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Automatic Pet Feeder Six Day

Our Automatic Pet Dish is a quick solution for busy, on-the-go pet owners. A triggered timer and self-opening food tray will automatically serve pets up to six meals at pre-set times. The Automatic Pet Dish stores both wet and dry pet food.

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PAW Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder - Programmable - - Trademark Global

Designed for all sizes of dog or cat, this Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder holds up to 45 cups (10.65L) of dry food. Feeder has programmable days, portion sizes and feeding.Smart sensor prevents overloading of feeding trayUnique anti-clogging feature for food hopper and pet-proof lock on lid for greater securityRecord a 6 second personal message for your pet to play your voice when feeding time comesAlarm sounds when feeding schedule expiresAlso includes a built-in microphone, speaker and low battery indicatorDimensions: 17.5” x 10” x 14.25”Imported 

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Stage Stores
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Auto Pet Feeder Small 2000GS

We will beat any advertised price on this item. Find a lower price online and we will match it! Call us at 1-888-286-2347 x 1 or Email Us for your price match.Ergo Auto Pet Feeder Small Features: Auto Pet feeder has a compact and pleasing design. Can be kept anywhere at home. (Kitchen, laundry room, garage etc.) This Pet feeder also comes with detachable bowl for easy cleaning. Pet food does not have to be emptied from the storage container to clean bowl. Clear storage container on this Feeder enables visibility from all angles and from farther distances. Airtight cover for storage container keeps pet food fresh in our feeder. The large opening in the food store bin of the automatic pet feeder enables easy fill of pet food. Precise feeding of food is accomplished with this feeder by using high torque synchronous motor. Unlike vertical augers in other automatic dog feeders, our dog feeder has a horizontal feed auger system, which provides precise control over feed rate. Specification: Compact and pleasing design Can be kept anywhere Detachable bowl for easy cleaning Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets Prevents bloating 8 program settings per day and daylight saving The Small Automatic Pet feeder holds 5 Pounds of Dry Dog Food that is 3/4" diameter maximum

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TSC Pets.com
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Large - capacity Automatic Pet Feeder

PAW Large - capacity Automatic Pet Feeder guarantees your furry friends don't miss a meal! With programmable settings for days (1-99), portion size (1/4 -cup to 2 1/2 cups) and feeding frequency (1-4 times daily), the PAW Large-capacity Feeder might be the "smartest" Feeder anywhere! It's durable, easy to clean, and it features a voice recorder that lets you record a personal message for your pets that plays at feeding time.Details: Designed for all sizes of dogs and cats Holds 45 cups (10.65 liters) of food Feeds from 1 to 99 days, or non-stop Programmable portions allow you to determine how much food your pet(s) gets, from 1/4 -cup to 2 1/4 cups Select how many times a day you'd like the Feeder to dispense food, from 1 to 4 Built-in voice recorder lets you record a 6-second message that plays when it's feeding time Pet-proof lock on lid prevents spillage and "break-ins" Unique anti-jamming feature for reliable operation Detachable hopper and feeding tray for easy cleaning Built-in clock with easy-to-read LCD Measures 18 x 10 x 14" h. Uses 4 "D" batteries.

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The Sportsman Guide
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Automatic Le Bistro Pet Feeder

Pet feeder. Automatic portion control feeder for your pet

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Animate Cat Mate C20 Automatic Cat Feeder - Pet Accessories

Whether working late or away for a weekend, the Animate Cat Mate C20 Automatic Cat Feeder ensures fresh meals will be reliably served to your beloved pet when you're away. Serve 1 or 2 meals at any required times over a maximum period of 48 hours.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
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Animate Cat Mate C50 Automatic Cat Feeder - Pet Accessories

Whether working late or away for a weekend, the Animate Cat Mate C50 Automatic Cat Feeder ensures fresh meals will be reliably served to your beloved pet when you're away. Serve 5 fresh meals at any required time over a maximum period of 90 hours.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
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Cat Mate C10 Automatic Medium Pet Feeder in White - Pet Accessories

Designed to feed your cat, kitten or small dog when you're away, the Cat Mate C10 Pet Feeder features a convenient timer that automatically opens the closely fitting lid at a set time to let your pet eat the food sealed inside an easy-clean compartment.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
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Pond Fish Feeder P21 - Feeding: Pond Fish Feeder P21

Fish Mate Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder P21: Pond Fish Feeder P21 #P21 This Fish Mate P21 Pond Fish Feeder is ideal for ponds and large aquariums. It will dispense food slowly over a 5 hour period so your fish can eat as they do in the wild, over a period of time. This keeps fish active and reduces the danger of overfeeding. Automatic Daily Feeding Suitable for all Foods Adjustable Feed Quantity and Timing Feeds between 8 meals for large ponds to 40 meals for small aquariums Fish Mate Pond Automatic Feeder P21 holds 21 days of food and is fully weatherproofed! The Pond Fish Feeder can hold up to 1 1/4 cups of food.The Pond Automatic Feeder may be mounted on a pole by waters edge, or suspended over the water. Features adjustable feed quantity and timing for all fish foods. Requires one AA Battery. Reliable and accurate quartz timer and has a easy to read battery condition indicator.Approx. 'FEED CONTROL' setting for pond diameter Food Type Average Size Recommended Baffle 1.2m (4ft) 3m (10ft) 5m (16ft) Small Flake 6mm (1/4 ) FLAKE 15 25 35 Large Flake 12mm (1/2 ) FLAKE 30 35 40 Small Pellet 4mm (1/8 ) PELLET 9 11 14 Large Pellet 6mm (1/4 ) PELLET 13 17 22 Food Stick 4 x 10mm (1/8 x 3/8 ) PELLET 17 22 30 - Pond Fish Feeders - Feeding

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JBJ Aqua - Feed Automatic Fish Feeder

JBJ Aqua-Feed ZW-88 Automatic Feeder This programmable automatic fish feeder will allow you to automatically feed your aquarium 1-4 times daily. It can be used with an array of different foods from 1mm in size to approximately 1.9 cm in size: including pellets, flakes and freeze-dried foods. Sinking pellets between 1mm-5mm is optimal. Designed and built by JBJ-USA.

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Premium Weekend Feeder: 4 Pack

Wardley Wardley Premium Weekend Feeder: 4 Pack #154 Thinking about going away for the weekend, but don't have anyone to feed your fish? Go ahead & go! The Wardley Premium Weekend Feeder is a simple tablet that you drop into your aquarium before you leave. Slow-dissolving fish food tablet Releases food for up to 3 days Low phosporous to limit unwanted algae growth The tablet will slowly dissolve and release food for up to 3 days. Package contains 4 tablets for 4 full weekends of automatic feeding! - Fish Vacation Feeder Blocks

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Peanut Butter Suet Balls

Birds love these gourmet suet balls!High energy ingredients are blended with suet and shaped to fit our Automatic Ball Feeder. Simply cut open a sleeve of 5 balls and empty into feeder. Peanut Balls are made of rendered beef suet, corn, and peanuts. Attract nuthatches, chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice and more. Also available in set of 20.2 Day Express Shipping Service is not available for this item.

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Duncraft Wild Bird Superstore
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Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller: SmartWave Pump Controller

Hydor Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller: SmartWave Pump Controller #924 Hydor Koralia SmartWave Pump Timer is an efficient controller that streamlines the creation of natural currents that are a critical part of a healthy aquarium. Easy-to-use pump controller creates natural currents in aquariums Controls many pumps with only 1 unit Synchronous program for currents typical of barrier reefs and Alternate for tides Build with Safety in mind - UL approved and water resistant Dimensions: 7 L x 8 W x 1-1/4 thick with 6 ft power cord Just plug the Koralia SmartWave Pump Controller into an electrical outlet and the unit is ready to work. Just turn the knob and select one of two available programs to create water currents essential to nourish and feed aquarium inhabitants while regulating your aquarium's water temperature and removing dead spots of water.  Alternate Mode activates one pump while the other remains OFF. This pump sequence alternates to create currents that simulate ocean tides. Synchronous Mode activates both pump simultaneously and then shuts off both pumps to recreate currents typical of barrier reefs. Select time interval settings from 5 seconds up to 6 hours for custom aquarium water movement. Smartwave works with Koralia circulation pumps and most aquarium pumps available on the market compatible with quick ON-OFF sequences. Plug in an automatic fish feeder to experience the added convenience of keeping your fish fed, even while you're away. Smartwave has a built-in hanging eyelet for convenient installation inside your aquarium cabinet. - Aquarium Powerheads hydor, hydoor, hidoor, hy dor, hy-dor, highdoor, high door

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