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RedBeam II LED Flashlight -16%

This versatile flashlight is just what the practical astronomer ordered. It features continuously adjustable brightness so you get just the right amount of red LED light for your needs. Keep it dim for reading star charts, or with a turn of the knurl

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Orion Telescopes & Binoculars
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RedBeam Mini LED Flashlight -17%

You don't need a big flashlight to read star maps or see inside your accessory case at night. The 2.5"-long Mini does the job perfectly, emitting night-vision red LED light. Aluminum housing, rubber ON/OFF switch. Press once for ON, press again for O

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Orion Telescopes & Binoculars
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Promotion LED Flashlights, 9 LED, Red -20%

Promotion LED Flashlight. Requires less power than conventional flashlights. Perfect little gift. Shock resistant. 3 AAA batteries included.

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- (STL75610) Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight - Red (Light Only) # 75610, L

Rechargeable flashlight with 3 levels of lighting plus strobe C4 LED has a 50,000 hour lifetime and never needs replaced Rechargeable up to 1000 times Constructed of durable machined aluminum with nonslip rubber grip Produces up to 160 lumensRun times: 1.75 (high), 3.5 (medium), 6.75 (low) and 5.5 (strobe). Multi-function push button switch. Deep dish parabolic reflector produces a smooth beam. Includes flashlight and battery.  Chargers and charge cords must be purchased separately.

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SpotBrites 2 in 1 Laser Pet Toy, Exerciser and LED Flashlight- -21%

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You won't believe your pet's reaction to this super powerful laser beam..provides hours of entertainment plus great exercise for your pet! Emits SuperBrite Red Laser or Hi-beam Light. The Hi-Beam Flashlight is great for safe nighttime walks.

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Monster Tactical Beast - Laser STAYS ON - 15-Led Flashlight & Laser Pointer - Constant On

Order Online Or Call Us At 1-718-734-1516. The MONSTER TACTICAL BEAST ® is a super-bright 15-LED Flashlight with a built-in precision red beam laser pointer. This laser pointer is DIFFERENT than every other laser pointer we have ever seen, it STAYS ON without having to hold the button down! If your cat or dog loves chasing the red laser dot, you know how painful and holding down the button can get on all other laser pointers.... Just click the button into the laser on position and that is it. You then just click it off when you want to turn of the laser! Forget about those hard-to-find button cell batteries that cost more than the laser pointers themselves, the Tactical Beast ® takes 3 ordinary AAA batteries. AAA batteries pack much more power than button cell batteries and also last MUCH longer, giving you much more time to play before having to change your batteries. Most laser pointers run on 3.0v. The Tactical Beast ® runs on 4.5v, so this means the 5-LED flashlight and 10-LED flashlight and the Laser Pointer modes are VERY BRIGHT.This is a very well made precision instrument, originally designed for tactical police and military use, but perfect for home or office use. With a laser pointer range of over 1,000 meters (3,000 feet), you will love this unit. The built-in SUPER-BRIGHT FLASHLIGHT (runs in economy 5LED mode or SUPER BRIGHT 10 LED mode) is just an added bonus. Click once to turn on the 5-LED flashlight, click again to turn on the 10-LED flashlight, click again to turn on the red beam laser, click again to turn off the red beam laser. Be sure to buy extras for your friends and family who will all want one! Put one in each car for emergencies.Comes with a FREE optional carrying strap.When buying your MONSTER TACTICAL BEAST ®, why not get a few spares, in case you accidentally misplace yours or it grows its own legs and walks away. These are so popular, they have been known to grown their own legs and walk away before you even know what happened, if you know what I mean. They also make great gifts for friends and family. Guaranteed, when your friends see you with one of these, they will be jealous and want their own. Buy extras and make lots of people in your life happy!INCLUDED:-MONSTER Tactical Beast-FREE optional carrying strap-easy to follow directions

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- (STL74341) Strion LED Rechargeable Flashlight with AC/DC - Red # 74341, Ligh

3 levels of lighting: High, Medium, Low plus Strobe function Run times vary from 2 hours up to 7.5 hours Produces up to 160 lumens Fully charged in just 3 hours Red color easy to distinguish among tools Ultra-compact, rechargeable flashlight featuring a super bright C4 LED. LED has a 50,000 hour lifetime and is impervious to shock.  Constructed of machined aluminum with grooved barrel and unbreakable polycarbonate lens. Rechargeable up to 300 times. Clamp style charger holder with digital control circuit prevents overcharge. Charges in just 3 hours. Lithium Ion battery. 5.9" L ,

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BugLit LED Micro Flashlight-Red/Red

The Nite Ize BugLit "body" is actually the powerful INOVA Microlight - a tough micro flashlight encased in a durable polycarbonate plastic housing, with four functions (high power, low power, strobe, and signal). This bright white LED has an effective range of up to 50 feet, and one-mile visibility. Next, the securely attached "legs" are two flexible, fully moldable 6 inch Nite Ize Gear Ties, which can be bent, wrapped, or twisted in many configurations, to sit, stand, store, or shine the flashlight. Wrap the legs around the body for compact storage and transport. And, finally, its lightweight plastic S-Biner clip allows you to attach, hang, or store the BugLit for convenient access on zippers or keys.

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Photon X-Light Micro LED Keychain Flashlight, Red w/ Glow Button, White beam

6/20/2013 - New X-Light body colors available! Choose from 5 new colors, including a new high-visibility / safety orange. One of Photon's best-kept secrets when it comes to value! LRI's X-Light Micro features squeeze on/off, plus full-range adjustable brightness in an economical package. This rugged, compact, LED flashlight includes the same Freedom(R) "Smart Circuit" technology found in the high-end Photon Freedom Micro series of keychain lights. Every family member is sure to want one! Simple & Intuitive Single-Button Operation -- Easy operation even with gloves. Electronic, instant full power on/off at any time.

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Light Solar LED Flashlights (Solar-Powered) - Red

All American Light Solar LED Flashlights (Solar-Powered) - Red

Sears Marketplace
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NC State Wolfpack LED Flashlight Multipack

This LED Flashlight Multipack features a 5.5 long utility flashlight with a Block S logo a team-colored band and a hanging strap for easy carry a pocket-size 4 flashlight two small keychain flashlights and six batteries this multipack will make sure your pack pride stays with you no matter how dark it gets.Features1 watt high power LEDHeavy duty aluminum constructionRubber gripBatteries includedTeam colors and logo

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Red and White Shop
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Multi-Tool LED Flashlight - Improvements

Multi-Tool LED Flashlight has two lighting options: white steady beam or flashing red warning signal. Eight mini tools pull out easily from the LED flashlight's handle. The Multi-Tool LED Flashlight is great to have at home, in your car, while camping, anywhere!. Our Multi-Tool LED Flashlight is handy at home or on the road. Because you never know when you might need it! The Multi-Tool LED Flashlight switches easily from a high-intensity beam (9 white LEDs) to a warning signal (1 flashing red LED) to off. Eight different tools retract into the handle. Ergonomically designed of stainless steel and rubber to fit comfortably in your hand, the Multi-Tool LED Flashlight requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.Includes the following 8 tools: Knife, Bottle Opener, Nail File, Saw, Serrated Knife, Philips Head Screwdriver, Scissors, Flathead Screwdriver/Nut Drive.Benefits of the Multi-Tool LED Flashlight:

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Improvements Catalog
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Highbeam Rechargeable Flashlight Red -5550

Specifications Output 35 lumens White Length 2.5” Diameter 0.875” Weight 0.122 lbs. Description Finallya solution, NO BATTERIES! NEBO has developed just what people want, a high-powered LED light that NEVER needs batteries. The NEBO HIGHBEAM is an intense 35 lumen flashlight that charges in ANY 12V power outlet (cigarette lighter.) Theres nothing greater than having a compact bright light that is always charged to have with you everywhere you go. Just turn the bezel clockwise to activate the 35 lumen LED, and turn the bezel counter clockwise to charge. The LED will glow red when HIGHBEAM is plugged in so you know it is charging. The HIGHBEAM is constructed with anodized aircraft grade aluminum and is completely weather-resistant. Features One high power LED bulb outputs 35 lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life) Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-proof compact body design Weather-resistant 12V spring base designed to fit every automobiles 12V socket. Recharging indicator glows red when plugged in.

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TriNow Fitness
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STL75616 Stinger DS LED Rechargeable Flashlight with AC/DC & PiggyBack, Red

Features dual independent head and tail cap switching Rechargeable flashlight with 3 levels of lighting plus strobe C4 LED has a 50,000 hour lifetime and never needs replaced PiggyBack charger/holder charges both light and spare battery simultaneously Rechargeable up to 1000 times Constructed of durable machined aluminum with nonslip rubber grip. Produces up to 160-lumens / 18,000candela. Run times: 1.75 (high), 3.5 (medium), 6.75 (low) and 5.5 (strobe). Multi-function, push button switch Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a smooth beam. Includes flashlight and battery. Includes AC and DC charge cords, PiggyBack charger/holder, and spare battery

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Terralux™ TLF-KEY2-RD Mini Keychain Series Flashlight, Red

The new TerraLUX™ Mini Flashlight is small and packs a powerful punch! It features 36.5 ANSI lumens, from a single AAA battery, aluminum bodied housing and is water resistant. The Mini Keychain Series Flashlight from TerraLUX™ has a CREE XPC LED bulb and it's backed by the TerraLUX™ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Firefly Buys
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Ultra Bright Compact Red LED Flashlight w. Carry Holster

This ultra bright red compact LED flashlight uses 6 LEDs and lasts for over 100 hours without changing batteries. This flashlight ncludes a carry holster.

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Bayco 9914-rcone Safety Cone,red,f/led Flashlights

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Red Cone, Safety, Body Color Red, For Use With G0813547, G1341015, Package Quantity 1

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Photon Micro-Light I LED Keychain Flashlight, Black Body / Covert , Red

Elegant in its simplicity, the squeeze-only Photon I is one of our most popular LED flashlights. Truly micro, the patented Photon Micro-Light nearly hides under a US quarter and weighs about the same (a mere 6.2 grams). Fully water resistant, The Photon I is backed by a lifetime guarantee and is designed to provide years of trouble-free use. The versatility, superior engineering, and durability have made the "brightest-for-its-size" Photon Micro-Light a highly demanded accessory for police forces, NASA shuttle crews, and Secret Service personnel. Choose from 3 different body styles/colors and up to 5 different LED beam colors. Instant brilliant light anywhere and anytime you need it. The super bright LED technology generates an incredibly bright beam, visible over a mile away and able to illuminate any path. The long-lasting, replaceable lithium battery is always ready even at subzero temperatures. Covert version available. The covert model features an extended housing around the LED to eliminate glare and allow for more discrete use. Perfect for everything from military special-ops to reading a program in a darkened theater without disturbing your neighbors.

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Blackout Buddy Hand Charging 3 Led Bright Flashlight - Fire Engine Red

Order Online Or Call Us At 1-718-7341516 .This is a great item to have around in emergencies and for everyday use. With this Blackout Buddy® Hand Charging Flashlight, YOU are the powerplant, 30 seconds of hand charging gets you 15 minutes of light; 60 seconds of charging gets you 25 minutes of light. Charge it up by hand when you are done and it will be ready to instantly give you light the next time you turn it on! Never buy batteries again! Buy one for each of your cars and one for the home and office and all your friends and family. For about what you would pay for just a few batteries, you get an entire flashlight that NEVER you will never have to buy batteries for! The secret of this flashlight's efficiency and brightness is its 3 high tech, ultra-bright LED's, which have an operating life up to 100,000 hours, are very bright and use very little energy. Squeezing the trigger recharges the 3 rechargeable button cell batteries contained within. Just a few squeezes of the trigger for a 30 seconds and they go right to work for you for 15 minutes!The Blackout Buddy® Hand Charging Flashlight comes pre-charged, so it will turn on right out of your package and be good for 25 minutes before you have to charge it again! When charging and then using the Blackout Buddy® Hand Charging Flashlight, it is best to charge it again, every 15 minutes (for at least 30 seconds) or 25 minutes (for at least 60 seconds), in order to keep the Blackout Buddy® operating at its maximum potential for brightness.

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STL75612 Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight with AC/DC PiggyBack Charger - Red Anodized

Multi-function On/Off push-button switch - Access any of the three variable lighting modes and strobe via the head-mounted switch. C4 LED delivers 18,000 candela peak beam intensity; 180 lumens(high) Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range targeting beam with optimal peripheral illumination Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity Runtime: 1.75 hours (high); 3.5 hours (medium); 6.75 hours (low);5.5 hours (strobe) 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with non-slip rubberized comfort grip; O-Ring sealed construction NiCd battery is rechargeable up to 1,000 times Includes Anti-roll Ring PiggyBack option allows the user to simultaneously charge the Stinger LED and a spare battery 8.41 ; 12.4 oz Unique, bright red or blue color makes the Stinger LED easy to distinguish among tools.

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