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Itchy Scalp Shampoo

Scalp Relief Therapy The soothing magic of this sulfate free natural shampoo begins by calming dry irritated scalps. Calendula Flower and Nettle extracts have been used since ancient times to alleviate symptoms of scalp itch. While White Willow Bark extract reduces flaking by gently and naturally removing dead skin. This shampoo is loaded with anti-bacterial ingredients such as Andiroba, Foraha, Neem and Tea Tree oils which help balance moisturize and protect against further irritation. It is color safe and ideal for all hair types with light moisturizing oils that won't weigh hair down. You may feel a tingle as your hair and scalp are gently cleansed and left looking and feeling healthy.

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Just Natural
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X-Derma Dry Scalp & Hair Treatment Shampoo (360ml)

Mediceuticals X-Derma Dry Scalp & Hair Treatment Shampoo-Mediceuticals X-Derma Dry Scalp & Hair Treatment Shampoo is a daily shampoo for Treatment of Dry, Itchy, Flaky and Sensitive Scalp Symptoms. A gentle daily shampoo, Therapro Mediceuticals X-Derma Dry Scalp & Hair Treatment Shampoo thoroughly cleans all hair types without the use of sulfates. Treats symptoms of dry, flaky, itchy and sensitive scalps. Hydrating formula also prolongs hair color and protects against damaging UV rays. FDA approved with clinically proven results. Daily shampoo For all hair types Sulfate-free formula Color preserving with UV protection Controls dry, itchy, flaky and sensitive scalp conditions.

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Avlon Affirm Dry & Itchy Scalp Normalizing Shampoo - 32 oz / liter

What it is: Avlon Affirm Dry & Itchy Scalp Normalizing Shampoo insures that just-relaxed hair has returned to the normal pH range. It deeply cleanses hair while eliminating flakiness. Features a color indicator to confirm removal of all traces of relaxer creme. What it does: Works with the Affirm Dry & Itchy Scalp Relaxer to: -Reduce visible dandruff. -Actively relieve dry and itchy scalp conditions Color indicator helps stylists to determine when hair is neutralized. Lather turns from pink to white when normalization is complete. Produces a rich lather to effectively cleanse and remove all traces of relaxer creme. Helps re-align and close cuticles. What else you need to know: Avlon Affirm Dry & Itchy Scalp Normalizing Shampoo protects against dryness which is a major cause of itchiness. With regular use, Avlon helps prevent flaky scalps, leaving hair and scalp in a healthy looking condition.

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Dandruff Relief Shampoo 12 oz Liquid -38%

If you ever had a dandruff outbreak, you know the drill: itchy, irritated scalp, flaking skin and a distinct hesitation to wear black. But now, there is a solution: Treat your scalp with JASON Natural Dandruff Relief Shampoo. Laboratory tested formul

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Swanson Health Products
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TheraNeem Scalp Therape Shampoo - 12 oz.

Organix South - TheraNeem Shampoo Scalp Therape - 12 oz. (360 mL) Use Organix SouthTheraNeem Shampoo Scalp Therape for intense scalp relief, repair & rejuvenation. Now with even more organic Neem oil & Neem leaf extract, stimulating peppermint, powerful tea tree and cleansing lemon essential oils, this formula will clean gently & penetrate the scalp without harsh chemicals or soaps. Get ready for instant Scalp Therape. Neem is respected by Ayurvedic practitioners for its ability to support healthy skin and scalps. Used for centuries, Neem protects, nourishes and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin. TheraNeem Neem has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic treatments, applications which have been validated in more than 100 studies in universities and research centers around the world. Neem oil contains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants, which help protect the skin from free radicals caused by over-exposure to sun, environmental toxins and other damaging elements. Neem oil also contains high levels of fatty acids that soak in quickly to soothe and nourish even chronically dry and itchy skin. Neem leaf, when taken internally, acts as a blood purifier and tonic, supports healthy skin, immune system response, healthy bowel function, and aids in the maintenance of glucose stability. About Organix-South andTheir Mission Organix-South, the world's leading manufacturer of certified-organic Neem products, is a rapidly growing natural products division of Nutraceutical Corporation, located in rural central Florida. They are a young and idealistic group of individuals who believe that the details matter and that the journey is half the fun. They are committed to promoting organic, fairly traded and ethically wild-crafted herbal dietary supplements and protective body care products. Their mission is to create wholesome and natural products while taking care of the planet.

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(MGA) Scalp Rescue Shampoo 16oz

This wonderful shampoo is designed for you - using a superior blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils that create beautiful strong, lustrous hair and healthy scalps while avoiding harsh detergents found in mainstream and even so called ?natural? shampoos. Their proprietary herbal infusion assists with the treatment of, and helps protect against, dry and itchy scalps.100% natural originPetrochemical-free, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate-free, paraben-free, lanolin-free, cruelty-freeApproved by vegan.orgContains many certified organic ingredientsKey IngredientsScalp relief: tea tree, lemon tea tree, geranium and lavenderDandruff: tea tree, lemon tea tree, neem oil, herbal blend, geranium and lavenderPsoriasis: jojoba oil and herbal blendFree radical and environmental protection: vitamin C ester and naturally derived mixed tocopherols (vitamin E)Best Suited For These Scalp Types and Conditions:DryOilyScalyFlakyDehydratedItchyUnique Product CharacteristicsNo sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens or petrochemicalsSuitable for all ages and all hair typesSupports the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruffVitamin enriched (B5, C ester and E)Washes out easily leaving the hair feeling great

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
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Back to Basics Ginger Scalp Therapy Shampoo 6 oz by Graham Webb

Graham Webb Back to Basics Ginger Scalp Therapy Shampoo 6 oz - is a dual-phase treatment shampoo that first relieves dry, itchy scalp, then gently cleanses hair. Ginger Therapy Masque deeply reconstructs hair from within through plant-based proteins and intense moisturizers to help heal and repair.

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Oatmilk Calendula Moisturizing Baby Shampoo, 8 oz by Babo Botanicals

Allergy Tested. Calendula Helps Soothe Scalps with Cradle Cap or Irritation. Dairy & Soy Free. Dermatologist Tested. For Babies & Kids of All Ages. Gentle Plant-Based Cleansers Nourish Sensitive Skin. Leaves Hair Soft Smooth and Shiny. Natural Solutions. No Synthetic Fragrances or Colors. Oatmilk is Known to Comfort Dry Itchy Skin. Paraben & Phthalate Free. Pure Flower & Plant Extracts. Sensitive on Dry Scalp & Skin. Sulfate Free. Tear Free. Vegan. With Comforting Oatmi

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African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo - 13 fl oz

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Find shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments at Target.com! Sheamoisture's african black soap deep cleansing shampoo gently cleanses as it removes buildup from styling products and soothes dry, itchy and flaking scalp. Helps regulate sebum

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Scalp Shampoo (Removes Dry Dandruff and Itchiness) 250ml/8.4oz by Sachajuan

Free Shipping worldwide. Recommended Retail: US$29.00 - Scalp Shampoo (Removes Dry Dandruff and Itchiness)-250ml/8.4oz - haircare / cosmetics

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Malibu Swimmer's Shampoo 1L

What It Does: Helps prevent build-up of pool and spa chemicals (chlorine, bromine) and hard water minerals (copper, calcium, and magnesium) while gently cleansing hair and scalp. Helps prevent green hair caused by copper. Leaves hair soft, manageable, and full of shine. Completely SAFE for all hair types and for processed hair – both color and perms!   Who Needs It: Swimmers of all ages exposing their hair to chlorine, bromine and minerals from a pool or spa that can attach on to the hair and scalp and cause dryness, damage, discoloration, hair loss, flaky, itchy scalp, and the inability for chemical services to properly process.   How You Use It: Massage Swimmers’ Action Shampoo into wet hair and scalp to create a rich, foamy lather. Rinse. Follow with Malibu Swimmer's Conditioner.   Key Ingredients and Their Benefits: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) helps protect hair against free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun and air. EDTA is a chelating agent th

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Salon Products Direct
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Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo

Nourishing Shampoo to Eliminate Dandruff Incase you are affected with Jason dandruff and are vigorously looking out for a solution then you should give Dandruff Relief Shampoo a try. This shampoo with its soothing natural ingredients assists in effectively dealing with dandruff. You can take care of flaky skin and dry itchy scalp with this nourishing shampoo. With this shampoo you can also treat your scalp. Laboratory tested formula Helps to keep dandruff under control Makes use of natural and extra-mild ingredients Bid good-bye to dandruff with the help of this shampoo. Just For You: Those with dandruff problem A Closer Look: Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo includes moisturizing and healing botanical agents with a tinge of aroma-therapeutic essential oils such as rosemary, neem, tea tree and colloidal sulphur. This natural formula helps to effectively deal with this troublesome scalp condition. Get Started: Use a quarter-size dollop and gently massage on wet scalp. Leave the foam for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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PHYTOAPAISANT Soothing Treatment Shampoo 6.7 oz

A daily shampoo for a tight, itchy scalp. This hypoallergenic formula relieves irritation and itchiness while soothing and restoring scalp comfort. Hair is left clean and silky-smooth. It is formulated Without: - Parabens- Sulfates - Phthalates Research results: In a clinical test: - 80% soothing effectiveness from the very first application

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Emu Shampoo or Conditioner

A blend of botanicals and emollients enriched with emu oil, this shampoo and conditioner clean the hair follicle and help dissolve hard sebum plugs that stunt hair growth. Also help repair damaged hair, restoring its healthy shine, and ease itchy scalp due to eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff. Lightly scented. Choose shampoo or conditioner. Each, 8 oz. bottle.

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Vermont Country Store
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Emu Oil - Hair Shampoo

Our energizing and body building Emu oil based shampoo leaves hair clean, soft and manageable. It helps restore body, shine and softness to all hair types as it gently cleans your hair. GREAT for damaged hair. We've added a green apple fragrance, too! Use on a regular basis if you have dandruff, hair loss, or itchy scalp. Use in conjunction with our LONGVIEW FARMS SOFT & SILKY Hair Conditioner. You'll feel the difference!

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Longview Farms
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Swimmer's Wellness Shampoo

What It Is:Gentle, daily shampoo formulated with antioxidant vitamins and botanicals specifically for swimmers of all ages.What It Does:Helps prevent build-up of pool and spa chemicals (chlorine, bromine) and hard water minerals (copper, calcium, and magnesium) while gently cleansing hair and scalp.Helps prevent green hair caused by copper.Leaves hair soft, manageable, and full of shine.Completely SAFE for all hair types and for processed hair - both color and perms!Who Needs It:Swimmers of all ages exposing their hair to chlorine, bromine and minerals from a pool or spa that can attach on to the hair and scalp and cause dryness, damage, discoloration, hair loss, flaky, itchy scalp, and the inability for chemical services to properly process.Key Ingredients and their benefits:Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) helps protect hair against free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun and air.EDTA is a chelating agent that helps lift minerals.Vitamin E Acetate helps protect hair against free radical damage, moisturizes hair and scalp tissue.Panthenol penetrates the hair shaft to protect hair's strength and moisture.

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Dandruff Shampoo 10.1 oz

Kenra Dandruff Shampoo Treats seborrhea and other skin and scalp conditions Soothes dry, itchy and irritated scalp Gentle formulation is safe for daily use

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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STRONG Shampoo 8 oz

STRONG Shampoo 8 oz. Hair types: All.Sometimes that which is strong can also be gentle. That is the case with Lotus Moon's new reformulated shampoo sweetly scented with a combination of lavender lemon mandarin rosewood and orange essential oils.STRONG is a gentle salon-strength sulfate-free formula using Eco-cert approved surfactants (foaming agents) and certified organic sugar and fruit extracts to gently and effectively cleanse the hair.Sugar extracts and coconut oil cleansers gently clean and remove everyday pollutants from hair while cranberry and citrus extracts provide high levels of antioxidants that act as UV filters to aid in correcting damage.Shampoos should be at a pH of 4.5-5.5. When the pH is too high it causes the cuticle to open which can cause clogging (leading to dandruff itchy scalp) and also leaves hair color susceptible to fading. This is the case when using castile soap which has a pH of 9.0+ even if its organic because what matters here is the pH of the product. Castille soap can also be listed as: Saponified oils of coconut olive and jojoba aloe vera and rosemary oil extract.A high pH causes the cuticles to swell and the hair can become rough leaving the hair dull and dry.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: Aqua (Water) Decyl Glucoside** Sodium Cocoamphoacetate** Vegetable Glycerin Xanthan Gum (Polysaccharide Gum) Limnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) Oil DL-panthenol Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Silk Amino Acids Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Extract Saccharum officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract Acer Saccharinum (Sugar Maple) Extract Citrus auranium dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) Extract Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) Extract Essential Oils Mica Titanium Dioxide Iron Oxide Sodium Benzoate Gluconolactone Essential oils of: Lavender Lemon Mandarin Rosewood Orange.**Eco-cert approved surfactants. Dosage: Use as directed by a healthcare professional.

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Yarok "Try Me" Duo: Shampoo & Conditioner

Save with our Try it Now duo! A great way to sample. Perfectly travel sized. This all-natural shampoo and conditioner duo is designed to promote volume and manageability, formulated with essential oils, vitamins, and minerals. Free from chemicals, alcohol, sulfates, parabens or animal testing. Duo Includes: Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo 2oz (59 ml) Yarok Feed Your Volume Conditioner 2oz (59 ml) Directions: Apply shampoo generously to wet hair working into a luscious lather. Massage scalp with fingertips. Rinse well. Follow with Conditioner to seal in moisture and nutrients. TIA Review by Marta: Yarok makes seriously good hair products. For a start, there is absolutely nothing not to like in (in fact they pride themselves on being safe for pregnant women, cancer survivors etc). The preservatives are all essential oils such as sage and rosemary. Then there is plenty to love amongst the botanicals. You'll recognize hair loving herbals such as coltsfoot. This roadside weed is a powerful antioxidant, according to Korean research and a Chinese study of over 50 plants that isolated coltsfoot as one of the three most potent. Many chemicals can be found in coltsfoot, including four phenolic acids and six flavonoids. Itchy, troubled scalps will find relief from chickweed, which soothes inflamed skin diseases such as eczema and related dermatitis. Discount codes cannot be applied to this product. Got Questions? Contact Us

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Truth In Aging
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Epi-Soothe Shampoo 237 mL

Depending on the season, dogs and cats normally experience skin and scalp problems. With Epi-Soothe S Oatmeal Shampoo, you are assured that your pets hair and skin are well-protected and maintained. Epi-Soothe S Oatmeal Shampoo s superior cleansing and moisturizing properties rids your dogs and cats body of dirt and allergens. Oatmeal s properties further acts as a natural itch reliever. Epi-Soothe S Oatmeal Shampoo can be most useful for animals suffering from atopy, flea allergy dermatitis, food and contact allergies, skin infections or dry scaly skin. It s PH-balanced and soap-free formulation effectively normalizes itchy, irritated skin. Epi Soothe S Oatmeal Shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal, spherulites and chitosanide. It keeps your pets smelling oh so clean with a fresh apple scent.

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