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Trachtape, Endotracheal Tube Securing Device

Trachtape endotracheal tube securing device. Ensures reliable strength and adhesiveness in holding endotracheal tubes. Its unique padloc foam pad provides a cushioned surface against the patient's neck and won't absorb water or body fluids-reducing skin b

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All Time Medical
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Nonin Handheld CO2 and Pulse Oximetry Monitor with Alarm

NOTE: For CO2 monitoring, the patient must be intubated or have an endotracheal tube. The Ultimate Handheld CO2 monitor The Nonin portable CO2 monitor enables medical professionals to easily monitor a patient's blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse, and it also provides monitoring for carbon dioxide levels on patients who are intubated or using an endotracheal tube. This cost-effective handheld CO2 monitor can be used for spot checks or continuous monitoring, and this makes it a good choice for hospitals, ambulances and medical offices. Your staff will be able to use this end tidal CO2 monitor with minimal training, and it does not require any calibration to produce accurate readings. Depending on the settings that you choose, you can expect to receive between 20 and 90 hours of reliable performance for each set of batteries. The device begins working from the first breath, and it offers alarm settings: full alarm and non-alarm. Features: Enough memory space to store up to 24 hours of data Comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty Reliable performance that is utilized by medical professionals and emergency transport teams worldwide Accurate EtCO2 readings on first breath 3 year warranty Link to full specifications and brochure: Click here to download the complete brochure PDF

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Concord Health Supply
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Dale Endotracheal Stabilock Holder

Dale endotracheal tube holder with biteblock, each

All Time Medical
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Nonin RespSense Capnograph

The Nonin RespSense features a WIDESCREEN touch-panel display monitor and offers MedAir sidestream EtCO2 technology. The RespSense™ WIDESCREEN™ touch-panel display monitor offers MedAir™ sidestream EtCO2 technology for a wide range of clinical settings and for both intubated and non-intubated patients. Portable, accurate and cost-effective, RespSense is perfect for sleep labs and procedural sedation or in clinical settings where fast, easy EtCO2 monitoring is required.Benefits:Waveform trend monitoring for endotracheal tube placement verificationFast, first breath detection of breathing irregularitiesExtreme portability for continuous monitoring of airway integrity during transportUnique moisture management to prevent occlusionNo calibration or auto zeroing required during patient monitoring for added efficiencyFeatures:WIDESCREEN touch-panel displayNumerical EtCO2 and respiratory rate displayMedAir EtCO2 technology1.5 hours of EtCO2 and respiration rate waveform trendingBacklit LCD displayAudible and visual alarmsData output via RS-232 port

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Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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Nonin Handheld CO2 and Pulse Oximetry Monitor

Nonin Handheld CO2 and Pulse Oximetry Monitor - 9840 SeriesNOTE: For CO2 monitoring, the patient must be intubated or have an endotracheal tube. CO2 monitors provide fast, first breath readings with proven accuracy and durability. The portable 9843 combines proven pulse oximetry technology with reliable CO2 detection making it ideal for reliable spot-check and continuous monitoring in numerous clinical settings including patient transport and emergency use.Product Highlights: Versatile - Simultaneous or independent operation of pulse oximeter & CO2 detector Proven - Used by emergency professionals and patient transport teams worldwide Flexible - No warm-up required - First Breath Active Rugged Drop and vibration tested Easy to Use - Intuitive key pad- Minimum training required; no calibration needed Efficient - 20 hours of battery life monitoring CO2 and %SpO2; 90 hours %SpO2 only Cost-Effective - No calibration required 3 year warrantyMemory for up to 24 hours of data storageLink to full specifications and brochure:Click here to download the complete brochure PDF

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Concord Health Supply
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