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61081 Headlamp Trident HP with 1White and 3Green LEDS and Rubber/Elastic Straps Camo

Product Information:About the Streamlight 61081 Trident HP Headlamp with 1-White and 3-Green LEDS and Rubber/Elastic Straps - Green CamoIf you rely on a headlamp to shed light on your jobsite, don’t wish for the best: rely on an industry leader like the Streamlight 61081 to light the way...

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Tactikka Headlamp Camo

Petzl Tactikka HeadlampThe Petzl Tactikka Headlamp is a versatile safety-rated LED headlamp with a wide lighting pattern and is designed for close range work. The Tactikka runs on AAA batteries and is safe for use in hazardous environments when using alkaline batteries. The robust twist switch is easy to use even when wearing gloves. It is a hand free for work: may be worn on the head with the headband that is easily detached for washing, mounted on a helmet, or placed on the ground. The Tactikka headlamp is compact and lightweight and comes equipped with a red flip filter which provides discreet lighting. With three LEDs and a single lighting mode, it is simple to use and provides powerful lighting with ample burn time Its beam can be aimed in the desired direction, for example to check equipment. The Petzl Tactikka Headlamp has an easy transition between red and white lighting with flip filter. The Led and batteries are in a single compartment very practical.

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Coleman Realtree Camo Multi color Led Headlamp


Keeping your hands free while lighting your way in the dark is now possible with this hands-free, LED headlamp from Coleman. This headlamp features multicolor lighting for increased night vision and blue lighting for hunters to track prey more easily.

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Min Qty 48 Hunt Valley(TM) Headlamps

Perfect for field and stream customers, these camo headlamps allow hands-free maneuvering when the sun goes down. Features include pivoting head, 1 Krypton bulb, 3 LEDs with 2 lighting functions, push button on/off switch and 3 AAA batteries.

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Auto Emergency Kit - Camo - Totes

Be prepared day or night, rain or shine Includes: LED headlamp, rain poncho, working gloves, first aid bandages, tire pressure gauge, and 6 foot jumper cables Solid color soft shell case with wraparound zip closure Imported 

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Trailblazer 4-Led Headlamp

Weighing in at only 2.7 ounces with batteries, this compact headlamp is now even brighter. It's the ideal choice for backpacking, camping or fishing. It fits into your pocket or fly vest with ease. Operates up to 146 hours on low setting with three AAA batteries, included. Choose from four...

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61070 Headlamp Trident BuckMasters Camo

Product Information:About the Streamlight 61070 Streamlight BuckMasters Camo Trident HeadlampLightweight, water resistant and nearly indestructible, the Streamlight 61070 Streamlight BuckMasters Camo Trident Headlamp is a favorite of outdoorsmen and survivalists who rely on quality. The super...

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Apex LED Headlamp

The Apex is the pinnacle of waterproof headlamp design, with four light levels, safety flash mode and impact resistant design. It combines a 3 watt maxbright LED with four ultrabright LEDs for constant brightness on all modes. Ideal for both long and short distances and it has 275 lumens of output. Easy dual switch system allows you to independently control long range lighting, the wide angle, or close range lighting. Multiple settings give the flexibility to adjust brightness or beam settings to conserve battery power depending on your needs. Heatsink technology allows the LEDs to burn brighter and longer. Compatible with four AA alkaline, Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries and has a battery power meter (batteries not included).Burn Times: Maxbright High - 72 hrs.Maxbright Low - 96 hrs.Ultrabright High - 100 hrs.Ultrabright Low - 150 hrs. Wt. 9.84 oz.

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Septor LED Headlamp

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Water resistant and lightweight with its thermoplastic construction, this Streamlight Septor Headlamp utilizes seven LEDs and features 3 lighting modes. It includes a rubber hard hat strap and uses 3 AAA batteries. 1.86" face cap diameter, 2.55" max. width, 2.53" max. depth, weighs 4.72 oz, has 90 degree tilting head.

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Magid Glove & safety
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Minimus LED Headlamp

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Built tough to withstand your many adventures, the slight yet sophisticated SureFire Saint Minimus LED headlamp gives you complete control over your lighting needs.

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Tactikka XP Headlamp Camo

Petzl Tactikka XP HeadlampThe Petzl Tactikka XP Headlamp comes in colors for specific outdoor activities like hunting or fishing. Its functionality, as well as its four Wide Angle lenses; red, green, blue and transparent, make this lamp perfect for the demanding user. The sliding Wide Angle lens allows the user to switch from a focused beam to a wide beam with one quick movement. Equipped with a powerful single LED bulb, three lighting levels, a boost mode and colored wide-angle lenses, the high-performing Tactikka XP is ready for adventure. A 1-Watt LED bulb produces a maximum brightness of 40 Lumens. Three standard settings allow you to regulate the length of the beam from 59 feet to a maximum of 114.8 feet. By adjusting the length of the beam, you can maximize efficiency, increasing burn time from 60 hours to 120 hours. A hinge on the housing of the Petzl Tactikka XP Headlamp enables you to aim the beam where you need it most. You can also adjust the beam from a flood beam for sharp, proximity lighting to a spot beam setting for maximum distance and the battery charge indicator light allows the user to easily keep track of battery life.

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Apex LED Headlamp - Rechargeable 200 Lumen - BLACK ( )

Closeouts . With rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a Maxbright LED bulb and four Ultrabright LED bulbs, Princeton Tecand#39;s Apex headlamp is a crucial gear addition for extreme outdoorsmen and cavers.

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Duo LED 5 Headlamp

The Petzl Duo LED 5 headlamp is a versatile headlamp that combines the distance of halogen light bulbs and the longevity of LEDs. Features a halogen light bulb and five LED bulbs. Includes 4 AA batteries. Waterproof down to -5 meters. Pivoting light body. Spare halogen bulb is stored in the light body.

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61052 LED Headlamp Septor with Strap Yellow

Product Information:About the Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with StrapThe Streamlight 61052 includes seven ultra-bright white LED lights to light your way through even the darkest of spaces and with a 100,000 hour lifespan you’ll never have to change these bulbs. Whether you need...

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CPX 4.5 High Power LED Headlamp


Find flashlights and portable lighting at Target.com! On the job or out boating, fishing or hunting on the weekend the lightweight, water and impact-resistant coleman cpx 4.5 high power led headlamp allows you to get the job done hands-free. choose

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- Quad LED Headlamp, Headlamps

At a mere 96 grams, the Princeton Tec Quad is the lightest in Princeton Tec's line of regulated-LED headlamps. Four Ultra-bright LEDs power through the darkest conditions. The LEDs are safe forever inside a tough waterproof housing that will survive severe impacts and water submersion up to one meter. The wide beam of the Quad is perfect for tasks around camp and is bright enough for technical scrambles and brisk runs on dark trails. Weight conscious users will love the Quad's sophisticated circuitry that allows the use of lithium AAA batteries. They reduce the Quad's weight to 96 grams, perform in extremely cold temperatures, and significantly increase regulated burn times on all modes. Equipped with regulated LEDs that maintain constant brightness and a battery power meter, this light just may be smarter than you are.

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61301 LED Headlamp Argo, C4 Yellow

Product Information:About the Streamlight 61301 Argo C4 LED Headlamp – YellowIf you often find yourself in a position where handling a flashlight is not an option, but more of a necessity, you might want to think about investing in the Streamlight 61301 Argo C4 LED Headlamp. This great...

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ZIPKA Plus 2 LED Headlamp GRAY (Grey - E98 PG)

Ultra-compact headlamp with retractable cord, 1 high-output LED, 1 red LED and five lighting modes (three continuous and two blinking). The ultra-compact ZIPKA PLUS2 headlamp is equipped with the ZIP retractable cord system. This feature allows the headlamp to be worn on the head or wrist, or attached to any other support, like a tent pole, a bicycle seat post, etc. This headlamp integrates two light sources for versatility: one white, high-output LED and one red LED. The white LED delivers 70 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 40 meters. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 185 hours. The red LED provides lighting to preserve night vision or to become a strobe light for increased safety, for example in an urban environment, etc. ZIPKA PLUS2 can be used with lithium batteries to decrease weight or improve performance in cold weather. Available colors: Gray (Grey - E98PG) and Pistachio (Red - E98PR). Features Compact, light and comfortable : - 25 % more compact than the TIKKA PLUS2 headlamp - Single compartment contains LEDs and batteries - ZIP retractable cord is adjustable Versatile and powerful : - Three white lighting modes (maximum, economic and strobe) - Two red lighting modes: maximum and strobe - Type of lighting (white or red) is selected by pressing for two seconds on the push-button (the last mode used remains in the memory until the next use) One high-output white LED : - 70 lumens (maximum mode) - Shines up to 40 meters (maximum mode) - 185 h light duration on economic mode - Specific Petzl lens optimizes the reach of the beam and maximizes versatility Easy to use : - Electronic push-button switch - Battery pack is easy to open - ADAPT system is quick to mount Reliable : - Push-button switch limits inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage - ZIP retractable cord is made of Dyneema for excellent durability - Battery charge indicator light (comes on when the headlamp illuminates for less than 5 m and there is only 50 % burn-time remaining for proximity lighting) Compatible with lithium batteries : - Lighter than alkaline batteries - Better performance at lower temperatures Specifications Power Battery Life Distance Weight Modes 40 lumen 185H AAAx3 131ft (40m) 2.5oz (71g) 5 Guarantee : 3 years 1 High output LED Weight : 71 g Beam pattern : wide Max. light quantity : 70 lumens Max. lighting distance : 40 m Max. battery life : 185 h Number of batteries : 3 Battery type (included) : AAA/LR03 Battery compatibility : alkaline, lithium, rechargeable Ni-MH, rechargeable Ni-Cd Watertightness : IP X4 (water resistant) Certification(s) : CE Colors: Mystic Grey, Pistachio More info Compare Petzl Ultra-Compact Headlamps Zipka Plus 2 Instructions Compare Petzl Headlamps

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Tikkina II LED Headlamp - BLUE ( )

Closeouts . Petzland#39;s Tikkina LED headlamp provides a long-lasting, wide beam of light that works well in close-knit quarters and helps to avoid blinding others when in a group setting.

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61302 LED Headlamp Argo, C4 Black

Product Information:About the Streamlight 61302 Argo HP C4 LED Headlamp – BlackHeadlamps need to be secure, durable and above all, functional under any conditions; that’s why the Streamlight 61302 Argo HP C4 LED Headlamp is trusted by so many people. It features the quality...

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