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F-type Male To Female Dc Passing Attenuator - 40-2050 Mhz - 10 Db

This 10 dB nickel-plated coaxial attenuator has an F-type male opposite an F-type female connector. This attenuator reduces the signal strength that is passing through when there is too much present. Attenuators protect your amplifiers, TVs, etc. by preventing overdrive. It is rated for 40-2050 MHz bandwidth. Features: Connector 1: F-Type Male Connector 2: F-Type Female DC Power Passing Brass Body Nickel Plated Steel Center Pin A/V & PC Equipment > Satellite / Antenna Hardware > Attenuators, A/V & PC Equipment > Satellite / Antenna Hardware > Attenuators 1181

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5 Kit 1 Pin Way Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug

Brand new and high quality1 Way / Pin Sealed Waterproof ConnectorKit 1.5mm Terminals Heat ShrinkGreat for motorcyle, scooter, car, truck, quad bike, trike, caravan, marine, jet ski, boats, etc.Each set includes:    

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5 Kit 3 Pin Way Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug

Brand new and high quality3 Way / Pin Sealed Waterproof ConnectorKit 1.5mm Terminals Heat ShrinkGreat for motorcyle, scooter, car, truck, quad bike, trike, caravan, marine, jet ski, boats, etc.5 sets Each set includes:  &nbsp

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MINOURA ANT+ Speed Cadence Sensor

ANT + compatible sensors for use with Live Training. Pick up your speed cadence and hear rate with these slimline easy to fit sensors and use Live Training to convert the data into an essential training aid. displaying power etc on your iPhone. This will interface with the Wahoo Fisica dingle for use with the iPhone but it is also compatible with an ANT + enabled receiver.

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Sony Unilink adapter Auxiliary input turn on

Money-back Guarantee!

Connects an auxiliary source (iPod, MP3 player, etc) to any Sony UniLink car stereo

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Headrest Tablet Hanger & Mount

CommuteMate Headrest Tablet Hanger equips your vehicle with sturdy and adjustable seat back displays when used with your tablet devices (e.g. iPad, Kindle, etc.). Your backseat passengers will enjoy hands-free heads-up viewing comfort for viewing

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LockPick MYGIG ADAPTER (MYGIGADAPTER), Chrysler Upgrades

General Features: The Ultimate Video, Navigation, iPod, and Multimedia Override Kit for Select Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Vehicles Use the navigation system without restrictions including the ability to input addresses, search points of interest, etc. while in motion Lockpick will provide a full multimedia audio and video input and headrest output. With the Apple multimedia cable you can plug in your iPOD, iPhone, or iPad, or directly connect any audio and video source to view them on demand and while in motion Automatically enables the camera function in your radio with connections for up to 3 cameras Lockpick interface will automatically or manually turn on the REAR VIEW CAMERA function of your MYGIG radio for automatic rear views while in reverse. You can also manually turn on the camera, even in Park or Drive. This works in all applications with automatic and manual transmissions Lockpick is Front camera ready and will allow activation manually or it can display the front camera v

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Sonic Electronix
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Ridata 8X 8.5G White Inkjet Hub Printable Dual Layer DVD+R Media

RITEK DVD+R DL (Double Layer) Discs offer 8.5GB storage capacity in multiple applications for modern consumers, such as video recording, MP3 audio archiving, data / files backup,etc. The disc can store up to 4 hours of DVD-quality video, 16 hours of VHS-quality video, or over 120 hours of MP3 audio. RITEK DVD+R DL features good compatibility with wide range of DVD video players, game consoles, computer DVD-ROM drives as well as DVD burners. With the new technology breakthroughs, the disc capacity is almost double as conventional DVD+R and it allows the disc to be either read or recorded on one side without turning over the disc. DVD+R DL records at 8X speed, and uses RITEK's high quality ; reliable organic dye as the recording material.FeaturesManufacturer Ritek RidataCapacity (Unformatted) Up to 8.5GBPackaging 25-Pack in Cake BoxPrintable Type Inkjet PrintableSurface Type White Inkjet PrintableVideo Recording Time 4 hours of DVD-quality video16 hours of VHS-quality videoUp to 120 hours of MP3 audioRecording Speed 8XRecording Material Premium organic dyeRecording Wavelength 650 nmDiameter 120 mmThickness 1.2 mm (0.6mm x 2)CompatibilityThis DVD Media is compatible with most DVD Burners. Most burners were produced over the last couple of years have primarily been "multi-format," meaning, they will burn the "-R/RW" and "+R/RW" formats. If you have a burner that is single format, meaning, it will only burn the "-" format or the "+" format, please make sure you purchase the correct format for your burner. If your burner is multi-format, either of the two formats should work fine. For higher rated burn speeds, such as 16x media, your burner must be a 16x burner in order to burn 16x rated media. You can purchase higher rated media, such as 16x rated media for a 4x or 8x DVD burner, your DVD burner will just burn that media at a slower speed. Also, it is recommended that you upgrade your burner's firmware to the latest revision. For more information regarding firmware or compatibility, please consult your DVD burner manufacturer. Most DVD burner manufacturers will only list brand named media as being compatible, when in fact, most media manufacturers don't produce their own media to begin with. There are many reasons for this, but if in doubt, we recommend you purchase a small quantity initially to see which type of media works best for you. Frequently Asked Questions Please click here if you have any questions regarding DVD Blank Media & DVD Burners.

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