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GLR225 Laser Rangfinder

This laser distance measurer combines a user friendly design with ideal accuracy over a wide range utilizing four measurement systems: inches, feet/inches, decimal feet and metricCan calculate distance, area or volume quickly and with

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Essential Hardware
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GLR225 Laser Rangfinder

This laser distance measurer combines a user friendly design with ideal accuracy over a wide range utilizing four measurement systems: inches, feet/inches, decimal feet and metricCan calculate distance, area or volume quickly and with

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Essential Hardware
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10 Sliding Miter with Laser Power Saw

Liquidation Sale until 3/31!

Norge 10 Sliding Miter with Laser Power Saw Flooring . 10 Sliding Miter w/ Laser Power Saw Quick Highlights: - Sliding Miter Saw has much greater cutting capacities than the normal miter saw. - Comes with 2 work extension support bars- 1 dust bag- 1

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Lumber Liquidators
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GLL215 GLL 215 Self Leveling Cross line laser G6114674

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Cross Line Laser Level, Horizontal and Vertical, Self-Leveling, Range w/o Detector 50 ft., 2 Modes, Plumb Down No, Plumb Up No, Power Source (3) AA Alkaline Batteries, Accuracy Up to +/- 1/8 In. @ 30 ft., Auto Leveling Range 4 Degrees , Grade/Slope No, Preset Angle 90 Degrees Between Each Point,...

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LASER Surveillance Defeater

The Laser Surveillance Defeater is a unique new countermeasure device against laser surveillance. How does laser surveillance work? It's quite sophisticated, but in a nutshell, an invisible laser beam is focused on a window. Voices and sound from within the target area are absorbed by the window and transmitted onto the laser beam (called "modulation"). The receiver (at the other end of the beam) then demodulates, processes, and amplifies the signal. The result-- your private conversations inside your office or home can be secretly listened in on and recorded by a spy a mile away! Since these systems are expensive and sales are restricted in the U.S., they are used primarily by government agencies. The new Laser Surveillance Defeater was developed to meet the security requirements of certain U.S. federal agencies (those who best know the capabilities of a technology are usually the first to realize the importance of protecting themselves from it). This unique countermeasure device was designed to be effective, inexpensive, compact, and portable. It interrupts, masks, and jams the laser demodulation by transmitting human voice frequencies to a window to "drown out" typical conversation. Most laser receivers have a "notch filter" to isolate and enhance human voices; this device was engineered to defeat such filters by centering its frequency output at the middle of the human voice range so that if the notch filter is used, it will also filter out a major portion of the human voice range, making the results useless. The Laser Surveillance Defeater is ideal for government offices, corporate facilities, high-rise buildings, even homes-- any location that has a window which can be seen from a spy's location is at potential risk of laser surveillance. This device is completely portable; it installs and un-installs on windows instantly with its integral suction component. Powered by one 9-volt alkaline battery (included), which provides approximately 500 hours of operation. Equipped with on/off switch and bright blue LED power indicator. Deploy one unit per window.

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L97 Mini Magnetic Laser Level

This Greenlee Professional grade level has three rare earth magnets which provide superior holding strength. The Mini-torpedo design offers you better bending, the laser woks on all planes. Update your tool kit with this Mini Magnetic Laser Level.

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Westside Wholesale
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Prexiso X2 - Laser Distance Meter

Prexiso X2 - Laser Distance Meter The Prexiso X2 gives you laser accuracy (not ultrasonic) for quick, precise measurements for distances, areas and volumes. Great for measuring in crowded rooms or measuring inaccessible areas. It is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand. It can be used for building, wallpapering and painting, laying tile and carpeting, and more. Dedicated Functions: Pythagoras functionscalculate distant height or width, measure two sides of triangle and it calculates thirdMeasure from 4" to 100' (0.1 m to 30.5m)Continuous measuring modeMeasure and calculate areas and volumesMeasure walls, ceiling of a room to estimate paint requiredIncludes: Handy Pocket Reference Guides 9.25 L. 6.50 W. 2.00 H.

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Global Industrial
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RA1171 Benchtop Router Table

Benchtop Router Table - RA1171. (3) Mounting Plate Insert Rings. Hardware for Mounting Most Bosch Routers. (2) Adjustable Featherboards. Adjustable Clear Guard. Starter Pin and Guard. (2) 1/16 in. Thick Outfeed Fence Shims

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Reconditioned Tools
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Monarch PLT200 Pocket Laser Tachometer

The Monarch Instrument PLT200 is a digital, battery-powered portable optical tachometer, which operates up to 25 feet from a reflective target using a laser light source. The tachometer has an ergonomic design for safe, direct line-of-sight viewing of both the target and the display at the same time, while providing a non-slip rubber surface for single hand operation. The PLT200 features a 32 function Tachometer/Ratemeter, Totalizer/Counter and Timer (stopwatch) programmable in both English and Metric linear rates, built-in support for both optional Remote Contact Assembly (RCA) and our Remote Sensors an a TTL compatible pulse output to trigger external devices. Each unit purchased includes a NIST Calibration Certificate, Reflective Tape and (2) AA Batteries.

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Toughprint Waterproof Paper Laser A4 (25 Sheets)

Toughprint Waterproof Paper Print your maps on waterproof paper Toughprint paper is completely waterproof and tear resistant and is ideal for printing maps that you can just fold up and put in your pocket Available for Inkjet or Laser printers or copiers. ToughprintTM Laser paper is suitable for Colour and Black & White Laser printers/copiers. The paper is ideal for printing maps for outdoor use as it is waterproof, resists crumples and tears and any moisture or dirt can be wiped clean. The micro porous surface delivers vibrant colours and crisp clear high definition photographic prints. Suitable for printing double sided. Format: 297mm x 210mm / A4 Pack size: 25 sheets Approx Weight: 175gsm

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3320-01 10 in. Drill Press with Laser

10 in. Drill Press with Laser - 3320-01. Cast Iron Base/Work Table. (2) AA Batteries. Chuck Key

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Skil Shop
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2 Way Digital Tachometer Contact/Photo Laser Non Contact Tach

2 WAYS: Contact and Non-contact tachometer quick measurements high RPM measurement of a modern laser tachometer DT2236C This Digital Laser Tachometer DT-2236C provides measuring range of 2.5 to 99,999 RPM (laser), 0.5 to 19,999 RPM (contact), surface speed of 0.05 to 1,999.9 m/min and 0.2 to 6,560 ft/min, auto ranging and detecting distance of 50 up to 500mm or 2 to 20" inch. It has the widest measuring range on the market, The DT-2236C has an advanced one chip microcomputer LSI-circuit and crystal time base meachanism and its accuracy of (0.05% +1 digit). Features: * Multifunction, one instrument combines LASER PHOTO & SURFACE CONTACT measurements * Wide Measuring Range of 0.5 to 19,999 RPM * Reads in RPM (2.5 to 99,999), m/min (0.05 to 1,999.9), and ft/min (0.2 to 6,560) * Measure RPM in even hard to reach (inaccessible) area via Laser Technology * With Auto Ranging and automatic low power indication * Computer-based design gives high accuracy & fast measuring time * High visible, 5 digit LCD display with clear and insignificant zero suppression * Last value, max value and min value are automatically stored in memory and can be recalled anytime * light weight ABS-Plastic housing assures long years operations and maintenance free performance Package Contents: * 1x Lazer/Contact Type Digital Tachometer * 1x Slide-In Contact Adapter * 1x Surface speed wheel * 1x Funnel tip * 1x Cone tip

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VXB Bearings
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Premium Oxygen Sensor - 15120

Bosch ceramic technology affords best-in-class performance. The ceramic element is a critical part of any oxygen sensor. Most Oxygen Sensors products are available for in-store pickup from Advance Auto Parts.

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Advance Auto Parts
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10" Bench Drill Press with Laser 1/2 in. -13%

10" Bench Drill Press with Laser Merges Ultimate Precision and Reliable PerformanceDrilling clean, perfect holes into the toughest material is all in a day's work for the Craftsman 10" bench drill press with laser. With a 1/2 HP motor and a speed

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Coleman® Laser Level

Leave it to Coleman® to develop an industrial grade laser level that will save you time and labor. Projects a bright red dot or line that is more accurate than a tape measure. 17" long laser level has large vertical and horizontal indicator bubbles, handy lens refractor that shows line or dot image and a ruler. It has a durable aluminum housing and takes 2 AAA batteries available everywhere. Perfect for contractors, interior designers or the do-it-yourselfers!

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Dream Products
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ATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001 Eastwood 30085

Infrared Thermometer lets you determine a wide range of temperatures from a safe distance away...121 distance to target ratio. Complete your tool chest with this versatile High Temperature Infrared Thermometer from ATD Tools. With its ergonomic grip and easy to read backlit LCD displayATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001 Measurement Range - (-60C to 550C) -76F to 1022F Operating Range - (0C to 50C) 32F to 122F Accuracy - +/- (1.5C) - 2.7F Response Time (90) - 1 Second Distance to Spot - 121 Battery Life - Typical 18 Hours-Minimum 14 Hours Continuous Use Dimensions - 4.43 X 5.82 X 1.63 Tool Net Weight - 5.1 oz. Including (2X) AAA Batteries Note Under the electromagnetic field of 3V/m from 200 to 600MHz, the maximum error is 10C (18F.) EMC/RFI Readings may be affected if the unit is operated within radio frequency electromagnetic field strength of approximately 3 volts per meter, but the performance of the instrument will not be permanently affected. Catalog Search

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Tools Laser Level

Trademark Tools Premium Construction Laser Level - 16 inch This 16 inch laser level is great for nearly any leveling job. The large horizontal and vertical level indicators make it easy to level. The laser projects a line that allows the user to immediately tell if what they're aiming at is level. Also features a universal mounting hole for use with all standard 35mm tripods. Features include: Laser for accurate leveling Large Horizontal and Vertical Level indicators Durable and lightweight aluminum construction Universal mounting hole fits all standard 35mm tripods and provides secure mounting Requires two AAA batteries (not included) Dimensions: .75" x 16.75" x 2.875"

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Hot Shot Laser Mouse, Model 9250

The Johnson Level Hot Shot Laser Mouse adheres to any surface for handsfree use and can project a laser line up to 30 feet. Features built-in horizontal and vertical leveling vials. Battery Included Yes, Beam Type Line, Case Included Yes, Class

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Northern Tool
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Telescoping Pole for Laser Tools - BP350

Complete Laser Tool Positioning System/ Swiveling Threaded Mount/ Quick-Set Clamp/ Range Of 4.6 - 11.5 Ft/ Anti-Slip Surface/ Blue Finish

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Abt Electronics
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BOSCH, 2609110438, Wrench For Bosch Palm Routers

$50+ Orders Ship Free

Wrench, For Use With Bosch Palm Routers

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