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Neat Sweep Broom & Dust Pan

Neat Sweep broom and dustpan set is the very same combo used by the pros at restaurants and movie theaters. Save your back while cleaning your house & garage with ease. Why bend and stoop and make twice the work when you can use this long handle broom and dustpan set! Easy to maneuver - long handled dustpan with soft rubber edge clings to the floor so you can sweep directly into, not under, the pan. Great for crumbs or pet hair. Internal brush cleaner leaves debris in the pan, not on the floor. Dust pan auto-closes to carry, locks open to empty. Pivoting broom allows you to get into tight spaces. Handles clip together for easy storage. Hang by handle loop. 29"h.

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Brooms and Brush Combo (12 in.)

Save money when you buy these great products together. The rubber brush is great for using on upholstery, clothing, stairs or even right on your dog. People with pets love it because it works great on hair and fur. It put the power of a rubber broom in the palm of your hand. Use the regular broom on all flooring types, or any other large area. It will outperform traditional versions for regular sweeping tasks, but is amazing at getting up the tough stuff like sand and hair. In this combo pack you get two rubber brooms, and a rubber brush for one low price. This package will have you prepared to tackle all sorts of messes The dual purpose cleaning and grooming brush is the perfect compliment to your brooms. You can order these products separately, but you will pay a lower price when you choose this combo. Order your broom and brush combo today! Stuff included in this combo: (2) 12" Rubber Brooms & (1) Rubber Brush Please see individual product pages for more information about the s

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Andis Hair Clipper

Powered Corded Hair Clipper - Limited Warranty: 3 Year

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Wahl Chromepro Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper - Number of Guide Combs: 13

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Andis MV-2 Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper - Number of Guide Combs: 10

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Conair Hair Styler

Hair Styler - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Number of Temperature Settings: 2

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Revlon Hair Styler/Straightener

Hair Styler/Straightener - Power Source: AC Supply - Number of Temperature Settings: 30

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Make Your Hair Grow Faster with Hair Vitamins Encourage Faster Stronger Healthy Hair Growth Nourish Your Hair

How do you make your hair grow faster? The best way to speed up your normal hair growth rate, is to make sure that you are nourishing your hair from the inside out. It's easy and simple. We understand the hectic lifestyle you lead and want to make it easy for you. Our proven formulation of ingredients, help make your hair grow faster, promoting healthier, stronger hair growth in the process, from the inside out. 100% Natural Ingredients packed into two capsules per day - that's it! For the hair growth enthusiast, add the hair amino booster capsules for even better results - Start growing long hair fast! Make Your Hair Grow Faster with Hair Vitamins Encourage Faster Stronger Healthy Hair Growth Nourish Your Hair

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Hair Formula 37 Hair Vitamins
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Hair Oil - Argan Hair Oil 2oz. - For Dry & Damaged Hair -15%

Free Shipping over 85.00 - At Total Health We Make Good Health A

Save 15% - Badger - Hair Oil - Argan Hair Oil 2oz. - For Dry & Damaged Hair - Total Health has a full line of Badger

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Total Health Discount Vitamins
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Hair Building Fibers Black

Lanyun Hair Building Fibers Black Lanyun Hair Building Fibers Advantages: -. Hair Building Fiber can quickly and effectively improve the appearance of spare hair. It can thick hair to reach the visual sense. With easy operation, you can have a nice instantly, it's convenient and economical.   -. Hair Building Fiber is natural fibers produced by special antimicrobial process, which been cut into 0.3mm-0.5mm, not hurt the scalp, not block pores, it's very safe and can attached on the scalp or sparse hair naturally.Then use  Hairspray to Shape it, it will not fall in case of wind or rain, even in the sports. It is very popular by the people with hair loss, and sparse hair. (Please keep it dry)   -. It is researched  according to the human's hair characteristics. It adopted International advanced bio-technology anti-bacterial keratin fiber combining additional extract of traditional Chinese medicine recipe, with the development of the majority of luxury natural anti-hair loss product.This anti-bacterial keratin fiber is special researched for the majority of Human's hair loss and sparse hair,it will not hurt the scalp and hair, non-blocking pores, with simple operation, it's convenient and safe, only 30 seconds there is the magical effect. By using this product you will have thick hair while can anti-hair loss, it's the best choice for people who has hair loss and sparse hair problem.     Lanyun Hair Building Fibers Black Usage: -. Shape the hair. (Please make sure your hair is dry before use.) -. Sprinkle the hair building fiber on the sparse hair area until you can not see the scalp. (Please slant and shake the bottle when you feel the  fiber is difficult to fall down.)   Lanyun Hair Building Fibers Black  Warm Tips: In order to facilitate the sales and the use of our products in a right way, special tips are as follows: -. Make sure the hair is not sweaty or oily before using the product. Otherwise wipe it off.  -. This product is also suitable for women .  -. We suggest consumers to keep the hair length as long as possible,so that the product could has better adhesion. (Hair length of about 0.5 to 1cm or more is better. -. Hair building fiber is suitable for top-bald people as well as hair spares people, so it may not be suitable for the completely bald people. -. It can be wipe off gently with tissues when it falls on the ears or neck. -. While use. please follow the hair lines and start it from the back to the front. Block the forehead to avoid falling on the face. -. After use, gently tap your head and make it looks natural. -. It's fine to shape your hair with a comb after use the product, but try to keep a little distance from hair root to avoid the fiber falling, if it falls, it can be restored by reusing. -. When you feel large quantities from the bottle, please lean against the scalp and slide back and forth, meanwhile shake the bottle appropriately. Otherwise, sprinkle the fiber from a little far away. Please shake the

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Put on Hair Hair Addition by Jon Renau

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The Put On Hairpiece by Jon Renau is a curled hair addition that has a traditional cap construction. It has a comb application method and is perfect for adding volume and length to your style. It is also available in a wide variety of colors to help you find a perfect match.

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Overnight Hair Rescue -61%

Alterna Overnight Hair Rescue - Hair Repair While You SleepRepair, restore, and revitalize dry, damaged or color treated hair while you sleep. This non-greasy treatment from Alterna absorbs instantly and won't leave pillows or sheets with any

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Soft Surroundings
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You Hair Dryer

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Find hair styling appliances at Target.com! The conair 2-in-1 styler dries and protects your hair with advanced ceramic technology which helps fight frizz and guard against heat damage. there are 3 heat settings and 2 speeds so you can customize to

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24 Colours Non-Toxic Temporary Hair Colour Chalk Dye - So ...

Chalk One Up for Style This Latest Craze Has Us Bursting with Colour These Non-toxic Temporary Hair Chalks Last 1-2 Days Maximum Each Chalk Stick Measures Approx. 65mm Multi Use Mix Colour Pack of Chalk Pastels That Can Be Used As Artist Chalks or for Temporary Hair Colouring the Latest Trend So Do You Have a Big Party Coming Or Do You Just Want to Change Your Look They Are Great Value and These Artist Chalks Are the Perfect Way to Start Getting Creative with Your Hair Step 1: Use Rubber Gloves and Wear an Old Shirt During the Dyeing Process and Choose the Colour Your Want to Use Step 2: This Technique Works on Any Length or Depth of Base Hair Colour. Spray the Hair Down with Water First As This Will Allow the Colour to Show Through with Greater Intensity. Use Your Imagination...deeper Colours on the Mid Lengths Fading to Lighter Ends Creates a VERY Cool Result. Step 3: Once the Hair is Completely Dry Seal the Colour in with a Curling Iron Straighteners or Hold Hair Momentarily in the Difuser Cup of Your Hairdryer.

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Electro-Static Broom

Sweep Once & Only Once! Incredible Electro-Static Broom creates static on its foam surface as you sweep. Forces dust, dirt & pet hair to cling to it like magic. Protects the health of you, your family and your beloved pets, too. Perfect for use on any type of floor or carpeting. 12 " wide sweeping head with extendable handle to 51" long. Picks Up Dust, Debris & Pet Hair Like A Magnet Works On Carpets & Hard Surfaces Perfect For Sweeping Up Pet Hair

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Dream Products
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Andis Bonnet Hair Dryer

Bonnet Hair Dryer - Number of Heat Settings: 2 - Number of Air Flow Settings: 2 - Drying Technology: Ionic

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Conair Minipro Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener - Plate Material: Ceramic

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Travelon Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer - Form Factor: Handheld - Input Voltage: 110 V AC - Power Source: AC Supply - Power Consumption: 1600 W - Number of Heat Settings: 2 - Number of Air Flow Settings: 2 - Drying Technology: Ionic

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Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer White

Bonnet Hair Dryer - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Color: White - Power Consumption: 400 W - Number of Heat Settings: 4

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Keratin Hair Fibers Thickens Thin Hair White 25 gram

XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers Thickens Balding or Thin Hair 25g At last there is a safe and natural way to conceal the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. Its not a spray, cream, or coverup. XFusion hair fibers are a new complex of organic protein fibers that undetectably blend with your own hair. Keratin Hair Fibers XFusion hair fibers are available in nine shades to blend with any hair color black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, light blonde, medium blonde, white, grey and auburn.

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