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Raw Shea Butter Damage Repair Hair & Scalp Serum - 2 fl oz

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Find shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments at Target.com! Sheamoisture's raw shea butter damage repair hair & scalp serum for dry, damaged hair nourishes and protects the scalp. helps strengthen hair while promoting healthy growth. made with

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Scalp Nourishing Serum 1 fl oz Liquid -10%

Dry scalp? Try Jane Carter's all natural Scalp Nourishing Serum(R). This natural formula helps target dry skin on your scalp while also promoting healthy hair growth. Its 100% natural formula soothes and nourishes dry scalp skin. The Jane Carter Solu

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Swanson Health Products
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deluxe Hair Loss Pack

deluxe Hair Loss Pack PR17 The White Lotus deluxe Hair Loss pack is aptly named because the pack's contents will enable you to achieve superior hair growth. The pack instructions teaches you everything you need to know, whilst the products give you everything you need for 2 months of intensive hair restoration treatment (dermastamp can last a year) to address male pattern baldness, general hair thinning and brittle hair. Women and hair loss problems can also be resolved, for example to treat the post pregnancy hair thinning period. Results can be expected after as little as 6 weeks. The key contents of the pack are the 1.0mm White Lotus derma stamp and the 100ml bottle of Hair Restoration spray. Lack of blood circulation to the hair follicles is a key reason behind hair loss. Our dermastamp is exceptional quality, provides localised stimulation to an area, which in turn dramatically increasing the amount of blood flow to the scalp and therefore hair follicles, promoting growth. To sustain the hygiene of your derma stamp we recommend you use our Natural Cleaner. Another feature of the derma stamp is the increase in skin's natural absorbency level that the act of skin needling instigates (can be an increase of up to 10,000 times in a single treatment), thereby allowing the active ingredients of the Hair Restoration Spray to penetrate to where they are needed. The active ingredients in the non-oily formulation are Chinese herbs, specifically chosen for their blood circulation promoting properties. Our entire serum and spray range use only natural ingredients, all of which are Vegan Society Approved, therefore are completely safe, especially important given increased absorption levels. Also part of the pack is our Silk Pillow Case. Silk is an ideal material to sleep against as cotton causes friction which can actually tear hair out. Key Features ;Fast: Results can be expected within as little as 6 weeks ;Circulation: The derma stamp & spray formulation's designed to promote blood circulation to scalp ;Safe: Confident in our exceptional quality, the dermastamp lasts 1 year- guaranteed sterility and quality ;Unisex: Our Hair Loss Pack is able to address hair loss problems in both men and women ;Pure: Our all-natural Serums and Sprays use ingredients which are Vegan Society Approved "

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Pure Guild Hair Regrowth Serum

Pure Guild botanical hair re-growth serum. 3.4 ounces

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Biotin Lightweight Reparative Hair Serum 2 oz

A leave-in hair serum that prevents breakage and repairs hair. This potent, water-based leave-in serum is infused with Biotin (vitamin B7) and a rich vitamin cocktail of B3, B5, B6, C, and E to nourish the scalp and hydrate and strengthen hair while energizing follicles. A unique deep-penetrating technology enhances the deposit of healthy hair growth actives down the follicle to facilitate absorption of nutrients and speed repair to damaged hair. Silk amino acids penetrate and moisturize for

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Dermahealtm Hair Concentrating Serum - 1.69 Fl. Oz.

Promote hair growth from the roots and help stop hair loss with this medical-grade, peptiderich hair concentrating serum made for women and men. Rub DermahealTM hair concentrating serum nightly into affected areas of the scalp for visibly fuller hair in weeks. 1.69 fl. oz.|||Ingredients^^^Rh-Oligopeptide-2 (IGF-1), Rh-Polypeptide-1 (bFGF), Rh-Polypeptide-9 (VEGF), Rh-Polypeptide-11 (aFGF), Copper Tripeptide-1, Octapeptide-2 (Prohairin ss4), Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Arginine, 2-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Polygala Tenuifolia Root Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Pleurotus Multiflorus Root Extract, Thuja Orientalis Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Multi-vitamins and Amino Acids.|||Usage^^^Drop the Hair Serum directly onto target area of scalp and massage scalp with fingertips for 2-3 minutes 1-2 hours before bedtime to provide sufficient time for scalp to absorb the product. Allow product to remain on scalp for at least four hours before washing hair. Hair Serum should be used on a daily basis.

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As We Change
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Murad Serum for Color-Treated to Normal Hair - 1.7 oz

Murad Serum for Color-Treated to Normal Hair is a patented formulation designed to stimulate and fortify the scalp with vital nutrients, nourishing healthy hair growth. Murad Scalp Serum enhances and protects the scalp after color processing and blow drying, while strengthening and enriching the hair.

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Pro Scalp Treatment Serum for Thinning Hair Color Treated 1.7 oz

Murad Professional Scalp Treatment Color-Treated Serum nourishes hair and protects scalp. Hair follicle stimulation improves circulation, promotes capillary activity, creates a healthy scalp environment, encouragea new growth.

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Stylebell; Hair Resource
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Triphasic VHT Regenerating Treatment Thin Hair Serum 8 Vials

Rene Furterer Triphasic VHT Regenerating Treatment Thin Hair Serum Hereditary thinning hair, caused by genetics, most commonly affects men, faster and noticeable hair growth

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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When Hope is not Enough Facial Firming Serum 1.0oz 29.6ml

Philosophy When Hope is not Enough Facial Firming Serum 1 0 oz / 29 6ml provides super moistrurization for stressed skin Axtioxidants help restore skin and counteract free radical attack and helps minimize the appearance of facial hair growth

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Scalp Treatment Serum Color Treated to Normal Hair 1.7 oz

Murad Scalp Treatment Serum Color Treated to Normal Hair 1.7 oz- Patented formulation designed to cleanse and fortify the scalp with vital nutrients Nourishes healthy hair growth Exclusive formula enhances and protects scalp after color processing and blow-drying Strengthens and enriches hair With energizing pomegranate complex, AHA Saw Palmetto & Vitamin B3 For color-treated to normal hair

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LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator Growth Serum 0.2oz 5.91ml

LiBrow is the worlds most popular purified eyebrow serum giving you the sexy eye-catching arches you always dreamed of.LiBrow fortifies and conditions the hair follicles in the eyebrow area while gently darkening brow hair through a unique tinting agent.Experience the luxury of your own natural youthful thick eyebrows after years of eyebrow trends that have left you with sparse patchy and thin brows.Brow pencils powders and fillers are a thing of the past with LiBrows unprecedented tinting formula;...

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Hair - Hair Regrowth System for Men 30-Day Kit

Hair Regrowth System for Men 30-Day Kit. Men's Kit contains: Hair regrowth tablets:Formulated specifically for men this safe and effective natural hair regrowth formula helps to block the production of DHT the bad form of the hormone testosterone and provides intensive nourishment to revitalize the scalp and enhance hair growth.Research indicates that one of the primary causes of age-related hair loss is the increased level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) the bad form of the hormone testosterone. As men age rising levels of DHT cause the hair to shorten its normal growth phase resulting in a receding hairline often coupled with a growing bald spot on top of the head. This type of hair loss is more commonly known as male pattern baldness or MPB.NuHair for Men helps block the production of DHT and provides intensive nourishment to revitalize the scalp and enhance hair growth. This natural formula includes the DHT-inhibiting standardized herbs He Shou Wu and Saw Palmetto as well as Silica Biotin and Folic Acid. For added effectiveness Nu Hair for Men also includes BioPerine to deliver maximum resultsNuHair for Men provides intensive nourishment for:1) Receding hairlines.2) Breakage around the hairline.3) Excessively thinning hair.4) Poor hair density.DHT blocker:Combats hair loss and thinning hair with a nutritional approach a natural herbal blend that blocks the production of DHT and supports hair regrowth from the inside-out. The benefit is stronger thicker healthier hairResearch indicates that one of the primary causes of hair loss and thinning hair is due to increased level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) the bad form of the hormone testosterone. As men and women age DHT builds up in the scalp and damages the hair-producing follicles. This eventually destroys the hair follicles which results in hair loss. NuHair DHT Blocker combats hair loss and thinning hair with a nutritional approach a natural supplement that nourishes and supports hair regrowth from the inside out. The benefit is thicker fuller healthier hair for men and women.NuHair DHT Blocker is formulated to block the negative effects of DHT naturally!1) Helps to inhibit DHT a leading cause of hair loss in men and women.2) Works well for all hair types.3) Best when used in conjunction with the NuHair Hair Regrowth tablets and NuHair Thinning Hair Serum for a complete hair regrowth system.Key ingredients:DHT Blocker Proprietary BlendPhytosterol Complex (Soy) Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa repens) (berry) Pumpkin Extract (Cucurbita moschata) (seed) Quercetin.He Shou Wu (Fo-ti)12:1 Powdered Extract (Polygonum multiflorum) (root).Thinning hair serum:NuHair Thinning Hair Serum utilizes a lipoceutical time-released multiphase delivery technology which supplies vital nutrients to nourish the follicle receptor sites and help replace lost vitamins and minerals. NuHair Thinning Hair Serum is a natural nutrient booster for fine and thinning hair. It energizes the scalp and nourishes the hair shaft to help

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Peau Vierge Lash Growth

Peau Vierge Lash Growth Serum is the safest and most effective lash growth product for achieving thicker, healthier and more robust lashes without the use of harsh chemicals or the worry of dangerous side effects. The powerful Vitamin-Protein-Peptide hydrating emulsion found in the Peau Vierge Lash Growth Serum will help you achieve fuller lashes and brows without undesirable irritation or discoloration to your eyes or skin. Unlike many lash growth products containing Isopropyl Cloprostenate, Le Metier de Beaute's lash growth serum contains 100% FDA approved ingredients. Each Peau Vierge Lash Growth Serum is made with safe and proven effective lash-benefiting ingredients:Pathenol- Promotes lash flexibility and durabilityMyristol Pentapepide-17- Adds volume by nourishing and strengthening lashesSodium Hyaluronate-Helps lashes appear healthier and strongerAloe- Stimulates new hair growthVitamin E- Works to hydrate, moisturize, heal and soothe lashesAmino Acids- Fortifies lashes for a smoother, richer look

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Hair Serum Grow & Strengthen Indian Hemp & Tamanu - 4 oz.

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strengthen Serum - 4 oz. (119ml) Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strengthen Serum encourages healthy, new growth. The keratin, bamboo and garlic extract in Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strengthen Serum fortify and strengthen tresses, while hemp, tamanu oil and monoi oil condition hair and help prevent breakage. HeritageFor centuries, herbalists around the globe have applied hemp to the scalp to calm irritation. In Madagascar, Tamanu oil is revered for its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties along with its deeply moisturizing and reparative benefits. In Chinese medicine, bamboo is incorporated into healing rituals to strengthen hair and promote healthy growth while naturopaths in the Mediterranean apply garlic extract. Naturally fragrant Monoi oil, a beauty secret from Tahiti, intensely hydrates hair preventing breakage. About Nubian HeritageIn 1992, fresh out of college without jobs, Rich and Nyema embarked on a personal mission to produce high quality bath and body products utilizing all-natural ingredients and ancient healing philosophies from around the globe. Nubian Heritage is the brainchild of these lifelong friends, turned New York street vendors, who simply grew frustrated with the inferior quality, high chemical content, poor selection and exorbitant prices of skin care products. Today Nubian Heritage has hundreds of all-natural and organic products and although they are no longer made in bath tubs or kitchen sinks, little else has changed. They are still obsessed with Fair Trade ingredients, Ancient Healing Philosophies, Community Commerce and Culturally Authentic Products.

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Cellular Repair Serum

Size: 0.34 fl oz (10 ml) E 'shee Cellular Repair Serum uses FGF1, a pure bio-engineered growth factor that targets the fibroblast to rejuvenate damaged or aging skin by boosting collagen production, increasing skin's firmness and facial volume and smoothing fine lines and deep wrinkles. This concentrated serum also contains horse chestnut to soothe redness caused by rosacea and to help repair broken blood vessels by strengthening capillary walls. Directions: After cleansing and toning your skin apply 2 to 4 drops on the face, neck and decollete, including eye area (can be applied to lower and upper lid). Use 1-2 times daily. Suitable for all skin types, especially rosacea prone skin and those with broken capillaries. TIA Review by Marta: E'shee Clinical Esthetic Cellular Repair Serum is one of the most powerful serums that I have ever come across. I use it to target those really tough wrinkles so that a little goes a long way and I get more bang for my buck. The results are impressive. Used carefully, the bottle will last a good three months or four months. This serum is hugely beneficial for rosacea, broken veins and deep wrinkles. The key active is the cutting edge FGF 1 (a Recombinant Human acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor). Fibroblast growth factors, or FGFs, are a family of growth factors involved in angiogenesis and wound healing. FGF1 is rather bossy and tells other FGFs what to so. It signals FGF2 to get on with fibroblast growth and collagen production, hyaluronic acid and elastin, while getting FGF7 to get busy with hair follicles and grow hair. FGF7 is also responsible for keratinocyte resulting in rejuvenated skin. They also support angiogenesis, which is the growth of new blood vessels. Certainly, broken veins seem to diminish with this serum. The horse chestnut is a well-known repair for broken capillaries. Horse chestnut trees (particularly the seeds) contain a saponin called escin. This is supposed to strengthen veins and capillaries by blocking an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which can breakdown of proteoglycans (part of the structure of capillary walls). The only other botanical is mulberry. This is typically used in skincare as a whitener. Studies have been shown mulberry leaf extract to inhibit tyrosinase activity. Additionally, several phenolic flavonoids, such as gallic acid and quercetin, and fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid, have been isolated from its leaves. With sodium lactate and lactic acid providing exfoliation and sodium hyaluronate, this formulation covers most bases. We cannot ship E'shee products to Taiwan or Korea. Got Questions? Contact Us

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Truth In Aging
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Generation V Maximum Strength Trichoceutical Activator Serum

Hair Genesis Activator Serum treats hair thinning and hair loss WITHOUT the use of minoxidil or prescription drugs - no side effects! Hair Genesis Serum applies in a foam and is absorbed into hair and scalp promoting thicker hair growth!

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SalonWeb - Beauty Store
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Revimour Eyelash Enhancer, Eyelash Growth Serum, Eyelash Conditioner - Make a lasting impression with Longer, Thicker, & Darker Lashes by Omiera Labs 0.27 fl. oz. (8 ml)

Get dramatic eyes with the help of Revimour, Eyelash Growth Enhancer. With Revimour, your eyelashes will grow long and lush, giving you perfectly framed eyes no one can ignore. Simply apply like an eyeliner twice daily for fast results in only about 2 to 4 weeks typically. Revimour prolongs the hair growth cycle and helps deter lash breakage, giving your lashes the time they need to grow thicker and more abundant. Unlike a prescription solution, Revimour has no known unwanted side effects such as changing eye color, making it ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. With ingredients like botanical extracts and oils, Revimour is the natural way to go about getting those thick gorgeous lashes youÕve always dreamed of.

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omiera labs
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Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Scalp Serum 2 fl oz by Life Extension

Life Extension Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Scalp Serum 2 fl oz The scalp and hair follicles play a critical role in the health of the hair, and they're continually challenged by chemical, mechanical, and environmental stressors. A novel plant extract derived from the rare argan tree"enhanced by supporting compounds--protects and stimulates the activity of self-renewing dermal stem cells. This serves to moisturize the scalp, provide nutrients to every strand of hair, and sustain a strong hair growth cycle. The new Rejuvenating Scalp Serum contains argan oil, which is unlike any other oil. It is a œdry oil, easily absorbed by the skin so it leaves no residue or build-up on the hair or scalp. Argan oil has been shown to be exceptionally effective at targeting scalp skin cells to prevent dry scalp conditions, nourish hair follicles, and revive dull, tired, brittle hair. The effectiveness of

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Better Health International
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Peter Lamas Regenerating Scalp Serum - Clear - Soft Surroundings

Peter Lamas Regenerating Scalp Serum - Clear - Peter Lamas, celebrated hair stylist and skin expert to icons such as Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Diana Ross, brings his 30-plus years of expertise to his line of beauty products. Committed to delivering performance driven products, this natural line is empowered with rare Chinese Herbs and botanicals used for centuries that help support healthy hair growth, and energize the scalp for fuller, healthier tresses. Support healthy hair growth and energize hair follicles to considerably reduce hair loss. This Regenerating Scalp Serum contains Apple Stem Cells and Japanese Swertia Extract which scientific studies have shown accelerate cell turnover and improve micro-circulation of the scalp, which enhances hair growth and helps to restore texture and color of graying hair. Good for both men and women.

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Soft Surroundings
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