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Comb Cleaning Brush

Comb cleaning brush promotes sanitary grooming by cleaning brushes and combs. Our comb cleaner also prevents dull and dirty hair. Special wires on the wooden handle of this comb cleaner remove hairs stuck in comb, extending its life; 5 1/2"L. From Fuller Brush, a trusted name for 100 years.

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Walter Drake
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The Flea Killing Pet Comb.

This is the cordless device that emits a low voltage when combed through a pet’s coat, killing fleas on contact. Safe for use on cats and dogs of all ages and sizes, the patented comb’s closely-spaced metal tines produce a small electric shock that is enough to zap a flea but otherwise harmless to pets and owners. Without the chemicals, mess, and expense of sprays or shampoos, the comb simply eliminates fleas in just minutes of daily grooming. Fleas are trapped on the comb for easy disposal when cleaned with the included cleaning brush. Requires two AA batteries. 5 1/2" L x 2 3/4" W x 3/4 D. (4 oz.)

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Hammacher Schlemmer
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Ep-400-04 Electric Lice Zapper Comb

Epilady Ep-400-04 Electric Lice Zapper Comb. The Epilady Lice Zapper is an electric comb that zaps lice dead as you comb through the hair. Safe for people of all ages. The Epilady Lice Zapper is their newest generation of electronic pest removal combs. It provides a safe, effective and chemical free solution to a very common problem. The Lice Zapper detects and kills lice on contact, while grooming the hair. The tight comb is electrically charged and releases a discharge that kills the lice without causing harm or discomfort to the human they are attached to! It is child friendly, safe and easy to use, and very effective. Includes cleaning brush and instruction manual. Battery operated (1 AAA, not included).

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Brosse Demelante ET Lissante Brush

Ideal for gently detangling medium to long hair. Leaves hair smooth, shiny and healthy. Always begin slowly brushing from the ends upward to prevent knots or breakage. Keep brush clean by removing hair with a comb and rinsing with warm water and soap.

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Fuller Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

Clean Floors and Carpets the Way Hotels Do. Professional-quality electrostatic sweeper is perfect for small jobs like picking up crumbs, dust, and dirt. Use it for quick and easy touch-ups before company comes. Lightweight, rolls smoothly over both carpets and hard surface flooring. Natural bristle rotor brush. Includes cleaning comb. Sturdy plastic housing. Easy assembly. 45" high.

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Whatever Works
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 Roomba Brush Cleaning Tool

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iRobot, Clean brushes ensure optimal cleaning performance Handy cleaning tool with plastic teeth and a cutting blade helps you quickly and easily remove hair and debris from iRobot Roomba brushes The tools blade allows you to cut away hair from the bristles and the comb helps you pull the hair away once its cut free Compatible with Roomba 500 600 and 700 Series

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Royal Brush Scrubber Heart Shaped

Royal Brush Scrubber and Grooming pad gives you the perfect solution for cleaning stubborn paint out of brushes. It is ideal for stiff bristles, stencil brushes, large basecoat brushes, comb brushes and more. Heart Shaped- Approximately 3 1/4"x 2 7/8".

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 Roomba Brush Cleaning Tool

iRobot, Clean brushes ensure optimal cleaning performance Handy cleaning tool with plastic teeth and a cutting blade helps you quickly and easily remove hair and debris from iRobot Roomba brushes The tools blade allows you to cut away hair from the bristles and the comb helps you pull the hair away once its cut free Compatible with Roomba 500 600 and 700 Series

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iRobot Corporation
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Fresh N Clean Pro-Groom Canine Coat Conditioner: Pro-Groom Canine Coat Conditioner 12.5 oz

Fresh 'n Clean Fresh N Clean Pro-Groom Canine Coat Conditioner: Pro-Groom Canine Coat Conditioner 12.5 oz #21578 Lambert Kay Fresh n Clean Pro-Groom Canine Coat Conditioner is a handy aerosol coat conditioner that contains protein and lanolin for double-action coat and skin conditioning. Protein is absorbed onto the hair to give it body and repair damaged hair. Contains protein & lanolin for skin & coat conditioning Repairs damaged hair & restores body Restores luster to dry, dull coats & highlights all coat colors Lanolin replaces the natural oils. Pleasantly scented Pro-Groom adds luster to dry, dull coats and highlights all coat colors. Helps to eliminate mats and tangles, allowing combs and brushes to pass through the hair easily. Especially recommended for animals in dry climates.Directions: Hold can upright approximately 12 inches from dog. Spray from head toward tail in an even, sweeping motion. Spray mats and tangled areas until moist. Wait about 15 minutes, then brush or comb spray into the coat. Use as often as needed. - Dog Grooming Conditioners fresh 'n clean, freshnclean, fresh and clean, fresh-n-clean, fresh N Clean, Fresh n' clean, fresh clean, freshen clean, fresh in clean

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24 Professional Wooden Sable Makeup Brush Set with ...

Brand New24 PCS PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP BRUSH SET. A Professional Quality Brush Set Which Includes All the Basics You Need for Daily Applications. This Set of Brushes Includes: Blush Brush Large Angled Contour Brush Large Powder Brush Lash Brush Brow Comb Brush Large Shader Brush Large Shader Shader Brush Small Shader Mini Shader Brush Replaceable Sponge Tip Applicator Square Shader Eyeliner Eye Shading Brush Duster Brush Concealer Brush Lip Brush Lipliner Brush Flat Definer Small Angle Brush Etc. They Are Made with Animal Bristle and Elegant Wooden Handles All in Wrappers. All the Brushes Are Easy to Use and Clean. Keep the Brushes in a Dry Place and Cleaning After Applications Can Maintain the Softness Animal Bristle Brushes Always Keep in Good Condition and Long Lasting Use. Best for Professional Use or Daily Application This Would Make an Ideal Gift. The Set Comes in a Stylish Checker Fashionable Black Case.

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Comb Cleaning Brush

Comb cleaning brush is one of Fuller's expert tools. Cleans combs, keeping you looking your best! Polypro comb cleaner has twisted-in wire bristles to clean comb-teeth quickly. 5 1/2" long.

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Miles Kimball
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Effervescent Brush Cleaner

The Effervescent Brush Cleaner is the perfect solution for all your grimy brushes! Effervescent Brush Cleaner strips brushes of dirt, debris, bacteria, and fungi. Trapped hairs loosen and easliy comb out. Simply place an Effervescent Brush Cleaner in a gallon bucket with water, wait 8 minutes, then air dry. Effervescent Brush Cleaner leaves brushes sparkling clean with a fresh citrus scent. A must have for any horse and barn owner- keep you horse clean and your brushes sanitary. 2 packets.

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Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray 8oz

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Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray builds volume as you create random, undone texture. A volume-building styling and texturizing spray that's ideal for creating that "just left the beach" look. Lightweight polymers infused with magnesium-rich Dead sea salts add thickness, volume, and hold to create randomly textured styles. To Use: Spray generously onto clean towel-dried hair. Comb through evenly and style with fingers or brush to create desired texture. Air dry naturally, use a diffuser, or softly blow dry.

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Good Looking Discounts
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Amp Cordless Trimmer -4%

The smallest professional-grade trimmer yet, the Amp Lithium combines the best in size and performance. Up to 3 hours running time on one AA lithium battery. Battery, cleaning brush and oil and comb included. 3.5 oz. 5"L x 1 1/8"W x 1 1/2"H.

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Smith Brothers
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Wahl Groom Pro 79520-3101 Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper - Number of Guide Combs: 11

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Chromini Clipper

Small yet precise, measuring only 5-1/2" and weighing 5 oz. Cordless operation with a quick detach blade set, allowing you to achieve professional results. Complete with charger, #30 blade, cleaning brush, oil and snap-on guide comb.

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Valley Vet Supply
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Conair Canine Fx Flexi-Groom Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer

Model PGR89CFX. Great for all trimming needs : use for face, ears, paws and stomach. Ergonomic shape and soft-touch handle for comfort and control. Use corded or cordless. The 2.4 V DC rotary motor delivers 700 rpm of trimming power. Features convenient charging stand with comb attachment compartment. Includes 2 comb attachments (5 mm and 10 mm), blade oil, blade guard and cleaning brush.

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KV Supply
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My FURst Groomer for Kittens 1 Kit

1 Kit -- My FURst Groomer for Kittens is one of the useful equipments that you should. This groomer works as a massager and enhances the hair cleaning experience. It helps in relaxing the kitten and at the same time boosts and stimulates blood circulation. This is something that would surely work to enhance a bond between you and your pet. My FURst Groomer for Kittens: Safe to use Equipped with slicker brush and comb Gentle on skin Keeps hair clean and healthy My FURst Groomer for Kittens would be better for small cats to give them a soothing massage or brush the hair for enhanced comfort.

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18Piece Custom Cut Haircut Kit

For precise, organized styling, grab the Conair 18piece Custom CutTM haircut kit. It comes loaded with everything you need to achieve a barbershop cut, right at home Conair Custom CutTM haircut kit Cut: Barber clipper; blade scissors Detail: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", left ear and right ear guide combs; 2 styling clips; barber comb Clean: Barber cape; cleaning brush and oil Protect: Blade guard; deluxe hard storage case

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Dollar General
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