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PiranhaMax 165 PT Sonar Fish Finder -14%

One touch is all it takes to get easy access to the advanced features of this fish finder Fish ID+, fish and depth alarms, zoom and more. Easy-to-use interface makes all these functions simple, clear and easy to see, even in sunlight. Use as a drop-

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Fish Finder 541 Fishfinder -5%

The Humminbird Fishfinder 541 has a 5" monochrome LCD with 12 level grayscale. The resolution is 240 x 240. Dual beam plus sonar is 200/83 kHz with 1600 watts peak to peak. Find your fish at 800' depth capability. There is a quick disconnect bracket.

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Ice Fishing Combo w/ Accessories -5%

10% OFF Treadmills & Cycles

A pan fish anglers complete combo kit contains a sensitive 24 rod, ball bearing reel with line, 10 pack of ice magic grubs and waxies, spring bobber, Reg float, ice jigs, and depth finder

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Hawkeye Portable Fish Finder

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Find mobile GPS devices at Target.com! The latest in portable fish finder technology. This fish finder includes dozens of exclusive features: instant depth, fish, weed, and bottom contour/composition readings from 1.5 to 99.99 feet to the nearest

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Airflo Depth Finder Big Game Sinking Tip Fly Line

Upgraded to a one part fly line (the weld's gone!!) our big game version of the Depthfinder is built on a 50lb test Power core for maximum strength. The high density tungsten coated head gets your f1ies deep, while the low stretch allows you to set oversize hooks with ease, even at extreme range. It's extra long 150' length allows you to exert full pressure earlier in the fight - helping tip balance in your favor  for a change. Big fish require 'BIG' fly lines, our Big Game version of the Depthfinder combines a 50lb test braided Power Core with the highest density heads on the marker. It's extra long 150' length allows you to exert full pressure earlier on in the fight - helping tip the balance in your favor. Features: Taper: Aggressive front taper, 30' head Core:   50 lb Test Power Core Coating: PolyFuse XT Dual layer system  

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Fishwest Fly Shop
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Kevin Van Dam: Big Bass Challenge PRE-OWNED - Nintendo Wii

SynopsisThe air is cool early in the morning, and the water is so smooth and calm you'd swear it was glass. As you set out in your boat, the wind bites at your face. Your GPS and depth finder have pinpointed the ideal spot to cast this morning. You kill the motor as you approach your location and drop the anchor into the water. Opening your tackle box, you find the perfect lure for this fish the Spotted Bass is your target this morning. Casting your rod cuts the silence of the still morning air as your line and lure break the surface of the water. As you begin to reel your line back in, you feel a tug at the line. Your heart skips a beat. Slowly you start to pull back a harder tug responds. You feverishly start to reel in your catch, pulling and cranking as your target fights you with all its might. The water starts to churn, foam erupting as the Spotted Bass reaches the surface. You reach down and pull the fish into the boat. What lies in front of you is certainly a Big Bass. Kevin Van Dam: Big Bass Challenge lets players get hooked on the entertaining and exciting world of competitive bass fishing. Receive advice from Kevin Van Dam as you master your angling skills and compete in tournaments. Choose your lure wisely as you cast and try to reel in a variety of fish, including Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass. Do you have what it takes to reel in the big one?

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Mark-5X Pro FishFinder Mono 83/200 Khz T/M 175-001

Lowrance Mark 5X Pro Finder 175-001. Powerful yet simplified performance, only Mark fishfinders offer legendary. Lowrance features with a newly-optimized automatic mode for high-performance finding with turn-on-and-fish ease. Along with easy-to-use menus, there's also an Advanced User Mode for fine-tuning to water conditions. The Mark-5x. Pro includes a high-resolution 5 in./12.7 cm, 480x480 pixel Film SuperTwist. LCD that maximizes visibility and target detail and separation even in direct sunlight. Adjustable, bright-white LED screen and keypad backlight for day or night viewing. In addition to wider, dual-frequency 83/200 kHz sonar coverage, this powerful 300W RMS sounder provides fishfinding to 1,000 ft./305 m depths. Features: Optimized automatic mode for high-performance finding with turn-on-and-fish ease 300W RMS, 2,400W Peak-To-Peak; depth to 1,000/305 m Dual-frequency 83/200 kHz Skimmer transom-mount transducer with internal temp sensor and up to 120

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FL-18 Ice Ultra Pack Locator W/12 Degree Ice Ducer -5%

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The FL-18 boasts features and performance previously not available on a three-color flasher depth finder / fish finder. The FL-18 offers a patented split screen flasher display. This allows you to zoom-in on the bottom six feet while watching the

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Lowrance Elite-7 Hdi Gold 50/200/455/800

Marine GPS Navigator - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Width: 9.3" - Height: 6" - Depth: 3" - Form Factor: Mountable - Screen Size: 7" - Built-in Devices: Fish Finder

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FCV587 8.4" Color Fishfinder 50/200kHz

FCV587 Color LCD FishfinderThe FCV587 is a dual frequency (50 kHz and 200 kHz) Color LCD Sounder featuring Furuno's DSP technology. The FCV587 displays underwater conditions in 8, 16 or 64 colors on a super-bright 8.4" LCD screen.Post-Processing Gain Control:With conventional gain controls, changes are made for new echoes only when a change in the gain setting is applied. With the FCV587's Post-Processing Gain Control, changes in the gain setting are applied to new echoes as well as all of the echoes already on the screen. Because the changes are applied to both new and existing returns, you will be able to quickly and easily find the right gain setting for your conditions.Bottom Discrimination Mode:The FCV587's Bottom Discrimination feature indicates if the bottom is composed primarily of rocks, sand, gravel or mud, providing valuable information to help you locate rich fishing grounds and boost your catch of the day.Accu-Fish:Accu-Fish allows the FCV587 to display the actual fish size on the individual fish echo on-screen. When used concurrently with Fish Marks, Accu-Fish is a great help in identifying fish targets on the display. Alternatively, Accu-Fish can display the actual depth of the fish target instead of fish size.Furuno Digital Filter:You've probably heard about digital fish finders, but aren't quite sure what the difference is. The main difference is the filtering capabilities and auto adjustments. FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) technology helps adjust gain, STC "Clutter" and output power, as well as suppress main bang (the echoes just below the transducer.) It also makes the picture clearer and easier to decipher. But even the best digital filter won't help unless you start with a solid basis, such as Furuno's renowned fish finder technology.The FCV587's waterproof construction allows it to be installed on any bridge. Audio and visual alarms alert you whenever preset limits are met for water depth, water temperature and fish echoes. Selectable display modes include High or Low Frequency, Dual Frequency, Zoom, Nav Data, A-Scope, Marker Zoom, Bottom Zoom or Bottom-Lock. Furuno's TLL (Target Lat/Lon) output allows you to interface the FCV587 with your Furuno chart plotter so you can mark any spot you desire and save it as a waypoint, enabling you to return to it whenever you desire.FeaturesDual-Frequency 50/200 kHzDSP Filter makes the picture clearer and easier to discriminate between baitfish and larger target species8/16/64 Color Echo PresentationsHands free adjustments of gain, STC & output power through digital filteringRange Scales to 3,600 feetHigh output power of 600W or 1kW via transducer selectionBottom Discrimination displays bottom composition - rock, gravel, sand or mud (requires through-hull or transom mount transducer)*Accu-Fish displays either probable fish size, or actual fish depth on-screenAudio and visual alarms for water depth, fish echoes and water temperature (requires appropriate sensor)Wide variety of transducer op

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LS6100 Echosounder

Furuno's LS6100 fish finder is compact, waterproof and best of all powerful. It packs 300 Watts (2,400 p-p) of output power for unparalleled fish finding performance.The LS6100 offers dual frequency capabilities - both 50 and 200kHz - for a two-way view of the world below your boat. This unit is compact enough to fit practically anywhere. Yet it features a 6" silver bright LCD display that offers a remarkably detailed picture of fish and bottom structure.In addition to it's fish finding capability, the LS6100 has the unique ability to be a handy navigational organizer when connected to appropriate sensors. It can display a variety of information including: water temperature, wind direction/speed, Lat/Lon, XTE and distance run in a graphical or text format. With the BBGPS or BBWGPS receiver connected, the "Mini-Navigator" feature is capable of storing up to 12 waypoints with programmable names. Any waypoint can be selected as a destination.Standard FeaturesWaterproof, 6 Inch, Silver Brite Monochrome LCD Display Targets presented in up to 4 gray tones Picture resolution of 240(H) x 320(V) pixels 300 Watt RMS (2400 P-P) output power Seven depth scales, from 0-10 to 0-640 feet Depth offset to 1,500 feet, maximum depth scale of 3,000 feet Automatic or Manual Depth Range and Gain Adjustment A-Scope for rapid fish detection and species identification White Line Mode for enhanced bottom fish detection Audible and Visual, Temp, Speed, Fish or Bottom Alarm TLL output sends position, temp and depth to Furuno TLL capable plotters Multiple Display Modes 1. Normal, Low Frequency/High Frequency 2. Dual Frequency 3. Bottom Lock Expansion 4. Marker Zoom 5. Bottom Zoom 6. A-Scope 7. Two Customizable Navigation Data Display - Displaying digital and analog graphical info, including: Wind Speed/Direction, Ship's Speed, Steering Screens and more Speed and Temperature input via optional sensor or NMEA data Direct connection of BBGPS or BBWGPS antennas for GPS or WAAS fix Mini Navigator allows storage of up to 12 waypoints, with capability to navigate back to these points using the LS6100's XTE/Range and Bearing calculation and steering screens Two NMEA0183 ports - one bi-directional and one "listen-only"Shipping Information5Lbs., 1 Carton Less TransducerPower Requirements12 VDC, 10 Watts

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