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Super Star 325 sq. ft. I/G Cartridge Pool Filter

Hayward pool cartridge filters with heavy duty cleaning capacity to provide longer cleaning cycles. Hayward Super Star Large Capacity Cartridge filter for in-ground swimming pools.

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Hayward CX1750-RE Comparable Tier1 Pool & Spa filter 3oz Media

Tier1 PAS-1044 Replacement Pool and Spa Filter 3 ounce media fits the Hayward Star-Clear Plus C1750 and Sta-Rite PXC-175. Tier1 Pool and Spa filters will protect your investment engineered to outperform the competition and exceed your expectations. Featuring high durability filter fabric that maintains strength even when loaded with sediment, a tighter porosity and denser weave to capture more contaminants in less time, and a high strength, high flow core designed to support the filter while providing industry leading flow rates. Tier1 Pool and Spa filters will clean your water faster and more efficiently with less wear and tear on your pump. Dive in with Tier1, the water's great!

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ECX1040 Replacement Pool Part, Filter Bump Handle for Hayward Perflex

For use with Perflex extended-cycle DE filters, the Hayward ECX1040 is a replacement pool filter bump handle. It is made of a durable Noryl material. This order comes standard with the pin shoulder screw, nut and grip factory direct replacement pieces.

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Hayward CX1900 Pro Clean Compatible Pool Filter

The Hayward CX1900 Pro Clean Compatible Pool Filter is a compatible replacement water filter cartridge that purifies your pool or spa water through high quality polyester media constructed with sharp pleat folds to capture dirt. This Filbur pool and

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Replacement Pool Filter for Hayward CX 570 (4 Pack)

Replacement Pool Filter for Hayward CX 570 - 75 sq. ft. (4 Pack) The Filbur FC-1260 is the correct compatible filter for the Hayward CX 570 and alternative part numbers. You can trust the Filbur FC-1260 will provide your pool and spa with high quality filtration. Each filter is made to OEM standards with reinforced PVC cores, Reemay filter media and antimicrobial end caps. Its measurements are 23 3/8" in length with a 8 1/2" diameter and top and bottom 4 1/16" holes. Note that the Hayward CX 570 uses four filter cartridges. For correct use change every one or two pool seasons with regular cleaning throughout. The Filbur FC-1260 is an investment in your pool system. Have peace of mind knowing that DiscountFilters.com offers a one year purchase guarantee along with free returns.

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DE Filter Tanks

#EC65A-FILTER DE TANK 68GPM#EC75A FILTER DE TANK 80GPMHayward Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. filters provide clear, sparkling water at an affordable price. The Perflex D.E. Filters from Hayward are unique because they incorporate Flex-Tube design in combination with D.E. filter powder--the most efficient dirt remover known for pool filtration. The result is superior water clarity, extended filter cleaning cycles--and no back washing required.

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12" Filter Grid - American, Hayward, Pac Fab, Astral Pool Filter Cartridge # FG1002

Unicel has the industry's most complete line of replacement filter elements. Reemay polyester media. Sharp pleat folds maximize spacing between pleats. Tough urethane end caps assure durability for the life of the cartridge. swimming; pool; filter; unicel; cartridge.

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Tiger Shark Inground Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

At Hayward®, we engineer our line of cleaners to be low-maintenance, easy to install and energy-efficient. That's what makes the specialty product of the season our energy-efficient TigerShark® Robotic Cleaner. The TigerShark uses less energy than pressure or suction cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years—a true testimony to its outstanding performance and track record.The TigerShark robotic pool cleaners are the most advanced portable cleaners made. They brush and scrub while vacuuming. TigerShark reaches everywhere, including the bottom, sides and steps. Industry leading technologies such as our unique on-board computer and reinforced cartridge filter provide superior efficiency with less effort.

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Star-Clear 50 sq. ft. Cartridge Filter (1.5 FIP)

Hayward Star-Clear cartridge filters provide crystal clear water and have extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes. For replacement or new pool installations, Star-Clear sets the standard of excellence and value.

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Pool Filter Replaces Unicel C-7698 Filter Cartridge for Swimming Pool and Spa
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Hayward CX1280XRE Filter Cartridge for C5020, C5025, C5000 - FC-1227

These replacement Hayward pool filters are compatible with Hayward part number CX1260, CX1260RE, Filbur part number FC-1227, Unicel part number C-7495 and Pleatco part number PA131. These filters are also constructed with thermally bonded polyurethane caps and a punched PVC pipe core that will ensure consistent water flow through your filters along with the durability you depend on. Fits Hayward SwimClear C5020 / C5025 Cartridge Filters Fits Hayward Super Star Clear C5000 Cartridge Filters Replaces Hayward part numbers CX1280XRE Height: 32-7/8" Diameter: 7" Top: 3" Opening Bottom: 3" Opening Filter Area: 131 Sq Ft Filbur part number FC-1227 Unicel part number C-7494 Pleatco part number PA131 This is not an original Hayward cartridge To clean your pool filter just remember these 4 simple steps; rinse, soak, rinse, dry. Rinse your filter out with a garden hose to remove any debris or dirt still attached to your filter. Next, soak your filter in a filter cleaner solution overnight, then remove your filter from the solution and rinse with a garden hose. Set your filter in a sunny location and let it air dry completely. Finally, reinstall your pool filter per your manufacturer's instructions.??

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Pool Filter Cartridge for Hayward Super-Star-Clear C5000 & SwimClear C5020

Filtration Area: 126 sq. ft. Outer Diameter (inches): 7 - Overall Length (inches): 32 7/8 . Top Hole Diameter (inches): 3 - Bottom Hole Diameter (inches): 3. Manufacturer's Part#: CX1260-RE

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AX6009S Replacement In-Line Filter Screen for Select Hayward Pool Cleaners

The Hayward AX6009S is an in-line filter screen. It is intended to fit the Hayward Phantom and Viper pool cleaners. The filter screen is an original Hayward factory replacement part.

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AX5600HWA3 Replacement Wall Connect w/Inline Filter & Hose for Hayward Pool Cleaners

The Hayward AX5600HWA3 is a wall connect with an inline filter and a hose assembly. This replacement unit is designed to fit the Hayward pool cleaners. The Hayward AX5600HWA3 weighs 3 pounds and includes a hose and an inline filter. This is a Hayward factory original replacement part.

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CX1250RE Pool Filter Cartridge, 120 Sq.Ft. for C1250 ASL Filter Series

About the Hayward CX1250RE Pool Filter Cartridge, 120 Sq.Ft. for C1250 ASL Filter SeriesThe Hayward CX1250RE Pool Filter Cartridge, 120 Sq.Ft. for C1250 ASL Filter Series reusable cartridge element is made of a superior reinforced polyester material, that provide a high degree of water clarity...

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AX6000HWA2V Replacement Pressure Hose & Inline Filter Top Assembly for Hayward Phantom Automatic Pool Cleaners

The Hayward AX6000HWA2V is a pressure hose and a top of in-line filter assembly. This replacement unit is designed to fit the Hayward Phantom and Viper in-ground pool cleaners. The Hayward AX6000HWA2V is a factory original replacement unit.

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ECX1004 Replacement Tube Sheet Top/Bottom Pool Filter

The Hayward ECX1004 is a filter tube sheet replacement part can be used with the Hayward Perflex EC40, EC40AC, EC50A and EC50AC pool and spa DE (diatomaceous earth) filters. This factory original piece with the specific models listed below.

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ECX1014 Replacement Pool Part, Retainer Clip for Perflex D.E. Filter

The Hayward ECX1014 replacement filter retainer clip is intended for use with the Perflex line of DE pool filters. The innovative pool cleaning system uses diatomaceous earth powder and an innovative motor system in order to provide clear and clean water quickly. This tiny clip is an important...

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MX1500-RE Compatible Pool Filter Cartridge

The Hayward MX1500-RE Compatible Pool Filter Cartridge is a pool filter cartridge featuring Microban antimicrobial protection that fights against mold and bacteria growth. This spa filter replacement measures 8 15/16 x 23 1/4 with 4 Open top and

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CX3000C SwimClear / Super Star-Clear Pool Filter Manifold, Bottom Collector

Genuine Hayward SwimClear / Super Star-Clear Pool Filter Manifold, Bottom Collector (CX3000C) for Super Star-Clear Models C2000, C3000, C4000, C5000.

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