prevent wall damage.

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Home Depot
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Lock Picking School In A Box

Lock-Picking School in a Box   For years, we've said that the easiest way to learn the art of lock picking is to begin by removing a few pin sets from a lock, and one by one, add them back as your picking skills increase. We're pleased to offer a "Lock Picking School in a Box" to help the beginning locksmith develop all the skills needed to master pin-tumbler lock picking. The kit consists of a table-top "door" practice stand with 5 interchangeable brass pin timbler lock cylinders. Each lock has 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pins and is numbered 1 through 5. The set includes five lock cylinders, the first of which has a single pin set in place, with each lock becoming progressively more difficult, the last lock containing a full number of pin sets. All necessary tools and fittings and a learning guide are included with the kit. The progressive learning system utilized is based on positive reinforcement of learned skills as the student progresses rapidly from picking a 1 pin lock up to a standard 5 pin lock. The "Lock Picking School in a Box" is a unique and ideal system for learning basic lock picking skills as well as being a great testing ground for new lock picks and products. This Progressive Learning System is a proven method of learning and mastering the art of lock picking , and we highly recommend it! Practice really does make perfect! Also included are 4 picks, 1 tension tool, and the instructional book, "Easy Pickings" After you've mastered the Lock Picking School in a Box you may want to pick up a great set of picks. We highly recommend the MPXS-20 lock pick set.  It contains sturdy metal-handled picks and a top quality leather case is included free of charge.  Please note: This item weighs nearly 5 lbs - it's heavy. It costs more to ship than most of our other products. An additional $10.00- $20.00 is added to the shipping charges when it ships outside of the continental USA and $7.50 is added for domestic shpping. All of our lock picks and lock picking tools are made in the USA.

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3-D Stick n Sparkle Jewelry Box

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Find kids craft kits at Target.com! Let your little girl design and create her very own jewelry box with the cra-z-art 3-d stick n sparkle craft kit. It comes with stick-on gems in assorted colors, a gem butterfly and glitter. She can use these

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Black + White Chandelier by Fine Art Lamps - White - 732040-5GU

Reminiscent of the stacked box configurations of Frank Lloyd Wright's elaborate Taliesen light structures, the Fine Art Lamps Black + White Chandelier is an asymmetrical assemblage of suspended skyboxes. A considerately constructed mix of vertical and horizontal linearity, the shades feature precise bottom cut-aways to facilitate direct downlight. Installation requires the metal suspension rod to be cut to the desired height suspension. A sloped ceiling adapter kit can be purchased separately with a call to customer service. Fine Art Lamps, an award-winning lighting company headquartered in Miami, Florida, offers superb-quality lighting fixtures that are designed and manufactured in the USA using time-honored craftsman techniques.

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Lumens Light + Living
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Magic Potion Sand Art Box Craft Kit - Crafts for Kids & Sand Art

These sand art boxes are spellbinding! Just peel the top from each lid to reveal an adhesive design and then sprinkle sand to bring the design to life. Includes packets of colored sand. Cardboard. 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 diam. Makes 12. OTC

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Oriental Trading Company
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Wire Bead Art Kit

Copper wire is fun flexible Twist into all kinds of shapes and adorn with beads and marbles. With easy to follow tips and lots of examples for inspiration, make amazing creatures, fancy jewelry, flowers, mobiles or even fashion a royal crown Two bonus projects in every kit Turn the box into a mailbox, birdhouse or special treasure box. The inner tray is perfect for framing your art. Assembled by hand in Madison, WIAges 8 and up

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Abe's Market
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illy Sustainart Art Collection Cappuccino & Saucier Cups, Set of 4

illy showcases its collaboration with Expo Milano 2015 with the sustainArt-feeding creativity illy Art Collection, a project that promotes and spreads the creativity of emerging artists from developing countries. For this collection, we chose artists from coffee-producing countries that will have a stand at Expo Milano 2015: Esteban Piedra LeoÌ n (Costa Rica), Naufus RamiÌ rez-Figueroa (Guatemala), Elias Sime (Ethiopia) and Adan Vallecillo (Honduras). Each kit contains 4 espresso cups (numbered and signed) with saucers and 4 cappuccino cups (numbered and signed) with saucers, together with a brochure that explains how the four artistsâ native lands are reflected in their work.CAPPUCCINO SET GIFT BOX CONTENT: 4 signed and numbered cappuccino cups with saucers, 1 brochure, 1 warranty card

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Kitchen Universe
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Stat-Site HGB Hemoglobin Analyzer Meter & Starter Kit

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The Stat-Site HGB Hemoglobin Analyzer Meter and Starter Kit Note: For sale to healthcare professionals only. Due to restrictions from the manufacturer this item is NOT RETURNABLE.Starter Kit includes: 1 Stat-Site HGB Meter, 300 Test Cards, and 1 Box of ControlsThe Power of Portability The STAT-Site MHgb is a battery operated, completely portable hemoglobin analyzer that fits in the palm of your hand. Finally, point-of-care testing right at your patient's side.The Power of Advanced Technology The STAT-Site MHgb uses state-of-the-art electronics designed for optimum performance and reliability. Self-promoting graphics guide you through the simple test procedure. It even includes a "Last Result" feature that will allow you to recall the last hemoglobin result.The Power of Simplicity Hemoglobin testing is quick and easy - reducing personnel training and improving performance. Unlike competing systems, the STAT-Site MHgb is virtually maintenance-free.The Power of the STAT-Site MHgb System. With one single drop of fingerstick blood, the STAT-Site MHgb system provides precise hemoglobin analysis in seconds. Treatment can begin immediately, improving patient outcomes and lowering costs.

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Claflin Medical Equipment
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Explore and Create Art Set

Where science ends, art begins, wrote the 19th-century photographer Charles Negre. STEM learning science, technology, engineering, and math has become a crucial part of school curriculums, but educators have begun transforming STEM to STEAM in recognition of the power of art and free-form creativity. There is no greater invitation to play, create, and imagine than a box of brand-new art supplies. This dazzling art set comes with everything you need to set the page ablaze with color: 18 colored pencils 18 vibrant crayons 16 fine-point markers 14 richly hued pastels 8 high-saturation watercolor paints 2 paintbrushes 2 pencils with an eraser and sharpener Draw a comic, design your dream house or the car of the future, launch a fashion revolution, create a family crest, paint a friend's portrait, doodle to your heart's content With a blank piece of paper and the Explore and Create Art Set, the sky's the limit. The set comes in a box that has a rope handle and closure, making it easy to carry. The deceptively plain brown paper exterior encourages personalization: design, decorate, and embellish your kit to make it all your own.

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National Geographic
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Starry Night Master Art Kit for Kids

Whether or not they grow up to become the next Vincent Van Gogh, any child can discover the joys of artistic creation with this masterful art kit. Built around the work of Van Gogh, this box contains all the equipment needed for a budding artiste to create their own, frame-worthy rendition of his masterpiece, The Starry Night. There is a 16" x 20" sheet of high-quality paper, non-toxic paint and pastels, stencils, textured rollers and more. The included booklet contains both simple, illustrated instructions, and also educational material about Vincent Van Gogh and art history. And once a child's Starry Night is over, they can use their supplies and knowledge to go on and create masterpieces of their own. Made in China.

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Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic - 4 Piece(s)

Suncoat Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic - 4 Pieces The natural way to create "nail art", the fine, thin brushes found in Suncoat Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic allow for expert detailing and designing. Suncoat Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic is 100% VOC free (no chemical solvents) nail art colors. Suncoat Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic releases only water when applied, no toxic chemical fumes. Colored only with mineral pigments and natural colorants, Suncoat Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic contains no FD & C dyes. Each box of Suncoat Water-Based Natural Nailart Kit Classic includes four 0.26 oz bottles of water-based nail color. Frequently Asked Questions How do I remove water-based nail polish?Suncoat Water-based nail polish has been formulated to adhere well to the nail bed. If left on nails for an extended time, it may require a little more effort to remove. For easy removal, remove the polish weekly. Remove with Suncoat natural nail polish remover: Suncoat natural nail polish remover is recommended although solvent based remover will take off the polish. Dab the remover onto nails using a Q-tip / or a cotton ball, and allow at least 2 minutes for the remover to soften the polish. Then rub the nails until the polish is fully removed. Repeat when necessary. Rinse hands with water to remove residue. Remove without Suncoat natural nail polish remover: Soak nails in hot water for couple of minutes, then gently scrap off the polish using a fingernail. Important: If your nails are weak and damaged, please consult your health care provider for advice. What if the polish becomes too thick and streaky?Simply add water ONE DROP AT A TIME to the polish and shake well before use. Add one drop of water each time. Adding too much water to the polish may result in polish separation. Is water-based nail polish 100% natural?Unfortunately, No.

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Marios Deluxe Easel Box Oil Art Kit

Product Type: Easels & Easel Storage. Hard Sided: Yes

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Paint Your Own Porcelain Studio Art Kit

This complete party-in-a-box lets six friends paint and personalize high-quality porcelain bowls using vibrant, food-safe paint. Simply oven-bake the painted bowls for a glossy, permanent finish. Individual gift boxes give each guest a fun way to tote their handmade bowls home. Includes 6 bowls, 12 paints, 6 paint brushes, 6 gift boxes, 6 idea cards, and instructions with party-planning ideas. Studio Art Kit takes decorating options to the next level, adding 5 new paints including glittering gold and silver, a paint brush, alphabet stencils, a permanent marker, -inch masking tape, a sponge and instructions. Only at MindWare: 6 party invitations and mailing envelopes help your guests save the date!

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Studio Holiday Season Quilled Cardmaking Kit

3 Birds Studio Holiday Season Quilled Cardmaking Kit Happy quillidays! This kit turns the art of quilling into a festive affair. Create 26 beautiful, dimensional, holiday-themed cards with enough leftover pieces to use in other projects. 'Tis the season to be quilly!What You Get 21 cards 5 shadowbox cards 26 envelopes 220 die-cut shapes 800 straight quilling strips 200 die-cut quilling strips Wooden quilling template Quilling tool 40 adhesive-backed acrylic rhinestones 15 foam sheets Idea booklet Storage box

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Wiremold: Portable ToolFittings & Kits: : Sainty International Tool Storage Boxes 16 in. Flowers Art Tool Box, Blue 24-055

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Shop for Tools & Hardware at The Home Depot. The 16 in. Flowers Art Tool Box is a decorative tool box with a flower print on each side of the tool box. Constructed of durable steel with rugged all steel end cap to provide strength and a latch and

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Home Depot
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14 to Lean Kit

14 to Lean Kit, 1 Box KitTHE LATEST INNOVATION IN RAPID ANTI-CATABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS, FORMULATED TO SPECIFICALLY PROMOTE SUPERIOR DEFINITION AND FAT LOSS IN A PERIOD OF 14 DAYS! Wish you could get the same attention that elite athletes and beautiful Hollywood celebrities get from their personal trainers? Don't you want to know their secret? Now is your chance: It requires some hard work and sensible eating! It's having an easy to follow program! It's Gunnar Peterson System and 14 to Lean. 14 to Lean is a complete state-of-the art product that includes 3 dietary supplement formulas along with an easy to follow 14 day program of dietary intakes, exercise routines and other key elements you will need to achieve optimal results. 14 to Lean provides both men and women with the same advanced fitness regimen and technology that Gunnar Peterson shares with top athletes, A-list Celebrities, and people "in the spotlight" who need to look incredible in short notice. Gunnar Peterson is a Beverly Hills based personal trainer whose clients include Hollywood A-List film, television and music celebrities, as well as professional athletes. Understandably, these 20+ years of acclaimed work with high-profile clients has made Gunnar one of the most sought after fitness experts. www.14toLean.com.Directions: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT ENERGY CATALYST: DIRECTIONS: On Exercise Days: Take 3 capsules approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise. On Non-Exercise Days: Take 3 capsules in the morning with food. IMPORTANT: Individuals sensitive to stimulants may wish to assess their tolerance by trying 1 or 2 capsules for the first 2 or 3 days. This product may cause sleeplessness if taken too close to bedtime. As a rule of thumb, do not take 5 hours before bedtime. PM APPETITE SUPPRESSANT: Directions: On every day of the program, take 3 capsules with at least 12oz (a full glass) of water, right before the evening meal.ULTRA-LEAN FINISHING COMPOUND: Directions: Beginning on the final 3 days of the 2 week program, take 4 capsules twice a day with 16oz of water for the first 2 days and once in the morning on the final day with 8oz of water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Store at 15-30°C (59-86°F). Protect from heat, light and moisture. Do not purchase if seal is broken.

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Discount Sport Nutrition
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4.0 EX (boxed) (Steven Slate Drums 4 EX Box)

Software & Plug-ins - Imagine having 25 of the world's best sounding drum kits at your disposal. From punchy tight rock kits, to fat and sizzly vintage kits, and just about everything in between, Steven Slate Drums 4.0 EX takes some of the most essential kits straight from the Platinum collection, and offers them to you at an extremely low price.Steven Slate Drums 4.0 EX at a Glance:Powerful, intuitive drum sampler offers flexibility and ease of useNew Deluxe series kits in Rock, Metal, Vintage, Indie, and Funk styles"Mix Ready" kits including the famous "Old Zep" kitBrand new cymbal packNew Urban/Dance/House/Electro kitAt the heart of Steven Slate Drums 4.0 is the SSD Player, a state of the art Mac/PC (AAX, VST, RTAS, AU) Drum Sampler built from the ground up by the award winning development team behind our TRIGGER drum replacement processor. The SSD Player is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Loading kits, customizing kits, mixing kits, loading and auditioning MIDI grooves, customizing MIDI maps, and routing discretely to your workstation are all a breeze with the SSD Player. It even lets you load your own drum samples to mix in with the Slate drum kits.New in 4.0 are the DELUXE series kits, which were recorded with extreme precision, resulting in a remarkably natural playability. In SSD4 EX, you'll find Rock, Metal, Vintage, Indie, and Funk Deluxe drum kits.SSD4 EX also brings back the classic Slate "Mix Ready" kits, but all reprogrammed for better sound, response, and realism. Included in these classic kits is the famous "Old Zep" kit, a drum kit recorded in a stone castle that models the classic Led Zeppelin sound.SSD4 brings a brand new cymbal pack from Soultone Cymbals. These custom Turkish cymbals are some of the best sounding in the world! From the dark VINTAGE series to the bright and shimmery EXTREME series, these cymbals give the drum kits the ultimate brass accompaniment!SSD4 EX also has one new Dance genre kit designed by producer Griffin Boice. This kit was processed with boutique analog gear to provide the fat radio ready sound you'll want for your dance mixes!Steven Slate Drums 4.0 EX at a Glance:25 preset drum kitsNew SSD Player (Mac/PC AAX/VST/RTAS/AU)New Deluxe Series KitsIncludes SSD "Mix Ready" Classic Kits and Old Zep kitNew Soultone CymbalsNew Dance Kit Plug-ins: Virtual Instruments

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Wiremold: Portable ToolFittings & Kits: : Sainty International Tool Storage Boxes 16 in. MC2 Art Tool Box, Pink 24-072

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Shop for Tools & Hardware at The Home Depot. The 16 in. MC2 Art Tool Box is a decorative tool box with a twig print on each side of the tool box. Constructed of durable steel with rugged all steel end cap to provide strength and a latch and hinge

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Home Depot
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Wiremold: Portable ToolFittings & Kits: : Sainty International Tool Storage Boxes 16 in. Zebra Art Tool Box Black 24-035

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Shop for Tools & Hardware at The Home Depot. The 16 in. Zebra Art Tool Box is a decorative tool box with a black and white zebra print on each side of the tool box. Constructed of durable steel with rugged all steel end cap to provide strength and a

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Home Depot
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Craft Art Cartridge A Quilted Christmas

This cricut cartridge kit is filled with Christmas designs that are great for any project. Includes:1 cartridge1 keypad overlay1 handbookup to 700 images including layers and featuresaccommodates all Cricut machines (not included)timeless holiday images help celebrate the spirit of the seasonmakes beautiful Christmas cards, cute holiday décor or memorable scrapbook layouts filled with festive and colorful designs6 creative features including layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, shadow, card and silhouettestorage box measures 7 x4 " Imported.. Unisex. Color: Multi. Brand: CRICUT. Manufacturer Part #: 68411560018.

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