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Electronic Racket Zapper

Zap flying insects instantly with Racket Zapper. Electronic Bug Zapper easily kills flies, bees, wasps mosquitoes and other flying insects on contact. Racket Zapper swats insects for good! Safely use Racket Zapper with protective grid, outdoors or indoors ? only 18 inches long, it?s compact size is easy to carry everywhere. This electric fly swatter is safe to use around children and pets. Simply activate the safety switch. Electronic Racket Zapper eliminates annoying flies in the room and mosquitoes, bees, wasps and more outside. Bug Zapper is perfect for picnics, BBQ?s and more. Zap away pests with Electronic Racket Zapper. Zapping motion is powered by 2 AA Batteries (not included.) Racket Zapper Features: ?Kills or stuns insects on contact ?Protective grid - for safety ?"Press and Hold" safety switch ?Powered by 2 "AA" batteries (not included)

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Min Qty 250 Fly Swatters, Mega

This Fly Swatter is a great promotional product that puts your brand directly in their hands. These Mega Swatters are available in durable recyclable plastic and in your choice of fun colors.

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Dynazap Flying Insect Zapper - Frontgate

Portable, hand-held insect eliminator. Kills mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, fruit flies and more on contact. Environmentally safe. Extends up to 3 ft.. Bends 90&deg for high walls and ceilings. Replace your old fly swatter with the Dynazap Flying Insect Zapper. Fully extendable and bendable, the Dynazap kills mosquitoes, wasps, flies, hornets, yellow jackets, and other annoying insects on contact. The hand-held zapper telescopes to eliminate insects on the ceiling and other hard-to-reach areas, and its portability makes it ideal for camping and outdoor activities. . . . . . Safety switch only operates when button is pushed "on". Two AA batteries included.

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Min Qty 200 Recycled Plastic Auto Swatters

This compact logo fly swatter is ideal for use in vehicles due to its size. Customize Auto Swatters are an affordable solution to advertising your brand with tradeshows, giveaways and more.

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Min Qty 250 Swat-Right Fly Swatters

A great promotion for pest control services, these Flyswatters are made of a durable, high quality extruded plastic and are offered in an exceptional variety of colors to accent your logo. USA MADE.

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Min Qty 200 Bullseye Plastic Swatters

With it's unique Bullseye shape this customized fly swatter will attract attention to itself and to your logo or message. Makes a game out of eliminating pests.

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Electric Wire Set - P02615084A

Pricing subject to change. Choose this manufacturer-approved electric wire set for your gas grill. Designed to fit your product perfectly. This electric wire set for a gas grill includes the wires needed to connect the ignition module to the burner elect

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Sears Parts Direct
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5-Ton Electric Log Splitter - EC5T20

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Boss Industrial 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter - EC5T20 - 5 Ton Splitting Force - Perfect For Home Or Cabin Strong 6-inch steel wedge Split logs up to 20-inches in length; up to 10-inches in diameter Durable 1.8 HP Electric Motor Easy push button electronic start

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Power Equipment Direct
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Electric Lithium Lazer Auger - (8")

Engineered to auger up ice inside your shelter, StrikeMasters Electric Lithium Lazer Auger provides consistent enough speed torque and power to drill up to 56 holes in 24-thick ice on a single charge. With its oversized throttle, Mora Twin stainless

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Electric Chain Saw

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Find yard power tools at Target.com! Take back the yard with a remington electric chain saw. This lightweight chain saw is great for felling smaller trees, trimming trees around your house and crosscutting large branches into firewood. You can use

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Genus Spectra Fly Light Fly Lights

The Genus Spectra Fly Trap featues a modern design and superior performance for the ultimate in professional fly control traps. This powerful fly light trap has 2 x 36 watt bulbs for a total of 72 watts of UV light, providing a faster catch and wider coverage. The Genus Spectra Fly Light is perfect for food handling and food service areas, where a quick fly catch and sleek, clean appearance is important. The Genus Spectra is thin, at just 2.7 inches wide and can be installed vertically, horizontally or in corners. Great for supermarkets, restaurants, food processing plants, office buildings, hotels and more.

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Do My Own Pest Control
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 Electric Dethatcher

GreenWorks Electric Dethatcher Features: 10 A motor14" Dethatching pathBONUS: includes full set of replacement tinesStainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performanceErgonomic, padded grip and bale switch for added comfort and controlCord lock holds extension cord securely in placeIncludes: Dethatcher, 18 replacement tine assemblies (36 total tines)3-position tine depth adjustment provides greater control by removing matted layers to promote continued healthy lawn growthWeight: 25.92lbs / 11.8kgs 24.02 L. 18.11 W. 12.52 H.

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Global Industrial
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Venus Fly Trap

Grow your own with the venus flytrap fly trap plant This package bavat everything you need to make you grow. Carnivorous plant large

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Vector Classic Fly Light with Glue Board Fly Bait

Product code: 1037 Vector Classic fly light is designed to minimize the disturbance an important fly control program might cause. When you have a fly problem it is time to set out the traps! Vector Fly lights traps that is. If you own or operator a restaurant or food prep area you will have fly and fruit fly issues, being proactive is the best solution. Vector classic is the perfect investment for areas that need to be a little discreet with customers, the glue board is located on the bottom, this unit is also very portable with a flat bottom design. This makes it unique, most lights can only be hung, the Classic can be set on a counter and moved around when necessary. These lights take a licking and keep on killing .we still get calls from customers that have their original unit, at 10 plus years old. Pretty good return on investment and the best part you will not be

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ePest Solutions
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Electric Snow Thrower

Take stress and strain off your lower back while clearing heavy snow with Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower. Lightweight, powerful 6.6 amp Snow Thrower starts easily with an instant start button. Custom ergonomic handle adjusts height for comfort. Electric Snow Joe has a key lock and 3 blade rotor. Some assembly is required.

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Garden Groomer Electric Edger & Trimmer - -

The Garden Groom Electric Edger Trimmer is a top of the line string trimmer for your gardening needs. The Garden Groom Edger Trimmer is great for putting those finishing touches on any lawn or garden.Features include: on/off switch trigger, safety button, trimmer head, front telescoping handle, trimmer guard, bump feed, string cutting blade, string spool, two prong cordInput Voltage: 120V 60Hz; Rated current: 500 W, Cutting diameter: 12.6"Dimensions: 15" D x 12.5" W x 48.375" HImported

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Stage Stores
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Ez Trap Fly Trap 12 x 2-pack

Revolutionary design provides 3 times the trapping surface of leading sticky fly traps and is insecticide-free and odor-free. Ideal for stables, kennels, gardens, homes, patios, porches or anywhere flies and other flying insects are a problem. The special long-lasting adhesive is rainproof, so they can be used indoors or out. Easy to use, can be placed on any level surface or suspended.

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Valley Vet Supply
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House Fly Rain Tarp-Amber

The House Fly by ENO is part rain tarp, part luxurious, water-proof fortress. The HouseFly's silicone impregnated nylon sides keep you warm, dry, and comfortble. Overlapping doors complete with agile buckles on either end of the tarp make access an ease while keeping out winter's nastiness. Boasting the most coverage of all the ENO tarps, the HouseFly's stowable doors allow you to laze in cool shade or weather a surprise snow storm. From a five day trek in the backcountry, to a five minute nap in your yard, the HouseFly will give you home-style comfort in any condition.

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16" Chain Saw - Electric - UC4030A

Industrial Power Tools One-touch"tool-less" blade and chain adjustments for easy operation and maintenance. * Rubberized grip handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and east handling * Large trigger switch with soft start for smooth start-ups * Built-in current limiter helps protect motor from burn-out by reducing power to motor when saw is overloaded * Large oil resevoir with view window allows operator to check bar oil level * Automacit chain oiler for heavy continuous cutting * Electric chain brake for maximum productivity * Double insulated for operator protection INCLUDES: * 16" Chain (528-092-656) * 16" Guide bar (442-040-661) * Chain cover (952-100-630) Standard Guide Bar16" Chain speed (FPM)2,600 AMPS15 Length (w/o bar)19-3/8" Chain Pitch/Gauge19-3/8" Chain Pitch/Gauge3/8"/.050" Net Weight (lbs. dry w/o bar & chain)11 UPC Code088381078559 One-touch"tool-less" blade and chain adjustments for easy operation and maintenance

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Max Tool
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8 Foot Electric Pole Chain Saw

Adjustable Electric Chain Saw Trims Hard-to-Reach Branches Easily and Safely. With its 8-foot reach and powerful 6.5 amp motor, this electric pole chain saw lets you stay safely on the ground, yet still trim damaged or overgrown trees and bushes. 8" bar cuts quickly through branches. Auto-oil feature keeps the bar and chain continuously lubricated for long-lasting performance. Electric power means instant start-up with no smoke, fumes, or costly tune-ups. Adjustable pole lets you choose the most manageable length for your job. Safety switch prevents accidental starting. CSA approved. Sorry, no Express Delivery. Please Add $20 shipping for each Saw.

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Whatever Works
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