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Shot Glass Shelves with Silver Standoffs

Shot glass shelf holds up to 24 shot glasses. Shelves are tall to support single (1.5oz) or double (3.0 oz) glasses. Fits approximately 6 glasses per shelf. Made from durable clear acrylic. Shelf contains a front and back panel; glasses insert from sides.The shot glass shelves are built and supported with silver standoffs giving the cabinet a modern look. The display shelf has 4 rows which support six shooters each. The acrylic shelves have a tall design which gives you a choice of what size glassware you would like to showcase. The display shelf is also perfect for displaying other collectibles. The shelves are easy to mount using four screws with wall anchors for a secure cabinet. Another great feature that many customers use is up-lighting to really brighten up the acrylic shooter display!

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Set of Four Shimmer Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Transparent - Frontgate

Handmade of glass. 16 oz. capacity. Set of four. Dishwasher safe. Perfect as a wedding or shower gift. Our Shimmer Double Old Fashioned glasses create a festive atmosphere every day of the week. Handmade of lustrous glass with beautiful shimmery metallic accents, these are a stunning way to serve cocktails or your morning shot of citrus. This set is perfect for turning any occasion into a reason to celebrate. . . . . .

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2303 3 oz. Lexington Juice / Jigger / Votive Holder Shot Glass - 36 / Case

Measure out your cocktails to immaculate perfection with this Libbey 2303 3 oz. Lexington jigger. This crystal clear 3 oz. jigger is skillfully designed to be used to measure out larger drinks or special double orders. Large for a jigger, with the smooth, clean lines of a well-constructed shot glass, this jigger is sure to be a functional and fetching addition to your barware collection. This versatile piece also works well as a dessert shot glass, candle holder, or miniature juice glass! All Libbey Lexington glasses carry the Safedge Rim Guarantee, which guarantees replacement if the rim of any glass chips. Sold 36 per case. Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter: 2" Bottom Diameter: 2" Maximum Diameter: 2" Height: 2 5/8" 2303 From Libbey

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The WEBstaurant Store
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Aston Double Shot Glass - Clear,Frosted Dots In Squares

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Princess House Crystal - Princess House Crystal Aston Double Shot Glass - Clear,Frosted Dots In Squares

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Replacements, Ltd.
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ZenniMetal Alloy Full-Rim Frame with Acetate Temples

It's the classic full-rim aviator ("aviator" means a double bar on the bridge) Men's eyeglasses glasses frame with a two-tone twist. The metal alloy front has contrasting-color acetate, spring-hinged temple arms, updating an old reliable glasses frame with a shot of style. Adjustable silicone nose pads provide extra comfort.

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Zenni Optical
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Man-Sized Shot Glass Chillers Set

Featuring four man-sized double shot glasses. Carved soapstone shot glass holder. Constructed from sturdy soapstone with a bold polished top and a rubberized outer shell for easy carrying. Four double shot glasses measuring 4 x1 and holding 2oz each.

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Vinotemp Double Shot Chiller Beverage Dispenser

Beverage Dispenser - Width: 11.3" - Height: 8.5" - Depth: 16" - Color: Black - Dispenser Type: Cold

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The 7 Deadly Sins Glasses - Set of 7

Oscar Wilde wrote, "I can resist anything, except temptation." We say, "Let's drink to that!" Raise a toast with this sinfully witty, illustrated barware. Each of these classic, double old fashioned glasses is etched with a caricature of one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Resembling a pack of demonic frat boys, the figures are the creation of award-winning cartoonist Mort Gerberg. Glassware made in New Jersey, decorated in Pennsylvania. Sold as a set of 7. Exclusively at UncommonGoods. Our 7 Deadly Sins Glasses also come personalized. You can find them here. To see the set of our 7 Deadly Sins Shot Glasses, please click here.

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Personalized Shot Glass Favors - ON SALE

Minimum order: 40 item(s). Personalized Shot Glass Favors 3 oz Round Shot Glass Great as Votive Candle Holders Personalize with Your Choice of Theme, Color and Message Toast to your special day with our personalized shot glass favors. These fun and unique favors are sure to be a hit among your friends and family. The 3 oz round shot glass is screen printed with your choice of theme, color, and message and measures 2.5" tall by 2.125" in diameter. The personalized shot glass favors can also double as votive candle holders. Your guests will love these customized and versatile gifts.

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Favor Favor
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Arctic Gel Shot Glass with Freezer Gel

A 1.7 oz. double walled shot glass made of AS material (a styrene plastic) encasing a non-toxic gel. Store in freezer. 2-1/2" H, 2-1/8" diameter across top. Colors: Clear, Blue, Pink and Green.

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Direct Shopping Center
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Shot Glass Rack for a Variety of Shooters

Shot glass holder cabinet and display case can hold 20 shot glasses. Holds 15 single shot and 5 double shot glasses on a total of four shelves (five glasses per shelf). Designed for counter/tabletop display or mounted on a wall. Black semigloss finish.This shot glass rack is decorated with a beautiful crown and base molding. The display case is for tabletop or wall mounting use with triangular hangers on the back for viable support. The wooden rack comes with 15 slots for 1.5 oz. shooter glasses and five spots for 3 oz. glassware. The 13” x 12” black display case is front loading and should be secured with wall anchors. The rack is quality made and will match any décor of your restaurant, bar or home. The display comes in a matte black finish with an open front design.

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Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall 2 oz Beverage & Espresso Shot Glasses by -20%

On sale: 20% off

Made of durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality, the MODERNA belongs to the Ozeri Artisan Series of award-winning handcrafted drinkware. Borosilicate glass is stronger than common glass, shatter-resistant, and

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The King in Yellow and the Messenger: (Robert W Chambers Masterpiece Collection Starling and Black Classic Double)

"The bullet entered here," said Max Fortin, and he placed his middle finger over a smooth hole exactly in the center of the forehead. I sat down upon a mound of dry seaweed and unslung my fowling piece. The little chemist cautiously felt the edges of the shot-hole, first with his middle finger, and then with his thumb. "Let me see the skull again," said I. Max Fortin picked it up from the sod. "It's like all the others," he repeated, wiping his glasses on his handkerchief. "I thought you might care to see one of the skulls, so I brought this over from the gravel pit. The men from Bannalec are digging yet. They ought to stop." "How many skulls are there altogether?" I inquired. "They found thirty-eight skulls; there are thirty-nine noted in the list. They lie piled up in the gravel pit on the edge of Le Bihan's wheat field. The men are at work yet. Le Bihan is going to stop them." "Let's go over," said I; and I picked up my gun and started across the cliffs, Portin on one side, Môme on the other.

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Freeze Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Shot Glasses - Freeze Shot Glasses are double wall glasses filled with a special cooling liquid. Freeze glasses are made of double wall borosilicate glass and can withstand temperatures of (-22'F to 482'F) Set of 4 A freeze glass will keep a drink ice cold for at least 30 minutes. Once frozen the glass will chill your drink within 2' 3 minutes to a temperature between 0'C and -2'C (32'F and 36'F). A freeze glass can be activated by keeping it in the freezer. Amsterdam Glass is the patent holder of the special consumer safe and environmentally friendly glass cooling technology. All freeze glass products are fitted with a special pressure release plug. In case there is any overpressure the valve will depressurize and the cooling liquid will be released. Just another feature we have added to for your safety. The valve is a special one-way valve and therefore makes the freeze glass dishwasher proof. The liquid between the double layers is consumer safe and consists of only natural liquids. The liquid freezes to -18'C (-0.4'F) when cooled in the freezer. The temperature of the freezer should be between -15'C and -25'C (5'F and -13'F). With this technology the freeze glass will take the heat from the drink and release the cold of the liquid directly to the drink inside the glass. The freeze glass is dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed.

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Wine Enthusiast
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Slot Shots Divided Shot Glasses

Bring the fun to any party with Slot Shots!This set of four shot glasses features recessed internal walls to create equally-sized compartments for serving shots in a fun and unique way.Featuring two or three segments in each shot glass, Slot Shots are outdoor-safe thanks to their durable acrylic design.No matter the occasion or the season, Slot Shots will enhance the celebration with ten double-sided recipe coasters (featuring 20 recipes in total).The set includes four shot glasses (two with two compartments, two with three compartments), ten recipes per configuration, and a quick-pour spout for effortless pouring.

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Glass Bottom Boat Shot Glass

For the home bartender who serves drinks with a wink and a smile, this shot glass is a witty necessity. Made from décor-friendly frosted glass, it features a rendering of one of our favorite types of watercraft. Made to hold a double shot of your preferred spirit, it's ideal for parties and mixing drinks.

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Tommy Bahama
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Shot Glass Cabinet | 13” x 12” – Front Loading

Shot glass holder and display case is made from genuine MDF wood in a rich mahogany finish. Displays a total of 20 shot glasses, including a shelf for double shot glasses (3.0 oz glasses). Open face design. This case/rack can be mounted on a wall.This shot glass cabinet comes with a stunning crown and base to make it fit in anywhere. The solid case rack comes in a high gloss mahogany finish with 20 slots for shooters. The high quality cabinet has two sturdy triangular hangers for complete support of your display. Make sure to secure the case rack with wall anchors for a solid hold. The cabinet has an interior depth of 2.5” to give your shooter a perfect fit. One row is taller to fit your double shooters perfectly to showcase a variety of collectibles.

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Willie G. Skull Shot Glass Set

Bring more fun to the party with the HD Skull Shot Glass Set Features two 2 oz. double wall shot glasses with etched skull graphic and two 4 diameter skull coasters rubber all in a collectible skull canister. Makes a great gift even for yourself

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Regular Christian 880 Foam Core Goalie Stick [INTERMEDIATE]

Total Goalie has teamed up with a premiere Canadian goalie stick manufacturer to create an incredibly well balanced, lightweight and durable pro-level goal stick - the Christian 880. You'll be hard pressed to find a stick that equals the 880 in terms of feel and performance, and for the price there simply isn't a better value on the market today. Shaft: Aspen & Birch laminate construction for durability and a medium level of flex. A double ply laminate of E-Glass cloth has been added to the shot side of the shaft for even more durability.Paddle: Urethane foam paddle is stiffened by the employment of 21 individual strands of 12K Carbon woven into a standard cloth construction. Like the shaft, the shot side of the paddle has been reinforced with a double layer of E-Glass cloth to provide additional strength. Due to these reinforcements, we have been able to create slightly thinner, more lightweight paddle.Blade: Urethane foam core blade has a Carbon laminate wear bar on the shot side to provide additional stiffness and durability. Nylon fibers have been woven throughout the blade foam, and a double layer of E-Glass cloth has been added on the shot side for even more strength. Lie: 14 Christian 880 INT Paddle Measurement Listed Size TG True Size 24 25.5 The TG TRUE SIZE paddle measurement method was created to make ordering goalie sticks online easier, and more accurate. As each manufacturer measures their sticks in their own unique way, we created this method to help you compare your stick at home with the models that we have in our inventory. By knowing how your current stick size compares to the stick that you're looking to purchase, you can make the best purchasing decision possible.To measure your current stick, place the end of the tape measurer at the point where the top of the paddle meets the shaft of the stick on the non-blade side. Then, measure down the paddle in a straight line until the tape measurer crosses the bottom of the blade to determine the TG ...

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Total Goalie
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for illy Red Y1.1 Espresso Machine

Enjoy the rich, smooth taste of illy espresso at home with the Francis Francis Y1.1 iperEspresso machine. Simply insert an iperEspresso capsule, touch the icon for regular or a double shot of espresso, and the machine will automatically stop brewing at your desired amount.Web only.RECYCLING USED ILLY IPERESPRESSO CAPSULES IS EASYNow you can enjoy the ease of single-serve espresso with less of an environmental impact. Sur La Table is excited to partner with illy to recycle your used iperEspresso capsules. Just bring them in to any store, and well do the rest. Learn more > Manufacturer: Francis FrancisModel: 216623Material: Aluminum and tempered glassCapacity: 23-oz. water tankDimensions: 11" h x 9" l x 9" w1250 wattsMade in ChinaFEATURESThanks to 19 bars of pressure, the result is always a full-bodied espresso with long-lasting cremaAutomatic energy-saving mode will turn off the machine after 60 minutes of inactivityLatest touch technology automatically stops brewing at desired amountAluminum body, tempered-glass cup holder and compact silhouette make it a perfect fit in any kitchenWorks exclusively with illy iperEspresso capsulesAutomatic ejection of used capsules into side compartmentUsed capsules drawer capacity: 7 capsules

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Sur La Table
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