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Vibra Groomer II Brushroll 16 53271 - steel

Eureka Brushroll Steel 16' VGII, Vibra Groomer II brush roller with replacable brush strips, rubber hex end caps for model Eureka Widetrack C4046. # 53271

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/ Sanitaire Vibra Groomer I Vacuum Brushroll - aluminum 12

Eureka Sanitaire Vibra Groomer brushroll with a twisted aluminum body, four black brushes, and rubber hex ends. This aluminium brushroll is 12 inches long with a center pulley. Fits Sanitaire model SC888G.

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Roller Brush Aluminium 16 53273 For Sanitaire SC899, SC898

Eureka Sanitaire #53273 brush roller. Vibra Groomer VGI - 16" aluminium. To fit Sanitaire SC899, SC898. #53273 #26063A. HEX END W/BALL BEARINGS

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Screen House

This screen house is a great choice for the backyard or campsite. Eureka's center hub system and shock-corded steel poles with ring and pin attachments make this an exceptionally easy screen house to set up. At 128 square feet, there's lots of room for a picnic table or other camp furniture. High...

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AirSpeed Bagless Zuum Vacuum

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Find vacuums and power floor sweepers at Target.com! The eureka airspeed bagless zuum vacuum has 2 smooth tubes for maximum air passage. Its cyclonic action separates larger dirt from fine dust particles after all the dirt is sent to the dust cup.

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Conair LTGS40PCS Ladies Groomer Pink

Ladies Groomer - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Color: Pink

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Wahl All-In-One Groomer

Men Groomer

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Eureka Gold

Hot Rocks are no problem for the Eureka Gold, it will punch through highly mineralized soil with ease. Why restrict your prospecting when you can find more gold, with the Eureka Gold, faster and easier than ever before. The 10" (25cm) coil supplied with the Eureka Gold is a Double D coil, that is, it contains two 'D' shaped windings which are partially overlapping. This Double 'D' configuration is ideal for locating deep targets in variable mineralized ground. The Eureka Gold gives you 6.4kHz for maximum depth, 20kHz for general detecting and the super sensitive 60kHz to find the smallest gold nuggets that others are missing. Minelab's exclusive triple frequency technology makes prospecting easier. Featuring Minelab's "Accu-Trak" Digital Ground Balance with switchable 2 speed recovery, combined with new microprocessor controlled discrimination circuitry takes the guess work out of detecting so you will find more gold, more often.

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Kellyco Metal Detectors
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Groomers Best Mini Tub

Groomer's Best Mini Tub Designed to save your back when grooming small animals. Features: Fully welded construction of heavy duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steel Guaranteed not to rust Strong, tubular stainless-steel legs provide a sturdy base Two animal restraint eyelets Attractive scratch resistant exterior coating ensures against leaks; available in Almond or Black Hot and cold water ports available on right, left, or center of tub Item Specifications: Size: 27" x 32" Legs: 29" H

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My FURst Groomer for Kittens, Cat

Start your kitten on a lifelong grooming routine with the FURminator? My FURst Groomer?. It is specially designed to offer a soothing, massaging

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Philips Norelco BG2040 Men Groomer

Men Groomer - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Application/Usage: Body - Maximum Battery Run Time: 0.83 Hour - Number of Speed Settings: 5

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Arsenal Vibra Prime

Who spends the money on a progressive press to sit there and slowly load primer tubes one primer at a time? Progressive presses are designed to load lots of ammunition quickly. That's why Frankford Arsenal designed the Vibra Prime Automatic Primer

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Grooma Groomer

The Grooma Groomer can clean or shed-out a horse easily. No other tool massages, soothes, or feels better to a horse.

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Valley Vet Supply
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Vac 'N Blo Large Animal Groomer

A lightweight, portable air groomer that will vacuum down deep with super suction to remove parasites, dirt, dandruff and loose hair. Yet, use it as a blower to dry coats evenly, leaves hair completely smooth and lustrous. It works great on horses, donkeys, cows and other large animals. Features a 4 hp. power unit, shoulder strap, 6 foot hose with air flow control, 2 - 20 inch extension wands, air concentrator, air flare, groomer rake, crevice tool, dust brush, 10 inch swivel brush and 3 disposable bags. This product carries a shipping weight of 14 pounds.

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KV Supply
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Groomer's Best Mini Bath Tub Right Drain Black

The Groomer?s Best Mini Bath Tub is ideal for bathing small cats and dogs. It?s solidly constructed of 18-gauge 304 type polished stainless steel with fully welded seams. Guaranteed not to rust. It features 29 H legs with heavy-duty leg levelers to ease back-stress. The interior tub measures 32 W x 24 D x 7 H and includes two animal restraint eyelets on the backsplash. The outside is coated with a textured sealant that is leak proof and sound dampening. Measures: 34 W x 26 D x 57 H and weighs 135 lbs. Ships fully assembled. Made in USA.

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Revival Animal Health
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96mm Center to Center Manchester Pull - Vibra Pewter

96mm Center to Center Manchester Pull - Vibra Pewter

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Modéle Sourcils Brow Groomer

Lancme Modle Sourcils Brow Groomer. This unique, lightweight gel brushes on brilliantly and holds brows perfectly in place.Formulated to work alone or over brow pencil. Gives your brows a natural, well-groomed look.

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Pull, 96 Mm Cc, Vibra Pewter

Schaub - Cabinet Pull, 96 Mm Cc, Vibra Pewter

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My FURst Groomer for Kittens: My FURst Groomer for Kittens

FURminator FURminator My FURst Groomer for Kittens: My FURst Groomer for Kittens #104002 The My FURst Groomer for Kittens is the perfect tool to start your kitten on a life-long grooming routine with! This tool is specifically designed to offer an amazingly smoothing, massaging experience to brush your kitten, all while keeping her hair shiny, clean and healthy. 3-piece interchangeable slicker brush and comb set Extra safe and gentle for your kittens young delicate skin Specially created bristles with angled tips Spacious teeth for a comfortable experience for your kitten Easy push-button to change out grooming attachments - Cat Grooming Brushes & Combs furminator, firminator, fur-mainator, fur minator, furmin, furminater, ferminater, ferminator

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FURminator for Cats My 1st Groomer for Kittens

My 1st Groomer for Kittens -- Not all cats were created equal which makes FURminator ® the best choice when it comes to deShedding solutions. Simply select the tool that matches your cat's body size then select either the short hair or long hair edge for a truly customized grooming experience. The design of the edge allows the tool to push through the topcoat to easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the cat's delicate skin. Benefits: Effectively reduces hairballs, keeping your cat healthier and happier. Recommended by veterinarians to help prevent dangerous hairballs from developing. Reduces shedding up to 90%. Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your cat's long topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. FURejector cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease. Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb. Designed by a groomer for professional results. Patented technologies. Available Sizes: Long Hair Cats: Large, for cats over 10 lbs =2.65 deShedding edge Designed for coats longer than 2 inches Long Hair Cats: Small, for cats up to 10 lbs= 1.75 deShedding edge Designed for coats longer than 2 inches Short Hair Cats: Large, for cats over 10 lbs=2.65 deShedding edge Designed for coats shorter than 2 inches. Short Hair Cats: Small, for cats up to 10 lbs=1.75 deShedding edge Designed for coats shorter than 2 inches

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