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The Print Shop 3.0 Pro DSA -23%

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The Print Shop Professional - ( v. 3.0 ) - box pack - 1 user - Win

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Encore USB Smart Card Reader

This is the only type of card reader that will download information from a Respironics smart card for processing by Encore Pro and Encore Viewer Software 1.0. This product does not include software nor the smart card, only the card reader. The driver for this reader is included in the Encore Viewer Software 1.0.

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PR One Encore USB SD Card Reader

The Encore USB SD Memory Card Reader For All PR System One Machines will download information from a Respironics PR System One machine for processing by Encore Pro and EncoreViewer Software or SleepMapper Application. This card reader is compatible with both the original PR System One Series of machine and the PR System One 60 Series machines. This product does not include the following:softwareSD memory cardThis is only the card reader and does not include any other components required for sleep therapy.The manufacturer changed the design of this product in 2014. The updated version is white rather than black. The two products function the same.

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M Series Smartcard Module

This module may be added to the M Series REMstar Plus to enable the CPAP to record compliance data. It will not enable it to record information about breath disturbances, mask leaks, etc. That information is only recorded by the REMstar Pro and Auto models. One smart card is included with the module. To access the information, the smart card reader and Encore Pro software are required.

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