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Professionally featured software for home, remodel, landscape, interiors and other projects. Features include life-like reflection technology for stunning visualization & presentation. Easy to use drag and drop materials, furniture groupings and pre-

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M Series Smartcard Module

This module may be added to the M Series REMstar Plus to enable the CPAP to record compliance data. It will not enable it to record information about breath disturbances, mask leaks, etc. That information is only recorded by the REMstar Pro and Auto models. One smart card is included with the module. To access the information, the smart card reader and Encore Pro software are required.

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QD to Amp Coiled Cord Cable

Plantronics QD to Amp Cable, Product # 26716-01, Replacement Coiled Cord, Quick Disconnect To Male Modular Plug, For Use With H Series Headsets, For Use w/ Plantronics Models: EncorePro HW301N, EncorePro HW291N, DuoPro H171, DuoPro H171N, DuoPro P171, DuoPro P171N, TriStar H81, TriStar H81N, TriStar P81, TriStar P81N, M12, M22

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 32/64-bit

Operating System - License Type: Version Upgrade - License Quantity: 1 License - License Pricing: Standard - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Client - Distribution Media/Method: DVD-ROM - Language Supported: English

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

Operating System - License Quantity: 1 PC - License Pricing: OEM - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Client - Distribution Media/Method: DVD-ROM - Language Supported: English

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 32/64-bit

Operating System - License Type: Complete Product - License Quantity: 1 PC - License Pricing: Standard - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Client - Distribution Media/Method: DVD-ROM - Language Supported: English

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 32-bit

Operating System - License Type: License and Media - License Quantity: 1 PC - License Pricing: OEM - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Client - Distribution Media/Method: DVD-ROM - Language Supported: English

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Palo Alto Business Plan Pro Complete

Software - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Business Planning - Software Main Type: Management - Distribution Media/Method: CD-ROM - Operating System Supported: Windows

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Palo Alto Sales & Marketing Pro

Software - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Management/Monitoring - Software Main Type: Management - Operating System Supported: Windows

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Pack 32/64-bit

Operating System - License Type: Product Upgrade - License Quantity: 1 License - Platform Supported: PC - Software Sub Type: Client - Language Supported: English

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Premiere Pro CS6 Windows [Download] -13%

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software is the industry-leading cross-platform video editing software. Edit low-resolution to 5K and higher resolution footage with greater speed and precision without transcoding. Get stunning 64-bit performance, highly intuitive workflows, enabled for timesaving Adobe integration, and project exchange with Final Cut Pro and Avid NLE software. Stabilize footage with the innovative Warp Stabilizer, easily create and edit multicam sequences, adjust effects in real time during playback, and quickly encode finished video for virtually any screen.

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Buy Tech Solutions
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Partition Commander®11 - Hard Drive Partition Software

Safely Organize & Protect Your Hard Drive with Partition Software. Reclaim your wasted hard disk space. Organize your hard drives and important files. Speed up your hard drive & PC performance. Run multiple operating systems simultaneously. And much more!

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Nova Development
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PrintMaster Platinum (PC & MAC Software)

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Find non-gaming computer software at Target.com! Printmaster platinum (pc & mac software)

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Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 32/64-bit

Software Suite - License Pricing: Non-commercial - Software Sub Type: Office Suite - Software Main Type: Productivity Application - Language Supported: English

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Encore Elementary Advantage 2011

Software - License Type: Complete Product - License Quantity: 1 User - License Pricing: Academic - Software Sub Type: Training/WBT - Software Main Type: Reference

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ID Maker PRO 3.0 Badging Software Package

ID Maker 3.0 has a streamlined interface with added features that is a robust, yet easy-to-use product to design and print your ID cards. Compatible with popular networking and database management systems, ID Maker 3.0 brings user-friendly ID card management technology to your office.Talk with an IDville specialist about our full line of ID card printers, supplies and software. Request a free systems information pack today for a side-by-side comparison.

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Media Composer Software - Academic License (Media Comp 8 Aca)

Software & Plug-ins - NOTE: This is a special offer for qualifying educational institutions in the U.S. as well as their teachers and their students to purchase Avid Media Composer | Software at a special reduced price. Proof of eligibility is required to qualify for this offer. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information.Avid Media Composer | Software professional video NLE lets you tackle every aspect of hi-res video production while streamlining even the most complex file-based workflow. Since 1989, Avid Media Composer | Software has dominated the world of nonlinear editing video editing, becoming a mainstay in newsrooms, TV studios, and major motion picture facilities from Hollywood to Bollywood. With its powerful 64-bit processing, flexible I/O implementation, cutting-edge HD capabilities, and impressive file handling, you'll be totally blown away by what you can do with Avid Media Composer | Software.Avid Media Composer | Software NLE Video System at a Glance:64-bit architecture delivers time-effective editing workflowSeamlessly handles any media you can throw at itsStreamline video workflows with Pro Tools usersTurbocharge your high-res workflow with FrameFlex toolsAvid Open I/O lets you work the way you wantGet totally collaborative with Media Composer | Cloud64-bit architecture delivers time-effective editing workflowsTake full advantage of your computer's resources with Avid Media Composer | Software. Thanks to its 64-bit architecture, even projects that demand large bins will feel snappy. Go ahead, lay on the effects. If your system has the memory, Media Composer | Software can put it to work effectively and efficiently.Seamlessly handles any media you can throw at itWhether you're working with file-based media, 2/4/5K footage, tape, or even stereoscopic 3D material, Avid Media Composer | Software is ready for anything. What's more, you also get the industry-standard ACE-certified editing tools you need to get top-quality results. And even better, you don't have to worry about transcoding or resizing high-res source material - Media Composer | Software can match everything up for you on the fly.Streamline video workflows with Pro Tools usersIncluded with Media Composer | Software is Avid's Video Satellite system, which allows you to effortlessly sync Avid HD and SD video sequences with Pro Tools sessions. And since Pro Tools | Software includes the complete Avid Video Engine, you can play full HD video from your Media Composer | Software right inside Pro Tools | Software. Turbocharge your high-res workflow with FrameFlex toolsLoaded with Avid's FrameFlex tools, Media Composer | Software lets you work in HD straight from high-resolution sources, all while maintaining full creative control. That means you get full image reframing and keyframing tools with no intermediary steps to bog you down. On top of that, 1D/3D Look Up Tables (LUTs) and Color Decision Lists (CDLs) seriously speed up real-time RAW and LogC to Rec.

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StoryBoard Quick 6.1 - Download Pro Edition

Produce and deliver professional storyboards with feature-packed StoryBoard Quick StoryBoard Quick is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn software program that allows you to visually plan and present everything from feature films to corporate presentations. Pre-loaded with libraries of content, StoryBoard Quick will help you design storyboards fast that look great, even with no artistic ability. Adding graphics to your storyboards is as easy as pointing and clicking, so you can design and plan your shots for better end results. Plus, its easy page layout features, graphic manipulation tools, caption storage, and image layering functions make storyboarding faster than ever, all the while allowing you to show people a visual representation of your project. You can print your great-looking storyboards, or export them as graphic files or a Flash movie. The new script-integrated page layout gives you script formatting with thumbnail shots, and is just one of the many ways to show off your ideas with StoryBoard Quick. FREE BONUS:The SitCom Characters Add-On($49 value)The SitCom Characters Add-On for StoryBoard Quick 6, gives you a cool colorizable look for your next commercial, office presentation or educational video! Five actors in all of the Quick positions, rotations and all of the angles (High/Eye Level/Low) will give your project an artistic feel. (Not applicable for academic version) See Storyboard Quick in action. StoryBoard Quick is Perfect for: Educators: Teaching storyboarding is fundamental to learning filmmaking, visual composition and storytelling. Directors: Place characters into screen position and establish relationships between main elements. Writers: Import your scripts and create boards to tell your story visually. Features: Tons of included artwork to build your boards. Includes rotating, elevating, color-customizable characters; both specific and generic locations and tons of everyday color-customizable props. Import digital photos and files (including Pho

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The Writers Store
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Download - Sony Acid Pro 7

Sony ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW (digital audio workstation) powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, complete MIDI sequencing, and legendary loop manipulation for seamless music creation and post production. Get up and running quickly with new interactive tutorials. Other new features include a dedicated mixing console, MIDI track freeze, input busses, tempo curves, and enhanced format support. ACID Pro 7 software includes over 3,000 loops and 1,000 MIDI files for music creation, as well as the Garritan ARIA for ACID Pro player, the ACID Pro Effects Rack powerered by iZotope, Native Instruments Guitar Combos, and Submersible Music KitCore.Usage rights vary by product and may be subject to additional restrictions. Product images displayed are for illustration purposes only. No physical materials or documentation will be distributed with electronic software downloads from our site. Dell's Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.

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Dell Small Office
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IQmanager Diagnostic Workstation Software

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The Midmark IQmanager™ Diagnostic Workstation Software Helping physicians provide better care. For those who haven’t invested in an EHR or EMR, the IQmanager™ Software can be used along with IQ Digital Diagnostic Devices to streamline the efficiency of the clinical workflow and staff. Midmark IQmanager Software makes diagnostic testing faster, easier and more efficient. Run all tests from our system and have full access to patients’ diagnostic records at the touch of a button, all on an existing computer, tablet or laptop.Features:Built-in patient management software to review, edit and store patient information Acquires, interprets and trends patient data for comprehensive viewing Save time by eliminating the need to re-enter patient data Simple to use with one click email and fax options Store 55,000 ECGs in just 1GB of hard drive space Easily pull reports, input patient data and fax information from the user interface Reduce the possibility of errors while increasing the number of tests completed daily Eliminate the need for and cost of thermal paper

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Claflin Medical Equipment
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