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FLA Therall Premium Arthritis Back Support - 53-537X

F.L.A. Therall Heat Retaining Back Support Information: The NEW FLA Therall Premium Arthritis Care Back Support is an elastic back support providing light compression for comfortable support. The Therall Back Support contains unique ceramic fibers that retain heat and slowly reflect it back into the lower back and surrounding tissues. The result is soothing relief and therapeutic heat penetrated deep into the aching back, muscles and surrounding tissues. Relieves back pain associated with arthritis Provides comfortable support for the lower back Contoured metal stays can be easily shaped for a customized fit Overlapping elastic side pulls provide additional compression Promotes healing by increasing circulation around the lower back Allows for faster return to daily activities LATEX FREE Indications Ideal for arthritis, lower back pain and discomfort, overuse or repetitive use injuries and muscle strains. Goals Therapeutic heat Reinforce lumbar region Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms Low profile support More flexible lumbar/sacral support Support Level This brace is rated Level III Click here for Rating Information: - FLA Orthopedic Braces 53-537X

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The Brace Shop
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Therall Joint Warming Ankle Support Size: Small - 53-9024 -40%

The Therall Joint Warming Ankle Support is constructed with four-way stretch material for light compression to counteract swelling. Assorted Small

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Healthy Legs
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Kimberly-Clark Examination Gloves Lavender

Examination Gloves - Color: Lavender - Application/Usage: Laboratory Application - Material: Nitrile - Country of Origin: United States - Recycled Content: 0% - Size: - Small Size - 3.15" Width x 9.50" Length x 2.80 mil Thickness

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Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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SPF 50 SunStick -16%

Low Price Guarantee!

Protect your face from the harsh sunrays with the Joshua Tree Skin Care SPF 50 SunStick; a convenient sunscreen stick loaded with premium organic oils, butters and aloe to keep your skin protected and nourished. Sunscreen lotion stick. Dry touch. SPF 50. Broad spectrum UVA - UVB Protection. Very water and sweat resistant. Very freeze resistant. 100% natural. Zinc Oxide. Organic oils and butters.

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Chromium Precision Cricket Batting Gloves Small Boys

Premium entry-level glove offering excellent comfort and protection. High density lightweight foam cushioning and anatomic pre-curved finger construction. Two-piece hinged thumb durable soft leather palm and secure wrist closure with embossed PUMA tab. PVC-free.

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Maxtack Premium Glove Left: Ektelon Racquetball Gloves

Ektelon Maxtack Premium Glove Left : The Ektelon Maxtack Premium Glove Left is constructed with a tacky kangaroo leather palm application for ultimate non-slip grip. With an absorbent elastic band and tab closure design, you won't have to worry about

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Holabird Sports
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Arthritis Gloves Small

IMAK Arthritis Gloves (one pair)The Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with Arthritis of the hands. The unique design provides mild compression for warmth and help to increase circulation and promote healing. The Arthritis Gloves are made of a soft breathable Cotton Lycra. The open fingertips allow you full freedom to feel, touch, and grip for all day comfort. Use for arthritis, hand fatigue, cold hands, other types of hand and wrist pain. May also help with neuropathy of the hands and poor circulation.Key Benefits: Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints Effective non-invasive arthritis relief Cotton Lycra allows skin to breathe and keeps hands dry Comfortable to use all day and night Commended by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use Measure width of palm at knuckles Available Sizes: Small, up to 3 1/8 " Medium, up to 3 1/2 " Large, up to 4"

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Pro-Med Products
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Town & Field Easy-Care Gloves

Premium microsuede make these classic gloves more durable than similar styles you'll find and at this price you can buy more than one. High-pile fleece lining is infused with aloe to soothe chapped hands. Imported. Machine wash and dry.

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3200L Large Unlined Premium Grade Cowhide Gloves

Memphis Gloves Unlined Driving Gloves are made of premium grade cowhide that fits the large size group comfortably. Keystone thumb design with a shirred elastic backing and a rolled cuff style ensures an accurate fit. Gloves protect hands while also providing breathability during use. Color. : White. Cuff Style. : Rolled. Material. : Cowhide. Style. : Keystone Thumb. (Memphis Glove 3200L)

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Arthritis Gloves - Extra Small

IMAK Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands.In addition to being designed by an orthopedic surgeon, IMAK Arthritis Gloves have also earned the Arthritis Foundation's Ease of Use Commendation for its design.The unique design of the IMAK Arthritis Gloves provides mild compression for warmth and helps increase circulation, which ultimately reduces pain and promotes healing.The Arthritis Gloves are made of soft, breathable cotton material, meaning they are comfortable enough to wear all day and night.The open fingertips allow you complete freedom to feel, touch and grip, so you can perform daily tasks without issue.Use IMAK Arthritis Gloves to relieve arthritis, hand fatigue, cold hands and other types of hand and wrist pain.May also help with neuropathy of the hands and poor circulation.Material Content: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex.To find your size, place a ruler against your knuckles: XS (up to 2 3/4“), S (up to 3 1/8“), M (up to 3 1/2“), L (up to 4“) and XL (up to 4 1/2“).

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Respro Medical
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Wound Care MAX 14g

TerrasilTM Wound Care MAX antiseptic ointment contains double the concentration of bacteria-fighting ingredients to protect against infection, for rapid healing of wounds. Doctor recommended. Choose this size to treat a small area.Terrasil Wound Care MAX Antiseptic Ointment is a unique all-in-one wound treatment system in a jar. This powerful FDA-registered remedy combines the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results.Physician RecommendedKills bacteria up to 21 times faster than major brands*Reduces the risk of infectionPromotes faster healingDoctor recommendedSoothes itching and sorenessCalms inflammation and rednessMinimizes scarringImproved results within 48 hours*Contains a higher concentration of FDA-approved active ingredientsBacked by 10 years of researchFree of unnecessary chemicals, artificial scents, parabens and potentially harmful preservatives90-day, risk-free guaranteeMade in the USASoothing Natural Moisturizers Penetrate Deeply For Complete, Rapid ReliefTerrasil's all-natural moisturizers (Jojoba Oil, Beeswax) and essential oils (Sage Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil) provide multiple benefits to irritated, damaged or infected skin. Jojoba Oil is one of the world's most nutrient-rich and long-lasting moisturizers. The unique consistency of jojoba oil allows Terrasil to penetrate deeply in order to quickly deliver treatment to every layer of skin. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin, as well as documented ability to repair cracked skin.Peppermint Oil has been used for centuries to naturally relieve skin soreness, discomfort and itch.Tea Tree Oil has natural cicatrizant properties, meaning that it may support tissue development.Sage oil soothes inflammation and helps speed the removal of toxins through perspiration.Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which is known to condition skin and promote cell reconstruction.FDA-Approved Active Ingredients Protect Damaged Skin & Eliminate Bacteria To Reduce The Risk Of InfectionTerrasil Wound Care ointment features a powerful antiseptic (bacteria-fighting) ingredient, as well as a soothing skin protectant. Together, they form the ultimate barrier against infection, which is the biggest cause of delayed healing in wounds. Patented Activated Minerals Support Skin Cell RenewalTerrasil is the only wound care product available that uses patented Activated Minerals. This proprietary blend includes Volcanic Clay (Bentonite), Zinc Oxide and Magnesium Oxide. These nutrient-rich minerals support natural production of new, healthy skin cells and reduced scarring.Same Powerful Formula - Now Much Lighter in Color! You may notice the Terrasil ointment you receive looks lighter than it used to. Rest assured it's the EXACT same formulation in a lighter color to help minimize staining. Terrasil Wound Care MAX is the only extra-strength wound treatment available that features patented Activated MineralsTM, a proprietary blend including Volcanic

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
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Tohoma Gloves 2014 - Small

The Poler Tohoma Gloves are made from ultra-luxurious Duffaluffagus hide (a.k.a. goat leather), and are insulated with Poler's own Thermastuff High Loft synthetic material that will keep you warm during snow flurries, snowball fights, and long days of riding. Inside the glove is a water repellent membrane that will keep your phalanges dry and will help you avoid soppy gloves. For the coldest days that call for extra warmth, stick some heat bags into the strategically placed handwarmer pockets because, if you get frostbite, you're gonna have a bad day. Take your #campvibes to the next level and take the Poler Tohoma Gloves on your next mountain adventure.

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Absolue Yeux Premium BX Regenerating And Replenishing Eye Care 20ml/0.7oz by Lancome

Free Shipping worldwide. Recommended Retail: US$112.50 - Absolue Yeux Premium BX Regenerating And Replenishing Eye Care-20ml/0.7oz - skincare / cosmetics

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Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment

Spotless Skin Women looking for flawless skin have a good friend in Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment. It's a concentrated sulfur acne treatment cream that reduces inflammation, infection and bumpiness. It is specially formulated to correct blemishes and scars. Operates via reverse osmosis Kills bacteria Can be used for facial mask to absorb excess oil Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment is an innovative and effective nondrying spot treatment that helps get rid of acne by clearing pore blockages and flattening blemishes. Just For You: All skin types A Closer Look: Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment contains sulfur that helps in reducing scars, inflammation and infection. It also has gentle botanicals that help soothe your skin. You Won't Find: Paraben and harmful chemicals Get Started: Apply at night in small amount directly on blemishes. If using it as a mask, apply thin layer to affected area, leaving for 10 minutes before rinsing.

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Blond Me Premium Care Developer 12%/40 Vol 33 oz

What it is: The BLONDME Lightener and Colour range provide the high performance needed to create personalized blonde looks. What it does: Premium Care Developer offer up to 9 levels of lift while the ready-to-use toners and white blending shades give endless creative potential for blonde hair. What else you need to know: 2% 7 Vol: Toning pre-lightened hair 6% 20 Vol: Conventional Bleaching 9% 30 Vol: Maximum Bleaching (not for root application) 12% 40 Vol: Lifting on natural base 6 - 7

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Arthritis Gloves - Small - pr 1

Arthritis Gloves The Arthritis Gloves are designed to help relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands. The unique design provides mild compression for warmth and to help increase circulation and promote healing. The Arthritis Gloves are made of a soft breathable Cotton Lycra. These Gloves are so comfortable that you can wear them all day and night. The open fingertips allow you full freedom to feel, touch, and grip. Key Benefits of Arthritis Gloves: Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints Open fingertips allow freedom to feel, touch, and grip Cotton Lycra allows skin to breathe and keeps hands dry Comfortable to use all day and night Use the Arthritis Gloves for arthritis, hand fatigue, cold hands, other types of hand and wrist pain. Arthritis Gloves may also help with neuropathy of the hands and poor circulation.

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Natural Color Care Shampoo - 12 oz.

ShiKai Natural Color Care Shampoo - 12 oz. Shikai Natural Color Care Shampoo gently cleans color-treated or bleached hair without stripping or fading the color. Two special UV filters in Color Care Shampoo that provide added all day protection while natural soap & detergent-free Shikai Extract provides gentle cleansing. ShiKai natural hair care products are plant based, low detergent, naturally pH balanced, extra gentle and leave incredible shine and manageability. Each ShiKai Shampoo is based on this special botanical extract obtained from the fruit of an East Asian acacia tree. The secret is nature's own natural soap-free cleanser, wildcrafted shikakai. It is this extract which provides rich, dense, gentle lather and leaves hair shiny and manageable. A blend of Aloe Vera and Panthenol provides extra moisturizing and conditioning. Plant based Low detergent, extra mild No animal ingredients No animal testing Since 1975 Shikai has been developing natural skin and hair care products. Shikai goal is to make the finest most natural and safest products possible. To meet their high standards, Shikai formulate and produce each item with extreme care at their facilities in California.What is Shikakai?SHIKAKAI (Acacia Concinna) is a little known secret for maintaining healthy hair. ShiKai use it simply because it works. It is the best, most natural shampoo they've found. Its gentle, low pH lather cleans thoroughly without drying the hair or scalp. It leaves hair smooth, shiny and full of body. It is a true and natural alternative to soap and detergent based shampoos. Shikakai is a small spindly plant that grows in the arid regions of India and Burma. Its claim to fame is its large pod which has been collected, ground into powder, mixed with water and used for centuries as a gentle cleanser for "lustrous long hair". In fact, "shikakai" literally translates as "fruit for the hair".

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Living Daily Face Care Kit

Face Care Kit: Liquid Loofa-Bamboo Facial Cleansing, Enzyme Facial Peel, Advanced & Gentle Facial Tone, High ORAC Anti Aging Crème.4 products. 4 lessons. Easy for you! Your Everyday Face Care Regimen to Keep Your Skin Looking Young! 4 incredible products to keep your face clean and looking the best it can. All designed to maximize your skins health & Reverse the signs of aging. Living a Healthy Life Through Self-Awareness. Having one of the right tools to living a health life is in your hands. This is not just skin care, but knowing how important it is to take care of your skin! Eat Right. Get Fit. Look Great. Feel Spectacular, and Have Locks in moisture and repels ECO contaminants or irritants. Beautiful Skin! An Important Lesson: Your face is uniquely yours and deserves special treatment. Your face is your projector: to the world and says more about how you feel and who you are than anything else that you have. We can help you put your best face forward with just a few simple steps. Protect your youthfulness, vitality and joy. Pro-Active Living Well Skin Care & Anti-Aging: Skin Care: Pro-Tect Barrier Lotion, Aloe+ Skin Calmer, Bug Out Body Spritz, Lip Lock Lip Balm, Sunny Day Living Sunscreen, Smooth Living Shave System, and Living Pure Bodywash & Shampoo. Face Care: Living Young Wrinkle Repair, Living Right Anti-Aging Crème, Living Clean Bamboo Facial Cleanser, Living Natural Makeup Remover, Living Fresh Enzyme Facial Peel and Living Toned Facial Toner.Directions: Liquid Loofa-Bamboo Facial Cleansing: Massage into the face and throat with warm water. Rinse and pat dry. Excellent for all sing types. Use daily, with confidence! Enzyme Facial Peel: After cleansing, dry skin thoroughly and apply a thin layer of Enzyme Peel to a small area of the face-wait a few seconds. Then, using circular motions, massage the Peel into the skin-you will soon notice the Peel starts to become liquefied and as you continue to massage, you will feel small round particles staring to form (theses are your dead skin cells). Rinse thoroughly with tepid water, and pat dry. Continue in other areas until the entire face and neck have been treated. Your skin will immediately have more luminosity and radiance! Can be used daily either morning or night. Advanced & Gentle Facial Toner: Apply to a cotton ball and sweep across the face and neck using upward strokes. Excellent for all skin types. High ORAC Anti Aging Crème: After cleansing, apply twice a day (morning and night), using upward outward motions. Good for all skin types.

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Discount Sport Nutrition
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Small Arthritis Gloves [2/PK]

Product on backorder until further notice. Helps relieve; arthritis, hand pain and Swelling and cold hands. Provides mild compression to entrance blood circulation. Open fingertips allow freedom to touch, feel and grip. Cotton Lycra allows skin to breathe. Comfortable to use all day and night. Latex Free.

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Kimberly - Clark Kc100 Lavender Nitrile Exam Gloves - Glove, Exam, Nitrile, Lavender, X-Small, 250/bx
Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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