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SPT SU-4010G: Dual Mist Humidifier With Ion Exchange Filter (Green)

Humidifier - Width: 13.2" - Height: 12.4" - Depth: 5.3" - Color: Green - Input Voltage: 120 V AC - Operating Power Consumption: 80 W - Filter Type: Ion Exchange

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Dual-Mist Humidifier with Ion-Exchange Filter

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Find humidifiers at Target.com! The sunpentown dual mist humidifier comes with an ion exchange filter to deliver a moisture output of 400 cubic centimeters per hour. It can humidify rooms from 300 to 500 square feet. This humidifier is capable of

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Air-O-Swiss Aos 7147 Digital Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic

Humidifier - Width: 10.3" - Height: 12.2" - Depth: 9.5" - Input Voltage: 120 V AC - Operating Power Consumption: 40 W - Filter Type: Ion Exchange - Coverage: 600 Sq. ft.

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Sharp Plasmacluster KC-850U Air Purifier White

Air Purifier - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Width: 14.9" - Height: 23.1" - Depth: 10.5" - Color: White - Green Compliant: Green Compliant - Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: ENERGY STAR

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Wayfair Supply
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 Endothermic Evaporative Air Cooler

Details include: Rolls from room to room on lockable casters With oscillating louvers to evenly distribute cool air, it can also be used as a fan or humidifier. Remote control allows you to change settings. Endothermic evaporative air cooler sucks air through a water-saturated wick. As air flows through the wick, some of the water evaporates into the air, consuming air heat. A cool air stream is then blown out the front of the unit. Note: This unit is best used in dry climates or open spaces. Leave window/door open when temperature or humidity rises in the room. Add as much ice as possible and set unit next to you for best effect. Features: computer-controlled system with LED panel; double-layered, filtration mesh water curtain; activated carbon washable filter; three air speeds - high/medium/low; automatic shut-off timer - from ½ 7 ½ hour settings; ETL Input voltage: 120V/60Hz Power consumption: 60 W  Air flow: 500m3/hour Water consumption: 0.5 0.6L/Hr Fan speeds: 7.4 m/s  Ion density: 2,800,800 3,000,000/CM3 Dimensions: 31 ¾"H x 14 ½"W x 11 ½"D Net weight: 20 lbs Imported

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BonTon Stores
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Demineralization Cartridge

The AIR-O-SWISS demineralization cartridge AOS 7531 helps reduce white dust, which is a deposit of minerals left behind from the water in your humidifier. Featuring Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology, the plastic housing of the demineralization cartridge is silver treated to inhibit microbial growth on the surface of the cartridge. Fits Models AIR-O-SWISS Humidifiers: 7131 (AOS 7131), 7133 (AOS 7133), 7135 (AOS 7135), 7142 (AOS U7142), 7144 (AOS 7144), 7145 (AOS 7145), 7147 (AOS 7147), U200 (AOS U200), U600 (AOS U600), U650 (AOS U650), U700 (AOS U700). Contains one demineralization cartridge. Removes minerals from the water to prevent "white dust" Plastic housing of the demineralization cartridge is silver treated (Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology) to inhibit microbial growth on the surface of the cartridge Cartridge is refillable using Air-O-Swiss Demineralization Cartridge Refill 3pk Model: AOS 7531 (AIROSWISS Demineralization Cartridge AOS 7531) Replace every 2-3 months The cartridge should be replaced every 2-3 months, however the cartridge may need to be replaced more often depending on water hardness and how often the unit is used. An indication of when the cartridge needs to be changed can be white dust around the humidifier, or reduced amount of mist output. If white residue still forms around the humidifier after a new cartridge has been inserted, please make sure that the water you are using is untreated (do not use with water softeners or ion exchangers). Instructions Unscrew the used demineralization cartridge from the inside of the water tank cap. Do not dispose of the water tank cap. Dispose of the used cartridge, and screw the new cartridge on the water tank cap. Soak the new cartridge in the water tank for approximately 24 hours before use, as the contents of the cartridge need to absorb water so they may fully expand and effectively remove minerals from the water.

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