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The original BugBuster No-Harm Spider and Bug Vacuum is an insect vacuum that sucks up bugs, insects, spiders, flies, stinging insects, bees and more!

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Natural Healing Tools
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Vacuum Bag Bulk Roll with Cutter Box

Seal in the freshness with Cabelas Vacuum Bag Bulk Rolls. Each box contains a 50-long, 4-mil-thick freezer bag that easily rolls out. This freezer-defying vacuum bag can be custom cut to any desired size with the integrated cutter on the box.Widths

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00PV4, Vacuum Module, Vacuum 15 psi

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Vacuum Module, Vacuum -15 psi (-103 KPa), Resolution 0.001 psi (0.01 KPa), Total Uncertainty 0.070%, High Side Compatible With 316 Stainless Steel, Low Side Compatible With Dry Air Or Non-Corrosive Gas, Fitting Material 316 Stainless Steel, For Use With 1ND75, 1GAK4, 1GAK6, 1GAK8, 1GAN1, 1GAN3,...

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Vac N' Blo Pro Iii Vacuum Replacement Hose -17%

The 6 Foot Replacement Hose for the Metro Vac N' Blo Pro III horse vacuum restores the unit to full use. This horse vacuum cuts grooming time by removing heavy dust and hair quickly and efficiently.

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Dover Saddlery
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Scarab Bug

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Find robotics at Target.com! Treat your little bug collector with a hexbug scarab. Perfect for kids who love bugs, this hexbug scarab moves around at high speeds, reacting to its environment. The mechanical, robotic bug can move forward and backward

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A714ST Satine Moen Shower Replacement Vacuum Breaker A714 -25%

Vacuum breaker, hand shower1/2" IPS connections

Faucet Direct
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2 Portable Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The PackTite 2 Portable Bed Bug Heat Treatment has replaced the original PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heat Treatment Device , offering improved heating power and reliability, due to its new external heater unit design. The PackTite 2 Portable unit is a safe, without the use of chemicals, bed bug treatment that uses heat to kill bed bugs that are found in personal items such as book, clothing, luggage, pillows, purses, shoes, suitcases, and many other items that may not be able to treat with chemicals. The PackTite 2 fully heats the items to the temperature that kills bed bugs their life cycle, including their eggs, without any damage to your items. The PackTite 2 heat treatment device is easy to assemble and use. It has a timer that shuts the unit off after the treatment time. Just place a suitcase (or other bed bug infested item) on the metal rack inside and place the thermometer in the center of the treatment load. Then close the PackTite 2 by the zipper and plug in the heater unit. Set the timer for the chosen time (varies by the number and type of items treated). Observe the temperature to insure that the item reaches 120 degrees F and holds that temperature for 1 hour. After the treatment all of the bed bugs and the eggs inside the unit are dead. Please watch the video below which demonstrates set up and use of the PackTite 2 treatment unit.

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Do My Own Pest Control
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Water Bug III 7544 Hutchins 1056270

Random Orbital Water Sander with 3/32 offset reduces wet sanding time from hours to minutes. This versatile water sander will reduce your wet sanding time from hours to minutes High-pressure hose creates a filtered, Venturi-generated flowLightweight to eliminate fatigueIncludes 6-dia. hook-and-loop pad Hutchins Water Bug III 7544 Random Orbital Water Sander with 3/32 offset reduces wet sanding time from hours to minutes. This versatile water sander will reduce your wet sanding time from hours to minutes -High-pressure hose creates a filtered, Venturi-generated flow -Lightweight to eliminate fatigue -Includes 6-dia. hook-and-loop pad Catalog Search

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Bug Out! Insect Repellent Spray Original - 4 oz.

Way Out Wax Bug Out! Insect Repellent Spray Original - 4 oz. (118ml) Way Out Wax Bug Out! Insect Repellent Spray Original is a water-based spray that combines essential oils of cedarwood, thyme, peppermint, rosemary, and wintergreen and doesn't contain any chemicals or additives whatsoever. Dee-free and incredibly effective, Way Out Wax Bug Out! Insect Repellent Spray Original utilizes Mother Nature's best defenses - 100% pure plant essences - to effectively deter insects in a way that's safe for you and the environment. Way Out Wax Bug Out! Insect Repellent Spray Original works as a strong deterrent for mosquitoes, ticks and black flies, and is non toxic and biodegradable. Original - Combines essential oils of cedarwood, thyme, peppermint, rosemary and wintergreen. A cool fresh scent. About Way Out WaxWay Out Wax was founded in 1992 with a vision to produce hand-crafted works of art utilizing socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Their products are a reflection of their beautiful natural surroundings and the lifestyles of those who make them, embracing good health and maintaining the balance of nature. They firmly believe in the "Triple Bottom Line" (People, Planet...then, Profit) and strive to create an alternative working atmosphere where creativity, flexibility and respect are given top priority. It is their goal to build lasting friendships with their customers, their community and one another, so feel free to drop them a line if you'd like to connect (or re-connect!). Since their inception, Way Out Wax has passed through a number of evolutionary stages beginning with dip-your-own psychedelic kaleidoscope candles (a favorite at festivals and in their Burlington, VT store) and their 1995 transition to pure essential oil aromatherapy candles before it was "fashionable." If you'd like to see the friendly faces hard at work in their Vermont factory...

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Personalized Vacuum Wine Stopper - Custom Promotional Pens

Pull Out All The Stops! Reusable vacuum wine stopper allows you to store wine after opening, keeping your wine fresh. Pump air from bottle by pressing the stopper. Maintains vacuum seal on leftover wine for about 30 days. BPA free. Meets FDA requirements.

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National Pen Company
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20 Vacuum Cleaner Scent Tablets. Air Freshner Tablets for Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Bag Fresh Scent Tablets - 2 packs/20 Tablets. A must have for all Upright & Canister Vacuums which use any kind of vacuum bag. Just beak one tablet in half and drop it into a new vacuum cleaner bag. Economical way to freshening up musty smelling rooms and help reduce pet & smoke odors everytime you vacuum! Helps eliminate foul vacuum cleaner smell too! Recommended Use: 1 Tablet per new bag on every vacuum bag change. Non-Toxic!

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Dyson Vacuum Grooming Brush - Frontgate

Superior Dyson engineering. 364 total adjustable bristles. Pet hair is immediately vacuumed for less mess. Removes hair in fewer strokes. Easily attaches and detaches. If you have a pet that sheds a little or quite a bit, the Dyson Vacuum Grooming Brush is an effective way to groom your pet and keep your home clean. This hand-held vacuum cleans the hair as you brush and also cleans the hair on the floor. Hundreds of wiry bristles on the brush head get deep down in your pet's fur coat and adjust to accommodate grooming short hair and long hair fur. The bristles also retract to glide over hard surfaces. . . . . . 120V .

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EEI574WHI Insect Chair in Glossy White EEI574WHI -45%

For true flights of fancy, no house is complete without an Insect Chair. Good for dinning room or living room, this creatively styled piece is sure to draw attention and admiration.Wood Laminate Body Stackable Chrome LegsFinish: Glossy White Height: 34 Length: 20-1 2 Location: Indoor Seat...

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00502 - 50A19/BUG 12 VOLT Bug Light

Industrial Performance 50 watt - 12 volt - A19 - Medium Screw (E26) Base - Yellow - Bug | Industrial Performance Incandescent Light Bulb (50A19/BUG 12 VOLT 00502)

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Fishpond Silver Creek Vacuum Flask

For all outdoor pursuits—hot or cold. Features: Multi-layered insulated case Durable, polished stainless steel vacuum flask with screw top opening Screw top flask lid can be used as cup Signature waterproof, molded case top and bottom for added protection Fishpond Jacquard accent webbing carry handle Carry case is lined for easy cleaning

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Fishwest Fly Shop
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Whimsical Bug and Super Capes - Set of 5

Children's Factory's Set of 5 Bug and Super Capes encourages imaginative play in your early learning classroom. You will receive five capes spider, superhero, butterfly, ladybug and wizard. Each soft, machine washable capes features a hook-and-hoop closure at the neckline. Sized for ages 18 months to 3 years. Children's Factory's Bug and Super Capes are approximately 14" long. Key Features Includes 5 capes butterfly, ladybug, spider, wizard and superhero Hook-and-loop closure at the neckline For ages 18 months to 3 years Specifications: Includes: 5 capes Length: 14"

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Turbo I and II Vacuum Handle 921067A13

Turbo I and II Vacuum Handle - 921067A13

Tyler Tool
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18" 5mm Portable Vacuum Sealer

This 18" 5mm Portable Vacuum Sealer is portable and its sturdy construction makes it perfect for most applications. This quality built vacuum sealer with its 5mm wide heating element and twin retractable nozzles makes sealing and vacuuming bags at a very affordable price. Secure seal 5mm wide by 18 inches long. These Portable Vacuum Sealers have separate timers for vacuuming, sealing and cooling. This 18 inch portable vacuum sealer has a 5mm sealing width that can seal up to 8 mil thickness, and has a wattage of 1100. Electric foot pedal and work shelf included. Repair Kit: SMV455-R, K455VA

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International Plastics
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Double Nest Hammock w/ Insect Shield-Orange/Grey

The Double Nest Hammock with Insect Shield from Eagle's Nest Outfitters helps keep the bugs away. Even with exposure to the elements, it's Permethrin treatment (insect repellent) safely and effectively keeps insects off for up to 6 months.

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AILIA Large Quilt Vacuum Compressed Bag (3)

Type:Storage Bags; For:Laundry Storage; Feature:Vacuum; Material:Plastic; Color:Blue; Dimension(cm):10070cm; Net Weight(kg):0.33

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