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Treasure Island - CD from Chinaberry

Introduce your children to Robert Louis Stephenson's Treasure Island with this amazing Jim Weiss CD.

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Relax Kids 'Chill Skills' CD Series - Relax & De-Stress ( ...

Help children with stress. Exercises to help children and teens learn how to relax with ease and empty their mind of stress. Eight longer deep physical relaxation exercises to help children learn how to calm and relax themselves and cope with stressful situations and life's problems. Relaxation strategies such as breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, positive affirmations, body scans and visual imagery have been shown to be extremely effective treatment components for reducing stress and anxiety in children and young people. These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety, tension, exam nerves and worries. This CD also helps children boost their ability to focus and concentrate and deal with stress and manage their anger and anxieties. Regular listening to this CD can allow the child to focus attention, improve concentration skills and feel more in control. Track listing: 1 chill out, 2 just imagine, 3 be calm, 4 unwind, 5 loosen up, 6 become aware, 7 breathe and let go, 8 just breathe. Helpful for:Concentration Listening skills Anxiety disorders Pain management Hyperactivity Exam stress Calms nervous system Stress management Sleep School performance Phobias ADHD

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20002009 Interweave Knits Decade CD Collection

A decade of Interweave Knits magazine on one CD

Interweave Store
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Science Interactive CDs - Volume 2

Science level complexity steadily increases while students engage in nonfiction and fiction content instruction.

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Discount School Supply
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Resource CD

The Dell™ Resource CD is your resource for device drivers, diagnostics and technical information in the event that they are required to resolve a problem with your computer system. You can also reference this CD to learn more about Dell's industry-recognized products and services. Links to Dell's Internet Website are provided for direct access to the latest technical information, product offerings and pricing on Dell.com. This CD has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

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Dell Small Office
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Sheila Romero Fiel cd
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Get Well Card with CD (20 Card Boxed Set) 

Each card contains an audio CD filled with over 1 hour of Bible Scriptures on Healing, Health and Long Life.

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Rocking Chair Relaxation CD for Mom and Baby

The music on the CD has been composed with the right combination of new sounds and repetitive melodies that will stimulate your baby's development whi...

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Learn To Speak German Deluxe 10 PC CD

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Find non-gaming computer software at Target.com! "learn to speak is the #1 leading brand of immersion learning. The flexible immersion systemplaces you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. No other

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Self-confidence and Peak Performance - CD - Guided Imagery from Isabella

Create an energized, calm sense of mastery, confidence, and focus with the guided imagery on this CD.

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CD-ROM - Unlocking The Mysteries of Creation

View the entire contents of the book. Also includes a dynamic feature length multi-media seminar with audio narration about the age of the earth, and an introductory visit to the world's first virtual Providence Discovery Museum .

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Tropical Traditions
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Smart Fitness Smart Foods - CD

The Smart Fitness Smart Foods CD offers brain-based fitness and healthy nutrition tips for kids. This exciting, multi-purpose CD addresses both the need to provide easily accessible opportunities for necessary exercise, and important nutritional facts to encourage children to understand how to eat properly.

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School Outfitters
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Ancient Civilizations and Cultures CD-ROM

Thanks to the Ancient Civilizations and Cultures CD-ROM, you no longer have to spend hours looking for visual and text resources! The interactive menus, projectable and printable maps, documents, and illustrations, as well as the worksheets and quizzes make creating an engaging, interactive classroom environment a breeze. Correlated to Common Core State Standards, this essential resource is all you need to bring ancient civilizations back to life!

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Tales From Old Ireland - Paperback Book and CD from Chinaberry

The Irish have always been known for their love of a good tale and this book and CD set is full of them.

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1968 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations (CD-ROM)

The 1968 Mustang Part & Body Illustrations manual is a comprehensive collection of detailed part and body illustrations that are extremely useful for any restoration project.

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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer - CD from Chinaberry

Spend some time with Tom Sawyer and his friends as storyteller Jim Weiss works his magic with his retelling of Twain's classic tale. (See detailed description to listen to sample.)

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A Precious Time: My Aikido Book with CD Translation by Miyako Fujitani

Miyako Fujitani describes her life as it was influenced by aikido, including stories of her marriage to Steven Seagal, the childhood of her two children, Kentaro Seagal and Ayako Fujitani (now both actors and models), and how her own techniques and style of aikido developed from her various life experiences. The book also includes some poetry written by Fujitani sensei, and explanations/hints for several aikido techniques. Chapters: --A Precious Time-- Prologue Mother & Father Butokukan Steven Seagal Tenshin An Accident Seagal to America Seperation Divorce The Children Departure Gamera Kentaro's Screen Debut In Times of Difficulty --My Aikido-- Concepts Practice --Poems-- Illusion Mama When You Were Young Now He Has Grown **The text is in Japanese, however a PDF DVD-R is included with complete English translation.

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Relax Kids 'Chill Skills' Series - Set of 3 CDs (Ages 7-13)

The Full Set of 'Chill Skills' CDs from Relax Kids. All three Chill Skills CDs - buy together and save Buy three together and save.Nature Believe and Achieve Relax and De-stress

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