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662-1-GAL-TATL - TAT'L Leak Detector by Shamrock

Hundreds of bubbles are formed from the smallest leak

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Leak Detector

AllPoints Number: 85-1097, ICS Number: B-266 85-1097

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- (TIFRX-1A) Refrigerant Leak Detector # RX-1A, Electronic Leak Detectors

Detects leaks of ALL halogenated refrigerants, including R-410A Advanced Digital Signal Processing, monitors sensing tip up to 2000 times per second Visual leak size indicators Ergonomic design for one handed use Two sensitivity levelsPowerful and sensitive refrigerant leak detection in a compact tool. Rubber cushion grip handle. True Mechanical Pump.

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747-1GAL-SNOOP - Leak Detectors by Snoop Leak
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- (CPSKTBLM1) Quality Manifold Pump and Leak Detector # KTBLM1, Leak Detectio

A kit put together for the professional technician An aluminum manifold with hoses and manual couplers Compact 2 cfm pump Large 16” tool bag with a heavy duty rubber bottom and rugged canvas sides with pockets inside and out to store tools Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector instrument with a three position slide switch to turn on and select between hi and low sensitivity A complete A/C kit that will be good for years of service. Comes with a compact series 2 CFM single stage vacuum pump that will pull down as low as 100 microns. An aluminum block refrigerant manifold with triple o-ring seal valves and 68mm Anti-Fluter gauge. 6 foot colored hoses with chrome manual couplers for years of service. Tool bag comes with a shoulder strap.

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- (CPSLDA1000UV) Refrigerant Leak Detector with UV Light # LDA1000UV, Leak De

Works with all refrigerants Certified SAEJ2791 for R134a and SAEJ2913 for HFO1234yf E-MOS sensor designed to work 500 plus hours with no loss of sensitivity True UV light will work with all dyes Full 2 year warranty including sensor tip CPS Products proudly introduces the industries first fully automatic, extended life leak detector utilizing NEW E-MOS (Enhanced Metal Oxide sensor) technology. NEW E-MOS uses proprietary pulse modulation techniques to increase both battery and sensor life. Software managed sensor rejuvenation mode, initiated at each startup ensures the highest level of sensitivity every use, for up to 500 hours of detecting leaks of less than .1 oz per year. Sensitivity remains constant over the life of the sensor. Senses all refrigerants including those with hydrocarbon components. Meets all International standards for automotive use and is ETL certified for the NEW SAEJ 2791 for R-134a and SAEJ 2913 for HFO 1234yf. Also works on all HFC, HCFC, CFC and SF6 Refrigerant

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This Leak Detector Smart Valve is used to detect a water leak within a water cooler and shuts down the water supply in order to prevent flooding. The sensor is mounted inside the cartridge area of the cooler. If it detects wetness from a leak, it shuts down the water supply at the control box. The Leak Detector Valve is a valuable tool in helping to prevent damage that can occur in the event that a leak occurs within the water cooler.

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434-32894 - Visu-Glow Leak Detectors by Markal

High viscosity, stays on vertical surfaces

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Visu-Glow Leak Detectors - 32898 -10%

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High visibility, fluorescent color shows brightly, even in dimly lit places. High viscosity, stays on vertical surfaces. Makes it easy to find leaks. Safe for oxygen. Non-corrosive, non-toxic.

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- (ROB16600) Electric Refrigerant Leak Detector # 16600, Electronic Leak Detector

For all CFC, HCFC and HFC Refrigerants One-Hand Operation -- The 16" gooseneck probe holds its position so you can operate the detector with one hand Audible and Visual Leak Indicators Threshold Balancing Control -- Gives you infinite control for eliminating background contamination so you can zero in on the leak site Volume Control The first thing you notice about Robinair’s new electronic leak detector is the modern look.  It’s been ergonomically designed so it fits your hand.  Holding it while you’re searching for leaks is natural and comfortable, and you’ll find it fits into tight spots so you can thoroughly check for leaks.  For all its compact size, the 16600 is packed with features that help you pinpoint leaks quickly.   Audible and Visual Leak Indicators - An alarm increases in frequency as the tip gets nearer to a high concentration of refrigerant.  LEDs indicates a leak, especially helpful for tho

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- (TRATP-9360) PRO-Alert Portable Refrigerant Leak Detector # TP-9360, Electron

Optimum sensitivity detects leaks of 0.03 to 0.06 oz/year  Automatically self-calibrates to neutralize background contamination Sensor life up to 200 hours or more Sensitive to both R-12 and R-134a refrigerants. Certified to meet SAE J1627 High/low switch for accurate diagnosis of both large and small leaksFeatures high-performance heated-diode sensor technology! Detects leaks as small as 0.4 oz/year. Automatically self-calibrates to neutralize background contamination. Sensitive to both R-12 and R-134a refrigerants. Certified to meet SAE J1627High/low switch for accurate diagnosis of both large and small leaks. Variable-intensity audible alarm plus flashing LED help pinpoint leaks fast. Flexible metal probe holds its position in tight quarters. Easily replaceable foam filter protects sensor and pump. Includes replacement filters, (2) D cell batteries and rugged storage case. Self-calibrating - hassle free. Detects small leaks 0.4oz/yr - accurate. Good for R-12/R-1

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Soundstik Utrasonic Leak Detector

VOSCOPE SS-1000 VOscope SoundStik Utrasonic Leak Detector Description SoundStik All moving parts gases and liquids produce a broad range of sounds because of friction with their surroundings. The SoundStik is designed to listen to a non audible unique range of Ultra Sounds which are extremely uselful in the

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Fisher XLT-30 C Leak Detector With Little Foot

The Fisher XLT-30 is a liquid leak detector that locates and pinpoints the audio sound of leaks in pipes. The XLT-30 C model features the Fisher Multi Sensor which is made to be used indoors to locate leaks behind walls and other surfaces.

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Detector Electronics Corp.
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Fisher XLT-30 A Leak Detector With Big Foot

The Fisher XLT-30 is a liquid leak detector that locates and pinpoints the audio sound of leaks in pipes. The XLT-30 A model features the Fisher Big Foot and works with or without contact of the pipe.

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Detector Electronics Corp.
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434-32851 - Sure-Chek All-Temperature Leak Detectors by Markal
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- (MSC55500UV) Electronic Leak Detector with Heated Sensor # 55500UV, Electroni

The next generation in Electronic Leak Detection! Heated Sensor technology delivers fast and accurate results while eliminating non-refrigerant false alarms. Flexible 15 probe has a patented UV Blue Light built into the tip allowing dual UV and Electronic Leak Detection. Also includes an additional 5 flexible probe adapter for leak detection in smaller diameter areas.

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CO2 Leak Detector

Track down hard-to-find Co2 or mixed gas leaks with a push of a button. This Co2 Leak Detector emits a beeping signal that increases in both speed and frequency as a leak is approached. In addition to Co2 and mixed gas, it also detects all halogenated refrigerants.

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Beverage Factory.com
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Ma Alert Leak Detector 8oz. (minimum Purchase Of 12 Required *) 43432844

Markal Safe For Oxygen. Available In Handy Squeeze Bottle. Nontoxic, Noncorrosive. Sticks To Surfaces For Longer Period Of Leak Detection. capacity Vol.=8 Ozpacking Type=bottletemp. Range=15.0 °f [min], 9.0 °c [min], 200.0 °f [max], 93.0 °c [max]acidity=7.00 Phcolor=orangeapplications=gas & Oxygen Pipephysical Form=liquidtype=leak Detecting Colorquantity=24 Per Case 434-32844

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434-32850 - Sure-Chek All-Temperature Leak Detectors by Markal
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