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The LP To MP3 Turntable.

This is the turntable with a pair of integrated speakers that converts a classic vinyl record's songs into MP3s. The turntable plugs into a computer using the included USB cable, and its included software works on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, or a Mac, automatically separating 33 1/3-, 45-, and 78-rpm record tracks into individual MP3s. At any time during recording you can pause to select only certain songs, turn the album over, and change albums to make compilation recordings. The turntable’s platter uses a proprietary suspension system to eliminate feedback while listening to records through the two built-in 1-watt full-range speakers. Enabling MP3 conversion from a variety of external media types, its 1/8" auxiliary input can connect to a cassette player or even a classic 8-track player. Its RCA outputs can connect to a home stereo system and its headphones output enables private listening during conversions. Its faux wood construction has a natural finish; includes a transparent dust cover and felt slip mat. Needle plays LPs for at least 100 hours before requiring replacement. Plugs into AC. 4 1/2" H x 16 1/2" W x 14 1/2" D. (10 1/4 lbs.)

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Hammacher Schlemmer
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The Four Element Synth (4 Element Synth Book/4x DVD)

Instructional Videos & DVDs - Written by synthesis master Rob Papen, The 4 Element Synth is your ticket to a deeper kind of exploration of subtractive synthesis. Globally renowned as an expert sound designer and synthesis pioneer, Rob Papen has developed many of the most popular virtual instrument synthesizers available here at Sweetwater. The 4 Element Synth takes you on a 200+ page journey into the secrets of synthesis, complete with over 10 hours of video content that will revolutionize the way you approach subtractive sound design. Whether you're a novice or a pro, we're sure you're going to love Rob Papen's The 4 Element Synth.Rob Papen The 4 Element Synth Instructional Book and DVD Set Features:Everything you've always wanted to know about subtractive synthesisWritten by one of the all-time greatest synthesis and subtractive sound-design gurus, Rob Papen200+ pages of detailed instruction outlining countless essential subtractive synthesis conceptsSupplemented with over 10 hours of video content on 4 DVDsPerfect for beginners and seasoned synthesis pros alikeNOTE: This is a PAL-formatted DVD, designed to be played in your computer.Discover subtractive synthesis like never before with Rob Papen's The 4 Element Synth!

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Rounder Select Baby Beluga

Want the ultimate Chess Challenge? Try the Saitek Mephisto Chess Challenger. Designed for expert chess players, this powerful computer is designed to challenge your play, sharpen your tactics, and advance you to new playing levels.Features include: -64 Playing Levels: Normal, Infinite, Tournament, Blitz, Fun, Mate Search, Training and Adaptive -Info Mode - to see inside the computers; Coach Mode - capture alert and tactical alert warnings; Study Mode - learn

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Essential Elements 2000 Tenor Saxophone Book 1 with CD-ROM

Books have the same great content as before and CDs include same number of audio exercises as before, but now are multiformat discs that include computer software for practice and assessment assistance. The DVD portion of the disc includes a 15-min. start-up video specific to each instrument as well as all of the book's audio exercises, and is also a DVD-ROM that includes tempo adjustment software, SmartMusic Software, Finale NotePad Software, Duets and Trios feature, and a Music Listening Library. Essential Elements 2000 Plus DVD was written by the outstanding educational team of Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, John Higgins, Dr. Charles Menghini, Paul Lavender, Tom Rhodes and Don Bierschenk. It combines the very best aspects of the already successful Essential Elements band method with incredible new features that will motivate every band student like never before. Multiformat disc in every student book Every student receives an instrument-specific play-along disc in their book. These discs include same number of audio exercises as before, but now also include computer software for practice and assessment assistance. The DVD portion includes a 15-min. start-up video specific to each instrument as well as all of the book's audio exercises. It is also a DVD-ROM that works in compatible computers and includes: Tempo adjustment software, SmartMusic Software, Duets and Trios, and a Music Listening Library. Enhanced starting system Book 1 uses unmeasured long tones to establish good tone production from the very beginning and uses quarter notes to teach pulse and rhythm. By exercise 14 your students will be playing well-known melodies and enjoying the excitement of playing in the band. Book 2 starts with a 14-exercise review of Book 1 - an ideal refresher before new elements are introduced. Optimum reinforced learning In both books, new material is carefully paced, sequential, and immediately reinforced. New notes are approached in the easiest ways, then gradually played with wid

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