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Relax Kids 'Chill Skills' CD Series - Relax & De-Stress ( ...

Help children with stress. Exercises to help children and teens learn how to relax with ease and empty their mind of stress. Eight longer deep physical relaxation exercises to help children learn how to calm and relax themselves and cope with stressful situations and life's problems. Relaxation strategies such as breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, positive affirmations, body scans and visual imagery have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and anxiety in children and young people. These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety, tension, exam nerves and worries. This CD also helps children boost their ability to focus and concentrate and deal with stress and manage their anger and anxieties. Regular listening to this CD can allow the child to focus attention, improve concentration skills and feel more in control. Track listing: 1 chill out, 2 just imagine, 3 be calm, 4 unwind, 5 loosen up, 6 become aware, 7 breathe and let go, 8 just breathe. Helpful for:Concentration Listening skills Anxiety disorders Pain management Hyperactivity Exam stress Calms nervous system Stress management Sleep School performance Phobias ADHD

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Books Videos and CDs Leadership and Instructor Education System

NAUI Books Videos and CDs Leadership and Instructor Education System - Scuba Gear diving equipment and dive gear with customer reviews - *Free Black NAUI Deluxe Backpack included *Student workbook for anyone using the Leadership Texbook to become a NAUI Assistant Instructor Divemaster or Instructor *Covers all academic confined water and openwater training for each level *System Includes: *NAUI Leadership and Instruction Textbook *NAUI Leadership and Instruction Workbook *Instructional DVD *Activity Roster *Divemaster Air Dive Table *Pen and pencil * FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY

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20002009 Interweave Knits Decade CD Collection

A decade of Interweave Knits magazine on one CD

Interweave Store
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Rocking Chair Relaxation CD for Mom and Baby

The music on the CD has been composed with the right combination of new sounds and repetitive melodies that will stimulate your baby's development whi...

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Sheila Romero Fiel cd
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Get Well Card with CD (20 Card Boxed Set) 

Each card contains an audio CD filled with over 1 hour of Bible Scriptures on Healing, Health and Long Life.

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Science Interactive CDs - Volume 2

Science level complexity steadily increases while students engage in nonfiction and fiction content instruction.

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Discount School Supply
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Yoga at Your Desk - CD-ROM from Isabella

Yoga at Your Desk is a CD-Rom you can load onto your computer for a 20-minute streaming video of a rejuvenating yoga routine.

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Learn To Speak German Deluxe 10 PC CD

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Find non-gaming computer software at Target.com! "learn to speak is the #1 leading brand of immersion learning. The flexible immersion systemplaces you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. No other

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Resource CD

The Dell™ Resource CD is your resource for device drivers, diagnostics and technical information in the event that they are required to resolve a problem with your computer system. You can also reference this CD to learn more about Dell's industry-recognized products and services. Links to Dell's Internet Website are provided for direct access to the latest technical information, product offerings and pricing on Dell.com. This CD has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

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Dell Small Office
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Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual Pub. 1310 (Publication plus CD)

Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual Pub. 1310 (Publication plus CD)

American Nautical
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Ancient Civilizations and Cultures CD-ROM

Thanks to the Ancient Civilizations and Cultures CD-ROM, you no longer have to spend hours looking for visual and text resources! The interactive menus, projectable and printable maps, documents, and illustrations, as well as the worksheets and quizzes make creating an engaging, interactive classroom environment a breeze. Correlated to Common Core State Standards, this essential resource is all you need to bring ancient civilizations back to life!

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Convekta: Modern Chess Openings Set (5 CDs)

Information from Convekta website: This Set includes five excellent programs for five popular openings : Sicilian Defense French Defense Kings Indian Defense Slav Defense 1…Nc6!? Each program includes : - theoretic material that focuses on typical methods of playing in various lines of this popular opening - instructive material that focuses on the typical playing methods in various lines of this popular opening (commented grandmasters' games) - tasks for you to solve - game database of masters' games for the opening The each program allows analyzing while playing against the built-in chess program Crafty as well as editing variations, searching for games in the database. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

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Chess USA - Your Move Chess & Games
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Map It Out CD-ROM

Age group and grade: Grade 1 - 12. Author: Elisabeth Wiig, Carolyn Wilson

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Essential Emerson CD

Although Emerson's poetry reveals that he regarded life as a tragedy, he also had a belief in humanity, a pride in human life which gave America a brief revival of the nobility of spirit in which it was founded. On this CD, Archibald MacLeish, a distinguished poet himself, reads many of Emerson's best-known works.

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PURPOSE: Prospecting Overworked and Underpaid is the REVISED edition of the highly popular Underpaid and Overtaxed CD. Prospecting is "Getting the invitation to pitch." The invitation is always Step Number One in the recruiting / sales process. How many people do you know that already dislike the amount of taxes they are paying? How would they respond to you if you brought them a solution: $4,000-$6,000 in tax dollars saved from their current job! This is the CD to hand out to family, friends, acquaintances, and everyone you meet. It will generate hundreds of pre- qualified prospects (invitations) to follow up on. Following up is Step Two. In this step you present your products, company, and opportunity. A qualified home-based business is the key required to get the tax benefits they heard about on the CD - and YOU can help them get started !! WHAT'S ON THE CD? Sandy Botkin -- a CPA, Tax Attorney, IRS General Counsel and foremost expert on tax deductions for the home-based business owner. Sandy enlightens all listeners, as he has done for years in his Tax Reduction Institute seminars, to the tremendous tax advantages of a home-based business. He tells you why someone must set up a home-based business and why they should never, ever quit. He doesn't just tell you why, but he proves why with what it represents in dollars -- an average savings of $400-$500 per month! A prospect is shown how he can literally use freed tax dollars to start his own enterprise! *This information is based on the U.S. tax system, however 80% or more applies to the Canadian tax system as well.

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Dios Cuida de Mi - Danny Berrios cd
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Lo Mejor de Danny Berrios cd
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