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305203908 Run Capacitor 23 MFD 370V

Run Capacitor 23 MFD 370V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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305203907 Run Capacitor 15 MFD 370V

Run Capacitor 15 MFD 370V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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305207925 Start Capacitor 159191 MFD 110V

Start Capacitor 159191 MFD 110V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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305203902 Run Capacitor 35 MFD, 370V

Run Capacitor 35 MFD, 370V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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305206922 Start Capacitor 161193 MFD 330V

Start Capacitor 161193 MFD 330V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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305208915 Start Capacitor 189227 MFD 220V

Start Capacitor 189227 MFD 220V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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305203901 Run Capacitor 30 MFD 220V

Run Capacitor 30 MFD 220V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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Air Compressor Run Capacitor - 5130089-00

This manufacturer-approved run capacitor (part number 5130089-00) is for air compressors.Run capacitor 5130089-00 sends continuous electric current to the motor windings to create the magnetic field that keeps the motor running.Unplug the air compressor b

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305204902 Run Capacitor 10 MFD 370V

Run Capacitor 10 MFD 370V, Fits Brand Franklin Electric

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DIN Rail Mounting 3P 2NO 1NC 220V Coil Changeover Capacitor Contactor CJ19-95

CJ19 series change over capacitor type contactors mainly are suitable for the electric power system of AC 50Hz or 60Hz,main circuit voltage to 380V for making and breaking of self-coupling low-voltage parallel capacitor with controllable capacitor up...

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59001168 | Whirlpool Microwave Capacitor Replacement

Replacement High Voltage Capacitor used on some Electrolux, General Electric, Gibson, Goldstar, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Tappan, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, and Panasonic Microwave models. Built with an internal bleeder resistor and will replace non-bleeder types. The bleeder resistor is a safety device built into the capacitor to discharge the capacitor when the unit is turned off. QB capacitors rated at 2100V will replace capacitors rated up to 2500V when used in any home microwave (non-commercial) rated at 1,000 watts or less. Directly Replaces: 59001168, 815124, 04020254, 102-0013, 157T039P02, 317018702, 4359113, 4359115, 4359221, 4371777, 4372243, 53001065, 5308037624, 5303269608, 815124, 835562, 879017, R1600-12, WB27X557. Specifications: Volt: 2100. Value: 1.00. Height: 3". Width: 2". Depth: 1.25". Terminal: 1/4" male. Compatible Models Compatible with the following models: Electrolux FMS103T1B1 Electrolux FMS103T1B2 Electrolux FMS135T1B1 Electrolux FMS137T1B1 Electrolux FMT103T1W1 Electrolux FMT103T1W2 Electrolux MC1335L5 Electrolux MC1335L5 Electrolux MC1350P1 Electrolux MC1350P1 Electrolux MC1350P2 Electrolux MC1350P2 Electrolux MC1350P3 Electrolux MC1350P3 Electrolux MC1355L1 Electrolux MC1355L5 Electrolux MC1360E1 Electrolux MC1360E2 Electrolux MC1360E3 Electrolux MC1385L2 Electrolux MCT1360A1 Electrolux MCT1360A1 Electrolux MCT1365L5 Electrolux MCT1365L5 Electrolux MCT1370A1 Electrolux MCT1370A1 Electrolux MCT1370E1 Electrolux MCT1370E3 Electrolux MCT1370P1 Electrolux MCT1370P1 Electrolux MCT1370P2 Electrolux MCT1370P2 Electrolux MCT1370P3 Electrolux MCT1370P3 Electrolux MCT1370P4 Electrolux MCT1370P4 Electrolux MCT1375L5 Electrolux MCT1375L5 Electrolux MCT1380A1 Electrolux MCT1380A1 Electrolux MCT1380A2 Electrolux MCT1380A2 Electrolux MCT1390A1 Electrolux MCT1390A1 Electrolux MCT1390A2 Electrolux MCT1390A2 Electrolux MCT1390P1 Electrolux MCT1390P1 Electrolux MCT1390P2 Electrolux MCT1390P2 Electrolux MCT1390P3 Electrolux MCT1390P3 Electrolux MCT1390P4 Electrolux MCT1390P4 Electrolux MCT1395A1 Electrolux MCT1395A1 Electrolux MCT1395A2 Electrolux MCT1395A2 Electrolux RCM6K0 Electrolux RCM6K1 Electrolux RCM6K2 Electrolux RCM6K4 Electrolux RCM6K5 Electrolux RCM6K6 General Electric JE1025E01 Gibson OM13P4NWHE Gibson OM13P4NWHE Gibson OM13P7NWHE Gibson OM13P7NWHE Goldstar 62622200 Goldstar 62622200 Goldstar 62624200 Goldstar 62624200 Goldstar 62629200 Goldstar 62629200 Kenmore 62649200 Goldstar 63359300 Goldstar 63359300 Goldstar 80012401 Goldstar 89660590NO Goldstar 89660590NO LG LMV1650ST Goldstar MA1172MW Goldstar MA1172MW Goldstar MA1272MW Goldstar MA1272MW Goldstar MA1273M Goldstar MA1273M Goldstar MV1502W Goldstar MV1525B Goldstar MV1525B Goldstar MV1526W Goldstar MV1526W01 Goldstar MV1526W01 Goldstar MV1604ST Goldstar MV1604ST Goldstar MV1610ST Goldstar MV1610ST Kenmore 60282000 Kenmore 60282000 Kenmore 64289301 Kenmore 66223500 Kenmore 66490690 Kenmore 66490690 Kenmore 67490790 Kenmore 67490790 Kenmore 69252990 Kenmore 69252990 Kenmore 69

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Microwave High-voltage Diode - WB27X10930

This manufacturer-approved high-voltage diode (part number WB27X10930) is for microwaves.High-voltage diode WB27X10930 is an electrical current control device inside the microwave.Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain a lethal electric

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