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Fuller Foot and Body Bath Brush

If you're tired of stretching and bending to scrub your toes and back, we have just the solution for you. The Fuller bath brush allows you to easily wash your entire body, right down to your toes. Stiff upper bristles exfoliate, invigorate, and encourage circulation. Softer lower bristles gently clean, soothe, and massage. 27½" length makes it functional even for taller bodies. Rust-resistant wire construction. Bath brush handle features a hole for hanging.

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Vermont Country Store
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Bamboo Foot Brush & File

Eco Tools Bamboo Foot Brush & File Eco Tools Bamboo Foot Brush & File shows respect for the planet:  Highly sustainable bamboo handle Synthetic nylon bristles are 100% cruelty-free. Pumice is made of finely ground recycled glass. Scrub feet with the brush side of the Eco Tools Bamboo Foot Brush & File. Gently smooth rough patches with pumice side of the Bamboo Foot Brush & File. Show off your feet this summer! Bath & Body Feel beautiful from the inside out. Perfectly pampered skin starts with relaxing bath rituals that indulge the senses as they seriously cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. You'll feel as radiant and rejuvenated as you look! HISTORY Founded in Chicago in 1947 by Robert Zall, Paris Presents began as a general sundry distributor selling to drug stores, hospital gift shops, bath boutiques, department and specialty stores. Today, Paris Presents creates and distributes comprehensive brands of makeup tools, bath and body liquids and accessories, travel accessories, nail and niche beauty products. MISSION To make YOU feel more beautiful from the inside out by providing the best in bath, body and personal care. To provide YOU with high quality products at affordable prices developed through innovation and on-trend design. GIVING BACK Paris Presents sponsors and supports many charities that raise awareness and money for women's issues, children's issues and protecting the environment. EcoTools has joined with 1% For the Planet to donate 1% of annual sales to environmental organizations that create a healthier place to live. GOING GREEN In 2007, Paris Presents started an internal initiative to make our products and daily business practices more earth-friendly. Paris Presents launched an entire line of bath and cosmetic accessories that are eco-friendly, using sustainable resources that minimize the negative impact on the environment (such as bamboo, cruelty-free taklon bristles and recycled/recyclable materials).

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Bath and Body Brush Sisal 9 inch

Baudelaire Bath and Body Brush Sisal 9 inch Baudelaire Bath and Body Brush Sisal 9 inch is hand-harvested with sisal fibers. Give your body a most excellent exfoliation withtheir traditional, Japanese-style sisal brushes. They'll free your skin from the tyranny of old dead cells, which, after all are taking up valuable space that could be used by shiny new ones! Great for a dry massage too! The French call it gommage, we call it exfoliation, and mom just called it a good scrub: i.e., washing away dead skin cells so you can show off (and moisturize) the new ones. Here's everything you need to gommage away. Baudelaire is PASSIONATE. About importing HIGH-QUALITY soaps and body-care products based on authentic local traditions of formulation and fragrance. They have been ever since they set off in 1987 in search of artisanal companies owned by people who are as passionate about AUTHENTICITY as they are. People like: Stephane Lecaille of Provence Sante, whose passion for traditional soap making and authentic Provencal FRAGRANCES has led to the creation of one of America's leading imported brands. Switzerland's Ernst Schenk whose commitment to TRADITIONAL beekeeping, and the wonderfully healing ingredients that bees gather, recently took him to Brazil in search of better bee pollen for his Apiana soaps. Jim Cantonis, a fourth generation sponge harvester in Tarpon Springs, Florida: a leading advocate for renewable harvesting of NATURAL sea sponges from the Gulf of Mexico. Bernard Chevilliat, creator of Essence soaps, who helped lead the fight for an independent screening body, CosmeBio, which certifies ORGANIC and natural personal-care products in Europe. Cara Spinelli who, inspired by her commitment to renewable resources and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, founded a women's collective in Transylvania to create jobs in remote villages, who supply our hemp wash mitts.

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Back Spa Body Scrubber

Made from the same great material that makes the Soapy Soles so effective, The Back Spa Scrubber is a cleaning tool designed to make it easy to scrub your back and any other hard to reach place. This bath accessory will allow you to experience the most invigorating and rewarding shower of your life, and leave feeling totally rejuvenated, and cleaner than ever. Almost 1000 flexible fingers span the length of this scrubber to work up an amazing lather, and allow you to wash your body quickly and easily. The long design, with ample cleaning surface area ensures that this tool will work great to clean any body size. It's comfortable handles, and soft flexible cleaning bristles allow you to wash your body fast and effectively, while eliminating the need to stretch, bend or strain yourself in the process. Flip the Back Spa over to reveal the bumpy massaging side, and use it to stimulate your body and relax away tensions. The Back Spa is designed to clean your back, but it is also ideal for a

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Long Bath Brush

Head-to-toe bath body brush is as revitalizing as a day at a full spa salon! Long bath brush reaches 4 feet for thorough cleansing. Enjoy an exhilarating scrub while stimulating pores for a "feel good" sensation, from your toes to your neck. Scrub your back without straining.nylon bristle body brush will reach for you!

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Walter Drake
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HoMedics Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Width: 12.8" - Height: 2.8" - Depth: 10.9" - Application/Usage: Relaxation - Massage Type: Shiatsu - Body Part: Foot

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HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Width: 13.6" - Height: 3.6" - Depth: 9" - Application/Usage: Relaxation - Country of Origin: China - Massage Type: Shiatsu

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Conair FB3 Foot Bath With Vibration & Heat

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Massage Type: Vibration - Body Part: Foot

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HoMedics Air Compression + Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Application/Usage: Relaxation - Country of Origin: China - Massage Type: Shiatsu - Body Part: Foot

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HoMedics Vibration Foot Massager

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Width: 9.3" - Height: 3.5" - Depth: 13.8" - Application/Usage: Relaxation - Country of Origin: China - Massage Type: Vibration

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Safco Foot Rocker Foot Rest Black

Footrest - Width: 17.5" - Height: 3.5" - Depth: 11.5" - Color: Black

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HoMedics Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Application/Usage: Relaxation - Massage Type: Heat - Body Part: Foot

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Humanscale FM500 Comfortable Rocking Foot Machine Cherry

Footrest - Width: 16.8" - Height: 4.5" - Depth: 12.3" - Color: Cherry

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Systems and Technology Intl In
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HoMedics FM-CR Ultra Foot Massager

Body Massager - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Application/Usage: Relaxation - Input Voltage: 120 V AC - Power Source: AC Supply - Massage Type: Heat - Body Part: Foot

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Westside Wholesale
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Footherapy Cranberry Mint Foot Scrub 7 oz Cream -19%

Queen Helene FooTherapy Invigorating Foot Scrub in Cranberry Mint relieves dry skin with a refreshing fragrance. It moisturizes and softens your feet while micro walnut granules remove rough, dry, callused skin. This natural fiber scrub is also ideal

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Swanson Health Products
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Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

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Find massage, warming and spa at Target.com! Invigorating - pedicure foot spa give your feet a break with our heated foot spa from dr scholl's. This foot bath is shaped to fit your feet, while the textured base stimulates blood flow after a long day

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Baby Foot

Baby Foot is an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby's foot.

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Dental Health Essentials
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Glam Foot Pedicure Pamper Gift Set

For pampered pinkies and toes and sweet smelling feet try our glam foot pamper set, You can enjoy a truly luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own home. this set includes: 1 x Inflatable foot spa 1 x Loofa 1 x 20g pumice 1 x 65g bath fizzler 2 x toe separator 1 x nail file 3 x cuticle corrector 1 x nail clipper 1 x 60ml foot lotion

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Portable Foot Spa with Jet and Led

The SkinAct Foot Bath is the best in industry for comfort, quality and advanced design. This is the only foot bath system designed to provide a totally Spa experience. This bath includes 1 quiet, jet, LED Lighting wheels and a convenient handle. It is completely portable and no additional plumbing or installation is needed

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Skin Act
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Cinnamon Hand, Foot & Body Scrub 13 oz

Gently exfoliate, recondition and nourish your skin in one easy step. It is this perfect balance of Dead Sea Salts and the finest essential and carrier oils that produces immediate and undeniable results - smooth, luxurious, unbelievably soft skin. Cinnamon.

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High End Beauty
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