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25 KiloGram KG Bag of 0.12 g BB's

25 KiloGram KG Bag of 0.12 g BB's - 60 Pound Bag (25 KG) of 200000 Rounds of 0.12 gram BB's. A Great Bargain and Value. Price Includes Shipping (Free Shipping). * Only 48 contingent US States.

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MTB 20 Digital Baby Scale With 44 Pound Capacity

The Adam Equipment MTB 20 is a versatile pediatric scale with a removable weighing cradle last weight recall. The MTB has a 44 pound capacity with 0.01 pound readability and kilogram mode. Great for professional and home use.

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FEI 10-0256 The Cuff Rehabilitation Ankle And Wrist Weight 32 Piece Set - 2 Ea. .25 - 10 Pounds

32 piece set (2 each of .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, and 10 pounds). The Cuff rehabilitation wrist and ankle weight has been proven effective in hospitals for over 30 years. It contours to snugly fit the ankle, wrist, and even thigh. Its long velcro closure strap assures a secure and comfortable fit even during the most strenuous exercise program. It features heavy-duty materials and double-stitching throughout. The Cuff exercise weights are color-coded, marked with both pounds and kilograms and grommeted for hanging on any peg-board weight rack.

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Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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High-Capacity Digital Weighing Scale - 2000-Lb./907-Kilogram Capacity

Accurate and rugged DO GAIN High-Capacity Digital Weighing Scale include a control panel and platform that can be placed up to 9 feet apart. Portable heavy-gauge steel platform. Large bright red LED display. Tare and pound/kg functions. Runs on AC (adapter included) or batteries. Not...

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C&H Distributors
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LSQ-40L 40 Pound Digital Price Computing Scale with Thermal Printer, Legal For Trade

Ideal for large delis, butcher shops, and supermarkets, the Tor Rey LSQ-40L 40 lb. digital price computing scale is the fast, affordable, and accurate way to portion your most popular products for sale! This digital scale with thermal printer can toggle between kilograms and pounds with its precise readout to deliver the versatility and pinpoint accuracy you require. And thanks to its integrated thermal label printer, you can print off receipts and other information for your customers and your records as you make a sale. Tor Rey scales like these are designed to accommodate large portions. This scale features a 15" x 12" platform and tare function that allows you to individually weigh products as they are packaged. It also has front and rear LCD displays so that your customers can watch as their orders are weighed to ensure accuracy. For fast ordering times, this scale also has 72 direct access keys that allow you to recall different unit prices at the push of a button and enough memory to store up to 300 additional PLUs. This Tor Rey scale easily connects with others of the same model and a central PC to create a quickly and easily manageable network that gives you complete control over individual or groups of scales. You can also change printing format to best suit your business' needs for each unit. And thanks to the durable stainless steel construction and membrane-coated keyboard, you can be sure this scale's outstanding durability will make it last. The Tor Rey LSQ-40L 40 lb. digital price computing scale is NTEP Approved and comes with a 110V power supply. It is rated as Class III accuracy for commercial weighing. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details. Readout Measurements: 20 kg. x 0.005 kg. 40 lb. x 0.01 lb. Overall Dimensions: Left to Right: 19 1/2" Front to Back: 17 5/8" Height: 21" Platform: 15" x 12" Tor Rey software is not compatible with Apple / Mac computers. LSQ40L - From Tor Rey

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The WEBstaurant Store
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Healthometer 450KL Physician Beam Scale 500 lb / 227 kg

Healthometer scales have long been the favorite of physicians, hospitals and government in the US and now are popular for home use as well. These scales are extremely accurate, easy to set-up and last for years providing an excellent value. Numbers are easier to read than most other scales. Pounds readings are on the front and kilogram readings are on the back. The poise bar rotates easily when you want to switch between pounds and kilograms.

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NorthShore Care Supply
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010A Refrigerant Scale,Electronic,110 lb

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Refrigerant Charging or Recovery Scale, Electronic, Reads Pounds and Ounces or Kilograms and Grams, With 9 Volts Battery, For Use With Weighing the Refrigerant Container, Charging or Recovering, Digital Display

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Digital Chair Scale 6475

This Detecto Digital Chair Scale measures in both Pounds Kilograms.

All Time Medical
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Weight Watchers Chrome/Glass Scale

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Find healthcare instruments at Target.com! Get precise, digital weight readouts in pounds or kilograms with the conair weight watchers scale. Constructed with chrome and glass, this model is both sleek and easily cleaned. It's battery-operated,

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25 KiloGram KG Bag of 0.2 g BB's

25 KiloGram KG Bag of 0.2 g BB's - 60 Pound Bag (25 KG) of 200000 Rounds of 0.2 gram BB's. A Great Bargain and Value. Price Includes Shipping (Free Shipping). * Only 48 contingent US States.

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Bathroom Scale

Rotating easy-to-read dial. Displays both pounds and kilograms.

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Baseline Hydraulic Hi-Res Pinch Gauges 50 lb. - 12-0239

Baseline Hydraulic Hi-Res Pinch Gauges Information: The Baseline hydraulic pinch gauge uses a hydraulic system to assure convenience, pro uct reliability and measurement accuracy and repeatability The 50 pound HiRes head hydraulic pinch gauge has a 3 1/2 inch diameter head with a bigger dial and larger numerals The dial contains 1-pound/0.5 kg gradations The therapist can support the pinch gauge during testing This yields a more accurate result for all pinch tests including tip, key and palmer Baseline pinch gauges manufactured in the USA since 1978 The results are consistent with published Baseline and Jamar studies Maximum reading remains until the unit is reset The strength reading can be viewed as pounds or kilograms 1-year manufacturers warrantee CE certified Indications The Baseline Hydraulic HiRes Pinch Gauges are indicated for hand/finger rehabilitation following injury, arthritis or surgery. Goals Hand rehab Reduce pain Improve Hand & Finger ROM Decrease NSAID use Support Level This product is rated Professional Click here for Rating Information: - Fabrication Enterprises 12-0239

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The Brace Shop
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PrimeScales 400lb / 0.02lb Bench Scale / Shipping Scale / Checkweigher

The HS-300 is used where either weight or height measurements are necessary. This scale provides accurate weight or height measurements on an easy to read LCD backlit display. Easy to Read Digital LCD Display Measures in Kilograms and Pounds Rollers Included for Easy Transport Durable Construction .

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Elite Scales
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Scale, Digital, 0-600 Lb, For Electric Lifts - MEDMDSELSCALE

Medline Scale, Digital, 0-600 Lb, For Electric LiftsMedline Digital scale for the MDS88200D, MDS400EL and MDS600EL. Scale can be calibrated up to 600 lb. Measures in pounds or kilograms. Hardware included.

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Betty Mills
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Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer,200lb (90kg),Each

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer gives accurate and repeatable grip strength readings. This unit has an adjustable five position handle and a maximum strength indicator that remains after each reading until reset. Dual scale shows readings in pounds and kilograms.

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Health Products For You
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 Professional Large-Dial Scale

Featuring extra robust steel construction, this scale is sturdy built to last for years and years. Extra large 7 dial is easy to read, and features both pound and kilo measurements. Measures super high capacity in pounds, kilos and stones, maximum of 330 pounds/150 kilograms with precise 0.2 pounds/100 gram increments Robust steel construction and extra large platform for stability Extra large 191 millimeter/7-1/2-inch dial for easy reading Heavy duty main spring and machined brass primary gear No deterioration in performance after 27,000 weighs

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BonTon Stores
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Physician Scale w/ Height Gauge

The Physician Scale with Height Gauge by Brecknell features easy-to-read beams and durable construction. Weight is marked in kilograms and pounds, and height can be measured up to seven feet. Rollers make it easy to position the scale where you need it.

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School Outfitters
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USTT200 Digital Target & Track Bath Scale

Sexy.. that sums up the new Escali USTT200 digital bathroom scale. The USTT200 will help the user follow their progress until the user's set target weight is achieved. This scale has an extra large capacity of 440 pounds, or 200 kilograms. Sleek black and glass construction, very stylish in any decor! Measures up to 440 pounds or 200 kilograms, the largest capacity available! Accurately measures in .2 pound or 0.1 Kg increments Hold feature continues to display weight after stepping off the scale Four user tracking memory stores 4 users' information Automatic user recognition Size: 13w x 13t x .75d Operates on 4 AAA batteries (included) High quality impact resistant tempered glass platform Lifetime warranty

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A&D HD-12KA Digital Counting Scale with 30 Pound Capacity

A&D HD-12KA industrial counting scale. The HD12KA has a 30 pound capacity, 0.005 pound resolution plus kilogram weighing mode. Stainless steel platform, ACAI, checkweighing feature and more are standard features on this counting scale.

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Accuro Digital Scale; Talking Scale

Made of attractive glass and chrome with a compact 14" diameter. Weighs in pounds and kilograms

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