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A369-16 Misty Contact and Circuit Board Cleaner IV

Misty contact and circuit board cleaner IV is compatible with plastics when used as directed, and dries with no residue. It quickly and easily removes dirt, dust, light oils and other deposits from contacts, circuit boards, relays, switches, solder joints and other electronic components and devices. (Amrep Misty A369-16)

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Euro SV218 Wall Mount Electronic Circuit Board

Electronic Circuit Board Replacement for Cavaliere Chimney Range Hood.

Range Hoods Inc.
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Circuit Board DUplexR1A

Balboa Circuit Board DUplexR1A

Backyard Pool Superstore
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 Circuit Board Super Duplex 54091- HQ0026
The Spa Depot
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Vacuum Electronic Circuit Board - KC86WBZRZ000

Pricing subject to change. Pcbassy

Sears Parts Direct
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Balboa M7XXXR1A Spa Printed Circuit Board 52076

Balboa Spa Printed Circuit Board 52076 with chip ID# M7XXXR1A

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W10207861 Electronic Circuit Board

We Give You The Lowest Prices On Refrigerator Parts. Order Today, Ships Today.

Easy Appliance Parts
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M17 Masters series A/V Preamp

Money-back Guarantee!

7-channel balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA preamp outputs,Modular Design Construction - digital inputs/outputs are installed on a removable circuit board, allowing future upgrades,four-zone/four-source output

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Etherwave Theremin Kit

Authentic theremin sound, fun to play. This is the instrument that so intrigued Bob Moog that he has spent the last 50 years building the most influential electronic musical instruments in the world. This is the build-it-yourself kit (unfinished wood cabinet, pre-built circuit board, several wiring points require soldering).

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ID-Lam100 Heavy Duty ID Laminator

Akiles ID-Lam  is a 4" professional pouch laminator featuring four silicon rollers to eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a constant speed. The built in electronic circuit board allows for quick and exact temperature adjustments while the gradual temperature control allows simple temperature adjustment when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition, or when laminating different materials. Designed with independent Heat and Motor Switches allowing to be left on standby for hours without depreciating the motor while eliminating the warm-up time when you need to laminate again. Added Features- Extruded Aluminum Heat Plates: Guarantee a good and consistent heat distribution- Four Silicon Rollers: Eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a constant feeding speed (we recommend the employment of carriers only when using 10mil (4/6) pouches)- Built-in Electronic Circuit Board: Allows quick and exact temperature adjustments- Independent Heat and Motor Switch: Allo

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7-2110838-6 - Electronic Components

AMP FASTON Connector Kit: .250 Series Printed Circuit Board Tab and Receptacles Kit

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600w Transformer with Plug-ins P8523-31

Progress Lighting P8523-31 600W transformer w/plug-ins and easy wire terminal board for secondary connections and easy open enclosure with KO's for hardwiring and photocell installation. Three foot 12 gauge cord with grounding plug and thermal protection in the primary circuit to avoid overheating. Multiple secondary taps allows maximum light output and lamp life for long or short runs and loading. Features: -Resettable circuit breakers in secondary circuits.-Easy opening enclosure with KO's for hardwiring and photocell installation.-For outdoor use.-Ul and CUL listed.-Plug-in timer and photocell compatible.-Weatherproof construction, powder-coat painted.-Includes photocell: Yes.-For Use With: Outdoor Lighting.-Product Type: Electronic.-Location: Plug In.-Max Wattage: 600.Specifications: -Two 300W circuits.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 17.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 5.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 5.63.-Overall Product Weight: 22.

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Wayfair Supply
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12" 2mm Automatic Upper Jaw Bag Sealer

The AIE 12" 2mm Automatic Upper Jaw Bag Thermal Impulse Bag Sealer is designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene, makes a clean and secure seal 2mm wide by 12 long, and has the sealing element on the upper jaw and the silicon rubber on the lower jaw. This helps to protect the element from moisture and contamination. This Upper Jaw Automatic Impulse Sealers is ideal for packaging candies, foods, paper, drugs, tools, parts and a variety of other products. The sealing time in this unit is controlled by a plug-in transistorized circuit board and electronic timers. This 12 in. automatic upper jaw impulse sealer is equipped with uniform pressure is provided by a timer controlled electromagnet pulling the sealing arm down to seal up to 6 thickness. Once the correct control settings have been programmed, consistent seals are maintained automatically, making the last seal as perfect as the first. This 12 inch automatic upper jaw impulse sealer has a 2mm sealing width that can seal up to 6 mil thickness, and has a wattage of 550. Includes an electric foot pedal for manual operation. Repair Kit: SMAU300-R, K300FUA

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International Plastics
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Euro SV218 Island Mount Circuit Board

Electronic Circuit Board Replacement for Cavaliere Chimney Range Hood.

Range Hoods Inc.
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GP-SL100 Heavy Duty AC Slide Gate Opener

GTO GP SL100 Commercial Duty Slide Gate Operator, GTO Gate Openers The GP SL100 is designed for operation of slide gates. The GP-SL100 is designed for continuous duty operation of slide gates.Max Gate Weight 1200 lbs. (544.3 kg), Length 37 ft. (11.3 m) with a 32 ft. (9.8 m) opening. (For bi-parting dual gates, a second operator is required). Assumes gate to be free sliding, in good working condition, and on a level plane.   Motor• Brushless DC motor 24VDC 300 watts• ½ Horsepower• Maximum motor current 20Amp• 2500 RPM• Open and close time 1 ft/sec Gear Reducer• Aluminum Cased 25:1 size 50 worm reducer with ball bearings.• Permanently lubricated with synthetic gear oil – oil specifications 5w-30, Mobil 1 recommended Power• 120 vac @60 Hz with inherent 24 vdc battery backup• Batteries are required – two 12 vdc, U1, 230A minimum cold crank amps wired together in series.• 100 cycles in backup typical for minimum size battery.• 15 amp circuit breaker on dedicated circuit• On board 120 vac outlet for accessories that pull no more than 1 amp of current Control• Mirocontroller based logic control board• Adjustable autoclose• Independent obstruction settings• Diagnostic LED’s & Audible Alarms• Accessory terminals compatible with loop detectors, photo beams, edge sensors, push buttons, card readers, exit wands, etc.• Relay Outputs• On board Open and Close buttons• Jog Buttons   Construction• Heavy duty steel frame rotomolded UV stabilized HDPE cover• RB207-20 #41 Chain, 20ft (6.1m) Operational Capacity• Continuous duty operations• Max rating: 32 foot opening for 37 foot gate @ 1200 lbs• Dual Gate compatible using two conductor 22 AWG shielded wire rated for direct burial. Recommended Belden Wire®,22 AWG, type 8761, 9461, 9451, 1266A or equivalent. 1-pair shielded with drain wire. Available at electrical supply store.   Dimensions• Housing Dimensions: height 27 in (68.7 cm), depth 18 in (45.7 cm), width 15 in (38 cm), shipping weight: 80-85 lbs• Concrete Pad Dimensions: 18 in x 18 in, (45.7 cm x 45.7 cm). Consult local building codes for depth belowground level. Absolute minimum depth 18 in (45.7 cm) below ground level. Operational Temperature:• In colder climates (ambient temperatures less than 10 degrees) GTO recommends the use of a thermostatically controlled heating source (ceramic heating strips, etc.) on the batteries and gearbox assembly. Styles, types, and power requirements of heating devices will vary by climate and region. Warranty:• Residential (7) years for mechanical parts, (5) years electronic components• Commercial (5) years for mechanical parts, (3) years electronic components Construction• Heavy duty steel frame rotomolded UV stabilized HDPE cover• RB207-20 #41 Chain, 20ft (6.1m) Operational Capacity• Continuous duty operations• Max rating: 32 foot opening for 37 foot gate @ 1200 lbs• Dual Gate compatible using two conductor 22 AWG shielded wire rated for direc

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Gate Openers Unlimited
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TMB01- Electronics Merit Badge Workbook

How will the BSA Electronics Merit Badge benefit you? Electronic devices are becoming more and more a part all our lives. They are integral in autos, computers, audio devices, robots, tools, small and large appliances and more new devices all the time. Understanding the basic concepts of how the components, circuits and devices work. It opens a world of opportunities to the holder of that knowledge. The ability to evaluate the problems in an electronic device gives you the means to save lots of money, through repairing your own equipment or the equipment of others. Over my many years of learning, working, and tinkering with electronics I have been able to reclaim, repair, and maintain all kinds of electronics devices and appliances. The benefits boys get from the Tronix Electronics Merit Badge Workbook: A complete start to finish, hands-on learning experience for ultimate convenience in completing the Electronics Merit Badge. All the information and training material is provided to help you succeed. They can pursue an interest in electronics all the way to a profitable career. They can continue their electronics education from home or school. They can obtain an 'Electronics Technician Certification' at www.GSSTechEd.com They have a great time passing off what used to be a more difficult Merit Badge. The benefits for Scout Masters and Electronics Merit Badge Counselors: is a completely organized, start to finish, hands-on teaching tool. is the ultimate convenience in teaching the Electronics Merit Badge. provides all the boy needs to complete all the requirements. includes a Worksheet check list and counselor sign-offs for tracking progress. Additional Features: All required components are available from us The boys will enjoy this hands-on learning while preparing for their future. Table of Contents for: Boy Scout Tronix ELECTRONICS MERIT BADGE WORKBOOK TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN BUILD ON Table of Contents Page Section #A "Introduction and Electronics Merit Badge Requirements" 1 - Table of Contents 2 - Introduction and Acknowlegements 3 - The Benefits of having this Merit Badge 4 - Merit Badge Requirements List 5-10 - Merit Badge Sign-Off Worksheet Section #B "Safety Lesson" 11-22 - Safety First Lesson #1 "Symbols, Inventory and Circuits" 23 - Schematic Symbols 24-25 - Parts Inventory 26-27 - Basic Electronic Circuits 28-29 Lesson # 2 "How to read the Resistor Color Code" 30-31 Lesson # 3 "How to use a Solderless Circuit Board" 32-33 Lesson # 4 "How to read Capacitor Values" 34-35 Lesson # 5 "How a Resistor Works" 36-37 Lesson # 6 "How a Potentiometer Works" 38-39 Lesson # 7 "How a Photocell Works" 40-41 Lesson # 8 "How a Capacitor Works" 42-43 Lesson # 9 "How a Speaker Works" 44-45 Lesson # 10 "How a Diode Works" 46-47 Lesson # 11 "How an SCR Works" 48-49 Lesson # 12 "How an NPN Transistor Works" 50-51 Lesson # 13 "How a PNP Transistor Works" 52-53 Lesson # 14 "How a 2-Transistor Oscillator Works" 54-55 Lesson # 15 "How a IC 555 Timer Works" 56-57 Lesso

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Karlsson Robotics
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Circuit Board ValueR1D

Balboa Circuit Board ValueR1D

Backyard Pool Superstore
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Balboa Spa circuit board 50803 2000R1B

Balboa Industries Spa Printed Circuit Board part number 50803. This circuit board can replace 2000R1A, 2000R1B, 5500R1A & 120R1A. Please remember to check your chip number to make sure this is the correct board for your application. (PCB are non returnable, only for exchange)The Balboa 50796 Top Side control is compatible with this circuit board.

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 Circuit Board M7 52076- 52076

This high quality Balboa® printed circuit board (PCB) supports a primary pump, secondary pump, blower, ozonator and light / fiber optics. This board is compatible with Serial Standard Digital topside control panels.Product Notes: This circuit board replaces 52076, BAL52076, 34-0202BK and 59-138-1044. A common chip number used with this board is PHX25R1A.All Balboa® circuit boards have a unique number called a chip number. The chip number determines the software used to perform the functions of your spa. Using the chip number to identify the correct replacement will guarantee that your topside control panel will work properly with the new board.For help finding your chip number, Click Here.IMPORTANT: Many circuit boards look alike, but may not work in your spa. Do not order a replacement circuit board based on appearance. Circuit boards must be identified by a part number and/or chip number. Great price and features aside, buying from The Spa Depot provides access to one thing you cant get anywhere else: our expert technical support. Installation questions or need assistance? Were here to help!  (800) 823-3638 Support hours: Weekdays, 8 am - 5 pm, Pacific Time 

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The Spa Depot
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