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Stainless Steel Electrolysis Slant Tweezers EL 201

Robert Daniels Pro Stainless Steel Electrolysis Slant Tweezers made from 440 surgical stainless steel and designed to firmly grip and pull the entire hair in one try, no breakage.

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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Stainless Steel Electrolysis Point Tweezers EL 200L

Robert Daniels Pro Stainless Steel Electrolysis Tweezers EL 200L Fine Point. Made from 440 surgical stainless steel and designed to firmly grip and pull the entire hair in one try, no breakage.

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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Gentle Touch Hair Remover™

NO BLADES NO HARSH CHEMICALS NO MORE SHAVING, TWEEZING OR ELECTROLYSIS NOW WHISK AWAY HAIR ELECTRONICALLY No more shaving. No more nicks, cuts or scrapes. No more hot waxes or ripping off hair. GENTLE TOUCH Hair Remover™ quickly whisks away unwanted hair safely and painlessly. Your skin will be smooth and baby soft and stay soft longer than after shaving. GENTLE TOUCH exfoliates as it gets rid of unwanted hair. Perfect for arms and legs, not intended for face or bikini area. Includes UL® listed power adapter, extra-long 40" power cord plus 3 replacement Rotary Heads. 6" long.

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Dream Products
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No Bump Skin Treatment - Prevents Ingrown Hair and Bumps Caused by Waxing and Shaving - 4 oz

This treatment product is specially formulated to smooth, soothe and calm the skin after any method of hair removal. GiGi No Bump Body Treatment is ideal for both men and women for the elimination of ingrown hair, bumps, razor burn, redness or other skin irritations associated with shaving, waxing, tweezing or electrolysis. GiGi No Bump Body Treatment works quickly, effectively and gently.

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Ceramic Wonder Beauty Globes, 4 Piece Set

Ceramic Wonder Globes 4 piece set Maintains desired temperature Can be heated or chilled Roll the globes over the entire face and neck for 3-5 minutes Helps to soothe the skin and prevent redness after waxing, electrolysis, or acne treatments Stimulates blood circulation Use during facial massages Great for puffy eyes, headaches, and migraines Helps to set make-up

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Massage Warehouse
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Lighted Magnigrip Magnifier/Tweezers

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The Carson Lighted Magnigrip magnifier/tweezers combo comprises a compact, 4.5x magnifying glass with attached fine-point tweezers and a bright LED light.

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92 64 43 Tweezers,Blunt,Straight,Serrated,43/4 G7604371

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Precision Tweezers, Type Blunt, Point Type Straight, Round, Serrated, Length 4-3/4 In., Material Spring Steel, Application Universally Applicable For Electronics, Tip Size 3mm

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Tweezers Slant Tip 1 Unit -14%

Denco Tweezers Slant Tip have perfectly aligned tips and sure-grip action to ensure nothing is missed when tweezing!

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Swanson Health Products
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Eyebrow Tweezers CT-21B

Eyebrow tweezers Blue Flowers with slant tips for precise brow shaping. Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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Precision Tweezers

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Find cosmetic accessories and tools at Target.com! Precision with an angled tweezing edge. Tweezers by sonia kashuk provide excellent control as you tweeze even the smallest hairs! Recyclable.

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La Tweezer Précise Precision Tweezers

Lancme La Tweezer Prcise Precision Tweezers. Not your average arch enemy.This precision-crafted tool makes shaping and contouring your brows a breeze. Specifically designed to make removing hairs faster and easier, this tool delivers professional-looking results each and every time.

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Ergonomic Tweezer In Black

Professional-quality tweezers designed for comfort and easy handling. Tapered stainless-steel tip lets you tweeze even the smallest hairs with ease.

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Slanted Tweezers One Size

Best if you want to: Create perfectly sculpted brows with a set of high-performance full-size tweezers. Features: Perfectly aligned, ultra-precise tips allow you to grip even the tiniest hairs easily for efficient, precision tweezing. Slanted edges provide a larger gripping area for quick and easy hair removal. Non-slip, brushed metal looks stylish and provides a comfortable grip for maximum control....

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The Body Shop
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B Beaute License to Tweeze - slant tip automatic tweezers - Automatic Tweezer

B Beaute License to Tweeze is a slant tip automatic tweezer. After trying these automatic tweezers, you will never go back to ordinary ones! All you have to do with these automatic tweezers is place the hair between the slanted tip and squeeze handles -- the slanted tips will automatically close and retract, removing the hair! This stainless steel all-purpose tweezer is spring operated for fast, smooth action removing stray hairs. It is perfect for shaping and maintaining eyebrows. Extra wide handle provides secured grip and control. Premium polished stainless steel. B Beaute Beauty Instruments are strategically-engineered and designed with precision. Made in Japan, these beauty instruments have an ergonomic design and includes a full range of breakthrough instruments that set a new standard of innovation, performance and results. Each product is created with thoughtful features and benefits to deliver unparaelled quality, performance, and value. Kai Inc., the makers of B Beaute instruments, has produced the finest personal care tools in the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Kai uses Japanese technology, along with the highest quality materials, to make these beauty instruments withstand rigorous quality control. Therefore, all products are lifetime guaranteed.

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Point Tweezer - by Tweezerman

Free Shipping worldwide. Recommended Retail: US$29.50 - Point Tweezer-- - makeup / cosmetics

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5.5 Fishbone Tweezer

The Miscellaneous Kitchen Supplies by Wusthof: Perfect Grip Fishbone Tweezer, 5-1/2.

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KaTom Restaurant Supply
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'Swiss Tweeze' Slant Tweezer

rubis 'swiss tweeze' slant tweezer

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Point Tip Tweezers

Point Tip Tweezers 1 Tweezer

the Vitamin Shoppe
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A stainless steel tweezer with a custom-slanted top and calibrated tension to pick up the smallest of brow hairs. Define brows with professional precision. Crafted from the highest quality steel, this tweezer features a custom-slanted top and calibrated tension to pluck even the finest hairs with ease. While some tweezers sheer the hair off, causing hair to grow back in more quickly, this one has the perfect tip which never needs to be sharpened and is calibrated to tweeze even the tiniest ha

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Slanted Tip Tweezer

Terrific Tweezing AwaitsRubis Switzerland's Slanted Tip Tweezer is ideal for shaping eyebrows and removing facial and body hair. This all-purpose instrument tops estheticians' list of must-have beauty tools. Its precision tips are even great for grabbing fuzz and stubble. Made from rust-proof, acid-proof, high-quality surgical stainless steel, these tweezers are sandblasted for a pewter-like finish and never require sharpening. Surgical-quality stainless steelRust-proofAcid-proofNo need for sharpening Especially Suited For: Eyebrows and unruly, hard-to-grab facial and body hair. For Best Effect: Use as directed. Be sure to keep tips covered with protective cap.

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