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Clarus LED Lantern/Flashlight

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Don't be fooled by the small size of the collapsible UCO Clarus LED lantern/flashlight. It provides up to 150 lumens of diffused white light and projects a beam up to 50m (164 ft.).

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Companion Flashlight and Lantern- Red

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Find flashlights and portable lighting at Target.com! Make lighting the way on the trail or telling ghost stories more fun when you re holding a coleman companion flashlight and lantern. quickly change it from a flashlight to a lantern by simply

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360 Hybrid Flashlight / Lantern - 2010

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The versatile Polaris 360 can be used as a lantern or a flashlight, by either pulling out or pushing in the reflector.

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REI Outlet
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Dual function lantern / Flashlight

Need a handy torch? This gadget With four functions,can transform itself into a flashlight, tent light, table light or a signal light. It's easy to carry with the included hand strap and you'll get six to seven continuous hours of light from the Cree chip LED on a single AA alkaline battery. (not included) A must for your haversack, car glove compartment, handbag or coat pocket. Four function light 7 hours on 1 battery Your emergency friend

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60 Day Flashlight & 60 Day Lantern - Frontgate

Flashlight casts a broad, clear beam. Both items are water- and shock-resistant. The flashlight uses five D batteries. The lantern uses six D batteries. Green LED indicator flashes when in off mode to show lantern location in darkness. A must-have for your home emergency kit, this impressive Flashlight and Lantern combination delivers 60 straight days of light on its lowest setting - long enough for even the most severe blackouts. Both the flashlight and lantern provide bright, white light that is perfect for weather induced blackouts and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. . . . . . Lifetime Cree XM-L LED in the flashlight is unbreakable and never needs to be replaced . Flashlight features high, medium, low and SOS flashing modes . Lantern features amber LED indicators to show brightness levels .

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Led Flashlight / Lantern Combo


Illuminate even the darkest hallways during a power outage with this rechargeable multipurpose LED flashlight. The flashlight can convert into a lantern and light up a campsite or a dark room.

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Overstock Main
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45131 Lantern Litebox Power Failure System Rechargeable - Orange

Product Information:About the Streamlight 45131 Litebox Power Failure System Rechargeable Lantern – OrangePowerful and portable, the Streamlight 45131 is a rechargeable power failure system lantern that will be your light when all other go out. This flashlight is rechargeable up to 500...

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Westside Wholesale
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HPR40 Halogen Flashlight Bulb P13.5S Base

HPR40 HALOGEN FLASHLIGHT BULB P13.5S BASE - 6.0 Volt .67 Amp 4.0 Watt T-3 HPR P13.5S Base, 75 Lumens C-6 Filament Design. 50 Average Rated Hours, 1.25" Maximum Overall Length, 0.38" Maximum Overall Diameter. Typically found in flashlights using 6 volt lantern batteries. This Item Qualifies for when you purchase 50.00 or more of Qualifying Items!

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Lighting Combo - Lantern and Flashlight -50%

9 LED lantern 5 LED flashlight 8-blade multi tool

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Lanterns Glow Ring LED Battery-Powered Lantern Flashlight GF01

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Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. This Super LED Flashlight is great for those on the go. Perfect for camping, reading, emergencies and power outages. Keep one in the home, garage or car for long lasting light when you need it most.

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Home Depot
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Voyager Lantern

This collapsible lantern doubles as a flashlight, making it a versatile choice for camping. One high output DoublePower LED cranks out 75 lumens of light in lantern mode, while a second puts out 50 lumens in flashlight mode. Since the flashlight's beam comes out of the bottom of the lantern, both...

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High-output Lantern and Flashlight

With energy-efficient LED bulbs and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, this convertible lantern/flashlight by Cyclops is powerful and durable enough for any outdoor adventure, but fits easily into a backpack. Use it as a handheld spotlight, or slide the housing up to transform it into a hands-free 360 lantern that can be set on a table or hung from a tent. The LED bulb has a bright 200-lumen output and three modes 100% brightness, 75% brightness, or strobe. One set of three AAA batteries (not included) will power the unit at 100% for three hours, much longer than flashlights with conventional bulbs.

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National Geographic
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Mini Telescopic Camping Lantern/Flashlight

CampSaver has just released their own lanterns! The Mini Telescopic Camping Lantern can function as either a flashlight or a lantern, depending on your need. The super bright LED will light up your campsite during meals and greatly helps when setting up camp.

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Remington 3 AAA 2 in 1 LED Flashlight Lantern with Batteries and Holster

Remington 2 in 1 LED camping light and lantern flashlight. High quality 1 watt, 60 lumen lantern and flashlight. (RM3AAA-B)

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Medic Batteries
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Secur SP1102 Mini Dynamo Lantern / Flashlight

Rainproof Lantern and FlashlightTelescoping Design Saves SpaceCharges Cell Phones and Digital Devices

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BrickHouse Security
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3 Watt LED Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight Camping Lantern

The 3Watt LED Lantern is awesome for all occasions. The Recharable LED technology makes it perfect for travel, camping, blackouts, etc. The LED bulb lasts over 100,000 HOURS! Rechargeable 110V & 12V 2 Charger one for 110v and another for 12V included. 3 Watt Weight: 3.00 lb. UPC: 075877401908 Manufacturer Part No: CR4009

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The Warming Store
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Clamplight LED Lantern - 150/100 Lumens, Model BBM910

This dual-function Blackfire Clamplight LED Lantern can be used as a lantern or a flashlight. It clamps to branches, backpacks, tents or other spots, pivots to direct light right where you need it, and stands like a traditional lantern to offer the

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Northern Tool
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3 LED Flashlight / Lantern Combo

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3 Ultra Bright LED Lights When you're out atnight, camping or just walking in dimly lit areas, a flashlight isalways handy. Super Bright 3 LED Flashlight / Lantern Combo, offers anLED flashlight that transforms quickly and easily into an LED

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Warrior 230 LED Lantern with Remote Control, Headlamps

The Eureka Warrior 230 LED Lantern is a bright, compact, long running versatile lantern that is perfect for camping and general outdoor use! Count on it as your primary campsite light source. The Warrior 230 features a bright white lighting area and with the diffuser removed you can spread soft area light even further. The lantern features a multi-function switch with high, low and strobe modes. The infrared remote control makes operation easyand also functions as a flashlight.

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Austin Kayak
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Olde Brooklyn Lantern

Nostalgic look and soft light with the convenience and safety of LED bulbs Built in dimmer allows you to select the perfect amount of light Requires 2 D Batteries (not included) How many times have you had the power go out only to find yourself fumbling around in the dark looking for candles or a flashlight? The trouble is when you DO find those candles you run the risk of fire or burns. If the candles get knocked over they can catch fire before you know it. Normal flashlights eat through batteries extremely quickly and may leave you stranded without light in an emergency. To top it all off neither offers quite the style or functionality that you can get with the Olde Brooklyn Lantern. Styled just like the original Brooklyn lanterns of old, this gorgeous new light has been created from genuine metal. No more worries about a plastic casing getting cracked, faded, or worn. Most traditional flashlights rely on standard bulbs which can throw out a harsh yellow light that can lead to eye strain in low light conditions. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern however utilizes nine ultra-bright LED bulbs. These bulbs provide a soft but bright light that will allow you to see much better than you might with a standard flashlight. The LED bulbs themselves have been rated for up to 100,000 hours meaning you will be able to enjoy your great looking Olde Brooklyn Lantern for quite a long time. You get all the benefits of a lantern without the risk of burns that can accompany an open flame like those used in traditional lanterns or with hurricane lamps which rely on oil dipped wicks. You will be able to touch and move the Olde Brooklyn Lantern to wherever you need it since it stays cool to the touch. Another benefit to it that you donâ t get with flashlights or with many lanterns is the ability to dim the light as needed. The built in dimmer switch will allow you to adjust the amount of light the lantern is producing with ease. How many flashlights can boast this ability? When you are looking for a little style and function when it comes to lighting up your life the Olde Brooklyn Lantern is just the way to go. Whether you are going camping, preparing for foul weather, or looking to simply add to your décor check out the Olde Brooklyn Lantern today!

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Altmeyer's BedBathHome
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