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Lancets - 100 ct. -15%

FreeStyle Lancets are made from very thin, 25 gauge stainless steel for comfort, and sterilized for your protection. FreeStyle Lancets also fit almost all other lancing devices. Designed for people of all ages. Includes 100 FreeStyle Lancets

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Total Diabetes Supply
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Freedom Lite Meter Kit Combo (meter,strips,lancets)

Get the FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System, 100 Freestyle Lite Test Strips, and 100 Freestyle Lancets together!

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Lancing Device w/ FreeStyle Lancets - 100ct -37%

The FreeStyle Lancing Device is designed for comfortable daily diabetes testing. Includes 4 custom depth settings to match your unique skin type. The convenient clear cap is used for alternate site testing, reducing the pain associated with testing on the same site each time. The FreeStyle Lancing device offers an affordable way to manage your daily diabetes testing.

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Freedom Lite Meter Kit Combo (1 Meter, 100 Test Strips, 100 Lancets) -47%

Includes: 1 FreeStyle Freedom Lite Meter, 100 FreeStyle Test Strips, 100 FreeStyle Lancets.

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Total Diabetes Supply
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Lite Diabetes Monitoring Kit Combo (Freestyle Lite Meter Kit, 100 Strips, and 100 Lancets) -51%

Includes: 1 FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter, 100 FreeStyle Lite Test Strips, and 100 FreeStyle Lancets.

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Total Diabetes Supply
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MediSense Optium EZ Diabetes Meter Kit Combo (Meter Kit, Test Strips 100ct, and Reliamed Safety Seal Lancets 100ct) -36%

MediSense Optium EZ Diabetes Meter Kit Combo (Meter Kit, Test Strips 100ct, and Reliamed Safety Seal Lancets 100ct)

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Insulinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit Combo (Meter Kit, Test Strips 100ct and and Reliamed Safety Seal Lancets 100ct) -64%

Freestyle Insulinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit Combo (Meter Kit, Test Strips 100ct and and Reliamed Safety Seal Lancets 100ct)

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Total Diabetes Supply
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Sterilized Lancets 100 ct.

Freestyle Lancets are made with very thin 28-gauge stainless needles for comfort, and are sterilized for your protection.

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Lancing Device with Clear Cap & 10 Lancets

FreeStyle Flash Automatic Lancing Device is small and convenient. Flash lancing device is designed to be used with all Therasense blood glucose testing systems, as well as most round base lancets. Comes with clear cap for alternate site testing.

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Safety Seal Lancets - 30G, Box of 100 -90%

ReliaMed Safety Seal Lancets feature patented safety seals on each side of the lancet head to ensure the product has never been tampered with or used before. ReliaMed lancets feature a universal design to allow them to be compatible with many lancing devices. Includes 100 ReliaMed Lancets

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Total Diabetes Supply
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Lancet Device for Glucose Test

The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device is used to collect blood samples from your diabetic pet in order to measure his/her blood glucose (sugar) levels. This device is a reliable way to acquire a drop of capillary blood in order to run blood glucose tests as directed by your veterinarian. The AlphaTRAK...

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Ultra Soft Lancets 100 Ct -13%

Ultra Soft Lancets from OneTouch make testing easy. The ultra thin design makes for less painful testing, and the convenient packaging makes for easy disposal. Each box comes with 100 sterile lancets. Directions are printed clearly on the box. It is

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Swanson Health Products
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Microtainer Contact - Activated Lancets - Lancet, Pink, Blood Volume: Medium Flow, 21 G x 1.8mm depth, 200/bx, 10 bx/cs
Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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Box Of 200 Unistik 2 Safety Lancets OMMAT0747Z (21G 2.4mm depth lancet.)

** Size: 21G 2.4mm depth lancet. **An excellent choice for bedside glucose and point of care testing, Unistik 2 delivers optimum blood flow quickly without sacrificing patient comfort. The unique design allows variable penetration depths. Needle retracts immediately after penetration, leaving device safe for immediate disposal.

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All Time Medical
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Microlet Multi-Colored Lancets - 100 Count

Free Shipping on all items

Find healthcare instruments at Target.com! Bayer microlet multi-colored lancets - 100 count

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AlphaTRAK Lancets

AlphaTRAK Lancets are an essential tool for glucose monitoring. The AlphaTRAK sterile lancet is designed for precision accuracy and minimal pain to your cat or dog. Lancets have a 28-gauge needle and a twist-top design for safety.

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Revival Animal Health
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TRUEtrack Test Strips 500ct & 500 Lancets

TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Test Strips are intended for use with TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This offer is for 500 test strips and 500 lancets.

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Safe-T-Pro Lancets - bx 200

LANCET ACCU-CHEK SAFE-T-PRO Safe-T-Pro single use lancets, completely disposable lancet designed with Safe-T-Wing tabs positioned in a T-shape. When the blue trigger button is pressed to obtain a sample, the safe-t-stix spring-loaded firing action breaks the lancet wings to provide a superior fail-safe against reuse. For added protection, the lancet permanently retracts into it's protective case after use to prevent accidental needle sticks and cross-contamination during disposal. 23g X 1.8MMD.

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AlphaTrack 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter

AlphaTRAK monitor is the first complete handheld blood glucose monitoring system designed specifically for diabetic cats and dogs. Reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision. Meter will not start until it detects enough blood No false results Add more blood for up to 60 seconds Meter beeps when sample is adequate, and begins test View Instructional Videos Here Test Procedure: INSERT a new test strip into the meter. Press the "m" button to turn the meter on. OBTAIN a blood sample from the animal with the AlphaTRAK Lancet. Gently TOUCH one edge of the test strip to the blood sample, until the meter gives one beep. This tells you that the test strip is full. READ the test result after approximately 15 seconds. Contents AlphaTrak Meter User's Guide Carrying Case Simple test strip procedure Fast, accurate and precise Results in approx. 15 seconds Memory capacity of 250 test results with dat and time Automatic display of the average test result from the last 14 days. Federal law restricts this device to the use by or on the order of a licensed veterianarian.

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Entirely Pets
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Stainless Steel Sterile Lancets 200Ct

Stainless Steel LancetsLancets are the sharp bits that are used to prick yourself, to draw a small drop of blood, or to test for glucose if you are diabetic. They are also used for extractions. These stainless steel lancets are steam autoclave sterilized, meeting all specifications of the United States Government FDA. The point tapers from all sides for minimum skin trauma and pain. The sides are ridges to prevent slipping. These lancets are longer than usual in order to create easier handling. 200 Count.

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Newlife Systems
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