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General Tools Ngd268 Portable Gas Leak Detector

Portable Gas Leak Detector Industrial uses, HVAC, plumbing and plant maintenance. Highly sensitive wide range gas detectorDetect methane, natural gases, coal gases, hexane, propane, ethane, Butane, pentane, isopropyl alcohol, halogenation hydrocarbon, (Methanol, Ethanol, Butanol) aether, ketone (butone, protone), Hydrogen, toluene, and other compounds, (gasoline, industrial solvent, lacquer, refrigerant, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, sulfured hydrogen, acetic acid, etc)Quick response3-color leak indicationLED & audio indicationGas concentration alarmAdjustable sensitivityIncludes: Batteries 9.25 L. 4.00 W. 1.13 H.

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Global Industrial
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45802 Leak Detector,Liquid,32 oz.,Blue G0494341

Leak Detector, Liquid, Size 32 oz., Color Blue, Temp. Range (F) 50 Degrees to 200 Degrees , For Use With Pressurized Plumbing and Gas lines, Includes Spray Bottle

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CO2 Leak Detector

The EL-720 carbon dioxide leak detector is the most technologically advanced of its kind. This fully automatic device has low power requirements, small size and high sensitivity. It's easy to handle and ultra effective at locating even the most difficult-to-find leak

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Beverage Factory.com
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Combustible Gas Detectors: BrassCraft Gas Detectors Gas Leak Detector for Natural, Liquid Propane, Butane and Methane Gas Detection BCGLD01 X6

BrassCraft's Portable Gas Leak Detection Wand is designed to detect even small gas leaks. Built-in microprocessor effectively detects natural, LP (propane), butane and methane gases. Plus, the tool features a low battery alert, so it's ready to use when you need it. Yellow and red lights illuminate to indicate the degree of gas detected. Audible alarm also sounds when a small or significant amount of gas is detected. Removable cap helps protect gas sensor from contaminants (dust, water, etc) when not is use for dependable operation.

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Home Depot
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"TIF Instruments - (TIFXP1A) MPC Style Multi-Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector # XP1A"

"Super sensitive leak detector of ALL halogen refrigerants Two second warm-up time for instant readiness Leak sampling up to 2000 times per second at the tip Leak size and severity indicator with 18 alarm levels 3 year warrantyThe revolutionary new...

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"Robinair - (ROB16600) Electric Refrigerant Leak Detector # 16600"

"For all CFC, HCFC and HFC Refrigerants One-Hand Operation -- The 16" gooseneck probe holds its position so you can operate the detector with one hand Audible and Visual Leak Indicators Threshold Balancing Control -- Gives you infinite control for...

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Leak Sensor

Find Gas, Smoke And Water Detectors at Target.com! The risk of water damage in a home is high. In fact, it is one of the most common home insurance claims. Every year millions of homeowners suffer billions of dollars in losses. But these losses can be...

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"CPS Products - (CPSLS790B) Refrigerant Leak Detector # LS790B"

"Combines the most advanced electronic circuitry with field proven Ion-pumpĀ® sensor technology creating a highly sensitive, accurate electronic refrigerant leak detector. Over 100 computer generated tones and a high intensity bar graph display quickly...

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In-line Leak Detector

A fast and easy way to determine if a CO2 gas leak is present. How it works: There are two chambers containing small plastic floats. If gas flows through the chambers the floats lift up. The larger the gas flow the higher the floats lift up. If no beer is being poured the floats should remain at the bottom of the chamber. If they are floating, with no beer being poured a leak is present.

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Beverage Factory.com
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"Mastercool - (MAS53351) Professional UV Leak Detector Kit # 53351"

"Everything you need to start locating leaks sources with UV light technology. Locate leak sources in A/C, automatic transmissions, power steering, fuel and cooling systems. High Intensity Mini Light (12 Volt/50 Watt) Replaceable 1 oz (10 Application)...

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"TIF Instruments - (TIFRX-1A) Refrigerant Leak Detector # RX-1A"

"Detects leaks of ALL halogenated refrigerants, including R-410A Advanced Digital Signal Processing, monitors sensing tip up to 2000 times per second Visual leak size indicators Ergonomic design for one handed use Two sensitivity levelsPowerful and...

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"Robinair - (ROB22791) Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector # 22791"

"The latest advance in leak detection technology. Designed to find even the smallest A/C system leaks. The advanced infrared sensor is designed to last a minimum of 10 years, and is extremely sensitive helping youpinpoint the exact location of the...

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36163 Micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector

FEATURES: Rugged ergonomic design makes it capable of withstanding jobsite rigor. Tri-Mode Detection gives the operator the flexibility to be alerted with a visual, audible or vibration alert which can be adjusted for your environment. Adjustable sensitivity settings provides precise leak locating with the touch of a button. 16" flexible probe allows location and detection of leak in hard-to-reach and confined spaces. Field replaceable sensor means more up-time and less time waiting for repairs. SPECIFICATIONS: Detection Range: 0 to 6400 ppm (Methane) Alarm Sensitivity: 40 ppm (Methane) Calibration: Automatic Alarms: Visual, Audible, Vibration Power Source: 4 x "AA" Classifications: Class B, Division 1 The Ridgid micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector provides simple and quick readings to identify the presence of combustible gases. The micro CD-100 is designed to detect Methane, Propane, Butane, Ethanol, Ammonia, Hydrogen and many other combustible gases. With adjustable sensitivity, even low-levels of gases can be detected in seconds.

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AC Refrigerant Leak Detector XL 1A

TIF Refrigerant Leak Detector uses the latest technology to detect all halogenated refrigerants. TIF's Generation X Refrigerant Leak Detector works with tomorrow's technology today. Innovative MPC circuitry and Advanced Digital Signal Processing...

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The Eastwood Company
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Fisher Little Foot Assembly for XLT-30 and XLT-17

This accessory is for use with the Fisher XLT-30 and XLT-17 liquid leak detectors. (Little Foot Sensor Coil Only! Metal Detector is NOT included)

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Metal Detector
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"TIF Instruments - (TIFXL1A) A/C Refrigerant Leak Detector # XL1A"

"All new ergonomic designRubber cushion grip on handleSimple controls for easy operation Advanced Digital Signal Processing, monitors the sensing tip up to 2000 times per second Detects all halogenated refrigerants Variable frequency audible alarm...

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"Tracerline - (TPZTP9364) Pro-Alert 2791 Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector # TP-9364"

"Optimum sensitivity detects leaks down to 0.03 oz/year User selectable, three-position sensitivity switch Sensitive to R-12, R-134a and all other HFC refrigerants High-efficiency air sampling pump provides quicker response and clearing Audible alarm...

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"RHD1, HD Sensor for SRL8 Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector"

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