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Backmax plus wedge pillow

The BackMax Plus Wedge Pillow ergonomic firm-support cushion soothes, comforts, and supports your entire body so that you can easily relax, rest, and rejuvenate. At 28″ wide, this cushion provides ample elbow room and increased stability when used in bed or on a sofa. The zippered connections allow the wedges to be used in different configurations, such as raising the upper torso to aid in digestions, snoring, and sinus congestion, or elevating the legs to the approximate level of the heart. Covered in plush microfiber material, the BackMax Plus comes with a neck roll for added support and a convenient nylon case for storage and travel. The Complete, Multi-Functional Back Support System Featuring Soothing Massage Dual massage motors in the torso and leg wedges relax tense muscles.  Contour has enhanced their original wedge system! The BackMax Plus Wedge Pillow is 28″ wide, so now just about anyone can rest comfortably with elbow room to spare. The additional width provides great stability when using the wedges in bed or on a sofa. This deluxe version of the original Back Max features wedges that are covered in plush microfiber material, and the set comes with a neck roll for added support. A nylon carrying case for storage and travel is included as well. The BackMax Plus features the same ergonomic cushion design as our original BackMax, and the zippered connections allow the wedges to be used in different configurations. The BackMax Plus raises your upper torso to aid digestion, snoring and sinus congestion. It elevates your legs to the approximate level of the heart. It soothes, comforts and supports the entire body so you can relax, rest and rejuvenate! Dimensions:70″ x 28″ x 14″ Vendor: Contour

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City Of Sleep
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Polar Foam Genesis SleePap Pillow by Hudson

This SleePAP Pillow is designed with two layers of cooling Polar Foam (Memory Foam) that surround and are laminated to a foam core; a stretch knit nap casing allows the pillow to easily conform to the head and provides a cool surface for comfort, and a zip off washable polyester cover. Designed by a CPAP user, this pillow improves comfort and compliance by addressing common issues with pillows and CPAP therapy, including side-sleeping, bulky CPAP masks, and CPAP tube placement. Click on the more pictures button above to see how this pillow was designed specifically for CPAP users.The SleePAP Genesis Polar Foam CPAP Pillow finally provides a sleeping pillow solution specifically designed for CPAP patients. Customized with mask-friendly contours, the SleePAP Genesis Polar Foam CPAP Pillow is a comfortable, durable pillow for sleep apnea sufferers that is a revolutionary answer to discomfort and disturbed sleep during CPAP therapy. The SleePAP Pillow is one of the highest quality CPAP pillows on the market today, brought to you by a leader in CPAP equipment and supplies.Designed especially for C-PAP and Bi-PAP users for comfort and compliance – helps keep face mask in place and prevents air leaks and pressure points.Designed to work with all major brands and styles of CPAP Masks.Allows greater freedom of movement during sleep.Cool, comfortable Polar FoamTM surfaces laminated to resilent support Air-FlowTM foam core.Stretch knit nap casing allows pillow to easily conform to the head and provides a cool surface for comfort.Zip-off outer poly/cotton cover.Self-moulding – conforms and re-adjusts to every move!Dimensions: 21x15x5

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City Of Sleep
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Original Foot Scrub 4 oz Liquid

Original Foot Scrub 4 oz Liquid - Organic pedicure! Exfoliate and polish dry, rough feet with natural pumice and walnut shells in this luxurious organic peppermint foot scrub. This product contains no animal ingredients, no artificial colors and was not tested on animals.

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Swanson Health Products
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Memory Foam Leg Support by Hudson

The Memory Foam Leg Support makes sleep and rest stress and pain free. Rid yourself of back and leg aches with the raised design. Soft and comfortable, the pillow is great for everyday use.Get a better rest with the Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow. Leg elevation is highly recommended for increasing blood circulation and providing relief from leg cramping, lower back pain, and muscle spasms. It’s also a great solution for discomfort caused by pregnancy weight gain. This leg elevator pillow is layered with NASA-utilized, self-molding memory foam which contours and cradles you for ultimate comfort. Its zip-off plush terry knit cover is easy to care for and soft to the touch! The layers can be adjusted for ultimate, customized comfort. Made in the USA. No Assembly Required. Made in AmericaFeatures: • Elevation of your legs increases blood circulation, providing therapeutic relief from lower back pain, leg cramps and muscle spasms.• Adjustable to 5″ or 9″ by removing or adding the foam insert.• Contour surface cradles your legs for added comfort and support,replacing the need to stack regular pillows which can slip and slide.• Allergy free and flame retardant.• Soft, comfortable, and washable deluxe terry cloth cover.

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City Of Sleep
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Bariatric Foot Stool

Step up safely with the security of this foot stool! -Manufactured with 1" steel tubing. - -Non-skid ribbed rubber platform. - -Cross brace attached with aircraft-type rivets. - -Weight capacity: 500 lbs. - -Limited lifetime warranty. - *Shipped by the manufacturer

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Foot Levelers Ultra Pillow

Foot Levelers Ultra PillowAdaptable Therapeutic Edge of UltraCel foam continuously conforms to head and neck for gentle, corrective support Virtually eliminates break-in time Good for whiplash, tension headaches, arthritis, and back pain

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Massage Warehouse
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The Original Foot Free Pillow by Invacare Supply Group

Medical Supplies - The Original Foot Free Pillow by Invacare Supply Group

Discount Medical Supplies.com
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Therapeutic Foot Pillow 82-5741

Remedy 82-5741 Sooth and relieve painful pressure on your feet, heels and ankles. Cradle your feet and relieve painful pressure with soft, quilted pillows. Features: -Pillow. -Material: Polyester / Cotton cover. -Fill: Quilted Polyester. -Triangular shaped surrounds foot with cloud-like softness. -Hook and loop fasteners designed for sizing flexibility. -One size fits all 1 pair. Dimensions: -4" H x 10" W x 15" D, 0.95 lb.

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Plaid Foot Pillows

Plush foot pillows provide perfect relief, and VELCRO®-brand closures adjust easily. Poly-cotton/ polyfill cushion the feet with cloudlike comfort. Machine wash. Imported. One size fits most.

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Country Store Catalog c/o Range Online
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Silicore Foot Pillows and Positioners

Medical Supplies - Silicore Foot Pillows and Positioners

Discount Medical Supplies.com
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Dermal Therapy Foot Massage -27%

Dermal Therapy?s Foot Massage skin moisturizers are not just beauty products, they contain clinically proven formulas that boosts the health and restores the moistures of even the extremely dry, cracked and flaky skin.

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Total Diabetes Supply
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Ohaus 71173378 Foot Tare Switch for Defender and Champ Scales

Real People ~ Real Service

This foot tare switch is designed to work with Ohaus Defender and Champ digital scales. Use the 71173378 to easily tare the weight from your scale without using your hands to reduce contamination and speed up weighing.

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Old Will Knott Scales
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Convolution Pillow by Z™

The Convolution offers three choices, making it a great choice for multi-position sleepers. One side has convoluted memory foam cushioned with Gelled Microfiber™ for a plush feel. The other side has flat memory foam for a firmer feel. The foam core can be reomved for the ultra soft, down-like feel of the microfiber alone. This is one of Z's™ most popular pillows.

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Foot Spray Deodorant Crystal 4 .oz -45%

Deodorant crystal for foot & shoe odor Paraben/PG free For men & women Ingredients: Aqua (purified water), natural mineral salts (potassium alum), aloe barbadensis leaf juice. Directions: Spray on feet, especially on soles. Spray into shoes and sneakers to eliminate odor overnight. CAUTION: If rash occurs, discontinue use. Do not apply to broken skin. Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Cruelty-Free

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AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Foot Cream -20%

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We always want our feet to look smooth, soft and supple. This pleasant foot cream is rich in Dead Sea minerals, natural plant derivatives and tea tree oil. It renews rough skin, repairs splits and cracks and prevents dryness. Avocado, Wheat Germ,...

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Foot Therapy Cream 4oz 6-pack

Diachieve Foot Care Cream 4oz 6-pack is specially formulated for people experiencing foot pain, itch and dryness associated with diabetes. Six 4 Ounce Jars.

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Foot Therapy Pain Relief Cream Bottle 8oz -20%

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Whether you are on your toes, hitting the tracks or pounding the pavement, your feet take the brunt of it every day. Now you can give those barking dogs some extra special TLC with Topricin? Foot Therapy. Perfect for all kinds of foot pain. Whether exercise, overuse or underlying medical conditions are causing the problem, this non-greasy, no smell, fast absorbing formula even treats dry, cracked skin commonly found on the feet.Topricin? Foot Therapy Cream is specially formulated to effectively and naturally treat foot and ankle pain. Paraban FREE with no petroleum or irritating chemicals. Bring the swelling down and stop that pain fast by stimulating the body?s desire to heal the damage that is causing the pain. How does it work? Topricin? Foot Therapy Cream drains toxins and fluids in an injured area, improving blood flow to the injured tissue. Fast. Effective. Odorless. Natural.Homeopathic medicines are safe, gentle and help the body heal.This medicine will not interfere with any medication you may be taking.The creme base is moisturizing, with no petroleum or irritating chemicals.Fragrance free, no mineral oil, lanolin, or menthol.Safe to use for children 2 to 12, for children under 2, consult a doctor.Non-greasy, non-staining.Apply 3-4 times a day or more often if neededStore at room temperature, and tightly secure cap after use.For severe injury always seek medical attention.Ingredients:Aesculus hippocastanum 6XArnica Montana 6XBelladonna 6XCalendula officinalis 4XCrotalus horridus 8XEchinacea 4XGraphites 6XHeloderma horridum 8XLachesis mutus 8XNaja tripudians 8XPhosphorus 9XRhus toxicodendron 8XRuta Graveolens 6XSulfur 8X

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SchureMed 800-0036 Foot Extension 20" X 10"

Price Match Guarantee & Free Shipping $99+

Use horizontally as a table extension and vertically as a foot support for reverse Trendelenburg positions to optimize surgical patient positioning with the Foot Extension from SchureMed. Incredibly useful accessory for the operating room. Can be used horizontally as a table extension and vertically as a foot support for reverse Trendelenburg positions to optimize surgical patient positioning. Deluxe 2? pad and table clamps included.Fits all O.R. tablesCompletely radiolucent

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Claflin Medical Equipment
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Pediatric Immobilizer Pillows -24%

Low Price Guarantee!

KEMP™'s Pediatric Head Immoblizer Pillows are smaller sized for use with infants and toddlers - a must for any pool with young clientele. Smaller size is compatible with infants and toddlers. Fits most head immobilizer bases. Vinyl-coated foam. Easy to clean and disinfect. 2.5''L x 5.5''W x 3.75''H.

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