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HWF80 Holmes Humidifier Replacement Filter w/Brita Pitcher Filter

HWF80 Holmes Humidifier Replacement Filter w/Brita Pitcher Filter

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Powered Water Filtration System with Pitcher - White - Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W

Filtration never before available in a pitcher water filter, the White Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System gives you fast, pure, and delicious drinking water in a slim design to fit any size kitchen. Stop waiting for slow drip pitcher filters; the Aquasana pitcher filters in just seconds so you get pure, filtered water instantly. Tested to remove 10x more contaminants than the leading pitcher filter, this is the only pitcher filter on the market to remove 96% of chlorine and chloramines. Selective Claryum filtration retains healthy, beneficial minerals other filters remove. The slender 8-cup (1/2 gallon) pitcher easily fits in your fridge door and the system features a slim profile to maximize counter space.

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PUR CRF-950Z Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Pitcher Filter - Filter Life: 40 gal - Filter Stages: 2

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846 Replacement Filter Wick for Holmes Portable Humidifiers - HWF-62

These high quality filter wicks are made by a leading manufacturer to fit Holmes Portable Humidifiers - 6 Pack. Patented "Extended Life" design prevents by-pass air, extending the filters higher output. Anti-bacterial treated. Equivalent to OEM part# HWF-62. 6 PACK FITS: Holmes Humidifiers: HM-275, HM-1230, HM-1245, HM-1275, HM-1280, HM-1285, HM-1290, HM-1295, HM-1296, HM-1450, HM-1600, HM-1700, HM-1701, HM-1740, HM-1760, HM-1761, HM-1910, HM-2005, HM-2025, HM-2030, HM-2408. (HWF-62, HWF-85) Hunter Humidifier: 32200 (31911) Hamilton Beach Humidifiers: 05518, 05519 (05910) White Westinghouse Humidifier: WWHM-1230, WWHM-1285, WWHM-1290, WWHM-1600 (WWH-620) Evenflo Humidifier: 655000, 655001, 755, 755000, 755001, 758100, 759200 (274E) Halls Humidifier: HLS-1300, HLS-1400 Approx dimensions: 6 1/2" x 4"

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55897C Replacement Filter (for HWF 172)

The *Halsey Taylor 55897C Replacement Filter (for HWF 172)* is designed to remove cysts, lead particles, and chlorine for Halsey Taylor HAC, HACBL, WM, SCWT, S, and WMBL series drinking fountains. The filter includes quick disconnect fittings, automatic inlet shut-off valve, outer protective wrap, and turn installation. The head is NOT included. The filter CAN also be used on Halsey Taylor OVLSER, OVLER, HT, HRF, RC & BFMR units, but it must be mounted into the wall behind the backplate. This filter CANNOT be used in the Halsey Taylor HTV, SW, WC, HBW, and RWM series drinking fountains or the unrefrigerated Halsey Taylor HT, HRF and OVL series drinking fountains. h3. General Features include Quick-Disconnect, 1.4 turn installation. Automatic inlet shut-off valve that closes when filter is removed. Outer protective wrap. Spun Polypropylene prefilter mesh to prevent large, coarse sediment and particles from entering and clogging filter media. High-grade filter is made with ac

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Holmes Humidifier Replacement Wick Airflow Systems Filter

Air Filter - Limited Warranty: 3 Year

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2 Boxes Holmes Hwf100 Humidifier Replacement Type E Filter Hcm-370 6 Total

You are bidding on 2 brand new boxes of HWF100 TYPE E filters. Each box has 3 filters.1 box is pictured, you will get 2 per bid

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PR-1 Culligan Pitcher Replacement Cartridge

Replacement water filter cartridge for Culligan water pitchers and dispensers.

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Brita Water Filter Pitcher Replacement Filters 6 ea

Great-Tasting Brita Water Begins with Our Filters Fits All Brita Pitchers 2 One Brita Pitcher Filter Can Effectively Replace as Many as 300 Standard 16 Ounce Bottles 3 Reduce Chlorine , Copper Mercury Content* 4 Replace Filters Every 2 Months to Keep Water Tasting Great 5 BPA-Free Brita Replacement Filters fit all Brita pitchers and dispensers. The filters are BPA-free and reduce chlorine taste, odor, mercury and copper*. Replace them every 2 months to keep your water tasting great. Assembled in Canada *Substances reduced may not be in all users water.

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HTV8BL-EE-MVP-Q TTG Voyager Water Cooler (Refrigerated Drinking Fountain) 8 GPH

h3. Lead Reduction Filter The Halsey Taylor HTV8BLEE-MVP-Q Water Cooler With Filter is equipped with the Aqua Sentry HWF142 lead reduction system which is designed to remove cysts, such as cryptrosporidium and giardia, lead particles and chlorine taste and odor. The filter has been tested to the following NSF International standards: NSF/ANSI Standards 42 Chlorine, and Taste and Odor. NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for Reduction of Lead and Cyst. Features include Quick-Disconnect fittings on each end of the in-line filter. The filter contains a carbon block with lead sorbent media and the housing is made of rust and corrosion free plastic. Filter should be replaced every 750 gallons (2839 liters) or approximately 6 months after installation. Use part number 56191C when ordering replacement filter. h3. Filter Life Indicator Filter Life Indicator records water usage and advises users when filter needs changing. The three light system helps maintain that the best filtered water is always a

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HAPF30AS-U4 AER1 Smoke Grabber Filter

Find air control accessories and filters at Target.com! The holmes hapf30as-u4 aer1 smoke grabber filter is perfect for your home or workplace to reduce odors and smoke. It has a hepa filter system that helps absorbs cigarette smoke, common

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HW-F10R - Switches

Switch Access Push Button Switch Contact Block

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Trinity Ring Men's Round Black Onyx Palladium Ring with Black Diamond

Three gems add brilliance to this classic man's band ring

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Hwf100 Bionaire Antimicrobial Humidifier (e) Wick Filters - 2 Pack

VMInnovations Mobile Electronics Home Electronics Sports Outdoors Toys Baby For Your Home NEW Holmes HWF100 Bionaire Antimicrobial Humidifier (E) Wick Filters - 2 Pack 1-2 DAY SHIPPING! PREVENTS MOLD ODOR! MICROBAN! Item Description The Holmes Humidifier Filter for Cool Mist Humidifier has triple layers that trap impurities for fresher, cleaner moisture in your home. Keep your humidifier working effectively by replacing filters regularly every two to four weeks. The surface of the Holmes Humidi

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Replacement Fit Hwf65 Humidifier Wick Filter For Holmes

Replacement Fit HWF65 Humidifier Wick Filter For Holmes Product Description NEW IN FACTORY PACKAGING!!Includes 1 generic wick filter made to fit Holmes humidifiers.Fits models HM-1840, 1845, 1850, 1855, 1975, 2059, 2060W, 2090,3000, 3850, 3800, 4000 Note: 3800 needs 3 filters and 4000 needs 2 filters These filters are made to meet or exceed factory standards.For optimum effectiveness, filters should be replaced every 2-3months.Left unchanged, filters can accumulate bacteria, which is thenadded

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Elemaris Xl Tangerine Water Filter Pitcher System

Elemaris Xl Tangerine Water Filter Pitcher System 1 Water Filtration Pitcher

the Vitamin Shoppe
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Filter - HWF72

Pricing subject to change. Filter

Sears Parts Direct
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Barrier Water Pitcher Filter Replacement -- 3 Pack

StandardBARRIER filter cartridges for pitchers treat water from many contaminants such as aesthetic chlorine, lindane, copper, mercury and cadmium making it safer while reducing bad odor and taste. BARRIER - guarding your healthTap water contains many contaminants invisible to the naked eye. These contaminants include chlorine, ions of dissolved heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and many others. Drinking water with these contaminants over a prolonged period of time may present many health risks. Chlorine and organochlorine contaminants may increase the risk of cardiovascular and allergic diseases. Ions of heavy metals block the membranes of the cell walls and do not allow them to function normally. The BARRIER Standard replacement filter cartridge treats water reducing contaminants such as aesthetic chlorine, lindane, copper, mercury and cadmium making it safer and healthier for drinking while reducing bad odor and taste. NanoPlus Unique absorbent surfaceThanks to the unique NanoPlus absorbent surface which consists of billions of nanopores, Barrier replacement filter cartridges are able to absorb considerable quantities of the finest molecules of harmful contaminants including aesthetic chlorine, lindane and dissolved heavy metals such as copper, mercury and cadmium. USICTThe high quality coconut activated carbon coupled with our Unique Silver Impregnated Carbon Technology filters aesthetic chlorine and lindane as well as ions of heavy metals such as copper, mercury and cadmium while reducing bad odor and taste. The treatment of silver with the activated carbon reduces the

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Filtrete 50 Gallon Fast Flow Water Pitcher Filter

The Filtrete FFRF02-WH-1 50-Gallon Fast Flow Water Pitcher Filter uses fast flow filtration technology to reduce chlorine taste, sediment & odor to provide better-tasting drinking water.

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