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Thermastrength Style Serum (148ml)

.How to use Mizani Thermastrength Style Serum 148ml: Use after Mizani Therasmooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply a small amount of product evenly throughout your towel-dried hair. Style as desired.

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Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strenghten Serum 4 fl oz Liquid -16%

Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strengthen Serum is the way to stronger hair. It uses bamboo, monoi & garlic extract to encourage healthy, new growth. Hemp, Tamanu oil and monoi oil condition hair and help prevent breakage. For centuries, these ingredien

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Swanson Health Products
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Sx Serum

Sx Serum, StrawberryBenefits:Better Sex for Men without Drugs or Side Effects.Stimulates Sex Drive (libido).Enhances Testosterone+DHEA Levels.Triggers Stronger Erections.Increases Sexual Stimulation.Postpones Detumesence.Boosts Ejaculation Intensity.Serumized (100% Bio-Available + Sub-Lingual).Male libido(sex drive) and sexual performance decline as we age. Sx is formulated to reverse that effect-quickly and naturally-without side effects. We've loaded a synergistic array of libido stimulantors and sex performance support elements into Sx fused with the maximum available concentration of Protodioscin. Derived from exotic herbs, and serumized for optimal effectiveness, clinical studies prove that Protodioscin effectively increases DHEAD and testosterone levels-the #1 physiological drivers that improve libodo, erection, ejaculation, and orgasm most. What's more, only Sx has Coenzyme A-the powerful master enzyme that intensifies all phases of male sexual reponse.Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults take 10 ml daily.Warnings: Keep out of reach of children! Store product at room temperature. Do not expose to excessive heat or moisture. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if you are being treated for any medical condition or are taking any medication. Discontinue immediately if any side effects occur. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

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Discount Sport Nutrition
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Softness & Manageability 4-Month Re:nual Serum Program: Shampoo + Conditioner + Serum + Serum Refill + Applicator 5pcs by Joico

Free Shipping worldwide. Recommended Retail: US$181.50 - Softness & Manageability 4-Month Re:nual Serum Program: Shampoo + Conditioner + Serum + Serum Refill + Applicator-5pcs - haircare / cosmetics

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C Serum Vitamin C Ester Skin Conditioner

Serious Skincare C Serum Vitamin C Ester Skin ConditionerGot mature skin? If you're over 40 and worried about fine lines and wrinkles, give this dynamic facial serum a try. Its vitamin C-enriched formula is designed to help you recapture the fresh, smooth-looking skin of your youth. What You Get 1 oz. C Serum Vitamin C Ester Skin Conditioner What It Does Helps condition, smooth out and soften the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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Y Serum Conditioner ORIGINAL FORMULA 5 oz

Nexxus Y Serum Conditioner ORIGINAL FORMULA 5 oz Revolutionary solution to the problem of aging hair. This powerful age defying formula is so extraordinary it reverses the multiple signs of aging hair, transforming mature hair into youthful, radiant, silky soft, fuller, healthier hair.

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Body Nutritive Serum

Body Nutritive Serum - Leaves skin fresh with youthful glistening all day. Just a few sprays of this concentrated body serum leaves skin smooth, fresh and youthful-looking. Its 100% lightweight natural formula absorbs easily to immediately moisturize, soothe, and condition all skin types. Glistening moisture is provided by this custom blend of 13 skin loving ingredients including Avocado, Kukui Nut, and Peach Kernel oils that hydrate and replenish, leaving skin smoother, softer, and supple. Geranium Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Lavender and Helichrysum essential oils provide a gentle soft natural scent that helps to refresh and lift your senses.

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Just Natural
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Silk Nectar Serum

Ecru New York Silk Nectar Serum-1.3 oz.Nectar of the Hair Gods Treat your hair and scalp royally with this remarkably light anti-frizz serum, which brings your locks to the optimum condition for styling. Smooth and polish the hair's cuticle while providing protection against damage caused by thermal abuse and UV rays. Delivers moisture, strength and glossiness Increases blood flow for healthy hair growth Tames flyaways and frizz beautifully Especially Suited For: All hair types, and especially those seeking a polished, silky finishEssential Elements:Silk Proteins, Vitamin E and Safflower Oil moisturize, strengthen and nourish hair. Capsicum Frutescence, a Cayenne Pepper extract, acts as a mild exfoliant for the scalp, which increases blood flow for healthy hair growth.For Best Effect:Apply sparingly to damp hair, concentrating on the ends. Comb through or press in with hands for maximum results. Additional serum may be applied to dry hair to tame flyaways and frizz or as a first step before other styling products are applied.

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Celestial Serum (Face and Neck Serum) 1 oz

Celestial Serum (Face and Neck Serum) 1 oz. Ensuring the health of your skin may improve its appearance. This may be especially true for the outer skin around your face and neck. That's why SanRe Organic Skinfood has created Celestial Serum an organic skin care product that moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis which may improve its health and potentially its appearance. Interested in seeing some of the ingredients in Celestial Serum? Pomegranate Oil This tasty fruit may offer some great benefits for your skin. For instance due to some of the chemicals it contains pomegranate oil may act as an anti-inflammatory inflammation being one of the causes of skin looking aged. One of the more interesting benefits of pomegranate oil is its possible actions as an antioxidant. This is a term that's thrown around a lot these days despite the fact that not everyone may be aware of what it means. In essence an antioxidant is any substance the eliminates free radicals from our body. A free radical is an atom that has an unpaired electron and what this means is that it has the potential to cause damage to our cells. This damage extends to skin cells as well. Therefore by trying to eliminate the number of free radicals it may be possible to preserve the appearance of our skin. CoQ10 This substance is also considered an antioxidant and it's prevalent in our bodies while we are young As we age however our levels of CoQ10 go down possibly putting us at risk for free radical damage. Myrrh When applied to abrasions on the skin this Celestial Serum ingredient may have a healing effect. See all the oils formulated into Celestial Serum by clicking on the Ingredients tab above! SanRE Organic Skinfood takes inspiration from the world of natural remedies and herbal lotions to bring a personal touch to all their lotions moisturizers and creams. SanRe Organic Skinfood is proud to supply the opportunity for your skin to be as elegant and healthy as you would like in a completely natural way. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: Organic Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Oil Organic Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa) Oil Organic Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil CoQ10 (Vegetarian and Non-GMO) Organic Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Essential Oil Organic Rose (Rosa Damascena) Essential Oil Organic Frankincense (Boswellia Carteri) Essential Oil Organic Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha) Essential Oil Organic Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens) Essential Oil Organic Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) Essential Oil.Not tested on animals ... only on willing friends and family. Dosage: Apply a small amount and gently massage into facial and neck areas.

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Pomegranate Repair Serum 0.5oz

An exceptional combination of fruit, seed, and berry oils known for their affinity with the skin?s natural balance of oil and water (hydro-lipid layer)Deeply nourishing, costly and luxurious, this highly regenerative daily treatment restores radiance, tone and suppleness to sun-damaged, delicate, sensitive and/or dehydrated skinPomegranate and sea buckthorn oils offer significant amounts of essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols ? important elements in maintaining healthy skinPomegranate Repair Serum with sea buckthorn oil is an extraordinary combination of fruit, seed and berry oils known for their revitalizing effect on skin. This unscented (other than the natural aroma of essential fatty acids), nutrient-rich therapeutic treatment adds powerful antioxidant benefits to skin, while a high polyphenol and conjugated fatty acid content assists in the wound-healing process. This combined effect results in strong anti-inflammatory properties, offering an effective solution for rosacea or any sensitive skin condition.Daily use increases vitality, elasticity, and suppleness while providing an elegant and silky feeling. Pomegranate Repair Serum has exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties. Its visible healing effect on mature and aging skin, hyperpigmented skin, dry and cracked skin, irritated, sun-damaged and sunburned skin is truly remarkable. This Serum can also be used to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars and wounds.Pomegranate Repair Serum with Sea Buckthorn Oil:Boosts restoration and repair of the skinEvens skin toneScavenges free radicalsContributes to collagen productionHelps reverse the damage of sun exposureAssists the skin in healing both new and old scarsThe addition of sea buckthorn oil adds a nourishing, revitalizing and restorative action. Studies of sea buckthorn oil have suggested that the restorative properties present in the fruit and berry extract may be due in part to its high content of essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols, elements which are all important in the maintenance of a healthy functioning skin.Choose Pomegranate Repair Serum instead of Rosehip Serum for more targeted repair on damaged or devitalized skin that requires additional nourishment.Blemish Treatment line was created to deep cleanse, detoxify and refine pores. It helps restore normal function to blemished, oily and/or teen skin.evanhealy is an artisan-quality skin care treatment line created by aesthetician Evan Healy. Her holistic approach draws from traditional plant lore, aromatherapy, ayurveda, and homeopathy. Through her experience with holistic therapies Evan has observed the connection between plants and skin. Rather than treating areas of imbalance such as an overly oily condition, the more holistic, successful and long-term solution is to support the totality of skin functions using simple plant-based formulations and non-invasive treatment methods. This approach encourages the skin, with its

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
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Daily Moisture Conditioner 25.4 oz

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Find shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments at Target.com! Get silky-soft and healthy-looking hair using the dove daily moisture conditioner. It has the patented micro moisture serum to treat dry and rough hair. Its weightless formula nourishes

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Silk Nectar Serum - 1.3 oz

ECRU New York Silk Nectar Serum is a remarkably light anti-frizz serum that treats hair and scalp while providing optimum condition for styling. Smoothes and restore hair's cuticle while providing protection for damage caused by styling and UV rays.

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Thickening Serum 1.7 oz

A nightly, leave-in hair treatment for thickening and strengthening. This serum fattens and fortifies each strand over time for thicker, stronger, and fuller hair. For really full results, pair with Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner and Thickening Hairspray.

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No Scary Hairy - Hair & Scalp Revival Serum - 1.5 oz

Natural Hair Serum and Leave-in Conditioner

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Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum - 1.7 oz.

Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum - 1.7 oz. (50ml) Hereditary hair loss is a condition that affects up to 80 million Americans. The effects of this can be devastating to both men and women. Many treatments and procedures today promise a cure, but at what cost? Products are often laden with harmful, irritating chemicals while procedures are costly and painful. What's more, the latest science indicates that in order to properly treat hair loss, it is important to target not only the hair follicle but the scalp as well. Peter Lamas Products presents the Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum. Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum incorporates a proprietary blend of centuries-old traditional Chinese herbs. These herbs have proven effectiveness; stimulating and re-invigorating weakened hair and scalp to promote healthy hair growth while helping prevent further hair loss. In addition, Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum utilizes the latest botanical-technology incorporating Swertia Extract and Apple Stem Cells. These potent ingredients are scientifically proven to promote healthier hair growth. Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum protects the scalp from toxins and DHT build-up while providing the desired visible result of thicker, fuller hair. Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum is step 3 of the Chinese Herbs 5-Step Regenerating System. Features & Benefits: Incorporates Peter Lamas' proprietary ancient herbal blend of therapeutic Chinese Herbs. Contains Apple Stem Cells, specialized long-living plant cells that have unique growth characteristics, to invigorate hair growth. Swertia Extract increases microcirculation and stimulates weak hair follicles to enhance hair growth. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract naturally aids in baldness-prevention.

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Silk Degrees Naturceutical Shine Serum 2 oz

Pravana Silk Degrees Naturceutical Shine Serum provides deep rooted condition and supernatural, healthy looking shine.

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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Feed Your Youth Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Serum

Size: 1.0 oz (30 ml) Yarok Feed Your Youth Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Serum contains pure yarrow and avocado oils,as well as vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate dry, aging hair and restore shine and strength. Directions: Apply three full droppers to hair, work through, leave in 10 minutes, shampoo and condition. For deep hydration, apply as before, leave in 10 minutes or more with heat applied . TIA Review by Joanne: I could hardly wait try the Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum. I'm always on the lookout for great products that make my baby fine, naturally curly hair look beautiful. I'm in my early 50s and have fragile, color-treated hair. I recently moved from San Francisco, CA (fog) to Tampa, FL (humidity). My hair does not like either weather pattern! I have to be very careful with the products I use, since too much of a good thing has never worked for my hair. Using a hair dryer and flat iron, after a while, also does a lot of damage. Yarok's website has a very helpful video I watched before testing the product that explains how to properly use the Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum. I used the hair serum the evening I got it. Parting my hair with a comb, I applied three droppers, worked through my hair and left it on for 10 minutes. I shampooed and conditioned my hair as instructed. My hair felt like it had more body. After drying my hair, I also noticed that my hair had a healthy shine with less frizz, perhaps due to the pure avocado oil, apricot kernel and orange blossom, just to name a few of the serum's active ingredients. For my next treatment, I used a heat cap for more penetration, followed directions as above and had wonderful results again. My hair was smoother hair and my split ends seemed to be mending, without leaving an oily residue. I definitely recommend Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum to anyone with dry, damaged or frizzy hair. It will leave hair shiny, soft, and looking healthy. This is a miracle oil with a pleasant scent to boot. Got Questions? Contact Us

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Truth In Aging
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Vitamin E Moisture Serum 1.0 oz

Best if you want to: Smooth and refine your skin with a concentrated pre-moisturizer that also protects it from harmful environmental elements. How it works: Vitamin E, wheat germ oil and rice bran oil help moisturize, nourish and condition skin, while protecting against premature aging and environmental aggressors. Tara bush seed extract helps promote both immediate and long-term hydration. Organic Community Trade honey moisturizes and conditions the skin....

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The Body Shop
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Hemp Organic Sulphate, Paraben & DEA Free Moisturizing Conditioner 11.56oz

Soak It Up Conditioner restores your dry brittle hair to silky smoothness with Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, chamomile extracts and thermal algae. Provides the most moisture you can get in a daily conditioner. Your coarse wiry hair is calmed and hydrated, split ends are instantly repaired for a dramatically softer silkier feel and frizz-free styling.Directions: pour a small amount of product in your palm, adjusting for hair length. Emulsify and work through your hair evenly from roots to ends. Rinse with cool water to help seal the cuticle, and follow with Area 369 Serum.? All Natural Formula? Paraben & DEA Free? Cruelty Free & Vegan? Contains Certified Organic hemp seed oilPayment Policies:We accept the following forms of payment: PayPal. Please make sure that your address on eBay and Paypal is current and correct. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy of your records. Florida residents will be charged 6.00% sales tax as required by Florida law.Shipping:We offer standard s

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Leather Cre Supply
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