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Bushnell Scout 1000 Arc Rangefinder - 5x24 Scout 1000 Arc Black Vertical Bullseye

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The Bushnell Scout 1000 Angle Range Compensation rangefinder features an integrated inclinometer that measures angles from -60° to + 60° to combine distance readings and angle-of-the-target calculations to deliver precise hold-overs for the specific rifle cartridge you are shooting. Multi-coated, 5x magnification optics provide a crisp sight picture, and display distances in yards or meters out to a maximum of 1,000 yards. Targeting modes include: Scan for on-the-fly scouting, BullsEye to focus the laser on a specific target, and Brush for ranging targets while you’re positioned behind tree branches or other light vegetation. Bow hunters will appreciate the Bow mode with ARC up Mfg: Bushnell Outdoor Products  Ranging Accuarcy - +- 1 Yard. Ranging Performance – 5-1000 yards. Reflective – 1000 yards. Tree – 650. Deer – 325. SCAN – Yes. RAIN – Built-in. BullsEye – Yes. Brush – Yes. Angle Range Compensation – Yes. Bow Mode – Yes. Rif

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Bushnell Scout Dx 1000 Arc Rangefinder

This exceptionally lightweight rangefinder's compact vertical design is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It offers the latest in rangefinder technology with one-button ballistic calculations of Angle Range Compensation. ARC accounts for terrain angle when calculating distance. Delivers...

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