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Innovative Solutions: A History of R&D at Southern Company

Innovative Solutions tells the story of Southern Company's commitment to finding real solutions to America s energy challenges. It all started in 1969 when legendary CEO Alvin Vogtle tapped former Manhattan Project scientist Bill Harrison, PhD, to build a research and development program. Through the decades, Southern Company has generated countless innovations that help deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. Southern Company is the only U.S. electric utility today that is committed to robust and proprietary R&D. The book is a great way to learn about how we are preparing for America s energy future.

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The REAL Facts About Moving To Hawaii: Author's Personal Move to Oahu

Find out what it's REALLY like to move to Hawaii - Oahu specifically. Here you'll find the lesser known facts about island life. Stuff that the other books don't tell you because it's not rainbows and ocean paradise all the time. Get inside information on finding employment and a sneak peek at what gas and electric bills look like taken from real utility bills! How helpful would it be to see a grocery receipt and the prices listed? It's all inside! This is a no frills, no sugarcoating guide to help you make an informed decision on whether island life is right for you. Derived from the author's own experience, she hopes to provide you with knowledge she accumulated so there are no bumps along the way to your Hawaiian paradise. Aloha!

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Build your Own: HYDRO TURBINE, WATER WHEEL, WATER MILL. Unlimited, FREE, & Clean HYDRO-WATER POWER (Easy to Make)

Did you know that you can build a HYDRO TURBINE / WATER TURBINE for under $50? We will show you, step-by-step (using uncomplicated directions/diagrams, & basic tools/parts) HOW To BUILD such devices. -Save Money & the Environment- *Unlike other publications, this CD has info useful to EVERYONE. ` -**We Give You Several Different Plans/Diagrams (not just one) to build various kinds of devices all capable of capturing, storing, & utilizing WATER POWER / HYDRO ENERGY**- ` --Here is What You Get: *Instructions & Plans for Building your own Hydro TURBINEs, Water Wheels, & Water Mills*; *Dam Construction Methods & Irrigation Techniques*; *Making/Preparing various Hydro Turbines: Banki Water Turbine, Pelton Water Turbine, a micro-Hydro Turbine*; *various voltage, Hyrdro specific Energy/Electric Generator construction*; *plans for construction of an OverShot Water Wheel*; *Mounting/Orientation/Placement of Water Turbines, Water Wheels, & Hydro-based Energy Systems*; *Turbine integration & assembly*; *Detecting Water Flow within a Hydro Energy System*; *Turbine Blade & Vane Construction* `**A collection of 100+ Famous Patents containing ideas/inventions relevant & useful to Water Energy / Hydro Power**` `**Detailed instructions/designs for Hydro Energy System Components: *invertors, wiring/wire sizing, Batteries, Fuses, 3 phase alternators, & the Charge Controller* *building a Permanent Magnetic Generator* `**lists of Tax benefits & Energy Subsidies given by Federal/Local/State governments; General guidelines for Building Codes, Permits, & other legal issues**` *selecting/testing/maintaining/optimizing/enhancing your Water Power / Hydro Energy System*; *going off-grid &/or staying on-grid & selling your power back to utility companies* *PLUS Much More!* ` *Please Note: This CD has a collection of eBooks in pdf file format that is viewable from virtually any computer with a CD/DVD drive.

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new Intuit Quicken 2015 Starter Edition

Software - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Financial Management - Software Main Type: Management - Packing: Box - Operating System Supported: Windows

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Office Depot
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new QuickBooks 2015

Software - Platform Supported: Intel-based Mac - Software Sub Type: Financial Management - Software Main Type: Management - Packing: Box - Operating System Supported: Mac OS

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QuickBooks Premier 2015

    QuickBooks Premier 2015 DesktopTailor-Made to Your Industry   Availabile in 1 to 5 Users. QuickBooks Premier 2015 has all of the great features and functionality of QuickBooks Pro, plus deeper, more tailored reports based on industry, including more than 150 sales, financial and tax reports. Homepage Insights provide the full picture of your business performance -- see your profit and loss, income and expenses, and top customers instantly. Make sense of your business with reports that are easier than ever to read, customize, comment on, interpret, and send. Instantly view important notes about your customers, and find all reminders and notifications in one single window.   MSRP$379.95                 Our Price$324.97         QuickBooks Premier 2015 FeaturesOrganize your finances with the #1 best selling small business accounting software. Easily manage inventory items Quickly locate items and complete inventory related tasks all in one place using the Inventory Center in QuickBooks. Track your balance sheet by class Use this built-in, easy-to-access report to track financial data separately by location, department, or profit center. Bill clients progressively by job phase Track and bill clients by time & material, job phase, or percentage completion, whatever works best for your unique business.     What's New in 2015   Insights to up your game Get a quick read of your business performance from your home page. See top customers, profit and loss, and more. Revved-up reports Make sense of your business with reports that are easier than ever to read, customize, comment on, interpret, and send. Collaborate faster Don't waste time sending files to your accountant. Maximize your time by saving your company file on a shared folder1 directly from QuickBooks. Efficiency boosters Instantly view important notes about your customers, and find all reminders and notifications in one single window.    

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AQB, Inc.
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RiG: Urban Workstation (RiG Urban Workstation)

Software & Plug-ins - You'll be inspired to produce new tracks with the Big Fish RiG: Urban Workstation sample plug-in, with over 1,200 instrument patches and 26GB of samples covering every sound you need for modern urban music production. RiG: Urban Workstation is powered by the Kontakt Player, which gives you an incredible amount of control over your sounds. You can add and tweak effects to individual sounds, create arpeggiated sequences and stuttering gate effects, and even load and chop up loops, all within the same interface. RiG: Urban Workstation works as a VST, AU, or RTAS plug-in in your host sequencer, so you can use it with virtually any DAW software. So take your productions to a new level, with the Big Fish RiG: Urban Workstation sample plug-in.Big Fish RiG: Urban Workstation Sample Plug-in Features at a Glance:Over 26GB of musical content, focused on modern urban music productionPowered by Kontakt Player, giving you a ton of control over your soundsWorks as a plug-in for your host software, in VST, AU, and RTAS formatsContent is divided into seventeen main categories: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drum Banks, Drum Loops, Electric Guitar, Ethnic, Horn Section, Keyboards, Orchestral Hits, Organs, Percussion and Harp, Percussion Loops, Piano, Sliced Loops, Strings, Synths and Vocals.Step editor allows you limitless combinations of different effects, arpeggios, sequenced pan effects, attack and decay, and low/highpass filtersLoop interface lets you chop up and edit individual loop slicesContains over 1,200 instrument patches and 26GB of samples, covering a wide variety of multi-sampled instruments and loop-based instrumentsAll the modern music production sounds you need are in the Big Fish RiG: Urban Workstation sample plug-in! Plug-ins: Virtual Instruments

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Electrical Black Book

"Originally designed for electricians, but handy for any do-it-yourselfer. Covers laws of electricity, safety, conductors, codes, conduit and bending, transformers and motors, LED lighting, fiberoptics, data cabling, more. Includes pocket digital multimet

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Duluth Trading Company
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Freight Bills (100)

(100 count) Simplifies your billing procedures! Freight Bill records complete shipment details and may also be used as an invoice. Signature line. Authorized signature line included. Consecutive numbering available. These forms come with the option to have consecutive numbering printed on them. Convenient! Snapset format.

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The BedFan

Many people naturally have a high body temperature when sleeping. The Bedfan is designed to reduce body heat while you rest. The Bedfan creates a personalized cooling zone under the sheets of your bed, whereas most ceiling and floor fans cool the air above and around the bed. Enjoy instant cool relief from night sweats and hot flashes.Even if you don't suffer from night sweats, use The Bedfan as a means of lowering your electricity bill. The cold breeze allows users to raise their average nightly temperature on the thermostat and help reduce energy costs from 4 to 8% percent less. With these potential savings on your energy bill, the Bedfan should easily pay for itself.The Bedfan comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your Bedfan Personal Cooling System within 30 days from the purchase date, we will take back the product and refund your purchase.Dr. Oz recommended the Ben Fan for help reducing night sweats. See the video segment here: Dr Oz's Remedies f...

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College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Short Sleeve Crew Shirt

Garment Details:   Style: College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Short Sleeve Crew Shirt Logo: Includes College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Logo Color: Black / Charcoal Fabric: 4.25 oz. Cotton Rip Stop Texture Blend: 65% polyester/35% cotton, permanent press Finish: Touchtex technology with superior color retention, soil release & wickability Closure: Concealed, no scratch, button-front placket Collar: Two-piece, lined, sewn-in stays Pocket: Two button thru hex pockets with angled bartacks, Sleeve utility pocket. Other: Straight hem for easy untucked look NOTE : This garment comes with College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Logo Care: Industrial Wash (Click Here) Manufactured by Red Kap Industries Price Note: Sizes 2XL and larger are higher in price. Volume Pricing for 35 or more.

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Pizza: Award-Winning Pies for the Home Kitchen by Pete Evans

Written by Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans, this book features more than 40 recipes for a wide variety of pizzas.From classic combinations, to modern flavors, to specialty and dessert pizzas, all of the recipes offer instructions for preparing the pizzas in a countertop electric pizza maker as well as in a conventional oven. The book includes four basic doughsincluding gluten-freewhich can be mixed and matched with a variety of sauces and toppings. Throughout the book are tips and tricks for creating flawless pizzas every time. Some sample recipes: Classic pizzasMargherita pizzaPepperoni pizza with fresh mozzarellaWild mushroom pizza with ham and ricottaChicken and basil pesto pizzaModern PizzasPizza with winter squash, Gorgonzola, pine nuts and sweet & sour onionsPizza with zucchini blossoms, mozzarella and oreganoPizza with spicy shrimp, roasted peppers, and tomato salsa verdeSpecial PizzasBraised lamb shank and white bean calzonePetes down under fish pieBerry pizza with maple syrup and vanilla whipped cream96 Pages. Hardcover.

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Sur La Table
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Cartech SA160 Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems CarTech Inc 14695

Often, wiring and electrical work intimidates automotive do-it-yourselfers the most. It's not mechanical, and therefore, it's unfamiliar territory. Electrons are invisible, and they can do unpredictable things in an untrained enthusiast's eyes. Finally, there is an enthusiast's guide that takes the mysteries and misunderstandings out of automotive electrical design, modification, diagnostics, and repair. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book to unshroud the mysteries of automotive electrics and electronic systems. The basics of electrical principles, including voltage, amperage, resistance, and Ohm's law, are revealed in clear and concise detail, so the enthusiast understands what these mean in the construction and repair of automotive electrical circuits. All the tools and the proper equipment required for automotive electrical tasks are covered. In addition, this in-depth guide explains how to perform more complex tasks, such as adding new circuits, installing aftermarket electronics, repairing existing circuits, and troubleshooting. It also explains how to complete popular wiring projects, such as adding late-model electronic accessories and convenience items to earlier-model cars, installing relay systems, designing and assembling multi-function circuits and harnesses, and much more. With this book in hand, you will be able to assemble, design, and build single- and multi-function circuits and harnesses, troubleshoot and repair existing circuits, and install aftermarket systems and electronics. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book for wiring a hot rod from scratch, modifying muscle car electrical circuits for cooling fans and/or power windows, or adding a big stereo and other conveniences to modern performance cars. Professional tips for installing aftermarket electronics Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book to uncover the mysteries of automotive electrics and electronic systems. The basics of electrical principles, including voltage, amperage, resistance, and Ohm's law,are revealed in clear and concise detail, so the enthusiast understands what these mean in the construction and repair of automotive electrical circuits.All the tools and the proper equipment required for automotive electrical tasks are covered. 160 pages Catalog Search

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Kitchen Appliances

Time-Saving Cooking Solutions! Sleek, slim & lightweight hand-held electric mixer & blender let you prepare sauces, egg dishes, gravies, batters & more quickly & easily. Matching bright red 9 L x 4½ W x 6 1?8 H 2-slice toaster with 7 toaster settings has all the features of larger models in a compact design.

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Dream Products
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1SDA060611R1 - ABB 1SDA060611R1, T6 KEYLOCK FOR MO DIFF KEYSA complete range of moulded case circuit-breakers up to 3200 A.Circuit-breakers in Tmax family are available in different breaking capacities and different rated uninterrupted currents. All the circuit-breakers, both three-pole and four-pole, are available in the fixed version; sizes T4 and T5 in the plug-in version and T4, T5, T6, and T7 also in the withdrawable one.The Tmax family is enriched with the Tmax T8 size, which allows 3200 A to be reached. Also available in the 2000 A and 2500 A frames, Tmax T8 is equipped with the same electronic trip units as Tmax T7, thereby guaranteeing extremely high performances able to satisfy all installation requirements.Main benefits The electric arc interruption system used on the SACE Tmax circuit-breakers allows very high value of short-circuit currents of to be interrupted extremely rapidly. The considerable opening speed of the contacts, the dynamic blasting action carried out by the magnetic field and the structure of the arcing chamber contribute to extinguishing the arc in the shortest possible time, notably limiting the value of the specific let-through energy and the current peak. There is a special range for photovoltaic applications. There is a special range for applications at variable frequency. A special range, called 50¦C, is equipped with a thermomagnetic trip unit, able to convey 100% of the rated current even when used at 50¦C ambient temperature.Main features A stored energy motor can be used to open and close the circuit-breaker on which it is installed. Operating mechanisms and locks. Rotary handle operating mechanism facilitates the circuit-breaker opening and closing operations thanks to its ergonomic handgrip. Padlocks and key locks inhibit the mechanical opening and closing operations of the circuit-breaker, depending on the type used. Mechanical interlocks prevent two circuit-breakers from closing at the same time.Download the Tmax T brochure in *.pdf format

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Walker EMD
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A Dollar Bill's Journey (Follow It!)

Where did that dollar bill in your piggy bank come from? And where is it going next? A dollar bill's journey is filled with twists, turns, and tumbles. Pack your bags, and get ready to follow it!

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Time Bill Professional Deluxe Edition, Download Version

A complete time and billing management program, specifically designed for professional service businesses, to track time, expenses, and job activities for accurate client billing, job costing, project management, and financial reporting. Time Bill Professional is not an invoicing only program.- Track activities with precision and ensure no time goes unrecorded and unbilled- Enter time and expenses in as little as three keystrokes- Billing activity codes are customized for your business- All company projects, client billing, job costing, and estimating can be customized- 100+ pre-designed billing templates for your company- 350+ reports to manage your business- Handles billing based on multiple criteria: hourly billing, recurring bills, contractual billing based on a percentage, and progressive payments of a fixed fee- Bills against retainers and bills for sub-consultant fees- Security module allows employees to enter their time but limits their access to confidential information Time Bill Professional Deluxe Edition, Download Version is one of many Small Business Finance Software available through Office Depot. Made by Individual Software.

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Office Depot
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Historic US Documents Teaching Poster Set

The posters focus on the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Includes 4 posters, 4 reproducible activity sheets and a teacher's guide

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Lune Light

Ask anyone who has spent an extended period of time working under harsh, fluorescent lights and they're sure to confirm that both light and color have the power to change our mood, for better or for worse. Isn't it time that we let our emotions color the way we'd like to see the world?With a simple tap, the luminous LUNE can transform any room by emitting seven distinctive colors, each with an adjustable light intensity. The LUNE's sculptural, ring-shaped silhouette absorbs and reflects the lamp's different colors, and its intuitive touch sensor lets you control the lamp in a way that's both easy and fun! Use the LUNE to create the right atmosphere for any occasion: Switch on the sunny yellow to cheer up on a gray morning, fire up red for a wild fiesta or cool things down with a deep-sea blue for a low-key dinner party. Or, when one color simply won't do, switch on one of the two automatic modes to showcase a rainbow of hundreds of colors in slow or rapid succession. The LUNE uses a unique LED platform, and since it sips just 9 watts of energy and will last over 50,000 hours of continual use, it's friendly to the environment and to your electric bill! With a panoply of vibrant colors, intelligent LED technology and superb design, the LUNE lamp provides the perfect accent to any room. Made in China.

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College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Panel Jacket

Garment Details:   Style:  College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology   Panel Jacket Logo: College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Logo Fabric: 5.7 oz. Solid pique Fabric: 7.5 oz. Twill Blend: 65% polyester/35% cotton Finish: Pre-cure durable permanent press Care: Light Soil Wash (Click Here) Closure: Solid brass zipper Collar: Two-piece, topstitched, sewn-in stays Length: 29" (measured from center of collar down) Pocket: Two lower inset on-seam pockets and utility pocket on left sleeve Other: Permanently lined, black 100% nylon taffeta quilted to a  3.3 oz. polyurethane foam NOTE: This garment comes with the College of DuPage Automotive Service Technology Logo Manufactured by Red Kap Price Note: Sizes 2XL and larger are higher in price Embroidery available at additional cost

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