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Dental Pro Air Purifier

Designed to be placed anywhere in a dental office and clean the typical pollutants found in the air by constant recirculation within the room. Air purifier includes 1 pre and post filter, gas cartridge, remote control, batteries (for remote control), owners manual, set of 4 casters, 10 foot power cord, and certificate of guaranteed performance.

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Dental Tools { Dr. Klick's Kit

"Dr. Klick's Kit from Duluth Trading Company contains dental-inspired picks and tweezers that work great for a variety of jobs, from cleaning out small crevices to fishing wire through tiny holes and picking away glue and residue."

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Duluth Trading Company
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Midwest Quiet Air Turbine Handpiece Dental Ceramic Bearing Bearings

Midwest Midwest Quiet Air Dental Bearings Stainless Steel ABEC-7 Torlon retainer :: Solid SI3N4 Ceramic Balls Two Ball Bearing (one flanged and one straight) Ceramic Hybrid ABEC-7 Ball Bearings that fits Midwest Dental Quiet Air handpiece. One Flanged and one straight Stainless Steel bearings with 7 solid Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride) Ceramic Balls, every bearing is one side Metal shield, Bearings are made of Stainless Steel and has Solid Si3N4 Ceramic balls (SI3N4). Cage is made of Torlon for lowest fricion, long life and highest speeds. We guarantee our bearings and your staisfaction or your money back with no questions asked (please read our feedback). * Item: Midwest Dental handpiece Ball Bearings * Type: Deep groove ball bearings * Bearings: Stainless Steel * Quality: ABEC-7 * Closures: One side metal shielded * Balls: Si3N4 Solid Ceramic * Balls retainer: Torlon * Speed: 400,000 RPM * Quantity: Two Bearings (one flanged and one straight) VXB Category: Hybrid ceramic bearings

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VXB.com Bearings
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Cross Bones Dental Dog Treats, Cross bones, case of 50

Whimzees Cross Bones Dental Dog Treats, Cross bones, case of 50; Paragon Pet Products brings you a whole new brand of fun! WHIMZEES are flavorful dental dog treats in a variety of fun, whimsical shapes your dog will love. Totally edible, they are made of natural vegetables with no added chemicals, wheat, gluten or meat by-products. Highly digestible, they also help freshen breath and reduce plaque build-up on the dog's teeth. They’re human-food grade, with only six primary, all-natural vegetarian ingredients. Dental hygiene is as important for dogs as it is for humans, WHIMZEES dog treats make it easy for dogs to clean their own teeth! Key Benefits 100% Vegetarian - no meat, potato based Helps remove plaque and tartar & freshen breath Rich in fiber, promotes regularity Low in fat & sugar free; won’t add unnecessary calories No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, wheat & gluten free Sizes One size: Recommended for dogs between 15-40 pounds

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Fresh Dental Healthy Dental Snacks - 8 oz

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Find pet health at Target.com! Fresh dental dental chew hip & joint help your pet be mobile! Fresh dental plus hip & joint chews taste great and help promote joint care and weight management while freshening breath and cleaning teeth. Our dental

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Mini Dental Bones

Dingo Mini Dental Bones are just what the veterinarian ordered for the total care of your extra-small dog. These daily oral health chews reduce tartar and plaque, maintain healthy gums and strong teeth. Because they contain parsley seed, they even

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Dental Laser Postcards, Dental Reminder (200)

(200 count) Our popular Dental Reminder laser postcards are a great way to keep your appointment book full and running smoothly! Blank back lets you print customized messages from your own laser printer. Quantity: 4 uncoated postcards per sheet, 50 sheets. Easy to use! Perforated for easy separation.

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Dental Chews Value Size 36oz

Exciting news from Greenies now your dog's favorite dental treat features a chewy texture! New Greenies Treats offer dogs a better chewing experience with the same great taste and dental benefits. New Greenies treats feature a new design with natural break points. The natural break points assist dogs with biting off chewable pieces that dissolve easily in a dog's digestive system. Greenies treats continue to help clean teeth, whisk away plaque and tartar, and eliminate offensive "doggie breath." With vitamins and minerals to make Greenies 100% complete and nutritionally balanced for adult maintenance, this treat has the same great Greenies taste dogs love!Choose the correct size Greenies dental chew for your dog: Greenies® Jumbo 6"dogs over 100 lbs/45 kg Greenies® Large 4.75"dogs 50-100 lbs/22-45 kgGreenies® Regular 4"dogs 25-50 lbs/11-22 kgGreenies® Petite 3.25"dogs 15-25 lbs/7-11 kgGreenies® Teenie 2.75"dogs 5-15 lbs/2-7 kgS&M NuTec brands, including GREENIES®, FELINE GREENIES®, SMART BISCUIT® and PILL POCKETS® are safe for pets to enjoy. All of our corn, soy and wheat gluten comes from North America and not China. None of our brands include rice gluten from the foreign suppliers linked to the recall. Our products have never been involved in any recall and all of our products meet or exceed industry standards for quality. 1. You're cleaning your dogs teeth with every chewy and delicious bite. One new Greenies® dental chew a day helps control harmful plaque,tartar build up and freshens breath. Did you know that 80% of dogs suffer from dental disease by the time they're 3 years old? Pay attention to warning signs like bad breath, visible tartar building up at the gumline, red, swollen gums, excessive drooling or broken or discolored teeth. Your dog can't tell you they need a new Greenies® dental chew every day they're counting on you! 2. You're giving your dog something that's nutritious and easy to digest. New Greenies® dental chews are filled with a unique blend of high quality, easily digestible proteins that begin to break down right in your dogs mouth. These proteins make new Greenies® dental chews so irresistibly chewy that dogs can't help but gnaw them into little teeth-cleaning, easy to swallow and digest bits. Plus, we've added vitamins and minerals to make them a complete and balanced part of your dogs daily diet. 3. New Greenies® are the only dental chews designed in 5 distinct sizes and textures to match the natural chewing action of all dogs. Face it, dogs come in many shapes and sizes; some of them have a great deal of jaw strength to bite very hard things, and others don't. After a lot of study and research, we decided that making dental chews in small, medium and large sizes alone wasn't enough. Thats why New Greenies®dental chews come in five unique textures (softer ones for little dogs, harder ones for bigger ones) and 5 unique sizes to better care for all types of dogs. 4. Same great Greenies Taste: One thing has

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Dental Fresh

Dental Fresh helps to remove plaque and tarter, freshens breath & brightens teeth. Dental Fresh makes professional cleaning faster, easier & gentler. Dental Fresh contains organically derived chlorophyll and is important to Oral health because your pets can't brush their teeth as we do.

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Dental Cleanse 16 fl oz Liquid -22%

Your dog's dental health is important and you can keep the teeth and mouth healthy with Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse. Crystal clear, tasteless and odorless, Dental Cleanse promotes good oral hygiene. It helps eliminate the source of bad breath an

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Swanson Health Products
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Jumbo Original Dental Dog Chews, Dog

Choose the Right Size for Your Dog Jumbo: More Than 100 lbs./More Than 45 kg The #1 Vet-Recommended Dental Chew. Complete oral care is

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Perio-Plus Dental Stix for Dogs - 30 ct.

Perio Plus Dental Stix are a convenient way to help control plaque on dog teeth, reduce bad breath and support gum health in dogs.

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Holistic Pet Info
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Dental Wipes

KissAble Dog Dental Wipes help to reduce plaque and gingivitis and are a great alternative for dogs that resist brushing. The all natural ingredients are not only safe for dogs and other pets but people too. 50ct

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Sentry Petrodex Dental Care Chews Dental Twists For Cats 20 ct

Sentry Petrodex Dental Twists for Cats are a tasty way to help support oral health in cats. Dental chews twist the flavors of chicken and parsley together into one irresistible mini stick. The unique texture helps clean, whiten, and brighten the teeth. Easy to digest. For best results, feed one Petrodex Dental Twist daily.

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Valley Vet Supply
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Stainless Steel Dental Explorers - #3 Dental Explorer

Save 7.5% with coupon code: G4H

Attach springs, position parts, remove gunk. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 6½'''' (16.5cm) long. Wt. approximately ½ oz. (14 g) each. 5 different shapes. Set contains one of each.

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Dental 2 Contact Cards - Professions

Bring your personal touch to social and professional connections with Dental 2 Contact Cards. Our high-quality Contact Cards have a premium glossy finish with space for up to 6 lines of personal information. Available in sets of 150.

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Styles Checks
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Grin Dental Chews

One-a-day chews promote dental health & fresh breath. Unique, licorice-flavored formulation of green tea, anise, organic inulin, chlorophyll and prebiotics tackle bad breath from the inside while supporting healthy bacteria and a fresh tummy. Chewy texture maximizes beneficial exposure to tooth surfaces. Made in USA. 2.2 lb. jar holds approx. 200 soft chews.

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In the Company of Dogs
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Dental Spray

Unique, advanced-formula herbal dental spray for pets that removes tartar & prevents future buildup on the teeth.

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Only Natural Pet Store
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Opalpix 32ct 6 pack (192 pix)

Interproximal Cleaner

Dental Health Essentials
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Xylitol Gum "Cinnamon" Flavor by Epic Dental - 50 Pieces

Xylitol Gum "Cinnamon" Flavor by Epic Dental - 50 Pieces

911 Health Shop
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